last night,I contacted Lao Sun,He will come over today,Estimate the price of those gold and silver,He is going to eat。Handle those things,Huazai and I are leaving。”
“Going so soon?”Lao Zhou surprised。
He can’t understand,An industry with an output value of tens of millions,I really don’t need to ask?Know that Hu is rich,But this is too much?
“Ok!We have been here for three or four days。”
then,Pan Long and Lao Zhou stay in the village,Hu Yang took the others back to Hangzhou,Waiting for the arrival of old grandson。
After they left the village,The villagers gradually learned the news,The group of people Xiao Zhou led,Actually bought that waste mine,Get five million,And Xiao Zhou also has shares。
The news immediately shocked the whole village,Many people went to Zhou’s house,Ask the truth。
Lao Zhou’s parents and family knew about it last night,Despite the excitement and insomnia last night,Still full of energy today。What they know,More comprehensive than outside。
It’s not just that the mine has bloodstone,My son also made a lot。In addition,Actually found the gold and silver treasure of the thief who has been legend for a long time,My family can be divided into more than one million。
It can be said,From now on,They are also a wealthy home,Never worry about the future life。
but,They still choose low-key,Talk to neighbors:“Those friends of my son,People are rich,Some is money,Deliberately get a mine to play,It doesn’t matter whether there is bloodstone or not。”
This word,No one doubts,After all, everyone has heard,Huang Mao, they made a fortune from that group,It’s completely rod。
Lucky for the old Zhou family,Encountered people who are stupid and rich。