Compared to the whole highway’s Line 1 plan,The investment on Line 2 is obviously much smaller。
“This is what i want to say to you,”Speaking of this,Kelly·Hicks sighed:“Whether it is Bashu Province or several prefecture-level cities along the way,Are trying their best to persuade me to choose Line 1。”
Chen Geng laughed loudly。
Choose Line 1,Not only does it mean that there is a smooth、Highway to the provincial capital,And the convenience of roads is unmatched by water,more importantly,The more vehicles pass on this road,The more tolls charged,Waterway,Ha ha……
“Let’s go to Line 1,”Chen Geng’s happy expression:“But the construction period must be accelerated,Can’t affect our layout in Bashu。”
Kelly·Shocked when Hixton:“bossdo not worry。”
As the order is issued,The one on the test bench“tay”MK650-8CThe engine’s running sound suddenly became a little deep,next moment,The whistling sound peculiar to the turbine engine suddenly becomes louder,There is a clear light-colored smoke gushing out from the rear of the engine……
Watching it run stably on the test bench“tay”MK650-8Cengine,The leaders behind the safety line who came to observe the ceremony immediately gave a warm applause.!
This is China’s first practical turbofan engine in the true sense.,Some of the more agitated leaders have already burst into tears,More leading comrades went to Chen Geng to shake hands,Say something“thank you,Mr. Chen Geng,Thank you for bringing such an advanced engine to our China”Something like,Only He Kai, general manager of XAC,Staring at this station in front of you without blinking“tay”MK650-8C,Don’t know what’s thinking……
It was He Kai’s secretary who was the first to realize that his boss’s reaction was not quite right,He hurriedly pulled the corner of He Kai’s clothes,Low channel:“boss,boss……”
He Kai just realized,This is the secretary reminding herself to hurry up and congratulate Chen Geng,But he didn’t act immediately,But for a moment,Whispered to the secretary:“You follow me,You will have a chance to tell Mr. Chen later,If he is convenient,I hope to visit him tonight。”
Heard what He Kai said,Think of the project that my boss has been caring about during this time,The secretary’s eyes rounded sharply。