ZTE won the bid for the world’s largest OTN commercial network
On April 7, ZTE’s official WeChat news revealed that the results of the centralized procurement of the 13th phase of the new construction of China Mobile’s interprovincial backbone transmission network have been officially announced.It is understood that in response to the surge in traffic in the 5G era, China Mobile has focused on building a nationwide ultra-high-speed direct 100G OTN flat network. The backbone OTN transmission network includes two eastern and western OTN regional networks.According to ZTE, the western ring network covers 19 provinces, with a total interconnection length of 53,828 kilometers. Upon completion, it will become the world’s largest OTN commercial network.”The company has continued to participate in the construction of China Mobile’s national backbone OTN network, and has built two 100G OTN western ring networks for China Mobile, covering 20 provinces and municipalities across the country, with a total area of 772.910,000 square kilometers, and the scale of gradually building the network accounts for 80% of the total area of the country.”Sauna, Ye Wang Lu Yifu editor Zhao Ze proofreading Li Shihui