nba latest news: offseason or only 1 month next season or start next January
The latest news from nba: In the offseason or only one month next season or January next year, the NBA is gradually letting teams reopen their training venues. The league still hopes to resume this season.When the season resumes, the start schedule for next season will inevitably be received.  According to a report by American journalist Kevin O’Connor, insiders of the league revealed that now within the league, more and more executives believe that the next season’s NBA game will have to be played by January next year, of which the outbreak causedThe NBA’s financial impact is paramount.  According to many insiders, about 25% of the league’s revenue comes from ticket sales and incidental sales, such as high-end boxes, suites, parking spaces, etc., and these are even higher in those big market teams.  If the fans cannot watch the ball on the spot, the impact is very cruel and unpredictable, an anonymous Western team executive said.  A number of anonymous executives said that if the fans cannot appear on the spot to watch the game, the impact will be immediate and will be for several years.  The NBA is not in a hurry to return fans to watch the game, and many current state governments can do the same. In Los Angeles, Mayor Gasiti said that until 2021, large crowds will not happen.  For the NBA, they have to study when to rematch, they do not want to conflict with the NFL season, so they hope to end the season before Labor Day.But this is not necessarily the case, and it is difficult to say that the current primary goal is to complete this season.  It takes about 4 months from the end of a season’s finals to the start of the new season regular season, but league insiders said that if necessary, this year’s offseason may be shortened to a minimum of 1 month.  In addition, the NBA also learns rematch experience from other leagues, such as Bundesliga, NFL, MLB, etc. Original title: Insider: The offseason may only be 1 month next season or January next year