But AC Milan players have been very tired for two or three minutes, and they can keep up for a long time. How can they keep up?

It’s like racing an Alto car with a Bugatti Veveyor. Even if you step on the accelerator, the Alto car can’t beat Bugatti Veveyor …
Worse than this, they don’t want to race, and they can let go of the accelerator and put on the brake to stop completely and quit the competition.
In the competition between AC Milan and Lazio, AC Milan can’t quit. They have a throttle and no brakes in their car.
They have to be so quick to know that they are exhausted from fuel.
Now it seems that AC Milan is not slow, but they insist on it, but how long can they persist?
Who knows!
They really want to give up …
However, the thought that this is the glory and dignity of their home giants makes them unable to accept and give up this situation before.
So they can grit their teeth and persist.
Outsiders haven’t seen it yet, but they are praising AC Milan’s speed and physical fitness to suppress Lazio.
Allegri also saw the plight of his team on the sidelines.
He is a more professional and he knows his team better.
At the beginning of the halftime, AC Milan was fast, which is normal. It’s been ten minutes now, and the speed is still so fast … If it’s not getting faster and faster, it’s definitely not normal.
His team can’t have such physical strength …
He turned his head and glanced at the coach’s seat next door. The Lazio coach didn’t come out or squat on the sidelines this time. He was still sitting in the coach’s seat, just like at halftime.
I can’t see his face.
But it should be easy to guess what his mood is now by crossing his legs.
Must be very proud
Allegri already knows that this is the winning strategy.
Can’t you run in AC Milan? Don’t you want to run with us?
That’s good. Let you get what you want!
So he accelerated the pace of Lazio, and AC Milan had to spend more energy to follow.
桑拿会所However, AC Milan’s physical strength is not as good as Lazio’s, fearing that AC Milan will collapse due to exhaustion before physical strength …
Now he can certainly make AC Milan slow down and not play with Lazio.
He has the power.
But he can’t do that.
Because all the advantages of AC Milan in this game so far are based on their ability to run better than Lazio.
Once they can’t run, it will have serious consequences both subjectively and objectively.
It’s like forcing a highspeed machine to stop.
This is a death waltz. Once you start dancing, you have to keep dancing until you die.
Allegri scratched his head. This situation is really difficult for him to solve.
Lazio’s goal came unexpectedly in the 62nd minute.
Everyone didn’t even react. david silva wrote the football into the penalty area and was blocked by AC Milan defender thiago silva. The football bounced out of the penalty area.
A direct longrange shot with Barack!
Football just like a shell out of a barrel blasted into the goal guarded by abbiati!
Abbiati made a save but failed to catch the football!
ah? Hey … Did you score? Yes! It’s a goal! ! Lazio equalized the score! !”
The ball went in! Barak’s longrange shot stuck to the turf and ran into the goal! Abbiati has no way to shoot like this!
“GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! ! Michael ballack! ! Nice long shot! Although the goal was a bit unexpected, Lazio equalized the score! That’s enough! This is enough for paying attention to results!
The commentator shouted.
The fans who cheered for AC Milan were dumbfounded at this timehow did they lose the ball? Lazio’s attack looks no different from the previous attack. It doesn’t look like a goalscoring attack …
Chapter three hundred and fiftyfive Lazio at half time you are not to be taunted
AC Milan fans froze when Lazio scored.