Bei Gongya was overjoyed,A stride rushed forward,Take the Jing Zhongyue from Bei Gongwang,Thank you quickly。
Anyway, thank you without spending Yuyuan,The real benefits are the kingly way!
Lu Menglin felt a bit funny on the sidelines,Can’t help asking:“Is this knife very valuable?Last time I saw Wudang, I also had one。”
Mu Feiyan was slightly taken aback,I’m probably thinking about who Wudang is。
Bei Gongwang’s brain is faster than her,Smiled:“I know Wudang,Butcher’s son,He also has a Jing Zhongyue。But that knife is not his,It should be Nan Fengtian lent it to him from the Nan clan。They can be used in a trio team,Wudang himself cannot afford this knife。”
Bei Gongya stroked the blade,I can’t put it down,Can’t help but say:“I’m the best!Different from that poor boy in Wudang!”
What they said,Lu Menglin finally understood,It seems that the high-level equipment on the side of the foreign gods is quite stable.,The price is not as flooding as in the game。
“This golden bull monster,It should not only be able to burst into the moon?”Lu Menglin smiled and said casually。
Bei Gongya frowned,Can’t help but sneer:“You want to be beautiful!You are not a god,Naturally, I don’t know how low the probability of those monsters exploding equipment!Sometimes kill a hundred,May not be able to burst out!”
At this moment,Mu Feiyan seems to remember something,Suddenly said with a slightly apologetic attitude:“Lu Yingxiong,Your previous agreement was to fightBOSSWhat the bull devil broke equally。These can only be regarded as items exploded on the road,Sorry I can’t give it to you。”
I’m sorry,All the gods present were surprised,Even Mu Feiyan was stunned,She didn’t expect she would blurt out such words,When did I start to care so much about the feelings of a Nether hero?
Other people are also looking at each other,I almost thought I heard it wrong。
The Proud Girl of Heaven,He would explain and apologize to a nether hero,If this is placed in the past,From everyone’s impression of Miss Mu,It’s simply impossible。