“We are not going to go shopping for monsters,Wait until those big guys are done,We can go in and pick up the cheap,Even if you can’t get that newly born treasure,Picking up some monster bones is also a big profit!”
The leader whispered,Never mind the danger。
“What brother said,Seeking wealth in insurance,If this is also scared, then scared too,Why not go back to my hometown to farm。”Another man in black attached,Obviously plan to try。
Heard what these people said,Wang Hong guessed that they had just exploded,Born as a treasure,Ready to come to try your luck。
For this misunderstanding,He will definitely not remind these people,I don’t even have the idea to communicate。
Late at night,Barren mountains,Who knows what the other party is。
The key is,When this group passed the tree,Wang Hong can see the clothes on them,All are similar to the costumes of the Song and Ming Dynasties。
But Wang Hong is wearing a three-proof suit at the moment,I guess the other person will feel abnormal。
“Forget it,Still go back first,This time we can confirm the existence of humans in this world,And learn about their language and clothing,It’s already a surprise。”
Wang Hong looked at the distant figure,Decided to go back and change clothes,Otherwise contact with people in this world,Will definitely cause suspicion。
For this strange world,Wang Hong is full of vigilance。
Before the strength is enough to protect yourself,With the advantage of being able to cross the two worlds,Steal the benefits,Is the real reliable choice。