Commemorating the 110th Anniversary of 19th Anniversary of the 19th Anniversary of the People in the Great Hall of the People, General Secretary Xi Jinping attended the meeting and published an important speech. He deeply remembered the immortal effort of Sun Yat-sen and the 1911 revolutionary pioneer as the Chinese nation. The Communist Party inherited Sun Yat-sen Mr. He’s legacy, leading the juggles and great achievements of all ethnic groups of all ethnic groups, and profoundly clarifying the historical mission of all Chinese children to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, and Zheng Zhong Shen Shen has a strict position and firm determination to maintain the unity of the motherland, fully reflect China. Communists are the most determined supporters, the most loyal partners and the most loyal successor.

After listening to it, it is indeed exciting and encouraged. 110 years ago, the revolutionary party represented by Mr. Sun Yathan launched the world’s 1911, overthrew the Qing Dynasty government, ending the feudal monarchic authority system for thousands of years in China, opened the modern nation in China. The prelude to the democratic revolution opened the gate of China’s progressive trend, establishing the first Republic of Asia, and explored roads in realizing the great revival of the Chinese nation. The national rejuvenation, the national unity is the general trend, the people’s heart, is the common wish of the Chinese children.

Standing in the "two hundred years" struggle for historical intersection, in the face of the world’s hundred years, there is no big change, realizing the great cause of the Chinese nation, and every Chinese children cannot be absent. The great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is complemented by the two major historical mandes of the motherland, which is promoted. We firmly believe that under the leadership of the Party Central Committee of Xi Xi Ping as the core, the historical mission of the motherland and the dream of the great revival of the Chinese nation must be achieved! The National Revolution and the Revolution of 1911 have a deep historical origin, He Xiang Ding, Feng Yuxiang, Li Jiqing, Zhu Yunshan, Xiongu, Chen Ming, Yang Jie, Jiang Guangxi and other major people have participated in the Revolution of 1911. Among them, He Xiangli is the first female member of the alliance, and Xiong Bingqi started the first shot of the 1911 revolutionary Wuchang, Feng Yuxiang leads the Zhangzhou uprising, and made an important contribution to the Revolution of 1911.

Since its inception, the people since the founding, with the Chinese Communist Party, together, and contributed to the establishment of new China and the prosperity of the motherland.

During the current new historical period, the civil revolution should be more closely united around the Central Committee of the CPC Central Committee, give full play to the party advantage, do a good staff, good helper, good colleagues, and resolutely oppose "Taiwan independence" Splitting forces, in order to promote the complete unity of the motherland, the great achievements of the Chinese nation have made new contributions. (Editor: Liu Yingwei, Xing Manhua) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.