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Jin Ba Xiong’s last sentence amused Jiao Yi. I didn’t expect that Jin Ba Xiong’s gloomy body actually had humorous cells.

Lu Zhirui also wants to laugh, but now he is the head of Rui Ge’s security company. In front of so many people, he has to put the frame up and seriously say to Jin Ba Xiong, Go back and clean up and tell me when you are ready.
After Jin Ba Xiong left with Huang San, Jing Yao helped his brothers shout around and asked Yang Chuan, What is Rui Ge’s surname Jin doing here?
He’s going to merge everyone into our security company with a sickle, Lu Zhirui said primly.
Jing Yao Gang and all the people looked at each other. Sickle will take refuge in Jing Yao Gang. What is this situation?
Brother Rui’s former sickle will have had many fights with us, and now they want to merge into our company, so they can’t promise him so easily. Yang Chuan gritted his teeth
桑拿会所Although sickle will be merged into it, it will strengthen the security company of Ruige, but at the thought of having a holiday with sickle before, Jingyao gang agreed with Yang Chuan’s words and asked Lu Zhirui not to allow sickle to join.
This is Mr Jiao’s decision Lu Zhirui light tunnel
As soon as Lu Zhirui said this, everyone shut up. Mr. Jiao decided how to make irresponsible remarks about these little shrimps.
Jiao Yi looked at Huang Feihong and they laughed. Sickle will have a lot of people and will work hard for you in the future.
Huang Feihong, every one of them got Jiao Yi one million. Where can it be too hard? Brother Yi, don’t worry, this is what we should do.
Jiao Yi came out of the basement training hall and looked at Lin Jingyao, wondering if no one was bothering her now, but he knew from Lin Jingyao’s eyes that he couldn’t count on it today, so he simply went to visit the cold residual charm room.
Cold residual injury is mainly caused by sternal fracture, which can be slowly healed, but he can exercise his own power to treat a chest injury.
Jiao Yi thought about giving the cold residual charm a little. With the qi and cold residual charm in the earth star, the injury will recover faster, but after thinking about it, he dismissed the idea.
Although there are still many earth stars left by Master, if he really has the talent of transforming babies, the earth stars will be quite in short supply. Besides, the earth stars are now the secret of Jiao Yi, and even the cold and deformed Jiao Yi can’t be revealed.
In the next few days, Jiao Yi will come to the Purple Rose Hotel to visit the cold residual charm, and sometimes Wang Xinyuan will come. She and the cold residual charm are getting better and better, and sometimes Jiao Yi is not shy about saying some disgusting words to stimulate Jiao Yi.
A few days later, Jiao Yi came to the cold residual charm room as usual, and the chest injury of the cold residual charm has recovered. It is estimated that she will recover in a few days.
The two chatted for a while, and Jiao Yi was about to leave Wang Xinyuan when suddenly a gust of wind burst in, with a bright face like winning the first prize in the lottery.
Sisterinlaw, see if you are so happy. Are you going to have an inlaws with Brother Leng? Jiao Yi walked over and asked him that he was familiar with Wang Xinyuan these days.
Wang Xinyuan gave Jiao Yi a white look, but he still couldn’t hide his face. He shouted, Good news, good news, great news.
Jiao Yi and Leng can’t figure out what will make Wang Xinyuan excited to this extent.
What’s the good news about Xinyuan? Leng can’t help but ask.
Wang Xinyuan clenched his fist in an incredible tone. I’m afraid you don’t believe it, but it’s true. The biennial business summit will be held in Yunzhou. It has always been held in the provincial capital. This year, Yunzhou was arranged.
I don’t know much about the cold charm of the business summit, but Wang Xinyuan, the host of the business summit in Yunzhou, is the host of Yunzhou TV Station. Of all the media, she naturally has the advantage of getting the moon first.
Congratulations, I want to stay and watch your report and interview. Leng residual charm said.
Wang Xinyuan’s excitement hasn’t passed yet. You don’t know that I have been focusing on Yunzhou for three years. This time it is the real focus of Yunzhou Business Summit. At the beginning, Yunzhou will become the focus of several neighboring provinces.
Jiao Yi was also ecstatic in his heart. Jenny really persuaded the business alliance to arrange the business summit to Yunzhou, but he was psychologically prepared and looked calm on the surface.
No, there’s even better news. Then Yunzhou must be the focus of China, if not the focus of world attention.
What’s the better news? The cold ghost has little interest in the business summit, but Wang Xinyuan is so excited that he has to cooperate.
I’m telling you why you didn’t respond to such good news as Jiao Yi. Wang Xinyuan’s eyes glanced over Jiao Yi’s face and saw Jiao Yi’s face calm and strangely asked:
Chapter 3 A friend’s wife must not be bullied
What’s the fuss about? I already know. Jiao Yi calmly tunnel
Wang Xinyuan stared at Jiao Yi with his eyes wide open. You already know that. How is that possible? I just got the news.
Sisterinlaw, do you remember that I said that there would be a worldfamous event in Yunzhou at the entrance of No.2 Middle School that day? Jiao Yi still smiled calmly.
When Wang Xinyuan stayed at the entrance of No.2 Middle School that day to interview Jiao Yi, Jiao Yi really said such a thing. At that time, she never thought that Jiao Yi said that the event would be held in Yunzhou every two years.
If official website, a business alliance, hadn’t confirmed the news, Wang Xinyuan wouldn’t have believed that the problem was that Jiao Yi knew a week ago that the business summit would arrange Yunzhou. Did he have a prophecy?
Do you know what the better news I want to say is? Wang Xinyuan also needs to confirm whether Jiao Yi is fooling her.
Jiao Yichong Wang Xinyuan blinked and smiled. Sisterinlaw, do you mean that President Gao of Xianchen Tuangao, Eddie Ma Rulong and his wife, Zhou Yuxin will all attend this business summit?
Wang Xin’s round face showed a ghost, and he said with horror, How do you know?
Sisterinlaw, if I say that the business summit will arrange Yunzhou, I will win it over, believe it or not Jiaoyi walked over to the tunnel.
Wang Xinyuan was even more horrified. She felt that Jiao Yi’s words were absurd, but Jiao Yi knew that the business summit was held in Yunzhou and that several big business giants were going to attend the summit. She was somewhat uncertain. Jiao Yi, what you said is true.
A friend’s wife can’t be bullied. Jiao Yi smiled. You are my sisterinlaw and I won’t cheat you.
Wang Xinyuan directly looked at the evil meaning in Jiao Yi’s words and asked, Why do you want to win the business summit to Yunzhou?
I’m my girlfriend fighting for it. When I think of Wen Wan and Jiao Yi in the early Qin Dynasty, I don’t know if they have received the news of the business summit held in Yunzhou. Jiao Yi wants to share it with them.

If Wu Tianyou sends a text message, let Li Zhenyu handle it directly! I’m sure he will be very happy to do it for her, so that she won’t have to worry about it.

It seems that Li Zhenyu thinks so, too. They have a tacit understanding. He went over and picked up Xia Xue’s mobile phone, looked at the name of the sender and handed it back to her, "Your best friend!"
"Smile!" Xia Xue didn’t expect Han Xiao to send her a text message so late, and hurriedly took the phone and opened the other party’s text message.
Xiaoxue, we good friends forever! -Love you, Han Xiao!
This short message looks a little absent-minded. Is it that Han Xiao has been stimulated again? Xia Xue hurriedly dialed back the past words and was quickly connected. She was just relieved when she heard Lu Yuanhang’s voice on the other end.
"Hey, I’m Lu Yuanhang. Now Han Xiao is with me!" Lu Yuanhang sounds enthusiastic. "We are playing a very exciting, thrilling and interesting game!"
They are together again! Xia Xue looked at the pouring rain outside the window. They must be alone. What can they do together in the rainy night? Her toes can also think of it and she can’t help but sigh-the two are back together!
"Can you put Han Xiao on the phone?" Didn’t hear Han Xiaoyin Xia Xue some not trust.
"yes!" Yuan-hang Lu said and heard a slight noise. Then she heard Han Xiao’s slightly hoarse voice. "Light snow is me! I’m fine. I’m with the voyage! "
Xia Xue also inconvenience to ask more to make sure Han Xiao is ok and charged a few words "nothing is good! Laugh and think about everything. Be kind to yourself! "
"I know!" Han Xiaoyin has a kind of courage. "Xiaoxue, I know what I do and what I want! I won’t bother you so late. Goodbye! "
"Bye!" Xia Xuegang hung up the phone and felt two strong iron arms cuddling from behind her. The man’s hot breath sprayed her ears, and he burned his body close to her big hand and leaned into her clothes.
Since Xia Xue fainted in the hospital and found that she was pregnant, the two had never made out again. One of them tried to try because Xia Xue was unwell. Second, because they are not in the mood for a cold war; Now two people apologize before the ice, Xia Xue’s physical condition is becoming more and more stable, and Li Zhenyu is somewhat unbearable.
"Well," Xia Xue snorted. He had unbuttoned her clothes, and those unbridled hands became more and more dishonest. She bit her lip and woke up. "No, the doctor said … not for a few months …"
"If we don’t do it, you help me …" He put out the room light and touched her affectionately while holding her hand and biting her earlobe like a jade bead, whispering softly.
Xia Xue blushed for her face. She didn’t refuse. Even though she was inconvenient, she was willing to cooperate with him to satisfy him.
The rain outside the window is getting bigger and bigger, and the chilly wind and cold rain are sweeping away the fallen leaves, almost drowning the whole world. For the first time, people fully feel the cold breath of autumn, but the room is warm and quiet, and the men are panting and the women are singing all over the house.
The world outside the car is almost submerged! There was no such heavy rain all summer. This autumn night, all the rain water that was lacking all summer was made up!
Such a bad outdoor environment is not suitable for going out, but Han Xiao has to accompany Lu Yuanhang in racing!
Lu Yuanhang said that he would play climax with Han Xiao. No matter how bad the weather is, it will not change.
First, they played extreme bungee jumping on the overpass bridge. Yuanhang Lu asked Han Xiao to jump with him. Once, Tang Manni was frightened out of my wits and cried. Dad called Niang extreme bungee jumping but it didn’t scare Han Xiao!
Han Xiao didn’t blink when facing the tens of meters high-rise bridge. She even took the initiative to hug Lu Yuanhang and shouted excitedly at Jiangxin, "Let’s die happily together!"
Section 15
This heroic declaration thundered Lu Yuanhang horribly, and his eyes twitched and his mouth twitched as if something was wrong with the precursor of stroke, which was out of his expectation and control. Maybe he seemed to be just a trap!
When the two of them jumped off the overpass together and enjoyed the speed pleasure, the women couldn’t help screaming, but that was excitement! She hugged Lu Yuanhang tightly and asked, "If the rope breaks and we fall into the river together, will you swim?"
Lu Yuanhang wanted to block her crow mouth, but it was inconvenient to tie her hands and feet, so she stared at her.
按摩See yuan-hang lu didn’t answer she laughed "I can swim! If we both fall into the river, I can save you! "
"…" At that moment, Lu Yuanhang was a little out of focus and tender.
Whether the rope will break or not, whether Han Xiao can swim or not, whether she can save him or not, he can be sure of one thing, that is, the root didn’t scare her-he failed!
The cold wind of the elevated bridge is raging, and the rain is coming, so the two of them jumped back and forth for a dozen times! Every time Han laughs, she yells and talks nonsense, not that the rope will break, but that the bridge will collapse and she can cope with all kinds of emergencies!
In short, there will be no danger if Lu Yuanhang is willing to have her omnipotent goddess Han Xiao with her!
Bungee jumping is over! Lu Yuanhang’s face is a little pale (angry by her). Han Xiao is a full face of exaggerated smile.
"interesting! It’s really interesting! Sailing is a great idea! I like this kind of game, and it really stimulates the climax! Unfortunately, the rope didn’t break and the viaduct didn’t collapse, otherwise it would be more fun! " Han Xiao clap your hands and say with smile
"…" Yuan-hang lu a sullen face couldn’t say a word.
Get ready to play drag racing! But the original plan was interrupted by the downpour.
I didn’t eat dinner (Lu Yuanhang was worried that the rice and strong dog and bear bile wouldn’t scare Han Xiao), but I was hungry all the time on purpose, but it was getting late, but the rain didn’t stop.
Korea smile also don’t say hungry opposing cheerfully "sailing when to start racing! I don’t think the rain will stop for a while. How about racing in the rain? More exciting! "
"…" Yuan-hang lu stare at her this crazy woman!
"Play to play to stimulate this but you said! Come and ride in the rain! " Han Xiao kept pulling Yuan Hang Lu.
"Well, that’s what you said!" Lu Yuanhang finally got angry calmly. She won’t know what fear is until she gives her some real color to see! "Don’t cry and beg me to let you go!"
"Joke sister is such a timid woman!" Han Xiao sneers.
Looking at the flooded rainy night outside, I am pampered by Lu Yuanhang.
"Go still dazed to do! Men should be happy when they are working. Mother-in-law is not a man! " Han Xiao dragged Lu Yuanhang out of the car (she was very strong) and excitedly said, "Racing!"
They are wearing raincoats and helmets, but the visibility of racing in rainy nights is too low, almost less than two or three meters, which is suspected to be dangerous!
Do you want to take risks with this crazy woman! Lu Yuanhang began to beat drums in his heart!
"Drive! Man! " Sitting behind a motorcycle, Han Xiao slapped him hard on the back of his neck, just like riding a horse to go forward. "Let’s go!"
"Shit!" Lu Yuanhang scolded 1 and finally started driving. The lights lit up and he rushed into the rain curtain with a Korean smile.
"Drive!" Han Xiao tightly hugged Lu Yuanhang’s healthy waist and laughed almost out of breath.
Lu Yuanhang became a rickshaw puller or a rickshaw puller, laughing at Han, and started racing along the open road.
Something is seriously out of his expectation and control! It’s him who wants to mess with Han Xiao. Now it seems that he has been messed with Han Xiao! How do you think you are passive, but Han Xiao is talking and laughing freely.
"hurry up! Faster! Fly! How exciting! " Han Xiao shouted with cooperation, looking like a neurotic crazy woman.
It’s a stormy night, and there are few vehicles in the streets, not to mention pedestrians. It’s raining hard. She’s not far away from laughing. Even she can’t hear what she mumbles at close range, but she can hear her laughing all the way.
"Can you shut up! Be quiet for a while! " Yuan-hang lu heart fire back to drink a way
"What did you say? I can’t hear you! " Korea smile will wear a helmet head leaned forward.
"I said shut up!"
"It’s not big!" Han Xiao once again said that he could not hear clearly.
"I depend!" Lu Yuanhang said
"ah! I know! " Han Xiao patted him again and said, "Wait until the car is finished!" We can fight in the field! Do you want to try what it’s like to do it on a rainy night? "
"You crazy woman!" The man finally lost.
"Ha, ha, ha ….. who’s afraid of cowards!" Female arrogant laugh
Just when the two men were distracted by the conversation, a harsh light suddenly lit up in front of them on a dark rainy night, and a car sped towards them.
Lu Yuanhang was shocked when he was distracted. He had deviated from the roadside and drove to the middle of the road!
On the verge of a collision, he can turn sharply to the side of the road and slip on rainy days. The most taboo is to turn around quickly or brake quickly. Although the motorcycle narrowly avoided the oncoming car, the wheels slipped and suddenly swung out.
"hey!" "Bang!" "ah!" "ah!"

If you say something, be careful to be reported.

Hum, come with me, young man, which will make you a popular juvenile delinquent.
Do you have a girlfriend?
Waste, nonsense! It is enough to have a sister!
喝茶约茶So what exactly are you popular for, Tsuchimikado?
That’s enough, that’s enough. They mean to invite you to play together, but it’s probably something strange.
Article when hemp came along, he scratched his head and yawned.
I’m really tired, hurry up and go home. My family has a foodie to feed.
It’s really hard work, taking care of Index Librorum Prohibitorum
Natsume wanted to think, although there is some fatigue now, but there is no reason to refuse them, so it is not bad to go and play together.
I remember the last time I went out to play with my friends was in the third grade of primary school, and I was still sneaking around.
Remembering the past, Natsume nodded suddenly to make himself forget.
Not if you go to play.
oh! Go! Go get something to eat first! I heard that the car has a new restaurant industry!
Let’s go, let’s go.
On the far left side of the line, Natsume touched him with an elbow in the left hand direction.
It’s a little late to ask now, but last night, what will you be attacked by them?
That thing?
Natsume guessed that he would ask himself, so he had already made up a reason.
Although it’s a lie, it’s not a big deal even if it’s punctured. After all, it’s obvious that you don’t know your identity, so you have the preemptive conditions.
After telling the story of mistaking one for another, the other party didn’t doubt it, but showed an expression of so that’s it, but then it suddenly became serious.
There is one thing I need to tell you, Natsume.
Article so said, eyebrows.
Last night at the restaurant, you will pay me back, right?
This guy, even remember!
And the most terrible thing is that Index Librorum Prohibitorum can continue to eat in that situation, which is also a place to admire.
Natsume socalled responded.
This is of course …
Whew ~ I’m relieved, or I’ll have to go to work. I lost money in my previous job, but it’s okay, okay.
This is the’ phantom killer’, right?
But even if he was lucky, he kept a lot of peach blossoms.
Follow the blue hair earrings that claim to be familiar with every corner of Xueyuan city in front, and four people crossed the college gate and came out of the intersection.
Look over there, there are often little girls there.
How do you know?
Never mind, there is also the park, near the small land on the left side of the fountain in the center of the park, and there will be many cute younger girls playing in the sand.

It’s still the envy of six people in a game.

Lu Wenbin didn’t refuse to invite the chef to have a dinner at home, and invited the coach and teammates to play at home with their families.
Then the team will resume normal training and prepare for the first game after the winter break.
The half-season opener is Hoffenheim vs Bayern Munich. It is also the half-season opener between these two teams. The Allianz Stadium in Bayern Munich will play Hoffenheim.
Bayern Munich ranked fourth after the 17th round of the league before the winter break, and the result was not bad, but very bad.
It is a failure for Bayern Munich to spend huge sums of money to introduce stars such as Ronaldo and Gomez before the start of the season, not to mention ranking fourth and second.
Therefore, Bayern Munich, which met No.1 Hoffenheim, vowed to beat Hoffenheim, hold them back and increase their points.
After the winter break at 2:3 pm on January 15th, 2011, the first Bundesliga match between Bayern Munich and Hoffenheim officially started in the first round of the Bundesliga in 1921.
Due to a winter break, both players’ physical fitness and physical strength have recovered, and this game is the main force.
Bayern wants to beat Hoffenheim to prove that he is still the leader of the Bundesliga, while Hoffenheim wants to establish greater confidence and lead by winning Bayern twice this season.
If there is any change in the main teams of the two sides at the beginning of the season, Bayern was once ranked very backward because of the sluggish performance of No.1 goalkeeper Renxin in the first half of the season, so No.22 Hans Bout replaced Renxin as Bayern’s main goalkeeper.
But Hans Bout is not a very stable goalkeeper, at least for Bundesliga overlord Bayern.
Because he played forward Bout, he was a good set-piece penalty shooter. Leverkusen was once the team’s No.1 penalty shooter.
However, the most important thing for goalkeepers is goalkeeping skills rather than scoring ability.
Because I didn’t play goalie since I was a child, but changed careers halfway, Bout always made some butterfingers mistakes on the court, and his play was not very stable.
However, Bayern can’t help it. At present, it has not found a new generation of goalkeepers to replace Kahn. Renxin has played an abnormal role in Bout as the main force this season.
This is also Naiju Xiaoyan Duzai’s search for kuuně.
For Hoffenheim, this is a possible weakness.
So Ralph told the players not to hesitate to shoot more before the game.
If you shoot more times, maybe Bout may make some low-level mistakes and give Hoffenheim a big gift to increase the possibility of scoring.
After the start of the game, the Allianz Stadium of the two sides launched an offensive war. Hoffenheim also followed the tactical instructions of the head coach and talked about the distance of continuous shooting when he had the opportunity.
However, Bout’s ability to be the main goalkeeper of Bayern Munich is still good. butterfingers’s mistakes can’t appear in every game
At least two minutes before the game, Bout not only didn’t make a low-level mistake, but also saved Lu Wenbin’s Italian ball shot and a long-range shot from the doorframe.
In addition, another shot by Ibisevic was directly held in Bout’s arms, which was a very good performance.
Not only that, Bout held the goal firmly, but Bayern Munich also scored the goal first on the offensive line.
Nicknamed Peter Pan Luo, in the 14th minute, his signature flank breakthrough cut shot and Bayern Munich won the 1-home lead.
However, Hoffenheim did not flinch and continued to fight against Bayern.
Teammates all believe that Lu Wenbin’s goal efficiency is higher and more stable than that of Ronaldo and Gomez.
Sure enough, he continued to attack Hoffenheim and finally scored in the 27th minute. The goal was Lu Wen.
Reading in sections 164
He received a pick from Eduardo in the penalty area and then swept the ball into the goal with a kick from Demichelis.
Although the angle is not sharp, it is too fast. Bout finally failed to save it this time.
After the score is even, the two sides continue to attack each other. Everyone wants to score more goals than their opponents.
In the third minute, Bayern Munich scored another leading goal. It was Bayern that brought Gomez in during the summer transfer period.
Bayern Munich leads Hoffenheim 21.
However, before the end of the half-time, Ibisevic equalized the score through a header from a corner kick.
The two sides entered the halftime with a score of 22.
After a 15-minute break, the battle between the two sides continued at half time.
Bayern Munich hopes that Luo, Gomez, Ribery, Shi Weins Tiger and other superstars will play their roles, while Hoffenheim hopes that Lu Wenbin will have more outstanding personal strength.
Of course, all opponents know that the biggest threat from Hoffenheim is Lu Wenbin.
Therefore, Lu Wenbin was also closely guarded by Bayern’s defense line.
Bayern Munich’s defense strength and Vietnam’s team are two different things. It is not that easy for Lu Wenbin to score goals.
However, it is Hoffenheim who keeps attacking, and his players have many chances to shoot.
Although Ibisevic and others’ shooting accuracy is far less than Lu Wenbin’s, Ralph kept shooting and hoped that Bout would make a mistake before the game.
In the 67th minute, Salihovic’s long-range shot from outside the forbidden area was not awkward, but Bout didn’t hold the ball and hit his chest and bounced out.
Just in the forbidden zone, Lu Wenbin took the lead in grabbing the first point when his eyes lit up.
Although Demichelis and Badstuber were around to defend and interfere, Lu Wenbin, who was full of physique, resisted the pull and collision of the two men and took the lead in stabbing and kicking the ball back to the goal.
Then Lu Wenbin was pulled down by Demichelis in the forbidden zone.
But the ball kicked out by Lu Wenbin has already rolled into the goal from the panicked Bout.
Hans bout was immediately annoyed by the loss of the ball caused by the loss of the ball
Dickenson, the commentator, shouted, "scored twice. Lu scored twice again. But this time, Bout made a mistake and gave it to Lu Dali. Bout didn’t hold Salihovic to shoot and gave it to Lu Jin’s area to make up the shot."
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Chapter 347 Flat record
Lu Wenbin scored twice in the 67th minute, allowing Hoffenheim to overtake the score. Hoffenheim Allianz Stadium was ahead of Bayern Munich at 32.
Bayern Munich is naturally unwilling to lose.
Therefore, Bayern Munich stepped up its attack in the next game, and even the midfielder Shi Weins Tiger sometimes threw Lu Wenbin to take part in the attack.
桑拿However, in this way, Bayern’s defense line will be weaker against Lu Wenbin.
Lu Wenbin’s several attributes are full now, and the speed has reached 192. It is difficult to guard against it without sending someone to concentrate on it.
So Bayern Munich made a big attack to equalize the score but failed to score. Lu Wenbin scored again in the 79th minute.
This is a speed competition in the counterattack.
After Simunic intercepted Bayern center Olic’s ball, he gave it to Gustavo, and Gustavo gave Eduardo a direct kick, which made Lu Wenbin and Demichelis fight for speed in the frontcourt.
As a result, Lu Wenbin was slightly faster than Demichelis, got the ball and then carried Demichelis to correct the ball to the forbidden zone line to face the attacking goalkeeper Bout and shot it successfully.

I wonder if everyone is satisfied with this arrangement. I hope parents can continue to follow Xiaoyi, huh? Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh? ~

Finally, it is recommended to finish "My wife hurts you before marriage", and both of them will be filled this year! Fill it up before opening the third pit!
☆, 3 depressed family daily life
"Sister-in-law" Yu Yuting loosened her grip on Yu Yu’s arm and changed her hands to fold her hands. Sincerely please Chang Huanyan. "You are quick to let Big Brother go to dinner with us later."
Yu Yu "…"
Chang Huanyan looked up at Yu Yu and asked cautiously, "Are you busy tonight?"
Yu Yu looked at her and nodded.
spa会所Chang Huanyan bite bite lips good-looking to Yu Yuting "that … I also don’t go."
"What?" Yu Yuting suddenly looked at Yu Yu’s small eyes full of resentment. "Eldest brother, you must go to hear it later, or your sister-in-law will not go. Grandma will blame me again!"
Chang Huanyan "…"
She simply feels that when she goes out with a big belly, she always has to trouble others to take care of herself. She feels a little guilty. If she can’t go, she just has an excuse not to make trouble.
Depression can kill a fly by frowning. It is straightforward to say, "Didn’t I help you once?"
Yu Yuting didn’t good the spirit left his lip and simply said, "Grandma called too many people this time, including Ah Shu and Xiao Er, and they all went there … You must go there too, or my father-in-law will say something that is not obedient."
Chang Huanyan "…"
The corridor was quiet for a few seconds.
Eventually …
"all right"
Yu Yuting didn’t expect eldest brother to promise to be so frank, and immediately turned around. "Okay, okay, then it’s a deal. Eldest brother and sister-in-law I won’t disturb you to rest. Bye-bye."
The door "pa" was taken back by Yu Yu Nai, just to see Chang Huan Yan looking up and not staring at himself instantly.
Don’t apply powder, your face is delicate and soft, because you look up and show your white slender neck and delicate shoulders covered with a thin coat, which adds a bit of fragility.
Before Yu Yu realized it, his hand had been raised and put on her shoulder. "What are you looking at?"
Chang Huanyan still looked at him with his big black and white eyes open, and then she stood on tiptoe and a fragrant smell belonging to women entered the melancholy breath, accompanied by her soft voice, "What’s wrong with you here?"
Some cool fingertips touched his jaw and frowned, only to realize that there was some tingling there.
Chang Huanyan looked at his finger with bright red blood and looked at him in surprise. "You … how did you get hurt?"
"It’s okay. Maybe I didn’t pay attention to it just now." Yu said in some understatement
In fact, it was easy to deal with those punks, and he didn’t feel that he would get hurt.
"Why are you so careless?" Chang Huanyan said, pulling his hand into the house and closing the door.
Yu Yu was so dragged by her to the sofa and sat watching her take out a pink mini medicine box from the interlayer of the tea table. After opening it, there were all kinds of things in it.
He picked his eyebrows and was surprised. "Where did these things come from?"
"I’ll buy it." Chang Huanyan took a look at him and took out the alcohol cotton swab band-aid and "held his head up."
Depression in fundus quickly across a smile and then obedient slightly raised his jaw.
In the process of treatment, I often feel happy and close to him. Soft hands put on his shoulders seem to have a sweet smell, and the smell has been lingering on his nose.
I’ve been in the police for so many years that I can’t count how many times I’ve been seriously injured … I almost killed him. He really never cares about minor injuries like broken skin and bleeding on weekdays.
It was when Chang Huan-yan treated his wound so seriously that he didn’t say no.
"Say it when it hurts" often sounds happy.
Yu Yu picked an eyebrow "grace"
Warm white light falls on her serious little face, her expression is focused on crescent white skin, and there is no trace of pores. Black curly hair falls softly on her shoulders, and the fragrance of a woman mixed with rose shower gel strongly invades his senses and nerves.
"naturally carve clear water to produce hibiscus"
The poem appeared unconsciously in his mind.
As the line of sight goes, I can see that her collar mouth is loosened due to the bow movement, revealing a small soft gully …
Unconsciously, his Adam’s apple moved slightly.
"Well," Chang Huan-yan said while putting on a band-aid, "Although the wound is not deep, you should also be careful not to touch the water and it will get better after scabbing."
I didn’t hear the man respond after everything was packed.
She looked up slightly stunned and instantly looked into the man’s strong and deep black eyes.
Neither of them spoke.
Yu Yu stared at her. Although he didn’t move, his eyes kept looking at her.
Chang Huanyan felt her heart "plop plop" accelerate.
I don’t know what’s going on. It’s definitely not the beautiful boys type, but … she’s afraid to look him in the eye. Every time she looks at him and doesn’t talk, she feels like she’s being tried by him.
And his eyes were dark and deep, like a magnet, which kept attracting her as if to suck her in.
A red face, she quickly withdrew her eyes and put the medicine cabinet on the tea table. "I … I’ll take a shower first."
Yu Yu corners of the mouth slightly a hook at the little woman some fled into the bathroom.
He slowly pulled out the iphone from his trouser pocket and tried to press the power button again. Okay, return it.
A power button. Okay, still no response.
Did you really die?
A trace of melancholy suddenly crossed his mind.
When I woke up early the next day, I was always smiling. As usual, the man around me had gone and touched the mattress, which was already cold.
Big bed is she a person.
It’s still early. She stretched and got up slowly.
After washing, I opened the curtains and looked at the scenery outside with a slight smile.

Yang Xun nodded and answered, "Brother Lei Haoge, you know, he is too arbitrary and stubborn. If it wasn’t for his mother, he wouldn’t have left. If it wasn’t for him, Luo Yi wouldn’t have left me forever. If it is true, I really don’t want to see him. Even if I am quiet, I don’t want to meet him."

Yang Xun is so innocent and lovely, but now when it comes to her father, she is so indifferent, which gives me the feeling that she hates her father and has to love him at the same time.
"When Luo left, it made my heart ache so much. He was the only person I liked and was the best person to me except my mother. When he left, I didn’t have a chance to see him for the last time. I hated my father and he didn’t even give me the last chance to see Luo Yi. He didn’t like Luo Yi’s recognition that he would stop my progress. He forced me to break up with Luo Yi and sent me abroad. If I didn’t go abroad, he wouldn’t give Luo Yi’s mother the last treatment."
"I really don’t know what reputation is so important to him, and why I have to be as successful as my grandfather. I really don’t like it." She sobbed strongly and said again, "On the day of going abroad, Luo met me for the last time and specially rushed to the sea from here, but he had an accident when he changed trains halfway."
Yang Xun stopped choking, and her words stopped. Instead, she tore her heart and cried, and her mouth kept shouting "Luo Yi"
From Yang Xun’s body, I seem to see Lu Bai’s shadow.
Seriously, I don’t know why these art students want their women to be above themselves in this respect. They want everything to be perfect. Why do they want each of them to reach the height of Yan Xincheng?
Maybe I didn’t get involved, or maybe I don’t know art or music at all. Now I know that Aunt Mei regrets it. If Lu Boyan is willing to come back to her now, I don’t think she will ask him to do that. She didn’t do it very well.
What about Yang Hui? Does he not regret it now? Do you really have to wait for Yang Xun to leave him as cruel as Liu Baiyan before you know how sad you are?
"Brother Lei Haoke, if I can, I really hope that my father can do everything to get my mother back. I don’t expect him to do much better and have much field. I hope to have a healthy family and a warm family. Even if a family of three eats ordinary home cooking, I think it is happiness. If he is willing to do everything to get my mother back, I will promise her all ideas. Even if he really wants me to go abroad, I won’t hesitate."
"That you and los an agreement?"
Yang Xun was silent. This doubt was a dilemma. I asked her again, "What is your agreement?"
"It’s the unfinished amusement park. He wants me to finish the unfinished amusement park because that’s where we first met. That’s his dream and my expectation."
Chapter 14 Parting Emotion
In the evening, I said hello to the security department and left the school.
Ye Bing called and told me that today is the last day for him and Mo Yun to stay in Hengyang. Because Lin Qibing invested 30,000 yuan in them, Ye Moshi went to Shanghai to open a new branch dedicated to creating the latest clothes for models.
I don’t have much feeling for Lin Qibing, but I hate Lin Yuran very much, but it’s been so long, and now Lin Yuran is nothing.
Besides, there’s not much news from Sebrina. Seriously, I’d like to know even a little about this girl’s condition.
I came to the appointment hotel and walked into the box and found that there were already several people sitting inside Ye Bing Mo Yun Yan Jiaxin.
I wonder why Yan Jiaxin will come and come before me.
When I came in, I sat next to Yan Jiaxin and asked her, "Why are you here?"
"Why can’t I come?" Yan Jiaxin asked me.
Mo Yun quickly chimed in: "I called Jia Xin."
"Let’s eat first," replied Mo Yun.
At this dinner, I learned that Yan Jiaxin came for two reasons. One is the problem of competition clothes. If the school needs Mo Yun, they will unify the manufacturing methods to make the competition. It is Hengyang’s last big deal to sell it at a fair price.
The problem is that Ye Bing and Yan Jiaxin are talking. The conversation between them is very smooth and there is no blockage. Let’s talk less about the conversation. The conversation between them is so mature.
And this second problem is my problem. This is Mo Yun telling Yan Jiaxin that they also have a general understanding of my situation. Although I am now a small director, they are still very uneasy.
Mo Yun hopes that Yan Jiaxin’s school can treat me a little more. She is a principal and can do many things that I can’t. Mo Yun’s request is from a sister’s point of view.
It seems that they know something about Sebrina, which is why they hope I can live better.
After eating this meal, friends around me will go far away again. After they left, they left me alone. Nanmu, a city, went to Shenzhen. Ye Bing Mo Yun will go to Shanghai, Sebrina and stay in Beijing.
Ye Bing and I gave a hug, because I knew it would be hard for them to come back when they left, and it was the same way. There was one less person around me who could accompany me to the bar for a drink on a lonely night.
I’m also glad that they are less happy. They can do better and better. Mo Yun Ye Mo ornaments may really become top-notch cards as originally expected.
Parting is short but not too sad, and I am getting used to it.
This year, I have gone through too many farewells. Sebrina has gone, Nanmu has gone, and now both of them have gone, leaving me alone in this dream city. Watching Ye Bing drive away, I habitually lit a cigarette.
"Will you walk with me?" I implored to look at Yan Jiaxin, because she can be regarded as a friend I have known for a long time but really relative.
She seemed to feel that I was sad but didn’t refuse. She and I walked up the street indifferently.
"It’s better to meet each other after leaving" is the first sentence she said to me after a long walk.
Although this is a common sentence in life, it is this sentence that comes to my heart. I don’t know how long it was when I first met them, but at least I can’t keep them worried like this.
"Your words today make me think that maybe I can really cooperate with Grain Rain to do this." We both came around and sat in a small wooden chair. She said faintly with her hands and legs.
"You really decided."
She shook her head and replied, "I’m not sure about this. I’ve been thinking about it for a long time, just like you said that maybe grandpa just wanted me to lead to the last 12%."
"What about Grain Rain? Will he feel the same way?"
"Maybe so."
Yan Jia Xin is very rational now, and she didn’t strongly object to it as she did when she heard it at the beginning. Then the school board argued with them and upset herself about the opposition to that column.
"Why do you keep looking at me?" Yan Jiaxin just saw my eyes staring at her with her head tilted.
I smiled and said, "I found a problem."
"What’s the problem"
"Every time someone leaves this year, they meet you. I wonder if your appearance will mean parting."
She nodded and smiled at me: "What if I don’t show up and I leave?"
Her words made me calm down. If Yan Jiaxin is gone, it seems that there is really one person around me who can communicate with me. Now I don’t seem to dare to think about it at all.
I am afraid that if I think too much and give up too much, I will be sad too much.
"If you leave, I will buy a bottle of Shaoyang wine and sit on the roof of the old building and sing and shout that this woman has finally left and I can finally live in the building." I said with a smile and a cool expression.
"So you really want me to go?"
When I saw Yan Jiaxin in shock, I really walked to the front. I shouted at her, "Hey, where are you going?"
She didn’t look back, but she went straight ahead. I finally chased it because I couldn’t bear it.
It turns out that I am so afraid of leaving, afraid that the way of leaving will touch me again, afraid of the sadness after leaving.
I didn’t hide that my heart didn’t really become stiff and hard as a stone because of parting.
I was scared, afraid and reluctant to see Yan Jiaxin go straight ahead. My mood was even more sad, just like I really lost something.
"Don’t go"
At the intersection of the street corner, I finally lost sight of her. She made me shout again, "Come out, will you?"
I don’t know which way she went, left or right. I just stayed put and didn’t dare to go one way.
If I take the opposite road, will I really leave? Will I really lose sight of it?
"I beg you to come out."
My soul is like a smoke. I can look at the two opposite roads in front of me and dare not move forward timidly.

That is to say, this person can’t do it. Qin Xiao is wrinkly to knit the nose and intends to shrink behind Manglietia

"This school sister looks familiar. I don’t know where we met." The man took a step forward with a smile when he saw Qin Xiao. "Dou Bihan asked the school sister for her name."
Where can you see Qin Xiao in Dou Bihan’s eyes and notice the two brothers in your family?
I’m going to tease Bihan, knowing that he’s a tease, and I’m coming out to make a fool of myself. Look at this jade. Why don’t you call it a local tyrant, Jin Junqian, and wrinkle your nose with disdain?
Qin Xiao was almost laughed at by him again. He could try to shrink behind Manglietia with a straight face.
"You crazy next to this is my second brother, Jun Qian, and my younger sister is shy, so please ask this senior brother not to blame." You crazy is the one who doesn’t like this kind of person to plan to watch, but he can’t hide that his little girl has been accosted by people, so it’s a little difficult to just stop her.
"Call my brother is really breaking me." At this time, Dou Bihan turned his attention to Jun Kuang, who was watching the situation. The Queen Peng Diao was full of beauty. He couldn’t help but look at his eyes. The identity of the Queen Peng Diao was specially improved and he was higher than a few realms. He didn’t dare to Xiang Xiao.
"I didn’t see the two senior brothers because the younger martial sister was so beautiful, which made me crazy, but it made the senior brothers laugh." Dou Bihan heard that Junkuang was Qin Xiao’s elder brother, which made him somewhat flattering. "I don’t know if I am shy, but the younger martial sister is called."
"My name is Uncle Qin Xiao. Don’t call me the teacher elder sister." Qin Xiao also hates this man forcing pick up hot chicks to be shameless.
"It turned out to be Qin Xiao’s elder sister and younger brother." Dou Bihan looked at the three brothers and sisters, men, women and beautiful eyes, and then he had something to say. "Dare to ask the three, but they won the first place in the entrance exam this year."
夜网论坛  title=You crazy smell speech nodded "exactly". This man can rank among the top 50 in the college list with his brother’s identity. I think there must be some advantages, and that’s why you crazy to talk to him patiently. Otherwise, you would leave early.
"Elder martial sister Manglietia originally said that there were still several younger brothers and sisters, but I didn’t expect it to be you." Dou Bihan smiled. "Since it is such a talented person, elder martial sister should not keep secrets." He picked his eyebrows at Manglietia. "So it’s not too much for elder martial sister to take us again."
Brother, who are these people? Qin Xiaoyin asked
These people are among the top 100 in the college list, and all of them can join hands to stop you. Your little brother replied crazily.
This is not the result of his own investigation, but according to the conclusion drawn by Lei Yu’s wandering around the hospitals
Segmented reading 222
This is your humble brother, or they are so good at cooking that some rookies are coming. What’s the matter and I don’t know the little girl? It’s a bit disgusting.
It’s not up to us to decide whether to take them or not. I believe Elder Martial Sister Manglietia has her own plans. You laugh hysterically.
"Thank you for your kindness and kindness, but you haven’t seen these four younger brothers and sisters behind me. They are not as strong as you. If they are not so strong, they will surely drag you down." Manglietia frowned without trace, which is really a headache for this sinus wall.
"You might as well lose them." Dou Bihan smiled contemptuously and glanced at the younger brothers and sisters behind Manglietia. "Lotus Huafeng is steep, and Lotus Emperor’s abode of fairies and immortals is even more unknown. If you take them and hurt their lives, you will feel very uncomfortable." His eyes swept from the faces of four people. "If you don’t leave them here, if you get a chance, you will be better off in them or bring them out with the right achievement method."
Four people smell speech suddenly looked up at Manglietia obviously afraid Manglietia will abandon them.
If they don’t have Manglietia to protect themselves, if they are accidentally involved in the private struggle of repairing a powerful brother, the best result will be a decent wound.
Dou Bihan’s words woke them up. They should not forget their identity. It is best to give others less trouble, but it hurts their self-esteem.
Seeing a few people’s eyes dim to Manglietia couldn’t help but feel a little anxious. "Is this a bit too much, teacher younger brother?"
"I am seeking truth from facts" Dou Bihan is not.
"Teacher younger brother means high, and there are several friends who are similar to each other. It’s not difficult to make a trip to Lotus Huafeng, and it’s not difficult for them to cooperate with each other." Manglietia frowned slightly.
"Dou Bihan has admired the teacher elder sister for a long time, of course, he wants to take this opportunity to communicate more with the teacher elder sister." Dou Bihan rolled his eyes. "What’s more, isn’t it a great blessing in life that a clever figure like Qin Xiao can pass?"
This passage of Dou Bihan completely made Qin Xiao dislike him to the extreme.
What’s wrong with this person? Why don’t you hurry home and take medicine? Qin Xiaoyu took a look at Jun Kuang and found that the latter didn’t look so good either.
Small this kind of person is to push the nose and face. We don’t advise him to beat him. Crazy Jun Qian glances at Qin Xiao and nodded his head.
Well, then I’m welcome. Qin Xiao took out a Zhang Ling charm and successfully buried it through Manglietia
Qin Xiao buried the coffin but did not support Manglietia
Looking at Manglietia has been to protect her after the little girl’s heart flush with a trace of guilt.
She told Elder Martial Sister Manglietia that I had buried the talisman in the ground, and I will fight later. You should remember to back off some of them, because I accidentally hurt them.
Manglietia didn’t reply is corner swept Qin Xiao slightly, and said she knew.
Chapter four hundred and ninety-seven Local tyrants actually know how to advance and retreat
Manglietia flowers are all about this, but it’s no wonder that Qin Xiao and others have exploded in mentality.