Problem one exit,Yushi felt that the atmosphere was a bit wrong。
Ji Yunfeng’s expression became more serious,Don’t seem to want to answer。
Just when she was considering how to resolve the embarrassment,Ji Yunfeng spoke。
“If you compare women to architecture,I hope my girlfriend is Suzhou Garden,Fresh and gentle,Passionate but not hypocritical。”
Ji Yunfeng’s answer was beyond Yushi’s expectations,She didn’t expect a returnee architect like Ji Yunfeng,What I am most interested in turned out to be Chinese classical architecture。
She subconsciously thought,Ji Yunfeng should not like her type,Because of her seemingly fresh and gentle appearance,Is the soul of a rough man。
After the interview,Ji Yunfeng left quickly,He seems to be in a hurry,I didn’t even have time to remove the makeup on my face。
The first episode is very exciting,Even Cui Ronghao, who has always been picky, gave praise。After get off work at night,Cui Ronghao as the host,Ask the people in the column group to eat。
Yushi has no appetite,Just eat something and start to scan Weibo。out of curiosity,He searched for Ji Yunfeng’s name,I discovered that his Weibo account has nearly a million fans,It’s completely comparable to traffic stars。Weibo’s signature is very artistic:“The breeze and the moon are priceless,There is love near water and mountains。”
If she remembers correctly,This should be a couplet on the Canglang Pavilion in Suzhou Garden。visible,Ji Yunfeng really likes Suzhou gardens。
His Weibo content is monotonous,All architectural photos。Photography of famous buildings at home and abroad,There are also photos of his works that won the domestic architectural design award。
Compared with his Weibo,Yu Shi suddenly felt that his Weibo was veryLow,Except for the food, it is the beautiful photos,Not even a decent landscape photo。In the words of my girlfriend Zhou Yinglan,She is very suitable to be a food blogger,Eat all over the world,Take a picture of the world’s food。
“Poetry,Don’t eat well,What to watch?”There is a nice male voice in the ear,Cui Ronghao, who was sitting next to her, saw that she hadn’t eaten anything,Asked with a smile。
“look at this。”Yu Shi put the phone in front of him,The screen is a magnified photo。Ji Yunfeng’s latest design,AThe library of a university in the city。
“Ji Yunfeng’s works?”Cui Ronghao recognized at a glance。
Yu Shi nodded,Even though Yunfeng is a bit arrogant this season,The work is passionate,It fits well with the atmosphere of the university campus。