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There are four times the damage of blooderoding drugs in killing ordinary abyss monsters. Don’t be too simple.

The abyss monster has five times the experience, and Chen Mo’s experience is gained quickly.
He is not far from level 67, and his experience is not bad. After practicing at the leveling point in the abyss area for more than half a day, Chen Mo’s level successfully rose to level 67.
The major leagues obviously didn’t give up. In the middle of the night, Alvater took the big leagues and the freedom guild to work.
Ciro knew that Alvater would probably bring people here in the middle of the night and made a lot of preparations. As soon as Alvater appeared, he immediately contacted Chen Mo.
By the time Chen Mo arrived, the major leagues and the Freedom Guild were already in hot water. Obviously, the major leagues prevailed.
Although this is the territory of the Freedom Guild, the Freedom Guild is not an opponent of the Major League. In the Major League, the Freedom Kazakhstan Trade Union is losing ground.
But at this time, Chen Mo came to the silence, and the situation suddenly reversed after Fei Ying attacked and killed more than 30 people.
Alvater is not a fool. He naturally guessed that Chen Mo would appear.
Chen Mo didn’t kill many people when he appeared, and he was once again stared at by the Major League Spell Master.
But this time, the spell of the major leagues has changed.
New toxin damage?
I don’t know what Alvater did. After tight encirclement’s skill was launched, Leiguang in tight encirclement actually had a layer of light green fog.
As soon as the silence comes into contact with these green fog, it will know that it is poisonous gas.
Through the HanGui curse, Alvater arranged a lot of poison gas around him, so that Chen Mo could resist the poison gas even if he could resist the curse.
But Alvater didn’t know that Chen Mo’s toxin had hurt Alvater, and the poisonous fog not only couldn’t hurt him, but also added blood to him.
The guild curse has dispersed. tight encirclement’s skill range has been shrouded in thick poisonous fog. When the members of the Free Guild approached and found that they were simply contacted, they were deducted a lot of blood and almost didn’t get killed.
What a terrible toxin!
夜生活The guild of the free is horrified.
What about Chen Mo?
Unlike during the day, the freedom guild’s confidence in Chen Mo has increased a lot, one by one looking at the poisonous fog.
The poisonous fog gradually dispersed and a figure came out from the inside.
Looking at this person’s head from time to time, the number of blood recovery figures has increased, and everyone has increased their eyes again.
Are you kidding? Toxin damage doesn’t work. Don’t say you’re still adding blood to this man!
Rearranging the killer didn’t work. The big leagues couldn’t help but really collapsed
Major League counterattack failed, and Chen Mo knew that this turf battle was the overall situation.
The third is to be continued.
Chapter seven hundred and fifteen The magic shadow forest
Alvater didn’t give up. Two days later, he organized members to secretly launch an attack.
But the result is still the same. This time, Chen Mo made the delivery scroll be sent for the first time, which completely failed the major league attack.
After this defeat, the major league members have completely lost confidence in regaining their territory.
Members of the major leagues got together because of their interests and felt that there was no hope of a comeback. In the next two days, many members of the major leagues left the guild one after another. Although Alvater tried his best to retain them, it was not much.
At this time, the Chen Mo level of high experience in the abyss area has risen to level 6
However, players in the abyss area have risen rapidly, and some people have risen to level 71, but there is not much difference between level 71 and level 6.
Master, we just got an important news that there is a star guild!
After being promoted to level 6, Chen Mo continued to bury his head in the upgrade. After all, his goal was to change from level 3 to level 3.
But at noon that day, he received the contact from Siro.
Ciro is very concerned about Chen Mo. These days, he will contact Chen Mo regularly to inform Chen Mo of some important events outside the Star Railway.
But the Star Guild didn’t move until Siro sent an eye message.
Let’s hear it. Chen Mo has been immersed in upgrading and chatting. He also wants to change something to do
Well, on the first floor, there is a forest near the delivery door on the second floor, which is called the magic shadow forest. On the first floor, the monster level is 6 to 7, but the magic shadow forest can often run out of the 75level abyss. The monster attribute strength is often still very strong. Generally, no one dares to enter these days. We found that the Star Guild is acting a little abnormal. We secretly tracked and found that the Star Guild people seem to be planning to do something in the magic shadow forest. They bought a lot of materials related to magic, but they don’t know the specific way, but there must be some attempt!
Ciro said quickly
Moying forest
Chen Mo also heard about this abnormal forest.
Near the magic shadow forest is the first floor to the second floor. Players can send it from the door to the second floor or from the second floor back to the first floor.
Monsters often see players walk away from the door, and then they will roar and stop tracking.
There is a saying that there is an abyss in Xingtie City to send the door.
It is said that the Abyss monster sends a message through the door. For some reason, the attribute strength will be severely reduced, and the Abyss monster who sees the door will not approach.
The attribute of the abyss monster coming out of the door is greatly reduced, while the attribute strength of the abyss monster coming out of the magic shadow forest with the same level is very strong.
Eye star guild, that is, what the consortium is going to do in the magic shadow forest, Chen Mo suddenly became interested.
After asking Siro some specific things about the star guild, Chen Moma ran to the magic shadow forest.
It’s a pleasure to meet the stars. It’s a joint creation of the consortia. Even the people of the Star Guild are out. It can be seen that what the consortia are going to do in the Magic Shadow Forest has been basically completed, except for the last one or two steps.
Chen Mo has to get there as soon as possible, otherwise it is very likely to be a step behind.
Hey, it seems just right!
Chen Mo rushed to the magic shadow forest and just saw hundreds of people entering the magic shadow forest.
Although the name of the magic shadow forest sounds daunting, it is an ordinary forest that is not much different from other places at first glance, except that monsters will run out of the abyss inside.
Some of these 100 people are from the Star Guild, and many of them should be members of their respective elites of the consortium.
They are very familiar with the route of the magic shadow forest. Obviously, it is not the first time to enter the magic shadow forest road. They can walk directly into the depths of the magic shadow forest without brushing monsters.
Chen Mo’s camouflage skills quietly followed him, and he wanted to hide, so these people naturally couldn’t find him.
After walking for more than half an hour, 100 people successfully entered the depths of the magic shadow forest.
Tracking all the way to Chen Mo, I feel that they are simply too familiar with the magic shadow forest. It would take him at least an hour and a half to get here.
And it was only more than half an hour when a large group of them added the blame.
People are coming
Deep in the shadow forest, a large group of people are waiting for them to come.
There are also more than 100 people in it, and each of these people looks much better than the hundred people who just came in
Chen Mo estimates that just entering a hundred people is a logistics team.
These consortia are really powerful. Although there is no super player with the fate level, there is no shortage of master players.
Chen Mo met many familiar people among more than 100 people inside.

Mo Xiaoxie also felt strange that Bouo ate less than half a dragon by mistake, and his body got bigger, but it was only a few days later that he actually got bigger again. It’s a ghost. This growth is too fast!

What’s going on in Buo? Make it clear.
Well, boss, didn’t you say I’m gifted at eating this? It’s absolutely right! If I keep eating, I can become strong. Before I ate those enemy dragons and human meat, I became strong again, and I suddenly learned an ability. Look! Said Buo hurriedly opened his mouth and didn’t feel any magic fluctuations, but a strong suction suddenly appeared in his mouth again.
Mo Xiaoxie’s magic holds the body or he will suck it.
As soon as Buo closed his mouth, the suction disappeared. He quickly said, This suction is really good. I sucked food in as soon as I chewed it, and it was directly sucked into my stomach. Alas, I feel hungry after talking for a long time. Is there anything to eat? He kept patting his belly.
What is hungry? Haven’t you eaten enough of those dragon corpses?
I’ve finished eating, but I’ve already pulled it out.
Mo Xiaoxie secretly surprised how this guy’s appetite suddenly became so severe. There must be something strange, and this idiot can’t learn any skills for no reason. This kind of smoking skill is either innate, but he didn’t know how to use it before, or he was suddenly learned by external influence.
喝茶约茶  title=In this respect, Mo Xiaoxie did have some experience. When he degenerated into a demon, he gained some abilities from the evil gods, that is, summoning demon creatures, and this summoning demon creatures is not limited in number like summoning angels.
A situation like Buo’s sudden acquisition of a certain ability is mostly due to his belief, which makes Mo Xiaoxie feel strange. Does Buo’s idiot also have faith?
It’s not faith, is it? In addition to this, I can’t think of anything else. Mo Xiaoxie secretly feels funny and thinks this speculation is ridiculous. Is there a god eater in this world?
Let me have a look at Buo’s ability panel.
What? What is the ability panel? Is it made of flour? Is it not edible?
Eat your head, wipe your hand in front and think about your ability.
Oh, Buou replied in a confused way, then tried several times according to Mo Xiaoxie’s words, and finally beat his ability panel
Hey, why didn’t you find this thing before? Did you just master it?
Mo Xiaoxie nai shook his head and thought, you are a real rookie. He took a look and found that Buo’s ability is not great. Most creatures have his unique ability, and of course there are a few trolls. He also has several.
One of them is really a talent for eating, which shows that his digestion ability and energy absorption ability are excellent
After discovering that he ate dragons and grew up unexpectedly, Mo Xiaoxie suspected that he had this talent, but he was completely guessed.
Of course, he also knows that this talent will not make Buo suddenly learn some ability. It must be for other reasons.
Mo Xiaoxie continued to look and suddenly found two shining skills, which are no strangers to Mo Xiaoxie. This brilliance is usually linked by divine power.
Does this guy really have some kind of faith?
Mo Xiaoxie secretly taken aback and quickly let Buou introduce the two abilities to the point, which immediately startled him.
[The amount of food for a git is increased by five times (this is a gift given by the god of food to his followers, so that the owner’s stomach bag has a world to compress food).
The goal of swallowing the sky and taking instant food is 2% of the owner’s weight. The smaller the effective goal is, the greater the chance of success. After success, the goal will be swallowed by the owner’s body and will be killed. This ability will increase with the increase of weight (this is necessary for the god of food to reward new converts and give special rewards to eat food)]
Staring at these two different skills, Mo Xiaoxie was transfixed.
He was even more surprised when he saw the growth information of Baiou.
[The growth food intake is 25 tons/10,000 tons (9.75 million tons of food is needed to be promoted to the sanctuary stage)]
If you believe in different gods, you will get different growth conditions. If you don’t believe in biological promotion, you don’t need this kind of thing. If you believe in evil gods, you will need evil values. The higher the evil values, the stronger you will be. If you believe in the God of Light or the God of Light, you will need justice values. If you need to kill evil creatures, you will be able to get justice values. You can go to the Holy Light Cathedral to pray and get a small amount of justice values. The acquisition of evil values is equivalent to making contributions to the god of faith.
For example, a mage who believes in death and wants to grow up needs to kill a certain life and then take its soul value.
Druids who believe in the goddess of the forest need forest power if they want to grow up. Planting trees, growing trees or guarding the forest can give them forest power.
Mo Xiaoxie, however, didn’t expect that there would be a certain way to grow up by eating.
He has been completely dumbfounded. What does this have to do with complete foodism? This world is really not a god of food, not watching too much drama!
What God of War, God of Law, God of Water, God of Fire, the second and third echelon gods have heard a lot, but Mo Xiaoxie has never heard the name of God of Food.
Actually eating roads, Mo Xiaoxie has already imagined it.
It seems that Buo really strengthened his belief in eating the road and became a god of food believer in a daze. It is really good and powerful to hear that god of food guy’s door is deserted and give special treatment to his disciples
That swallowing skill can be said to be a pervert. If you want to successfully inhale the target, you will be killed in the battlefield. Isn’t it a big one?
Mo Xiaoxie secretly feels that this Buo is really stupid and has a promising future. Look at his enthusiasm for eating. How much can he grow slowly? After he cleaned the battlefield, wouldn’t it be a lot less?
The more he thinks about it, the worse it feels. What if Buo wants to go somewhere else to make a living when his wings get hard? What should I do if something is wrong and this guy is offended or there is nothing to eat for him and he runs to the enemy?
If we train him now and let others take advantage of him in the future, it will be too uneconomical.
Mo Xiaoxie doesn’t want Buo to leave one day after he’s done it like Weng Mamba.
So now he is trying to trap this big contract so that he doesn’t have to worry.
Hey Buo Mo Xiaoxie’s attitude has improved a lot, just like taking lollipops to trick children. After all, you have to get some bait in front of the trap to catch your prey. Congratulations, you can feel free to eat your enemies boldly after you win the favor of the god of food, but don’t eat your own people. I seem to have seen the day when you grow into a monster.
Buo Swallow the Beast? What a domineering name. Can I really swallow the beast into the sky?
You have to eat all the time, but Yao …
But what, boss? Buo quickly asked
It seems that it was after I told you that you were gifted at eating this that you strengthened your eating path and got the Gourmet Care Center. You should thank me.
Buo listened for a long time with a little knowledge. Boss, what are you talking about?
In general, I just want to thank you for what I have done, and then honestly follow me.
That’s how I planned to come. I didn’t see Weng Mamba before, and that guy felt scared, but now he won’t. I’m not smaller than him now, haha, and I can fill my stomach every day. I promise I’ll follow you all my life!
Mo Xiaoxie touched the other side is very sincere and honest, but it changed after the difficulty. How much can such a thing be reliable? How about this? Let’s sign an agreement. How about you follow me forever if I don’t kick you out?
Buou picked his nose and said, Boss, don’t do this. I said I would follow you for a generation and I won’t go back on my word.
Hey, don’t you dare to disobey me and owe me a beating?
Dare not dare to do the right thing with you, but … how do I feel like I’m selling myself …
Hey, this guy is not stupid at the key moment. It seems that we have to think of something else.
Buo, tell you one thing. In fact, there are other tattoos in our plane. The world dragons are hundreds of meters long, and catching worms casually is dozens of meters. Do you want to eat? What golden dragon, yellow dragon, red dragon, green dragon, all kinds of dragons are everywhere and there are all kinds of creatures to ensure that you have never seen them and they are delicious. Do you want me to take you there?

Long summer’s heart is like a drop of blood. She fought back the injustice and forced the disappointing tears back to her stomach. She pretended to be careless. "Dad, it’s not a day or two since Enze and I had a conflict. You didn’t know that Yu Jiahao was much better to me than that Yu Enze. I just found out that Yu Jiahao is my true love."

Long summer was surprised at how she could say such a thing without batting an eye. For the first time, she knew that when a man wanted to lie, he could say it so confidently that it could come true. How she wanted to slap herself hard.
Su Jianguo broke into a furious rage and slapped the table. The tea set clanged. "How can I have such an empathetic daughter, Yu Jiahao, who is so much older than you? I don’t agree with you to marry him."
Long summer insisted on his position regardless of his father’s opposition. "Dad, if you don’t agree with this, you have to agree that I am going to marry Yu Jiahao. Do you want to stop your daughter from pursuing happiness?"
"You" Su Jianguo was so angry that long summer coughed more than words.
Long summer rushed over to comfort his father and sincerely apologized to his father. "Dad, I’m sorry that my daughter shouldn’t have made you angry. Hello, it’s not easy to get out of that storm. Your body can’t get angry any more. Don’t be angry. I’m an adult’s emotional matter. I have my own discretion. Don’t worry about me, okay?"
Su Jianguo relented and he let out a long sigh in distress situation.
桑拿网He is such a precious daughter as long summer. How can he not want his daughter to be happy? But Yu Jiahao and her are not a good match. They are so different in age.
It’s so sudden and inexplicable that my daughter broke up with Yu Enze. Su Jianguo always felt that something was wrong, but he couldn’t say exactly what was wrong.
Since his daughter insists on marrying Yu Jiahao, what can he do if he is unwilling? That’s his only daughter, Su Jianguo, and his daughter’s willingness is the key.
"If you think you will be happy as Yu Jiahao’s wife, then I can stop you. Dad hopes you can be happy." Su Jianguo said and went back to the back room in frustration.
Long summer broke down and rushed out as if she were crazy. She came to the seaside and cried hysterically over and over again, "Yu Enze, I love you and I’m sorry, Yu Enze, I love you and I’m sorry."
She cried and cried, the pain in her lower abdomen suddenly became more and more unbearable. She couldn’t help squatting over her abdomen, but suddenly she found that her leg slipped a bright red blood line.
Chapter seventy-four What should I do
At night, the city is still brightly lit, noisy and busy, and in a hurry, long summer floats like a wandering soul, misty and rainy, wet and cold, and the streets can’t feel the rain, sunshine, warmth, joys and sorrows. Her heart has been completely cut out.
Long summer walked forward step by step with difficult steps dejectedly, as if stepping on a long road full of silver tips. Her feet seemed to ooze hot liquid, and those sharp edges were dyed red with a strong fishy smell, which cooled, condensed and dried up like her tears.
I can’t help but see the scene in the hospital again in her mind.
"Doctor, am I secreting disorder?" long summer herself had a period at the seaside before, and she realized that it was almost three months since she saw the red. After all, it took such a long time to come, and she could hardly doubt whether she had a physiological disorder.
"Miss Su, you are not a secretory disorder. Your bleeding this time was a small accident. Fortunately, there was a thrilling accident that didn’t hurt your baby." The doctor solemnly charged long summer "Don’t do strenuous exercise after you have a baby in your belly. Pay attention to maintaining peace of mind and not having too much mood swings."
Long summer instantly shocked her to get up from her chair with a face of disbelief. "Doctor, what did you just say about my baby?"
"Yes, Miss Su, you are almost three months pregnant, don’t you know?" The doctor felt that long summer was a little puzzled
My legs suddenly went limp and I lost my strength. long summer almost collapsed. Fortunately, the doctor held her.
"I have been pregnant for almost three months, and I have no reaction at all." It all happened so suddenly that long summer accepted this fact. She grabbed the doctor’s hand and asked her again and again, "Could the doctor have made a mistake in your diagnosis?
If I am pregnant, I should have nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite or want to eat acid, but I don’t have any of these phenomena. Doctor, do you think it’s because of your wrong diagnosis? "
"Miss Su, my diagnosis is correct. You are pregnant." The doctor told long summer with certainty. "Everyone’s physical fitness is different, and the symptoms during pregnancy are different. The degree varies from person to person."
In an instant, long summer felt that the world was still, and the world was left with her panicked heartbeat.
She can’t remember whether she stumbled out of the hospital at that time.
Until now, her breathing is painful.
Long summer slowly stopped to lean against an albizzia tree. She bowed her head and her hands could not help but caress her lower abdomen and shed tears.
The child is the crystallization of her love with Yu Enze on the night when she returned from Korea and reunited with him.
Baby, you have to come to this cruel world at this time.
Now you are so small and fragile, hiding in your mother’s body and growing quietly, unaware of the sinister and complicated outside.
You know, once you come into this world, you will have to face too many joys and sorrows.
You should have the most complete life without love, happiness and sorrow, but you were born with it. You have no choice.
Baby, you are koo. You must hate your mother. It’s all her fault.
Mom shouldn’t selfishly take you to this person’s purgatory without your consent for a moment’s lust.
Mom cruelly abandoned your mom and dad, so you lost your precious father’s love in the womb. It was mom who hurt you.
The baby’s mother has to be separated from your father, so that your father can be safe.
Sorry, baby.

Sir, you are quick to eat. The girl pushed the food in front of Zhou Yong.

Chapter one hundred and seventyone Recall the past four
Not bad, Zhou Yong boasted.
These are our specialties. Please enjoy them. The girl smiled at him.
By the way, what’s your name, little girl? Zhou Yong then remembered to ask her name.
My name is Nie Yan, just call me Xiaoyan. The girl said her name.
Xiaoyan Zhou Yong hesitated after hearing this name.
Well, you can just call me that, Nie Yan said.
By the way, I am willing to help you find your father, Zhou Yong promised.
Father is true
Don’t worry about this young man, I don’t have any hope anyway. The middleaged woman has no intention of getting her husband back
It’s wrong for you to have such an idea, Zhou Yong advised. One day, husband and wife will be grateful for a hundred days. You can’t forget that you were worse off at first. You already have children of your own. What seems to be the purpose of Zhou Yong?
everything you say is true. Nie Yan was very interested in his words.
Girl, don’t talk nonsense. The middleaged woman suddenly interrupted them.
Mom, don’t you want dad to come back? I’ve never seen him. Nie Yan really wanted to see his father.
He doesn’t need to come back, he doesn’t deserve to be your father. The middleaged woman’s words were very cold.
So that’s how you met him. Shen Zifeng suddenly interrupted her.
He helped us at that time because he was an old friend and he had no choice at that time, Nie Yan said and took a deep breath.
What happened later? Shen Zifeng asked.
Late at night, Zhou Yong came to his house and took out a photo, and the photo with rough quality was a Zhang Jiafu.
Nie, I have found them. I believe that someone will hand over your friend to them soon. I can never sit idly by, Zhou Yong muttered.
Brother, do you sleep well here? There was a ringing girl outside.
Habit is a little more mosquitoes. Zhou Yong quickly put away the photos.
Brother, why don’t you sleep? Nie Yan came in.
I have something on my mind that I can’t sleep, Zhou Yong explained. Go and rest.
No, I want to talk to you.
Shh Zhou Yong seems to have noticed something strange.
What’s the matter? Nie Yan asked curiously.
Don’t ask Zhou Yong slowly leaned toward the door.
Chapter one hundred and seventytwo Mysterious men in black
What’s the matter? Nie Yan continued.
Someone outside the house should be careful. Zhou Yong deserves to be a formidable figure.
It’s normal for someone to pass by our house, Nie Yan asked.
You hide first and I’ll go and see. Zhou Yong motioned Nie Yan to stay in bed.
Can I come with you? Nie Yan suddenly asked.
Don’t be ridiculous with me. Wait a minute. If there is any danger, I can’t guarantee to protect you for the first time. Zhou Yong said and opened the bedroom door. The living room was alone.
Brother, you are scaring yourself. Where are the people?
I told you that you can’t see it outside the house. Zhou Yong has been listening carefully outside the house for several years, and his career as a spy has forced him to be vigilant at all times.
I’ll open the door. Nie Yan walked towards the outside.
桑拿按摩  title=They are all bad people. Don’t go there. Zhou Yong suddenly stopped her.
Bad brother knows they are bad people, said Nie Yan, who has opened the door.
Don’t Zhou Yong tried to stop her at once, but it was too late. The door opened, but there was one person outside.
Brother is fine Before she finished, a man in black suddenly descended from the sky in front of her.
Who are you? Nie Yan asked.
Men in black said nothing and reached for Nie Yan directly, but Nie Yan reacted quickly and escaped him.
Brother, who is he? Nie Yan didn’t dare to stay. He immediately turned and ran to the house, and the black man entered the house.

"Brother … brother …" What’s wrong with him?

He didn’t say anything to tidy her clothes. "How long will it take to go back!"
"Twenty minutes!" Answer!
I don’t know why my brother stopped to watch him frown. She carefully asked, "Brother, what’s wrong with you?"
"Nothing!" He kissed her eyebrows and couldn’t see what was going on at the moment.
The car stopped at the door of the villa soon to send his little baby back, and he was about to leave.
Seeing him leaving again, Kexin grabbed his suit and didn’t want him to leave. "Brother … where are you going?"
"Go out and do something!"
"Brother, can you take me?" She somehow had a bad feeling.
"Wait for me at home!"
She was a little frustrated and bowed her head. "Brother, will you come back later?"
I don’t want the little thing to lose. He said, "Come back!"
"Really, you don’t lie to me?" Her dim eyes flashed a little luster.
"Don’t lie!" He promised her that he would pick her up later. "Little thing, I will buy this dress for you today and change the bed until I come back!" "
When he comes back from his work, the little thing will give him a big surprise
Keep his words in mind. She nodded cleverly. "Got it, brother!"
"It’s really my darling!" He hugged her fondly. "Brother will be back soon!"
Nan Chen was reluctant to leave his little thing and got into the car again, and his face sank into the dark night.
"say! What’s the matter? "
Dark night enveloped the vast land, and the night wind began to condense a coolness in the air.
Gunfire roared at Longmen headquarters.
In the dark night, the tall and straight man spoke nothing and exuded a staggering momentum.
"Ye, the transaction tonight was a trap. We were trapped. Our main forces went to the dock to trade. I didn’t expect them to attack the headquarters. When we got the news, we came to Longmen. The whole headquarters had been attacked!"
Nanchen night glanced at the scene of the battle. "What is the other side?"
"I found out it was an Arab royal."
Arab royal family? Nan Chen night eyebrows "what is the current situation?"
"In less than an hour, we can break back to the battle."
"Very good!" His cold eyes swept past a small Arab royal family, and it was no match for him.
Suddenly, a flame burst like a dragon and broke through the silent night!
The shadow is keenly aware of the hidden danger. "Be careful-"
"Quick lie prone-"
Followed by several explosions, like one thunder after another, rolled up a burst of smoke, and everything around it vanished in an instant, leaving no trace, and the broken sparks quickly dissipated and disappeared.
The air is filled with a large piece of smoke, and the smell of smoke is so strong that it makes people’s eyes blurred.
Dozens of black killers suddenly appeared in the smoke, and the atmosphere suddenly tightened.
"Peng! Bang! Bang! -"gas across a few shots! Several bullets came at the same time.
Suddenly, the ground was swept straight, and the cold eyes of Nanchen night swept around and quickly flashed. After several consecutive rolls, they dodged the shooting and quickly hid in a hidden place.
The shadow rolled several times together with several hands before it had to avoid the bullet sweeping and quickly hide in a place near Nanchen night.
"What’s the matter?"
"I just received a line MuLing heaven surrounded us-"
"Damn it!" He low curse MuLingTian add a foot at this time of the dragon gate is bound to fall into crisis.
"I’m not good … we have to evacuate quickly!"
Is it just a coincidence that Nan Chen narrowed his cold eyes and frowned at night? Or did they conspire to unite?
"Ye, we have to evacuate quickly. We can’t wait any longer. Brothers will be in danger!" Mei Ying quickly took out his body and carried a gun with him. He packed his weapon as quickly as possible. "Let’s just kill him-"
Kexin looked at herself wearing cheongsam in front of the bathroom mirror after taking a shower.
Section 345
It fits very well and is very close to the body. It looks particularly beautiful when it is forward and backward.
She touched her little face for a while and wondered if her brother would like it.
She walked out of the bathroom and sat on the bed cleverly, picked up those beautiful high heels, put on her feet and waited for him to come back quietly!
The wall clock is ticking away, but it’s pleasant to look at it from time to time and then look at the direction of the door.
"Eldest brother … check the place is here!" Silver cloud saw eye handle guarded villa way
Mulingtian opened the window and cursed mom. Damn it, Nan Chen was afraid that he would find her sister and hide in this deserted mountain?
He asked, "What’s going on over there?"
"Boss, someone beat us to it when we made moves." Yinyun just received the news over there.
"What person?" Actually, you have such a deep hatred with Nan Chen Night?
桑拿会所  title="Eldest brother each other for a lot like Arab royalty …"
Mu Lingtian sank his eyes. "Then he will die this time!"
"If you don’t die, you will die!"
He cold eyes line of sight with a dead anger "dare to hurt my MuLingTian sister he ten lives are not enough! Destroy his nest! I will never let him go this time. "
"yes, boss"
"Solve these people …"
"Eldest brother here to me! Go and pick up your sister! "
"I don’t know what my sister is, not your sister!" He was dissatisfied with the emphasis
Yinyun smirked. "Eldest brother and sister are brothers and sisters!"
"What does my sister have with you?" Mu Lingtian is not happy
"Eldest brother don’t be so stingy? The eldest brother and sister are so beautiful, and the brothers want to get involved and say how enviable it is to have such a beautiful sister! "

Lin Shu-wan and An Jin-yao shook their hands when they glances at chopsticks. They obviously felt that An Chen was angry when he said this sentence.

I don’t know where Su Ling offended An Chen. Lin Shuwan was really curious. Lin Shuwan wondered, "Where did she offend you?"
Anchen bowed her head and began to eat breakfast without talking.
Lin Shu-wan didn’t let Su Ling in like An Chen said. After all, she and Su Ling’s mother are familiar with this matter. She can’t go too far.
When Su Ling came in, the breakfast was over. When Su Ling saw Anchen, her eyes lit up. After greeting Anjinyao and his wife, she went to Anchen and said "Good morning Anchen".
Anchen glanced at her, and her beautiful eyes narrowed slightly so that he looked dangerous. Su Ling was about to say something, so Anchen spoke. He looked at her coldly and said, "Later, I advise you to stay away from my woman. scheming bitch Gen is not qualified to be friends with her like you."
Since she came to abuse him early in the morning, can’t she? As soon as Anchen saw Su Ling, she thought that he sent him a photo last night.
Qian Lin Shu wan had an Chen’s Su Ling number in his mobile phone. If he hadn’t received a message from Su Ling last night, he wouldn’t have known that he had a Su Ling number in his mobile phone. When he received that message, he was really depressed. It wasn’t that he didn’t believe Yun Qianxue, but that he saw her being held by another man. He was jealous and he couldn’t wait to beat that man up.
But he won’t be grateful to Su Ling for sending him this kind of photo, because he is white. This woman has ulterior motives. Yun Qianxue is her friend, but she sends him this kind of photo. He hates this kind of woman who betrays her friends. She is not white about his thoughts, but it is white that makes him look down on her even more.
Su Ling’s face turned white when she heard Anchen’s words. She didn’t expect Anchen’s speech to be so rude and hurtful, or in front of his parents and brothers. She suddenly felt that she could not lift her head in front of these people at this moment.
Lin Shu-wan was stunned. She didn’t know what had happened, but she heard anger in Anchen’s tone. She looked at Su Ling and looked at her eyes a little more.
She is a justifying a fault. She believes that Su Ling must have his own reasons for saying this, so she didn’t speak to blame her son for looking at Su Ling inquiringly.
Su Ling clenched her fist and trembled slightly. At this moment, she felt that her dignity seemed to be trampled on severely.
She looked up and stared at Anchen and choked, "Anchen, why do you say that? I am kind. "
"Ha ha … kind? How kind are you to destroy our feelings so deliberately? " An Chen didn’t even look at her with disgust. "I haven’t settled accounts with you about the second British incident, but that doesn’t mean I let you participate in our affairs. I don’t care what kind of mentality you hold to get close to her, but I still advise you to stay away from her from now on, otherwise I will let you know what regret is."
Su Lingshen trembled violently at this moment. She has grown so big that no one dared to talk to her like this. At this moment, her tears could no longer be suppressed and rolled down from her charming face. It was humiliating tears.
Lin Shu-wan and An Jinyao looked at each other and saw Nai from each other’s eyes. Although they didn’t know what Su Ling had done, they could make their son say such a thing. It is estimated that Su Ling was willing to order something too much.
At this time, they all don’t know what to say.
An Chen doesn’t care about Su Ling’s tears. He feels bored. He never cares so much about people he hates.
He looked at Su Ling coldly tunnel "home don’t welcome you this door, you’d better enter less after".
After he finished this sentence, he directly crossed Su Ling and walked towards the door.
Lin Shu wan moved his mouth and finally didn’t say anything. He went to Su Ling and just wanted to comfort him.
Su Ling burying his face in this time turned and ran away. She had never been so humiliated. At this moment, she finally turned out to be such a cruel person.
He has always been concerned about offending others. Today, she finally understood what he was concerned about.
Anchen drove the car directly after leaving the house and left home. Soon after the car, he called Yun Qianxue.
At this time, Yunqianxue was sitting in a daze on the subway. She heard the phone ring, and she quickly took out her phone. It seems that she finally breathed a sigh of relief when she saw Anchen’s words.
"hello?" She gently feed 1
"Woman, where are you now?" An Chen asked
I don’t know. She always feels strange when she hears that he doesn’t call himself baby as usual, and she doesn’t know if he is angry.
Yun Qianxue’s eyes rolled. I don’t know how to answer. Should I tell him about her subway?
"Why don’t you talk?" Anchen asked doubtfully.
"Uh, I take the subway." Yun Qianxue finally said it.
"Cheep …" There was an emergency brake sound in the words. Yunqianxue was shocked and quickly shouted "Anchen, what’s wrong with you?"
After a while, An Chen exclaimed, "Woman, are you all right? Where do you go by subway without driving? Why don’t you wait for me at home? "
Yun Qianxue breathed a sigh of relief when he heard an Chen sound. He just had an accident.
"I suddenly don’t want to drive. I took the subway to find you in my apartment." Yunqianxue tunnel
On hearing this, Anchen’s face finally softened. He whispered, "So you missed me."
Yun Qianxue didn’t refute it, which was the default. She changed the subject "I won’t tell you when the subway is ready."
"I’m going back to the apartment. Go in first when you arrive, huh?"
"Good" She hung up and didn’t ask him where he went last night.
Yun Qianxue took out the access card when she came to the apartment. She remembered that this card was the first time when she came to Chen’s apartment. At that time, she thanked Chen for cooking a meal for him in his apartment.
At that time, Anchen left her a note saying that the entrance guard in the community was strict, and he left her this card before leaving for work.
Later, she wanted to return the card to him, but he didn’t take it back, so she just asked her to keep it.
夜网论坛She swiped her card into the community and went to the building, swiped her card into the ladder, and everything was so smooth that it naturally seemed like going back to her home.
When she came to the door, she entered the password and the door opened. After she entered, Anchen did not. At this time, her face was slightly hot and she did not understand that she always had the feeling of taking the initiative to send the door.
She is his girlfriend. It is normal for her to come to his apartment, but she just can’t help being embarrassed.
When Anchen didn’t come back, she didn’t know what to do. She walked around the room and found clothes that Anchen had changed in the washing machine.
There were no dirty clothes at home before she left yesterday. It seems that Anchen came back last night. She took Anchen’s white shirt out of the washing machine and planned to wash it for him by hand.
Section 7
She washed his clothes carefully. At this time, she was like a competent little wife. When Anchen entered the room, she heard a noise in the bathroom. When he walked by, she saw Yun Qianxue squatting and scrubbing his shirt.
Whether the shirt is dirty or not is that the collar may be a little sweaty. She carefully scrubbed the generals and took them to the faucet for water.
She washed very carefully, and the water covered Anchen’s footsteps. She didn’t know that Anchen had quietly looked at her for a long time behind her.
He looked at her with tenderness in his eyes. He loved this feeling very much. When he walked into the house, he really felt satisfied at the moment when he saw the woman he loved.
After washing her shirt, she was getting up and going to take the clothes out to dry, but when she turned around, she fell into a warm embrace. Before she could react, the whole person was cupped and hugged.
She fell to the ground with a washtub in her hand, and her hands were still wet. She wanted to reach out and hug him, but she was afraid of getting his clothes wet.
Her mouth was blocked before she came to exclaim, and she was greeted by a storm of kisses.
She encircled his neck again, but she took the initiative to get closer to him, regardless of whether it would wet his clothes.
He carried her quickly into the bedroom, and she was crushed by him the moment he held her.
He pressed her head tightly and raised it slightly. He looked at her with a charming face and said, "Do you know a woman? I can’t sleep at night without you. "
He worked late last night. After work, he went back to his apartment, but the bed smelled of her. He thought about her, but he couldn’t sleep. Later, he got out of bed and drove straight home.
She looked at him strangely and wanted to ask him how he spent the past thirty years. They lived together for only a few days.
It’s a pity that she can’t ask a word now, because someone has begun to take action, and her mind has already been disturbed. I have tried to ask questions again and can passively bear his fierce demands …
Afterwards, he took her into his arms and gently rubbed her hair lightly. "Do you know a woman? I feel very satisfied when I step into the house and look at your busy figure. I really hope that we will not be separated from each other in the future. "
She looked up at his tunnel. "Do you like to see me or do you like to see me busy?"
He bowed his head and kissed her lightly with a smile. "It seems that you are still full of energy. Why don’t we …"

Suddenly, there was a force on her waist. She breathed out one side and her eyes hit Meng Yichen’s deep eyes.

At the same time, Chu Ting’s heart sounds "a little dye"
Yin anran tried to break his hand, but Meng yichen was stubborn.
Chuting’s confused voice kept coming through the microphone
"hey, aunt, I"
"Small dye you say I should be more active? Actually, after what he said to me today, I was really sad and wanted to forget it, but I was a little reluctant. Did you say I was really that bad? How can he be so blind? "
Yin Anran pursed her lips. "Of course it’s not my aunt. How can you be bad? He has eyes." She glared at Meng Yichen.
The man’s arm around her waist became bolder.
桑拿Have eyes
Meng Yichen’s beautiful eyes like stars narrowed slightly after hearing her words and looked at her.
And for a second, Meng Yichen’s action made her open her eyes.
He actually kissed her at this time!
"Well …"
She struggled to push him away.
Chu Ting wondered why there were some strange sounds when he looked at the microphone.
"Small dye what’s the matter? What are you doing? "
Yin An Rangen couldn’t respond to her words, and her lips were kissed.
Yin An dyed to vacate the waist of Meng Yichen all the time.
I don’t know if it really hurt him or if he deliberately let her go. Finally, she can breathe and talk normally.
"Aunt, I’m fine. I’m a little sleepy."
When she saw that smirk on Meng Yichen’s lips, she quickly made an excuse to hang up.
"Well, then go to sleep first. Bye-bye."
After hanging up, Yin Anran was finally relieved.
She turned to look at Meng Yichen angrily. "Meng Yichen!"
But Meng Yichen leaned over and covered her face with "I"
Meng Yichen gently kissed her with one hand around her waist and kissed her to the depths of love. He pressed her toward his body to make them stick closer.
"You let go of me …" Her voice sounded off and on.
Meng Yichen let her go and saw her staring at him with a slight anger. "Did you mean it?"
Know that she talked to her aunt and kissed her on purpose!
Meng Yichen doesn’t deny that his beautiful eyebrows are slightly raised, and his delicate lip angle evokes an evil smile. "Have eyes? Dyeing is so think of me? "
Yin An gave him a white look. "Isn’t it?"
Meng Yichen face suddenly gloomy.
He suddenly buckled her wrist and brought her into his arms. "You want to push me to other women so badly? !”
Yin anran twisted her wrist to free herself from his arms, but it didn’t help.
"I didn’t."
She and he are not together to push him to others.

Lu was dazed for a moment and then looked up at Lin Mo-chen’s stunning and handsome face. His dark eyes were as calm as a thousand-year-old well, and there was no wave. "Mr. Lin is sorry."

She bit her lip in chagrin and regretted her rash impulse, not only failing to catch the ladder, but also hitting someone.
"No," Lin Mo-chen said politely with alienation.
It’s her eyes, but her lips are looking for some trace, and her eyes are not dark.
Today, he came to the hospital after work for the last time. The wound recovered well, but he didn’t expect to meet her. Naturally, he sent out the scene of Lu You and Chi Yiming kissing passionately last night.
"Is there anything on my face?" Lu sorrow by his sharp eyes to see some face burning.
Lin Mochen shook his head and nodded slightly "Pang Bo, let’s go."
He didn’t stay long enough to stride over Lu’s sorrow, didn’t look at it again, didn’t stay for a second, so she passed by.
Pang Bo also followed him to leave, but at Lu’s sorrow, his eyes seemed vaguely worried.
Lu Sorrow thinks that Lin Mo-chen is very strange today, but she can’t be blamed.
She looked back at Lin Mo-chen’s tall and handsome figure and felt that he or she seemed far away overnight.
That is, if it wasn’t for the bag of blood, they would be strangers.
Lu sorrow didn’t think much about it, so he quickly took the ladder to his mother’s ward.
桑拿会所As soon as she got to the ward, she saw Song Yabei running!
"Uncle aunt Lu and Yi Ming broke up because I was my fault! If you want to blame me, don’t blame Yiming for it. You can beat me and scold me all you want, but please ask Miss Lu to help Yiming get back the photos. I promise you to break up with Yiming and then stay abroad and leave them alone! " Song Yabei was still wearing a pale face and begged before Li Mei and Lu Yong.
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Lu Yong and Li Mei were very surprised to see Song Yabei, who was as weak as a small white flower, frowning with a frown and being at a loss.
"What did you say?" It took Li Mei a long time to find her voice line, and it was a thrill. "Little Worry and Er Shao broke up?"
"Aunt, it’s all my fault … Yi Ming has been waiting for me. I don’t know if he’s with Miss Lu. He didn’t want to hurt Miss Lu. He didn’t tell her that I was back. I and Yi Ming have always been in love …" Song Yabei’s eyes were tearful and tender.
Lu You approached Li Mei step by step and looked at her. "Is this the case with Xiao You?"
"Mom, I broke up with Chi Yiming." Lu You admitted quietly, and then she looked at Song Yabei with burning eyes. "But I don’t owe anyone anything and don’t want to treat me like a fool! What’s the matter with crying in front of my parents when you ask Mr. Lin for negatives yourself? Miss Song, you’re the darling daughter of the Song family, and you’re asking ordinary people like us to lose your dignity. Please respect yourself! "
"Lu I beg you! This is very important for Yiming! I’m the one who got him into trouble, but I can help others with you. If you help him go abroad, I won’t appear in front of you again. I wish you a hundred years of harmony! " Song Yabei is still begging for help, regardless of her daughter’s identity.
Song Yabei is very beautiful, but her white face is curved, her eyebrows are dark and liquid, her eyes are thick and her lips are long and curly, and her beautiful long hair hangs like a cloud over her vest and her hair ends on her chest are curly, delicate, elegant and petite, and gentle. She gives people a watery feeling.
Especially at this time, she looks pale because of injury. She is vulnerable, which can arouse men’s desire for protection. Even women will give help because of sympathy when they see such pity.
Section 11
All women’s natural weakness is the best weapon to control men!
And Chi Yiming was tempted by Song Yabei’s delicate and delicate side and didn’t fall in love, right?
Lu you feel that if you don’t know that Song Yabei is a flower, Bai Lianhua has done something that destroys others’ feelings, but he has to pretend to be very generous.
Such a woman is really pure as an angel, solid and insidious.
If you are not careful, you will be confused and bitten back! This is the most terrible!
"Miss Song, since you really love each other, you can keep it. I won’t recycle the garbage that was thrown back. It will make me sick!" Lu You’s beautiful face is deeply disgusted and undisguised. "Miss Song, my mother needs rest, please leave!"
In Yi Shu, "It is not a lover if you can steal a lover", Chi Yiming can’t accept it even if she changes her mind!
Song Yabei’s lovely little face floated up and her eyes gradually turned red. "Miss Lu, even if you don’t think about Ming, you should think about your aunt’s illness and need surgery and re-examination. Ming also promised to give you 300,000 yuan to get back the film, which is very helpful for you! Can save a life! And I also want my aunt to get better. I really mean it! "
The most exciting thing about Song Yabei’s words is Li Mei. She pointed at her nose and scolded, "Miss Song, go back and tell Chi Yiming that even if I die, I won’t ask him for a penny! Although we Lujia are not rich, our daughter Lujia will never be so humiliated by him! You will get what you deserve for ruining others’ feelings and being a mistress! Get out of here or I’ll be rude! "
"Mom, don’t get excited and pay attention to your health." Lu Yu comforted his mother
"Aunt, don’t be angry! You listen to me … "Song Yabei wanted to explain what was blocked by Lu Youqian.
Song Yabei suddenly lost her center of gravity and fell backwards, accompanied by her panic and screaming "Ah-"
She fell heavily, and the tender palm rubbed against the ground, which made her tighten the arch eyebrows.
The door of the ward was pushed open with a bang and made a loud noise, and then a cold face appeared, and he felt a storm in his body.
"Beibei-"Chi Yiming just came in and saw that Song Yabei’s eyes were worried. "How are you?"
"I’m all right, Miss Lu. She is eager to nurse her mother. She must not have deliberately pushed me. Don’t blame her for falling down because of my carelessness. You can scold me if you want." Song Yabei was crouched in Chi Yiming’s arms, holding her white eyebrows and twisting up painful wrinkles.
What? She pushed her? Lu sorrow hasn’t huanguo to god but has been detained for such a big charge!
"You’re in such pain that you still speak for her?" Chi Yiming held her head in one hand and pressed it into her arms.
"Believe it or not, I want to state the fact that I didn’t push her!" Lu’s melancholy sound is so light that there is no ups and downs.
"Lu sorrow I see you pushed the bud bud! You are ashamed to argue! " Chi Yiming, it’s like quenching poison eyes light as if to penetrate her body.
"It’s all my fault! I disturbed Miss Lu’s mother’s rest! I love you so much! It’s all my fault … meowed … "Speaking of which, glittering and translucent tears fell from Song Yabei’s eyes and made people feel pity.
"You don’t say! It’s not your fault! " Chi Youyi Ming Rou comforted her and reached out to wipe away her tears. "It’s her vicious heart!"
Lu sorrow there seems to have been a poisonous invasion. Looking at Xiu En ‘ai, the lips of the two people evoke a sneer.
She smiles that Chi Yiming is blind!
It also blinds people to love. That’s the truth! What Song Yabei says now is right in his heart and she is wrong!
"Chi Yiming, the baiwenhang, is really blind to be so kind to him in the past two years!" Li Mei angered Chi Yiming and Song Yabei. "Miss Song, you wronged my daughter. Why didn’t this thunder kill you!"
"Auntie, you’re sick, so excited. Be careful that your condition gets worse, and you won’t have a chance to see us being struck by lightning!" Chi Yiming picked Song Yabei up from the ground and she was clever enough to snuggle up in his arms.
You!’ Li Mei coughed with anger!
Lu bit her red lip bitterly and took advantage of the inconvenience of her hands to raise her hand and slap Chi Yiming in the face loudly! Five fingers red mark, his handsome face is clearly visible!