Chen Wenjin noticed,The subconscious guess is her parents’ car。
When passing by,Xiao Xiao’s eyes are still chasing the car,Turned into profile observation。
So Wang Shuai also found out,Just asked:“It’s your parents’ car?Do you want to go back?”
“No need to。”In Xiao Xiao’s tone,Express emotion,Bad mood。
Chen Wenjin and Wang Shuai both realized there was a story,Because they all saw,A man and a woman in the car,The man is obviously young。
The passing car suddenly blew its horn,In the rearview mirror,Saw the woman getting off the passenger seat,Waving,Also shouted:“Xiao Xiao——”
“Stop??”Chen Wenjin asked,Xiao Xiao didn’t hesitate、The voice said decisively:“Non-stop!When not heard。”
Wang Shuai persuaded:“Don’t you still have to discuss with your mother about buying stocks??So suitable?”
“Nothing。”Xiao Xiao’s unusual brief answer。
But the emotions in these two words,Clearly not all right,But,No matter what the result is, she doesn’t mean it。
Chapter One Hundred Five Exchange trust
The car drove out of Jinhu District。
Xiao Xiao’s face has recovered a lot,But the mood still doesn’t look high。
Wang Shuai is very interested in digging the story behind,Just say:“Is Xiao Xiao having trouble with his family??Say it out and we will give you an idea,The worst is the emotional trash can。I need to vent if I have trouble with my family,It’s particularly uncomfortable to hold it,And feel,I hurt myself,The women who are struggling to be the palace are so happy。”
“Adult men in this world,Are there many women out there?”The way Wang Shuai first revealed himself,It really is a good way to win people’s trust,Xiao Xiao spoke,This sentence,As if to say,She has something like this in her family too。
“Or say that if men are rich, they become bad?”Wang Shuai sighed,For a time,It seems to be full of sorrow over the loss of morality。
Xiao Xiao turned to look at Chen Wenjinwen:“How about you?So does your dad?”