You too Qin Xiao smiled and greeted the two men who poked their heads inside. Speaking of which, why are you hiding?

Don’t be too physically integrated with the aura of heaven and earth. We didn’t realize it was the old man until you walked to the door. The feeling was nasty and we hid first. Huo Jiujian looked depressed
You know, there is a big realm with a turning gap in the field, and he can’t see through Qin Xiaoxiu and can’t perceive how embarrassing it is that Qin Xiaoxiu is near this realm gap.
The two brothers in your family don’t care about Qin Xiao’s realm. They are more interested in another matter.
I said, either you take this mortal and I will have a free and unfettered life with your little brother. Your little brother is also at the head of a mainland person and will surely make a comeback. Jun Qian joked with Qin Xiao.
Go away and play, and your tofu is bigger, and the core of the mainland has been sacrificed. What about the future? Jun Kuang snorted. And what the hell are your hands? Are the orcs going to take all these provisions to fill their stomachs after sitting on the mountain? He especially felt that it was not enough to ridicule Jun Qian’s background. But then again, you are quite witty. So many orcs can’t finish eating for a while, and they will continue to breed. Your rations will become more and more advanced.
Three people didn’t expect you crazy to say that. They looked at each other like this.
Why am I wrong? Jun glared at Jun Qian and pulled the little girl into his arms. I tell you that our little family hasn’t grown up yet, but it will definitely be one of the best beauties in the six realms, and it will also be a wizard in the three realms. How can I give it to you? He said, and he tightened his hand tightly.
I’ve never seen a crazy monarch like this. Huo Jiujian has been dumbfounded. After hearing the crazy monarch, I suddenly remembered something. Should I tell you that her appearance will not change after the sacred land? She may even become younger.
Ha! The two brothers of your family sounded shocked at the same time.
You didn’t stare at me. Huo Jiujian shrugged regretfully. Don’t tell me you have forgotten these settings.
But you see my teacher elder sister Bei Gong butterfly yee rewelding is not graceful and enchanting now? You feel a little confident.
She didn’t reach the sacred land until she was 15 or 16 years old. At that time, her figure was already long. Huo Jiujian sighed in his heart and wrote something himself. One of his listeners knew better than the original. You want to be white and small. Now her figure is equivalent to that of a 12-year-old girl. Because of lack of nutrition in her childhood, she developed late.
It’s unclear how many years lolicon will be crazy about it. Anyway, Qin Xiao’s appearance will not grow up again
It’s not bad. Qin Xiao seems to see her body. When fighting with a plump figure, it will be in the way, and sometimes it will block the line of sight. This is the experience she summed up after learning from the three spirits these days
This matter is not for the time being. It is difficult for you to be modest.
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Listen to others honestly for a while. He looks up at Qin Xiao. I mean, elder brother is the emperor. Even if you have the emperor, you may not be able to suppress those old men who follow him through nepotism. It is better to eat delicious food and have fun with me.
I think you are very funny. Jun Kuang squeezed out a few words through his teeth. Cut the crap and let’s sum up what to do with these beautiful pictures first.
Otherwise, according to the original plan, let’s talk about the past unqualified empress one by one and even call back directly. Huo Jiujian rarely deals with it in a simple and rude way. Anyway, we don’t need any princesses, and we don’t need a harem to fill a bunch of beauties.
lives of three women, I don’t need so many sisters-in-law. Jun Qian has adapted to this younger brother’s role very well.
What should I do if there is really any suitable candidate? You are crazy and don’t trust Qin Xiao to handle affairs of state. After all, it’s okay to review the paper. Most of the time, you can listen to the opinions of courtiers and summarize and improve your own views.
Anyway, don’t worry about it when I look at it, said Qin Xiao, squeezing you crazy to the side and sitting on your own. I will meet some people one after another from the beginning of the day. I won’t over-attack them and ruin the courtier’s impression, but if you want to cross me to your side, there are some things to do.
You crazy a listen to feel wrong and so on
桑拿会所So you are not satisfied Huo Jiujian picked his eyebrows.
I have to tell you that I can’t do it no matter what happens. He looked at Qin Xiao seriously. I know this is a polygamous mainland, and I can choose a woman’s position at will, but when I can’t find it just by practicing, don’t make me some moths or I’ll do it myself.
In vain Qin Xiao nodded with a smile. I’ll watch it and make sure it’s strict.
That’s true, but three days later, it was sent to Junkuangshou, and there were fourteen names on the list.
Chapter two hundred and thirty-four There seems to be ignition recently.
At that time, Junkuang was dealing with a new batch of memorials, and it took a lot of energy to watch three or four similar memorials at a time. It was also very difficult to keep this state, and it was most taboo to be interrupted.
Qin Xiao handed me the list, but he didn’t pay much attention to it. He glanced at it and put it aside.
He remembered that Qin Xiao seemed to have been here and gave him a piece of paper when he finished processing some important letters.
Love? He can’t help dreaming.
Obviously this is impossible.
He wondered if he would take a short rest, pick up the cold tea, take a sip and grab the paper.
Qin Xiao sent a root that was not a feeling but a pure crisp guillotine. Twelve names occupied almost the whole paper. When Jun felt his chest smothering and his head took a few breaths, he suddenly struck the table and shouted Little Cheap
Hey, you don’t know that Zhu Yixian is here. Huo Jiujian gave him an unpleasant look. What are you so angry about?
That’s what she said. You threw the paper out wildly, and it fluttered into Huo Jiujian’s hands.
Huo Jiujian’s face changed when he saw it. What’s wrong with this? Twelve names and several were recommended by Dong Rensheng’s henchmen to put these women’s scrolls in a less conspicuous position. I didn’t expect Qin Xiao to read each one carefully.
Pass these lists to Huo Jiujian and weigh them. I think there will not be many temptation ingredients. He took a sympathetic look at Jun Kuang and sighed, Do you want to have a good talk with her?
You don’t have to grind your teeth violently. Tell her to get married as scheduled, and I will let her wear the most expensive, beautiful and favorite clothes.
You two Huo Jiujian doesn’t know whether to persuade or not.
I’m hesitating and listening to your madness. I’m afraid these twelve people haven’t received the notice yet. I’m writing twelve letters now, and you can take them with you.
I won’t do it. Huo Jiujian sternly refused.
Nothing can reassure me except you. Jun frowned without trace.
He won’t do it, I’ll do it. Jun Qian slurred with chicken wings in his mouth and a chicken leg in his hand. It’s just a letter. It’s no big deal.