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And what makes him care most is that this arrogant guy has bowed to fate.

my goal is simple: to master my own destiny and also master the destiny of others! You should know the price of weakness by now. If you join my team, I will make you strong!
Hum to join your team? I think you turned it into a shell puppet!
You don’t want to and you can’t, boys!
In Mo Xiaoxie, Wilkus, the eagle king of Cang Mu, took the lead in attacking the Snow Queen.
桑拿论坛Then Mo Xiaoxie controlled the hydra king and joined the fight.
Four to one, he doesn’t want to balance the quantity to deal with this battle. He wants to get this troublesome ice queen as soon as possible and then let her do things by herself.
When compressing the black hole death ray, the thunder and the sky will drop the pain, and the eagle claw will be hit and the death will be cut!
Shua shua shua boom!
The fighting was fierce and gorgeous.
The light flashes and the snow dances wildly.
Although there are hundreds of thousands of hp in Saranrat at present, the enemy has not been merciful and constantly issued powerful attacks.
Every attack here is enough to give her a second. Saranrat needs to avoid or block these attacks as much as possible
However, she was still too passive after all, and the dragon leader, the dragon tail, swept away vigorously. Although Saranrat’s defensive cover protected herself, the enemy’s attack intensity was terrible.
At the same time, the snow queen was also taken away, and hp almost fell off.
Saranrat was lucky not to die, but he was not far from death.
Her limp body fell to the snow and it was difficult to get up.
She has reached the limit and can’t fight any more.
Mo Xiaoxie flew in front of the loser.
Saranrat’s Mo Xiaoxie, who has been singlehandedly, slaughtered her, unwilling to watch this hateful enemy despair of his fate.
However, Mo Xiaoxie didn’t stab her in the chest, but the blood curse sealed her off. hpmp completely controlled the enemy.
Saranrat doesn’t think this guy will let him go, showing that the other party has a more terrible plan.
You … what do you want?
Mo Xiaoxie didn’t answer, but picked her up and threw her on the back of the magic dragon leader.
Then he returned to the ice palace with his puppets.
At this moment, the ice palace is already in a postwar state.
Chief exorcist Irene is urgently organizing a team to find her queen to reinforce.
But it is not necessary to see it.
Mo Xiaoxie came here again with his puppets.
The enemy came, and Irene hurriedly commanded the wizards to resist the enemy tenaciously.
Although these wizards in the Ice Palace are not very strong, there are quite a few in number.
Want to recklessly with them naturally need to pay a certain price.
In order to solve these troubles as soon as possible, Mo Xiaoxie took out the butcher blade and turned the dead enemy into his puppet to join his own enemy.
Although Mo Xiaoxie’s generals are scarce at the moment, his ability to fight alone is very strong
The enemy’s death rate is very fast, hydra king. A meteor can kill a piece of fire and rain, and these dead enemies will soon be turned into puppets by Mo Xiaoxie.
The battle didn’t last long, although it wasn’t over yet, but it was only a matter of time before victory.
Mo Xiaoxie has ignored those battles. He knows that this ice palace is already his.
The puppets, who were turned into dark creatures by him, continued to help him slaughter the enemy, but Mo Xiaoxie stopped intervening in these battles and came to the hall with the Snow Queen.
His puppet stood by him.
Like a prisoner, Saranrat, the ice queen with her hands tied, was forced to kneel on the ground, and now she was facing Mo Xiaoxie, who was sitting on her high throne.
That throne used to be hers, but now it has changed hands.

Fog and rain are dense

The whole Song Dynasty looked at the night, and the rain in Mao Mao couldn’t help but raise my hand to refer to the lawyer Zhang, who walked farther and farther, and then turned to look at the man around him. It seemed that he didn’t wait for us.
Take care of yourself first Yu Tingchuan wants to straighten her body.
Alcohol flooded the whole Song Dynasty, and it was a little confused. Six points were drunk and four points were sober.
Hearing the man’s steady convergence, she listened straight, her eyes were particularly clear after being drunk, and her lips bent up and suddenly laughed. Thank you for picking me up. I really appreciate it.
Said also pretend to bow to him.
When bending over, an unstable head hits the metal buckle of the belt forward.
YuTingChuan hold her arm to catch people up to see her drunk silly eyes warm jade attitude has become tough last night I speak is ignored? Don’t rest at home and go out to drink and make trouble.
I didn’t make trouble. I did transit.
When you are drunk, you should remember that nothing has gone wrong.
Song Qingcheng mumbled a word and slowly turned his brain to react and began to argue, You don’t often drink and smoke. What can’t I drink?
品茶论坛I am a man! Besides, it is the need of work.
What’s the big deal about men? Song Qingcheng deliberately quarreled with him about alcohol, forgetting the so-called discretion and not knowing how to look at him. He winked and thought that words and momentum could not be overwhelmed. You are a man and I am a woman!
Yutingchuan looked at her with a deep smile on the girl’s blushing cheeks.
… Song city was suddenly fascinated by seven dizzy elements.
Yu Tingchuan insisted that let’s forget it tonight.
The whole song dynasty stared at him and suddenly hugged his cheek and rubbed his shirt. It’s a nice figure and manly. Let me touch several abdominal muscles.
As he spoke, he slipped his hand from the man’s strong chest
Yu Tingchuan grabbed her little hand and listened to her frivolous words and deeds. It was a little funny. Do you still know who I am?
Uncle Yujing Song City nodded.
Seeing that she still knows herself, but this title is really not a good word, Yu Tingchuan didn’t want to continue to talk nonsense with her in the police station building, and saw that she was as soft as a bone and directly picked people up and went home first
Song Qingcheng suddenly felt uncomfortable in his stomach.
I want to throw up … She frowned.
Struggle to speak
Section 113
YuTingChuan see her face is wrong can put people.
Song city two feet on the ground a burst of dizziness almost fell back after YuTingChuan pulls conveniently put his arm around his waist I don’t want to hug you feel ashamed don’t want to carry me …
Yu Tingchuan said, Aren’t you afraid of getting wet when it rains outside?
Not afraid Song Qingcheng shook his head. I won’t feel sick and want to vomit when I carry it.
Then she seemed to hear a sigh.
Yu Tingchuan has squatted down to come by himself
The whole song dynasty looked at his back, and his shoulders were generous and tall, and he didn’t hesitate to jump on him.
Yu Tingchuan pressed it to the ground with one hand because of excessive momentum.
Don’t fall on me Song Qingcheng said
Yu Tingchuan didn’t have to backhand patted her hip I want you to stop touching.
Song city listened to the arm around the man’s neck and shoulders, and his hands tightened.
Yutingchuan car parked outside.
The dim road is covered with pools of water with uneven lighting. The man’s black leather shoes stepped into the puddle as if he had not splashed too much water stains at a steady pace.
I don’t know when it started to rain, but it has stopped.
Song city side face stick a man’s shoulder like said to himself, how do you know my police station? I didn’t call you again, although I told Shen Che that I would call you, I didn’t want to, otherwise I always felt that I was giving you trouble. It wouldn’t be cost-effective for you to come with me and not let your blood return.
Do you know not to give me trouble? Yu Tingchuan said. Still fighting with people?
Song Qingcheng murmured softly, I didn’t want to fight because they bullied us less.
Breathing is the smell of a man’s body that makes her feel at ease.
Song Qingcheng suddenly asked, You knew I wanted to catch you, didn’t you?
Without waiting for Yu Tingchuan to answer her, she said to herself, Why did you always refuse me at first?
I’m so beautiful, you can’t help it.
Then she stopped talking. You should continue to ignore me so that you won’t be pestered by me.
Yu Tingchuan slowly opened his mouth. Do you still know that you are entangled?

According to Coleman’s decision at halftime, Liverpool bombed Manchester United’s goal from a long distance.

In the fifth minute of the game, Qin Xiong caught Park Jisung Fabio Valencia’s defensive attention by controlling the ball in the frontcourt, and then he tilted the ball to Raul in front of the penalty area.
At the same time, Gerrard’s forward insertion of Carrick is bound to prevent Gerrard from catching Raul’s ball with Gerrard.
However, Raul knocked the ball back to the back in front of Manchester United’s restricted area. When it may have appeared in less than two seconds, Rooney Park Jisung was moving in the middle and could make up for it at any time.
But before being filled, Alonso rushed to follow up with a long shot!
The football was cleared by Vidic’s foot after flying into the restricted area.
Fly into Liverpool, halftime football falls at Mascherano’s foot, and the Red Army reorganizes the offensive.
This time, Gerrard took the lead in keeping his feet firmly in the frontcourt. After Evra and Carrick made a double defense against him, Gerrard crossed the ball to the penalty area. Qin Xiong moved laterally to the penalty area and he was in an encirclement.
桑拿会所All sides are Manchester United players. At this time, Qin Xiong’s tendency to dribble forward and Raul’s tendency to run offside distracted Dinander and Vidic. After he took a step forward, Qin Xiong saw that Park Jisung didn’t show any defensive flaws, and Rooney and Valencia, who were oblique behind him, approached him some distance. Qin Xiong immediately crossed the ball to the left.
Manchester United people twist a head to see meireles rushed to a foot outside the restricted area, slamming the door against the goal!
The football hit the goal range, but it was full of strength and lacked angle. Van der Sar held the ball in his arms with both hands. Liverpool failed to make a threat with this shot, which was not a test for Van der Sar.
Ferguson frowned and worried on the sidelines. He thought Liverpool would press hard because of anxiety or eagerness to score goals at half time, which would make Manchester United’s counterattack success rate higher.
But Liverpool is surprisingly calm!
The team as a whole runs in an orderly way, and the players cooperate with each other in an orderly way
Now Liverpool is going to play a longrange attack
Wellinformed and experienced, how can Ferguson not see it?
But Manchester United have no extra manpower to contain Liverpool!
When Manchester United can force Liverpool to rely on Alonso and meireles instead of Qin Xiong and Steven Gerrard in a longrange attack, it can be said to be a victory for Manchester United to some extent!
But for the game, this is not enough. Manchester United has already strengthened its defense to curb Liverpool’s longrange shooting.
The only thing that worries Ferguson now is that the Red Devils will finally get a better chance to fight back.
In the 65th minute of the game, after a patient pass in the frontcourt, meireles seemed to take a long shot after receiving Gerrard’s oblique ball. After attracting Rooney to block it, he gave the ball to the middle to follow Alonso, who stopped the ball and adjusted it to test Van der Sar with a long shot.
The football quickly rolled into the restricted area of Manchester United on the grass. Van der Sar’s vision was blocked and he didn’t react until he saw the football coming.
Seeing that the football will run into the left corner of the goal, Van der Sar fell to the ground and touched the ball, which finally made the football roll out of the baseline.
Van der Sar meritorious service! Alonso’s longrange shot from the periphery almost penetrated the Red Devils’ goal. Fortunately, there is Edwin van der Sar in front of Manchester United! The Dutch old goalkeeper magically saved and solved this danger!
There has been a fundamental change in the wind of the game, that is, Liverpool is no longer a threat to the opponent’s goal. Now Liverpool can create opportunities for longrange heavy gunners by organizing attacks in the frontcourt, thus creating a very threatening longrange shot that is a headache for Manchester United.
Coleman’s midfield adjustment was so crucial that he asked everyone Qi Xin to work together to do one thing well so that the Liverpool felt for it when there was no wave at halftime and there was no confusion due to ideological differences.
In the 6th minute of the game, Manchester United launched a counterattack in the backcourt. When Liverpool made frequent longrange shots, Qin Xiong suddenly sent a kick to hit the ball directly behind the back line, Dinander and Vidic didn’t react. Raul succeeded in offside, but the sober Edwin van der Sar didn’t let Qin Xiong’s trick succeed.
He was the first to abandon the door and jump in front of Raul to hold the ball in his arms.
Raul’s reaction is actually a little slow. After all, Liverpool rarely hit a direct plug from behind today, and Raul is not determined to start, otherwise he may get a very good shot.
After Van der Sar held the ball in his arms, he immediately got up and instigated a counterattack.
He threw the ball to Evra on the left, who took the ball two steps forward and then tilted it to Rooney in the middle of the midfield.
Rooney didn’t play by common sense this time. Manchester United are good at Qi Fei on both wings.
He didn’t give the ball to Ryan Giggs or Valencia, but went straight to Hernandez!
This is a straight plug with one foot over the top.
Seeing that Skrtel and Agger didn’t react, Hernandez succeeded in running offside when he rode, and the hearts of Red Army fans were in a state of anxiety again.
At this time Reina also decisively abandoned the door.
If he doesn’t come out, Hernandez is bound to go to the meeting alone!
But now, after he rushed out, Reina headed the ball out before Hernandez could control it when he was preparing for a second bounce outside the penalty area!
Hernandez, he just passed by!

If the single theory of force Zhou Botong is slightly worse than Ouyang Feng and Ouyang Wounds, it is naturally worse. Two people took a few deep breaths on Ouyang Wounds after the palm of their hands, and Zhou Botong felt that his body was full of qi and blood and coughed violently!

"The old urchin will be killed if he stops playing!" Huang Rong hopping shouted.
"Zhou Dage, don’t fight with him!" Ling Feiyang also shouted to wake Zhou Botong.
Zhou Botong finally realized that he met the biggest enemy in his life today and immediately converged his mind. His left hand was a recruit "Tian Ma Hang" and his right hand was a recruit "Broad Sky" to attack Ouyang!
Ling Feiyang’s hand-to-hand combat technique can only be used when he is in a trance, but Zhou Botong can use it anytime and anywhere. I don’t know how much higher it is than Ling Feiyang’s. Ouyang’s wounds are frightened in his heart. He was forced to hurry and think that Zhou Botong’s moves are divided into two, but his strength cannot be doubled. So he took a look at the gap and launched another palm.
Zhou Botong just now and Ouyang regression of a palm has suffered a big loss, dare not play hardball with Ouyang regression to avoid the palm.
Ouyang Yi didn’t leave him a breather at all, but he immediately smashed his body and slapped him. Zhou Botong shouted, "Be a good boy!" Continue to jump back only to find that you have stepped into the sea!
Ps asks two top experts every day who can win the final showdown?
Chapter 124 Nine Yin True Sutra VS Frog Skill
Zhou Botong was forced by Ouyang’s palm force to use melee boxing and hands to fight each other. Ling Feiyang and other four people were worried before helping each other.
"Although this Zhou Botong acts grotesque, his martial arts are magical and unpredictable. It seems that he should be the first master of the Song Dynasty. If this person is eradicated this time, it will definitely dampen the morale of the Song Wulin!" Ouyang Yi wants to make a "goo goo" sound in his mouth here, and put the ten-fold realm frog skill into the skeleton of his limbs, bent on putting Zhou Botong’s strength to death in his palm!
spa会所Zhou Botong didn’t dare to meet Ouyang’s palm force and was forced into the sea. Ouyang’s wounds were proficient in water and knew the method of using water to exert power like the back of his hand, while Zhou Botong didn’t understand how to benefit from seawater to leverage the stilling force.
Zhou Botong profited from flying around in the sea, and Ouyang Wounds also used the flying skills of Baituo Villa "in a flash" to hunt down Zhou Botong and beat Zhou Botong. He barely escaped Ouyang Wounds and attacked Ouyang Wounds several times, but suddenly he slapped the water!
Several streams of seawater suddenly gushed out like fountains and immediately formed a high-water curtain with one person and many people, blocking two people like a wall!
Zhou Botong’s line of sight was blocked by the water curtain, and it was difficult to see Ouyang’s position. At this moment, his palms suddenly leaned out from the water curtain with a large splash and attacked Zhou Botong as a chest attack!
Zhou Botong was shocked to see that his hands were less than an inch away from his chest. He twisted his waist consciously and turned his body around like a gyro!
Ouyang Wounds hit Zhou Botong with both hands, but Zhou Botong’s body didn’t seem to have a stress point. Ouyang Wounds’ force exceeded one thousand kilograms, and it was deformed by Zhou Botong’s rotation potential!
"Isn’t Zhou Dage’s wonderful posture just the martial arts’ spiral nine shadows’ in the last chapter of Jiuyin Zhenjing?" Ling Feiyang thought
Among them, Ling Feiyang knows this set of martial arts in the Nine Yin Scriptures. This "spiral nine shadows" kung fu is the most powerful martial arts in the Nine Yin Scriptures. Ling Feiyang tried to practice at that time, but she almost gave up this unrealistic idea at the beginning, but she didn’t expect that at this moment, Zhou Botong actually made it out of life and death and escaped the fatal attack of Ouyang regression!
"This dead old man’s martial arts is even more magical than those just now!" Ouyang Yi was surprised again. Zhou Botong took the opportunity to fly back to the coast and suddenly shouted, "Oh, no!"
"You use so much martial arts and you want to shout’ Oh, no’?" They all feel strange in the heart Zhou Botong continued to call out, "I’ve seen it several times but I haven’t practiced how this time is used! By the way, it must have been my self-control martial arts in my sleep! "
Zhou Botong soliloquized to himself and suddenly lifted his legs to his knees and shouted to the sky, "Brother, I really didn’t mean to learn this Nine Yin Sutra! I broke the oath of the year, you can scold me, you can hit me, you can kill me! "
Ouyang wound stare blankly next to the root don’t know what Zhou Botong said, but ling flying in the heart is very clear why.
For the first time, Wang Zhongyang won the Nine-Yin Sutra in Huashan Mountain, avoiding the people in the Jianghu who said that he was selfish and asked all true brothers to swear that they would never learn the martial arts in the Nine-Yin Sutra. Zhou Botong was trapped in the Peach Blossom Island for fifteen years, but he dared not violate the original oath. He read the two volumes of the Nine-Yin Sutra for many times, but he didn’t practice at all. However, Zhou Botong’s martial arts qualification was too high, and in his sleep, he was so clever that he made his own achievements. Although he didn’t know it, this key moment was made!
Although Zhou Botong knelt down and begged his senior brother to punish him, of course, Wang Zhongyang couldn’t suddenly come back from the dead. When he saw Ouyang, Zhou Botong suddenly opened his mouth and cried, "Old toad, I have made a terrible mistake and I don’t want to live. I will never fight you!"
Ouyang regression of exulting in the heart is preparing to exercise Zhou Botong killed Huang Rong but shouted "old urchin! If you die like this, it will kill us! "
Zhou Botong zheng ling float in the sky in the heart suddenly fought back pain rushed to the front of Zhou Botong!
Ouyang regression but don’t want to delay when step forward will attack Ouyang Feng rob step out of the front of ouyang regression! Huang Rong and Ouyang Ke also immediately ran around Ouyang Feng respectively!
"Second brother, if you single-handedly protect these poets, I will kill you!" Ouyang regression speak threatened.
"Eldest brother, then you can step on my body!" Ouyang Feng said coldly.
Ouyang regression of years of brothers feelings heart hesitate again ling float in the sky hurriedly said to Zhou Botong "Zhou Dage! My granddaddy, the real Chongyang, won the Jiuyin True Sutra that year. The Wulin in the Central Plains can calm disputes and Qi Xin resists gold! However, it is a big mistake for him to make the Chinese people swear not to learn the true scriptures! "
"How dare you say that granddaddy made a mistake!" Zhou Botong nu way
"Zhou Dage, have you ever thought that if my master had learned the Nine Yin Sutra at that time, he wouldn’t have died in Sammoni’s hands! If Ma Shibo and others had learned the Nine Yin True Classics, they would not have lost so many true three generations of brothers when the nomads attacked Zhongnanshan! Now, the enemy of Mongolia, how can we be afraid of the hundreds of thousands of Mongolian fighters if all the people in the Song Wulin study the Jiuyin Zhenjing! " Ling Feiyang shouted
Hear ling Feiyang Zhou Botong immediately fell into deep thinking. Zhou Botong, though naive and simple in personality, is not unreasonable. After a long time, he finally cried from the ground up, "Brother, you’re a great disciple. You said that it makes sense. Zhou Botong always listened to you the most before, but this thing is really wrong! You’ve killed so many disciples and grandchildren in order not to let others gossip. You really need to make a change in everything. Why don’t you let this martial art fall into the hands of traitors? Isn’t it a beautiful thing to promote Wulin justice and resist foreign invasion? "
"Zhou Dage, you will be very happy to finally understand that the ancestors are spiritual!" Ling Feiyang’s heart was overjoyed, but Zhou Botong came over to Ouyang’s ruin and cried, "Good toad, little toad and elf weird little girls, all of you get out of the way and let me old urchin deal with this bad toad!"
Ouyang Feng and other three people immediately stepped aside. Zhou Botong’s right hand suddenly changed claws and caught Ouyang’s wounds. It was the "claw of nine Yin gods"! At the same time, the left palm is a "heart-destroying palm" to Ouyang’s wounds!
These two martial arts in Jiuyin Zhenjing are ten times higher than those in the black wind and double evil spirits by Zhou Botong. Besides, Zhou Botong’s hand-to-hand combat technique can make a martial arts in each hand. Although the martial arts are high, it finally shows timidity!
Ouyang regression barely resisted a few moves, but suddenly I saw something strange in Zhou Botong’s eyes, but I felt a burst of dizziness in my mind as if possessed, and my mind was getting out of control!
It turns out that Zhou Botong Ouyang’s wounds were missed at the same time, but he used the method of "moving the soul * *" in Jiuyin Zhenjing!
Ouyang regression heart know bad suddenly roar loud like a roars a mind immediately feel clear a lot of then gather together capability to Zhou Botong palms!

Outside a box on the first floor

"Member how food so slow? How long has it been since I bought a few cold dishes? Is this your attitude of Jin Sheng? " Jiang Mengyi a face of blame accused
"I’m sorry, madam, but pary’s cooking speed will be slower today." The workers wearing black background and red edges bowed their heads and admitted their mistakes.
"Birthday pary?" Jiang Mengyi frowned. "That can’t hang us for more than an hour. Would you please hurry up? Today, I am entertaining my future daughter-in-law’s wedding banquet’. Can you afford it? "
"Good wife, please wait for a moment. Just now, the foreman has said that the floor pary is almost over. I will go to the kitchen right now and help you push it again." After repeated apologies, Sheng had to turn and walk towards the kitchen.
"It’s really a store bully when I want you!" Jiang Mengyi a face abandon whisper.
If it weren’t for entertaining her new girlfriend today, she wouldn’t have chosen this store for dinner.
I turned around and saw Gu Bei go there.
He was wearing a dark gray shirt, and the gentle light fell on his handsome face. He was handsome and dignified, except for a little frown on his brow.
"North?" Jiang Mengyi busy to meet with a smile "how come out? Don’t worry, I have just asked what birthday the boss, friends and children are having. pary’s food is a little slow. "
"…" Gu narrowed his eyes to the north and said, "Mom, I’m just beginning to associate with Lin Biao. Please be careful not to put too much pressure on her."
"I know, I know." Since she came out of the police station, Jiang Mengyi has always been obedient to her children. She has never said anything, "The girl in the north is fine, her family is good, and the most important thing is that she is practical and her mother likes it."
品茶论坛Gu nodded faintly to the north. "I’ll wash my hands first and come back soon."
"Go back quickly!" Jiang Mengyi pushed the door and went in again after watching Gu leave the north. "Miss Lin!"
"Miss Lin, I have just asked, it’s only because there is a special activity in the building that the food is a little slow today, but don’t worry, I have urged you to eat some cold dishes to pad your stomach first."
"Thank you, Aunt." Lin’s face hung with a decent smile, and her forehead was faintly beaming.
Her age is half a year younger than Gu Bei’s. Her parents are from City A, and she has a good business family. She was sent to study in London, England as soon as she went to college.
Years of studying abroad have made her well-informed, and she will not be petty, but she will not be arrogant and arrogant, and she will always keep a moderate attitude.
Jiang Mengyi probably told her about Gu Bei’s ex-wife. Although she felt that she must have hidden a lot, so what? What should I ask and what shouldn’t I ask? Women will grasp the discretion.
She doesn’t care about her wealth. She likes Gu Bei, and she has liked him for several years.
Turn the corridor, and there are several tables for individual guests to eat in the lobby on the first floor.
Jinsheng D city has been famous for a long time, not only because of the dishes here, but also because of the high-standard dining environment and the quality of the boss, who is also a big family. Many prominent people in the Lu Ziheng Institute like to entertain VIPs here and flaunt their identity.
It is also because there are too many customers who come here. Many outsiders think it is almost mean. For example, if you come to eat, you have to buy a vip card here to pay the bill, and you don’t accept his payment method.
Vip card can get a 19% discount on lobby meals, which means … no discount.
In addition to this most common vip card, there is also a vip silver card. The former is an enjoyable bag, and the latter can directly have its own bag name, which fully demonstrates the distinguished status of the owner.
Gu doesn’t want to bother coming to the north. There are so many restaurants in D city. Just find a decent one.
Nai’s mother insisted on coming here because there were few leisure bags in Qixia Pavilion, or he borrowed it from Huang Bo.
Washing your hands leads to the corner of the stairs on the second floor. I just went there and heard the sound of the stairs suddenly.
Someone is coming.
In an instant, I thought of Jiang Mengyi’s words that Lu Ziheng’s friend Lou Er held a birthday party, pary.
So he looked up and saw Gao Xiaoxiao.
She was wearing a light green knee short-sleeved printed skirt, and her belly was already protruding. Han Shu walked beside her, holding her waist with one hand and holding her arm with the other, almost holding her carefully and stepping on the steps.
"When is the due date of Huiying Huanyan?" The question seems to be Mrs. Han
"It’s said to be January 1st."
"Ah, that’s fast. It’s less than two months. Are you going to have a natural delivery or a caesarean section?" Korea’s old lady asked again
Suddenly, my mobile phone buzzed in my pocket. Gu turned to the north, looked at it and pressed "Answer".
"Mr. Gu, Jiangchao Detention Center wants to see you." The police’s bureaucratic voice sounded for the nth time over there.
"No," Gu said to the north and cut off the words directly.
Grey shirt, black trousers and leather shoes are polished, tall and straight, slender, but cold and indifferent, without any extra feelings, even if the man who is about to be sentenced to jail … is his biological father.
I caught a glimpse of a man on the stairs. He was wondering about his back there … It looked familiar.
But he is also a light glance and then take back the line of sight again.
Gu held the mobile phone to the north, and his hand was loose, tight and loose. After half a day, he eased his mood and turned around only to find that Yu Guhe Han family had already lost sight of it.
He stood there for a few seconds and then quickly turned and walked to the box.
Lu Ziheng asked several students to help him move the pile of birthday presents into the Korean car.

She is married and has a husband, but she has a one-night stand with another man. This is a marriage affair, and her heart is very painful and contradictory.

Section 16
She had to look straight at somewhere. "Boss Dong, just forget it happened yesterday, so I’ll go back first."
Dong Gang grabbed Feng Jingjing. "Jingjing, don’t do this."
"Boss Dong, don’t let me go like this, okay?" Feng Jingjing struggled.
"Jingjing Shi, I had a crush on you when I first saw you. If you are willing to follow me, I am willing to take responsibility." Dong Gang said the words.
Feng Jingjing didn’t expect Dong Gang to be so direct. She looked at him in surprise. "Boss Dong, you know I’m married."
"I know, but I don’t think you are happy," Dong Gang said.
"See?" Feng Jingjing asked him.
"If you are happy, you won’t get drunk in a bar and don’t want to go home, saying that you don’t have a home. This means that he is not good to you and he can’t give you happiness. Jingjing, since you are unhappy, leave that man and he can’t give it to you." Dong Gang wrapped her hand in his palm. "Jingjing wants you not to dislike that I was married and had a daughter."
Dong Gang’s original wife has been dead for about forty-five years and has never remarried. One daughter is twenty years old.
He is generally a middle-aged man with a slightly protruding belly, but he is less of a boss and is a rich man than Lu Song.
"I …" Feng Jingjing hesitated.
Dong Gang was willing to be responsible and spoke so sincerely.
"Don’t worry, I won’t force you to give me the answer now. I will give it to you when I think about it, but I hope you can seriously consider that I am serious about you." Dong Gang once again said to himself.
One more friend is better than one more enemy.
Dong Gang turned out to be deeply righteous, which made Feng Jingjing feel very complicated.
She didn’t expect to meet such a sentient and righteous man as Dong Gang in this situation. She didn’t dislike that she was married, but she was and was willing to be responsible for her.
But she is still Lu Song’s wife. If she wants to promise Dong Gang, then she must divorce Lu Song.
But she never let Lu Song know that her marriage was cheating and divorced him. She can’t. She still wants this face.
品茶"Boss Dong, I …" Feng Jingjing’s words haven’t been exported. Dong Gang interrupted her again. "Don’t say anything now. I know you must be in a mess now. You need to sort out your thoughts, and I will give you support if you have the confidence to join me."
Feng Jingjing didn’t say anything more about gently ordering a head "I really need to think about it"
It’s not a small divorce, and it’s not a nice thing, so she should think about how to deal with her and Lu Song and Dong Gang.
She can’t help but heat up her brain simply. She must think about it.
"I’ll wait for you when I give it to you." Dong Gang was sincere.
Feng Jingjing picked up her bag. "That … that I’m going to be late for class."
She turned and ran away in a hurry, entered the ladder and went out of the hotel. She took a taxi to Chishi, and her heart kept beating all the way, trying to jump out of her chest.
Feng Jingjing just walked to the Chishi gate but was stopped by the security guard at the door.
"What do you want to do?" Feng Jingjing was stopped outside the door and was angry. "I want to go in and see Manager Chi."
It’s the peak of the class, and there are a lot of people coming to class, and it’s very embarrassing to see her being stopped.
"Miss Feng has a life. You have been fired by the company. The deadline is yesterday. Today, you are no longer a Chishi employee. You can’t go in." The security guard is business-like.
When people around you heard that Feng Jingjing had been fired by the company, such amazing news suddenly burst out, which scared Chi’s staff like the original bomb explosion. I didn’t expect it to be like this.
Those people looked at the excitement and talked about it in succession.
"Jing-jing feng is not a small pool always confidant? How can you be dismissed? "
"I don’t know! It must have offended someone. Who let the small pool always be amazing at ordinary times? This is karma for her. Look at how arrogant she is after her. "
"Which company dares her after being dismissed by the company for no reason?"
Feng Jingjing listened to these people’s language when they fell into the well and gave a hard look. "Fart mouth!"
"What’s the power and prestige after all this?"
"Hum! Let’s go. Don’t look at it. It’s just Reservoir Dogs. "
Some of those people dispersed, and some people waiting for jokes were still watching.
Feng Jingjing said to the security guard, "I still have personal things that I always have to take away from the office."
"Manager Chi has told you that you didn’t take it away during the shift yesterday, so it’s considered that you gave up those things automatically." The security guard replied tactfully.
"What did you say? Who said I don’t want it? I didn’t take it yesterday. I just want to take it today. How can you do this! " Feng Jingjing rushed to get rid of the security guard. "Get out of the way and let me in. I want to talk to Manager Chi."
"Manager Chi told me not to let you in. He won’t see you or want to see what you are doing. Miss Feng should not do any work and don’t make it difficult for us." The security guard held down her shoulder to prevent her from getting in and coaxed her. "Don’t make so much noise here, it will make more jokes and embarrass yourself. It’s better to walk away quietly."
"You are ChiShi people naturally speak for ChiShi so that you can let me leave? I won’t leave. I’ve had no credit and hard work in these years. How can you do this to me! " Feng Jingjing struggled, but she couldn’t get rid of the iron wrist imprisonment of the security guard.
Feng Jingjing’s eyes are full of hatred, resentment and bitterness.
She never imagined that her life would come to this step.
She was full of hope that Chishi could go higher, but she fell from heaven to hell and fell heavily, which caught her off guard.
"You let me go, you are just two watchdogs of Chi!" Feng Jingjing vented her anger on the security guard. "You let me go!"
The two security guards felt deeply insulted when their facial expression changed. They both pushed Feng Jingjing away to keep her away from Chishi.
Feng Jingjing, on the other hand, fell to the ground because of her unstable feet.
She bit her lip to prevent tears from floating in her eyes and opened her eyes as hard as she could.
"What is this?" A mellow man comes
Everyone turned around to see the suit and tie pool coming out.
They all respectfully shouted "the pool is always good"
"What are you doing around here? If you don’t punch in, you will be late, and there will be no diligence. "Chi Yiming’s eyes first swept the field to see the hot people.
Those people left after receiving Chi Yiming’s signal.
At this moment, Chi Yizhao dropped her eyes to Feng Jingjing, then walked over to her and squatted down to stretch out her hand and cut her hair.
"Women should keep their own elegance every moment" Chi Yizhao’s voice is gentle and charming.
"The pool is always …" Feng Jingjing is tender and soft because of the pool.
Chi Yizhao is like the rising sun in Ran Ran. She seems to see a glimmer of hope, and her eyes are rippling with a trace of joy.
"Have something to talk about our car" Chi Yizhao got up and also held Feng Jingjing up.
Feng Jingjing was deeply moved. That’s what happens when people are most vulnerable. If someone gives her a little bit of good, she will be soft. This reason can reflect.
Because the other side poked the tear spot.
Chi Yiming and Feng Jingjing got an assistant in the back seat and drove away from Chi’s.

ChuYan turned to look at his side face can’t help some love dearly but wanted to think or way

"Mo Chengkun, I finally got a new life. I don’t want to be upset like this. Let’s just live like this for a while, okay?"
Mo Chengkun doesn’t know much about her pain, but he knows a little about it.
Although the boss in my heart doesn’t want to, it’s also worth her warm and soft jade.
Have to nod at the end
But don’t forget to say, "Chu Yan, I can wait for you, but you have to remember that my patience is limited."
ChuYan a listen to not paused, then gently "grace" a and then turned to look at the rapidly disappearing scenery outside the window.
My hands are tightly clenched into fists, and my heart is complicated.
Send Chu Yan to the place where she lives now. Seeing that Chu Yan’s living environment is not bad, he gave up the idea of letting Chu Yan move away.
They are finally easing up a little now, and some things should be taken slowly.
But I don’t know what will happen when he knows that he lives opposite Shengrong.
At the moment ChuYan was about to car but was a pull.
Chuyan was a little tired and quarreled with him before going back, feeling exhausted.
I don’t understand. I glanced at him and paused to think of something. "Thank you. I’m here."
Let go. I want a car. It’s like I can’t wait to talk to him like this.
Mo Chengkun’s eyebrows couldn’t help getting up and finally he couldn’t help saying, "ChuYan, do you hate me around you?"
ChuYan eyebrows a wrinkly look back at him "how do you think so"
"Then how do you" Mo Chengkun seems to have something to say, but he just doesn’t know what to say or can’t say it, so he has to hold his mouth tightly.
Finally, don’t look red in the face. Seeing Chu Yan can’t help but worry him.
"What do you have to say is why do you hold it?" ChuYan couldn’t help but turn over her eyes and wake up.
He seems to be slightly one leng and then his face falls.
How did she make him angry? My heart jumped and I was about to ask. Suddenly, my wrist was pulled and I leaned forward.
She was on the verge of falling to one side, but she was hugged tightly by his strong arms.
Then she looked up and there was a flash of panic in her bright eyes.
It was as if he hadn’t seen it for a long time. He couldn’t help but close his eyes and bow his head slightly, and sealed her lips tightly.
The tongue went straight into the most tender and sensitive area, and she was easily provoked by him and couldn’t help reaching out and clinging to his neck.
Feeling this, he couldn’t help but open his eyes and look at her delicate face with a slight smile.
Moments later, they couldn’t control their breathing and couldn’t help letting go of each other.
And ChuYan at the moment is to react my heart a panic eyes kept looking around for fear of a reporter.
Looking at her like this, his heart ached slightly.
"Stop looking. There will be no reporters here."
When she heard it, she thought about it slightly. This is their artist’s private residential area. The guards will definitely not be so fooled.
Nodded, she looked at MoChengKun but thought of things just now, even if it wasn’t the first time, but still don’t blush.
Lowering her head, she took a deep breath and spit it out unconsciously before saying, "I went in first."
Mochengkun eyes slightly dark want to talk followed swallowed.
Can quietly nodded a grace.
Looked at ChuYan also don’t talk nonsense to get the car.
Then he flew into the room.
I don’t know how long it took her to lean back against the door until she heard the car stereo outside for a moment and then became quiet, which was a relief.
Open it and see that there is no trace outside.
Inevitably, she was slightly relieved.
But I don’t know what, and I have some regrets.
Just at that moment, she knew that if she stayed with him a little longer, she would definitely just let him stay.
But she can’t do that.
There’s a shadowy boss living across the street. Besides, what’s the state between her and Mo Chengkun now? She’s a little confused.
夜生活I didn’t think much about it. She took a shower and went to bed.
I got up early the next day, went to the gym, practiced for a while, took a shower and had breakfast.
Happily, the shadowy boss across the street didn’t bother himself this time.
She also had a good time.
After breakfast, I sat alone in the sun chair in the garden and watched the play while basking in the sun.
First look at the original story that no one knows.
She quickly saw it, and the writing was simple and delicate, giving people a feeling that it was like a story or a picture scroll when you read it, and it felt like it was unfolding slowly in front of your eyes and in your mind.
Unconsciously, it attracts people to slowly enter.
She was fascinated by the encounter between the male and female masters and the emotional development in the story. Everything seemed so abrupt, so coincidental and so reasonable.
One is not very long, about 200,000 words, and she almost finished reading it in one afternoon. Finally, tears welled up in her chest about the fate of the male and female masters and their wandering.
At the moment when the heroine died, she had a feeling that she was that woman.
And that man who broke his thigh was very brave.
She doesn’t know what to do.
Almost instantly, she made up her mind that she must act in this film.
No matter what it is, she wants to really experience the unbridled and moth-like love again.
Even in the play.
Before you know it, she doesn’t even know the phone call.
After reading it and calming down for a long time, pick up the phone and see that it is already three o’clock in the afternoon.

Prince Huai Cheng, wearing an imperial robe embroidered with chrysanthemums and holding an ivory water board in his hand, walked slowly from the front steps of Zichen Hall, and couldn’t help but feel mixed feelings in the center of civil and military officials of Zichen Hall near the original mill and the source glass.

Prince Huai Cheng, wearing a crown, sat in the dragon chair in the center of Zichen Hall, and all the officials knelt down to see the young new emperor.
"Long live Emperor Zhong Gong!" All fusang officials cried together
"Everyone loves Qing to stand up!" Emperor Zhong Gong reached out and motioned for everyone to get up.
"I swear in the name of the Great God that from now on, Fusang and Song will form an alliance and solidarity association to fight against Mongolia!" Emperor Zhong Gong Lang announced the first imperial edict after he ascended the throne!
"Ling Jun, you helped us to help the Fusang country finally return to peace, but you have been buried in the East Sea forever …" The warm memories of the scenes emerged in the source glass mind, and the tears had already wet your eyes unconsciously.
After the enthronement ceremony, Emperor Zhong Gong’s Imperial Palace hosted a banquet for five marshals of the Song State, and representatives of Daihara Kamimo and Yuanyuan Liuli Fuso were also accompanied by the East Imperial Garden.
Fusang invaded the Central Plains and slaughtered tens of thousands of people in Song and Jin Dynasties. This time, the troops of Fusang Song * * made a mistake on Fusang people. On which dynasty, the China court would boast that it was a ceremonial state, but it still adopted a policy of Huairou even though it had already levied the enemy. I don’t know that this practice may not make other countries’ sincere ministers, but it may also raise a legacy of tigers.
This banquet proved to be a banquet at the Hongmen Gate. According to the Japanese custom, Emperor Zhong Gong had already poisoned his glass.
Emperor Zhong Gong, after all, has the blood of the Fusang royal family in his body. Although he opposed the war, he was not willing to fail. At the same time, the Song peace talks secretly planned a big action.
Although Emperor Zhong Gong is very young, he is more shrewd than his uncle and father, which is not even obvious from the recent grinding. He elected him as emperor, but he never thought that Emperor Zhong Gong was not grateful, but even he and Yuan’s glass glasses were poisoned.
After Emperor Zhong Gong announced the start of the banquet, twenty female dancers of Fusang danced in the East Imperial Garden with thick powder on their faces and clogs on their feet.
"After DaSong and Fusang were repaired from generation to generation, I’ll propose a toast to the five marshals!" Emperor Zhong Gong got up and raised his glass and drank it off.
Wang Jian, Deng Xiang, Fu Bi, Xu Youde and Yang Miaozhen also raised their glasses at the same time, but Yang Miaozhen quietly took out a silver hairpin and inserted the tip into the glass.
This silver hairpin immediately turned into a black Yang Miaozhen sneer at a glass of wine directly fell to the ground!
A hole in the carpet in the East Imperial Garden was immediately burned, and everyone was shocked!
Emperor Zhong Gong put poison into the wine glass instead of into the wine. Other people’s wine glasses are poisonous, and he has nothing to do with it. He worships first, but it is impossible to be poisoned at all.
This seems to be a relatively high poison method. Emperor Zhong Gong himself thinks so, but he didn’t know that the poison of the Song Kingdom was profound and profound, and he didn’t even know that one of these masters of the Song Kingdom was Lan Yuzhu.
Emperor Zhong Gong couldn’t test this poison as a silver hairpin, but Yang Miaozhen silver hairpin had already been dipped in a poison water from Miaojiang, which was not an ordinary silver hairpin.
Emperor Zhong Gong’s poisonous trick is just like teaching fish to swim in the mud for Lan Yuzhu, the leader of the Five Poisons Sect. Marshal Song Guowu has long prevented him from coming here, so he will certainly not let his plot succeed easily.
Seeing that the five marshals didn’t drink, Emperor Zhong Gong suddenly slammed the glass to the ground, and the twenty female maiko drew wild knives from the peace and rushed over to the five people!
This method of throwing cups is suspected by Emperor Zhong Gong to be a very high means of killing people, but it is not even a little novelty for five marshals of Song State. Because of this bridge, China history is remembered too much.
As soon as Emperor Zhong Gong raised his glass, five marshals had already pulled out their weapons!
There are a total of 22 female ninjas in the Iga Valley, except for the source glass and Suzuki Chiyo. These 20 names were called by Emperor Zhong Gong to come over and pretend to be maiko and enter the East Imperial Garden to assassinate five marshals. Now the banquet poisoned wine was found, and 20 female ninjas were blindsided by Fa Tu and fought with five marshals.
Although these female ninjas are skilled in martial arts, marshal Song Jun is not an idle generation. Wang Jian, Deng Xiang, Fu Bi and Xu Youde are all against a female ninja.
Before Yang Miaozhen, although he didn’t know martial arts, he had a very high martial arts qualification. After getting Ling Feiyang’s inspiration, his martial arts has greatly improved in the past six months. At this moment, Yang Miaozhen put her swordsmanship to good use and targeted three female ninjas. These three female ninjas not only couldn’t kill Yang Miaozhen, but were also driven into a panic by her.
"Report to the marshals that the archers outside have been solved by us!" With the voice of "thousand hands are born", Tang Zhiqiu came in with more than 20 masters of the Song Dynasty. Emperor Zhong Gong knew that the tide was gone and collapsed like a deflated ball.
Ps: After Emperor Zhong Gong ascended the throne, five marshals of the Song Dynasty held a banquet at the Hongmen Gate. However, his three tricks were easily seen through by the marshals of the Song Dynasty. Seeing that the war was about to win, Ling Feiyang, the martial arts commander of the Song Dynasty, was involved in the vast sea with Fujita’s ten soldiers! Is Fujita Shibei the greatest mastermind of this war? Will the ghost behind the scenes finally show his shape? In this series of puzzles, marshals Song Jun are still puzzled. Please see if they want to know the funeral!
Chapter 342 Death ray temptation
After the enthronement ceremony, Emperor Zhong Gong set up three poisonous schemes to kill Marshal Song Jun, who conquered Fusang National Road 5, but he failed. Instead, he became a buffoon.
Naihara’s incompetence led to this farce, but Marshal Song Jun didn’t blame him for still discussing the follow-up remedy with him.
If Emperor Zhong Gong is abolished, Fusang will have to set up a new monarch, which will inevitably lead to the crisis of Fusang’s political situation again. Besides, Emperor Shunde has no heir, and it is really difficult to find a suitable candidate except Emperor Zhong Gong. After repeated discussions, Yang Miaozhen finally came up with a solution.
Yang Miaozhen walked to the front of Tang Zhiqiu and whispered a few words in his ear. Then Tang Zhiqiu pressed Emperor Zhong Gong to the chair and stuffed a pill into his mouth.
"This is our secret poison’ Seven Insects Eating Soul Dan’ in the Tang Clan in Shu. Although there are no symptoms at ordinary times, it will be poisoned and die every year on the Double Ninth Festival. If you honestly be the emperor and don’t want us to be enemies in the Song Dynasty, we will send someone to cure you on time to keep you alive." Tang Zhiqiu was very skilled in fuso language and said to Emperor Zhong Gong.
"Dear Marshal Xiao Huang of China, you can rest assured that I will cooperate with China to fight against the Mongolian invasion after fusang’s small country!" Emperor Zhong Gong trembled with fear and said passively to Nuo Nuo.
After the incident was over, Marshal No.5 decided to move troops to China immediately and return to the battlefield in the Central Plains. Daihara Kamimoto decided to leave Fuso to assist Emperor Zhong Gong in formulating national policies and at the same time supervise his words and deeds.
Three days later, 200,000 Song troops left Kamakura city in a mighty way. As the people said, they never thought that Song would withdraw their troops and see that peace was coming. Everyone cheered.
"Brother Yi, we finally won, but you are buried in the sea of Fusang country forever …" Yang Miaozhen thought of the sadness in the heart when he fought side by side with Ling Feiyang.
At this time, it has reached April 5, 1225 AD, when Song Jun once again entered Nagano Jyukai’s March for twenty miles a day and camped in the big forest that night.
However, on this night, the army came to a shocking report!
The 10,000 Da Song navy stationed in Ping ‘an Port was attacked by the non-Fusang army, and Feng Zhan, the deputy commander of the Da Song navy, even lost all the sea stork warships and sea urchin warships in his life.
A few months ago, in the whale naval battle, Ling Feiyang fought against Shuiyin ninja Junping Watanabe and rescued Feng Zhan from him to ensure that the Song Navy won a great victory. However, today, this accomplished Da Song Navy is still annihilated!
"This must be done by the Shadow Corps!" The five marshals who received this battle report were heartbroken!
In the Battle of Yokohama Coast, the China Film Corps lost nearly half of its troops, and the leader Fujita’s ten soldiers were also killed in the sea. No one expected that there were only 500 soldiers left to attack again and annihilate 10,000 Song Navy in one fell swoop!
桑拿All the soldiers of the Shadow Corps will March with flying skill, and they will be extremely fast and elusive. Song Jungen’s method can be careful to guard against panic attacks everywhere. For Marshal No.5 Road, the threat from the Shadow Corps is only another thorny problem, but it is even more nerve-racking!
Song Jun has no way to cross the sea to return to China because the Five-Route Army Fusang landed and all the water forces were in Ping ‘an Port!
Nowadays, Ji Song * * team has self-reliance logging and shipbuilding to rebuild a fleet, but this kind of work is not the strength of the army. It will take at least half a year to build these ships if you want to transport 200,000 troops and need less than 2,000 big ships.
And how can we afford to wait for half a year when the situation in the Central Plains changes rapidly?
"The enemy is obviously trying to leave our two hundred thousand troops back to the Central Plains to join the war against Mongolia! Now that Fusang’s national government has subverted and planned this action, is it a Mongolian? " Five marshals all thought of such a question.
However, there is no better way to think about the five of them. After discussion, the five marshals decided to lead the army to continue to station near Jyukai Ping’ an Port in Nagano and then start building a fleet.
After the meeting, Yang Miaozhen returned to his camp but didn’t want to rest immediately. Instead, he opened Ling Feiyang and gave him the "Easy Tendon Forging Bone" and sat cross-legged on a bamboo mat to practice.
"If Brother Yi were still alive, these things might not become so bad …" Yang Miaozhen thought of Ling Feiyang while practicing her heart.
"Sister Yang, I have something urgent to report!" As the red coat army PianJiang Liu Qingfu suddenly broke into the Yang Miaozhen camp.
It’s very impolite to break into the female marshal’s camp in the middle of the night, but Yang Miaozhen did not blame him because she knew something must have happened in the barracks!
"General Zheng Yande’s forward battalion is missing!" Liu Qingfu shouted at Yang Miaozhen.
It’s not a strange thing if a number of soldiers are missing in this vast forest, but there are more than 500 people in Zheng Yande’s forward camp, all of whom are elites in the Red Coat Army. How can a battalion be missing at the same time?
Yang Miaozhen heart shocked! She immediately put on her coat and rushed to Zheng Yande striker camp with Liu Qingfu!
There are torches hanging everywhere in the vanguard camp, and the torches are still burning, but there is no one in the camp!
"General Zheng has always ordered Yan Gen to act without authorization!" Yang Miaozhen heart immediately raised a large cloud of doubt!
"Sister Yang, look what that is!" Liu Qingfu suddenly pointed to the front opening call way
Yang Miaozhen looked down Liu Qingfu’s finger direction and saw that there seemed to be a small round bright spot shining with colorful luster in the trees more than twenty feet away!
"It seems like a night bead …" Yang Miaozhen said involuntarily to the bright spot.

"Small eyes are good." Jun looked at the sword spirit with malicious intent. "Although this sword is not good, letting the master make two powerful holy spirit swords will definitely make you more modest."

"Great Emperor, this can’t be a joke." If this is the case, his sword spirit will inevitably be integrated into two swords to form a blade without leaving any traces.
When the light dispersed and the jade slips shattered, you smiled and bowed your hand to Lei Yu. "Congratulations on getting the ideal bearing."
"It’s a windfall for me." Lei Yu smiled and waved his hand. When he saw your crazy hand holding a bunch of Jane, he asked, "But choose for others."
Jun Kuang nodded slightly. "We’ve taken almost everything without leaving anything. I’m afraid Mo Nian and others won’t hook it so easily."
"I’m white" Lei Yu nodded. "There’s nothing I can do here. Just let me go back to the north gate first."
"All right, please take these back with you." Jun crazy handed LeiYu the hand slips.
"What’s so happy?" Jun Qian caught a glimpse of Qin Xiao’s smile.
"It’s interesting to ban this abode of fairies and immortals. We advanced to carry it with us." Qin Xiao glanced at the stone chamber. "Have things moved inside?"
"No, but I put two bans in it. When they see it, they should be an object rack." Jun Kuang said.
"Anyway, we don’t care about those." Qin Xiao smiled and took two brothers back to the abode of fairies and immortals.
Lei Yu is discussing things such as distribution with people who have just arrived at the end of Miao. Suddenly, the income is taken with him and the abode of fairies and immortals hurriedly come around and ask about the outside situation noisily.
"You also know that Mo Nian was cruel in the past, and this time it must be furious. I have activated the abode of fairies and immortals to ban them. If they want to come in, I’m afraid there will be no good fruit to eat." Qin Xiao said proudly with Ba Wei.
Before she greeted them, they got together and looked at the cave walls to show the outside world.
At present, they can still see that there are spar falling from the banned surface and being absorbed by the banned land.
The whole forbidden vein of the abode of fairies and immortals is connected in one mass, and one forbidden absorption spar can be supplemented by Xuanli.
Chapter four hundred and fourteen Entangled will get!
Jun Kuang and others entered Qin Xiao’s portable abode of fairies and immortals. Jun Qian saw Lei Yu, three people, who were busy sharing the spoils for fear of losing their share, ran over to get a piece of the action.
A guy who has benefited greatly from the abode of fairies and immortals is clamoring to share the benefits with others. Isn’t this a slap in the face?
So Jun Qian was undoubtedly excluded and refuted, even if he moved out of the "hard work", Jun Kuang and Qin Xiao were also.
品茶"Jun Qian’s brother told you that they wouldn’t buy your account when he got cheap." Qin Xiao looked at Jun Qian’s corner with a funny look. "You want to say something."
"I just remembered that this abode of fairies and immortals banned is serious. Previously, I banned this abode of fairies and immortals and killed a team of Eye Zerg. Now I’m worried that Mo Nian will not be as simple as being totally embarassed after they came in." There are a lot of treasures in the abode of fairies and immortals, but he can be said to be generally better than the sword handle. There is a lot of madness there. Is it really necessary to guard against a spiritual sword that is difficult for ordinary people to repair?
However, it is not bad to see the sword marks left in another stone room of the abode of fairies and immortals, but some people with poor strength can be eliminated by a few sword marks; And this abode of fairies and immortals is banned without ostentation and extravagance, even if it is a sacred land to cultivate one’s morality, it may not be able to walk away. This is the most doubtful thing.
It may not be appropriate to think that the former sword spirit said that he was stolen by thieves. It is certain that the sword spirit did not recognize the owner of the abode of fairies and immortals at that time. If the owner of the abode of fairies and immortals really explored and searched for fun, then there is nothing wrong with him valuing his own hiding.
To put it bluntly, if the owner of this abode of fairies and immortals really has something to do, it is not difficult to understand the root of this deadly ban. After all, people who are used to stealing are more suspicious, and they are worried that they will be stolen and set up by others, so they can easily enter the ban before leaving.
If you can really break this ban, you must come to repair your accomplishments. It is also a great power. The top owner of the abode of fairies and immortals can’t resist each other and can let them do whatever they want.
For this reason, your crazy face has changed a few times. Even if the face change is not easy to detect, Qin Xiao can still rely on his feelings to determine that your crazy face is really awkward. "What’s the point of saying half?"
"I just inferred that the owner of a cave was born." Jun shrugged wildly. "If it’s true, as Sword Spirit said, we must have taken these things and there is no need to feel ashamed."
Qin Xiao is not very interested in this matter. It is not very good for her to take her vision with her. Otherwise, she will not consider what kind of madness will think of activating the banned lesson.
"You are so sure that Mo Nian can find it." She turned to stare at you curiously.
Jun Qian remembered at this time that before he ran alone in front, he turned around and disappeared. What was the delay of these three people at that time and what made him come so quickly?
He can’t directly ask Jun Kuang, who is afraid of being questioned by Jun Kuang, why lose them, so he can poke Lei Yu’s arm around him with his elbow. "Why didn’t you talk to me before I said?"
"Brother, I’m so embarrassed to say that" Lei Yunai left the pie mouth. "You ran away alone and didn’t see Mo Nian coming with people behind you, and the goal was very clear." He paused and said, "I really don’t think there’s anything to say about the charm of master elder brother. Brother Fan Luo had better look up to brother Fan Luo. Brother Miao is the most elegant and brave. He looks good, but he doesn’t have any special skills and he doesn’t know anything."
"That’s probably because they mistook Brother Jun for Wu Xiu," said Qi Dehui.
Fan Luo smiled and agreed, "Let’s master elder brother, they look so fresh that they stare only out of curiosity, but it doesn’t rule out that someone really likes him."
"Mo Nian" Jun Qian picked his eyebrows "that kind of troublesome woman"
"As far as I’m concerned, all kinds of friction between Monnien and our junior martial sister have a certain component, which is the bottom line for Brother Jun," Qi Dehui said. "Unfortunately, Brother Jun just wants to test the younger martial sister’s ability to deal with problems, and he is also very confident in the younger martial sister, probably because he thinks that women rub men and don’t get involved, so as not to get into a coquettish body."
"Why didn’t I usually see that you could say this?" Jun Qian stared at Qi Dehui suspiciously. "It’s really your idea."
Jidehui eyes have a moment to dodge for help generally gave Fan Luo a wink.
"It’s true that we discussed it and said it was true that he recognized it so much." Fan Luoyi will start to make a circle. "I guess the big brother is an avatar, but the specific process will probably have to ask Brother Lei; I am more curious about how he can be sure that Mo Nian will follow and enter the abode of fairies and immortals. "
"Me too," Qi Dehui said.
"Big Brother is a good avatar." Lei Yu slowly organized the language. "At that time, Mo Nian wanted to follow us, so we turned into a cave that opened the door. The younger martial sister gave me two charms, one invisible and one that could hide the breath. Mo Nian followed us and hid. They found a circle and probably left by themselves."
"I can think of that, but I’m more curious about whether it’s a bit strange to do this step but be sure that Mo Nian will chase you here." Fan Luo was a little anxious
I heard that Lei Yu shrugged his shoulders without regret. "I really can’t say this."
"I knew it was a waste of time to ask you." Fan Luo gave him a rather disgusting look and moved to the crazy side of Jun. "Will Mo Nian really follow you?"
Junkuang heard their conversation early but didn’t explain what "you will be white when she comes"
Sure enough, as Jun Kuang said, Mo Nian chased him around and found a circle. If he didn’t find anything, he would look like a small tower. The small tower in his hand was Qin Xiao’s abode of fairies and immortals, and she kept it in the shape of a tower before she was familiar with it.
At this time, Jun Kuang and his party are observing the outside situation in the tower.
"If they go out, I’m afraid they will touch the ban." Qin Xiao pursed her lips with some concern.
"If you look at their danger, put them in the portable abode of fairies and immortals. They are spoiled and ignorant. It’s time for them to suffer." Jun patted her on the shoulder. "Remember not to expose them easily when important people are dying."
Chapter four hundred and fifteen Lessons that cannot be calculated
The meaning of madness is obvious, but it is difficult to know that there is one breath left in the whole person and to take people out at the right time from the powerful and complicated ban.
Such a difficult job was handed over to Qin Xiao, a little girl with little experience. Fan Luo and Qi Dehui exchanged a glance and thought that the goods were crazy. If one of them accidentally killed himself, they would not be able to explain it clearly if they were activated and banned.
The Queen of Pengdiao is in charge of the whole Houshan, which can help to cover up the truth, but even if she has the intention to cover up, there are always people who have a way to know what happened. What’s worse, Mo Nian and others are very popular with their tutors. Nanyuan’s status is equivalent to Tianjiao’s female body. It’s hard to say what kind of spiritual seal there is.
What’s really going to happen? Although you can suppress your identity, it’s hard to end up with an ugly name. Even if the final result determines that they didn’t do it, it’s too suspicious to go in and out of the cave one after another. It’s the most difficult to block people’s mouths in minutes, so that you can know what it means to prevent people’s mouths than to prevent Sichuan.
"The emperor believes in the Empress Dowager too much." The sword spirit emerged from the side and said faintly, "I have controlled this forbidden abode of fairies and immortals, and I have already controlled the power to the minimum when I activated the forbidden abode of fairies and immortals. I let you in at the peak of the Five Mansions, that is, I suffered some flesh wounds."
Just then, Mo Nian took people to search for a circle in the abode of fairies and immortals to make sure that people had been here and had already gone, and they were very upset.
"Not to say that people in this direction?" She gritted her teeth violently.
Previously, she did everything she could to make you crazy and others slip away from her eyelids. It was hard to track her down and it was too late. How could she not be anxious?
Just by holding the small tower hand and constantly pushing it, you can know how impatient she is now.
"Elder martial sister, don’t worry, we can’t always be a little bit short. When the back hill opens, there is always a chance." The younger martial sister in purple silk skirt has a flattering voice.
Segmented reading 16
"But the teacher elder sister, can we make this move work? In fact, climbing with them is a good chance to win. What if they don’t appreciate it?" The teacher younger sister in white dress and pink gauze asked.
Smell speech Mo Nian ruthlessly bite a tooth and squeeze out a few words through his teeth. "Don’t you know that if you talk too much, you will lose?"

Breath so gathered, it must be a real treasure!

Someone inspired the ban!
What a strong breath, purer and stronger than the breath on these fragments!
Breath so gathered, it must be a real treasure! ….. Go!
Great changes, immediately attracted the attention of all. In a flash, the figure emerged, and all the people who felt this scene in the ancient small world, with a tight heart, immediately manipulated the force of space and swept away to the blue light beam like lightning.
There are other treasures!
In the distance, Fang Yun’s heart jumped, mixed in the crowd, and swept away like lightning towards the valley.
Fang Yun is not familiar with this small ancient world. However, this does not mean that others are unfamiliar. There are so many strong men in North China, and there are always people who can inspire the real secrets of this ancient small world.
That’s why Fang Yun didn’t leave immediately.
ah! Among the blue beams, several figures rushed fast, but they were thrown faster. When flying out of the blue light beam, it was already cracked into several pieces, and blood splashed.
Someone triggered the ban! Fang Yun heart movement. He glanced at his eyes and found that many people in the crowd showed fear on their faces when they saw this scene.
Suddenly stopped.
Go in! Fang Yun mind thoughts fly, at the foot of it is not to stay. He has seen that so many people have just entered. Only twenty people were cut out. Obviously, only these twenty people were unlucky, and the others went in smoothly.
This is a question of probability, and the spell is means and fate!
Hey! The light flashed and Fang Yun immediately swept into the green light …

Chapter 669 Suppression for ever
Just entering the green light, I heard a loud buzz, and a simple bronze sword with 18 handles, dragging a long blue sword light, was suspended in the void. Head on is a piece of sword light, intricately mixed, beheaded.
On the eighteen bronze swords, the energy is not so powerful. But the cohesion of that energy is purer than that of the strong in the star realm. Even the so-called indestructible foreign star iron can be easily cut into mud.