Jin Ba Xiong’s last sentence amused Jiao Yi. I didn’t expect that Jin Ba Xiong’s gloomy body actually had humorous cells.

Lu Zhirui also wants to laugh, but now he is the head of Rui Ge’s security company. In front of so many people, he has to put the frame up and seriously say to Jin Ba Xiong, Go back and clean up and tell me when you are ready.
After Jin Ba Xiong left with Huang San, Jing Yao helped his brothers shout around and asked Yang Chuan, What is Rui Ge’s surname Jin doing here?
He’s going to merge everyone into our security company with a sickle, Lu Zhirui said primly.
Jing Yao Gang and all the people looked at each other. Sickle will take refuge in Jing Yao Gang. What is this situation?
Brother Rui’s former sickle will have had many fights with us, and now they want to merge into our company, so they can’t promise him so easily. Yang Chuan gritted his teeth
桑拿会所Although sickle will be merged into it, it will strengthen the security company of Ruige, but at the thought of having a holiday with sickle before, Jingyao gang agreed with Yang Chuan’s words and asked Lu Zhirui not to allow sickle to join.
This is Mr Jiao’s decision Lu Zhirui light tunnel
As soon as Lu Zhirui said this, everyone shut up. Mr. Jiao decided how to make irresponsible remarks about these little shrimps.
Jiao Yi looked at Huang Feihong and they laughed. Sickle will have a lot of people and will work hard for you in the future.
Huang Feihong, every one of them got Jiao Yi one million. Where can it be too hard? Brother Yi, don’t worry, this is what we should do.
Jiao Yi came out of the basement training hall and looked at Lin Jingyao, wondering if no one was bothering her now, but he knew from Lin Jingyao’s eyes that he couldn’t count on it today, so he simply went to visit the cold residual charm room.
Cold residual injury is mainly caused by sternal fracture, which can be slowly healed, but he can exercise his own power to treat a chest injury.
Jiao Yi thought about giving the cold residual charm a little. With the qi and cold residual charm in the earth star, the injury will recover faster, but after thinking about it, he dismissed the idea.
Although there are still many earth stars left by Master, if he really has the talent of transforming babies, the earth stars will be quite in short supply. Besides, the earth stars are now the secret of Jiao Yi, and even the cold and deformed Jiao Yi can’t be revealed.
In the next few days, Jiao Yi will come to the Purple Rose Hotel to visit the cold residual charm, and sometimes Wang Xinyuan will come. She and the cold residual charm are getting better and better, and sometimes Jiao Yi is not shy about saying some disgusting words to stimulate Jiao Yi.
A few days later, Jiao Yi came to the cold residual charm room as usual, and the chest injury of the cold residual charm has recovered. It is estimated that she will recover in a few days.
The two chatted for a while, and Jiao Yi was about to leave Wang Xinyuan when suddenly a gust of wind burst in, with a bright face like winning the first prize in the lottery.
Sisterinlaw, see if you are so happy. Are you going to have an inlaws with Brother Leng? Jiao Yi walked over and asked him that he was familiar with Wang Xinyuan these days.
Wang Xinyuan gave Jiao Yi a white look, but he still couldn’t hide his face. He shouted, Good news, good news, great news.
Jiao Yi and Leng can’t figure out what will make Wang Xinyuan excited to this extent.
What’s the good news about Xinyuan? Leng can’t help but ask.
Wang Xinyuan clenched his fist in an incredible tone. I’m afraid you don’t believe it, but it’s true. The biennial business summit will be held in Yunzhou. It has always been held in the provincial capital. This year, Yunzhou was arranged.
I don’t know much about the cold charm of the business summit, but Wang Xinyuan, the host of the business summit in Yunzhou, is the host of Yunzhou TV Station. Of all the media, she naturally has the advantage of getting the moon first.
Congratulations, I want to stay and watch your report and interview. Leng residual charm said.
Wang Xinyuan’s excitement hasn’t passed yet. You don’t know that I have been focusing on Yunzhou for three years. This time it is the real focus of Yunzhou Business Summit. At the beginning, Yunzhou will become the focus of several neighboring provinces.
Jiao Yi was also ecstatic in his heart. Jenny really persuaded the business alliance to arrange the business summit to Yunzhou, but he was psychologically prepared and looked calm on the surface.
No, there’s even better news. Then Yunzhou must be the focus of China, if not the focus of world attention.
What’s the better news? The cold ghost has little interest in the business summit, but Wang Xinyuan is so excited that he has to cooperate.
I’m telling you why you didn’t respond to such good news as Jiao Yi. Wang Xinyuan’s eyes glanced over Jiao Yi’s face and saw Jiao Yi’s face calm and strangely asked:
Chapter 3 A friend’s wife must not be bullied
What’s the fuss about? I already know. Jiao Yi calmly tunnel
Wang Xinyuan stared at Jiao Yi with his eyes wide open. You already know that. How is that possible? I just got the news.
Sisterinlaw, do you remember that I said that there would be a worldfamous event in Yunzhou at the entrance of No.2 Middle School that day? Jiao Yi still smiled calmly.
When Wang Xinyuan stayed at the entrance of No.2 Middle School that day to interview Jiao Yi, Jiao Yi really said such a thing. At that time, she never thought that Jiao Yi said that the event would be held in Yunzhou every two years.
If official website, a business alliance, hadn’t confirmed the news, Wang Xinyuan wouldn’t have believed that the problem was that Jiao Yi knew a week ago that the business summit would arrange Yunzhou. Did he have a prophecy?
Do you know what the better news I want to say is? Wang Xinyuan also needs to confirm whether Jiao Yi is fooling her.
Jiao Yichong Wang Xinyuan blinked and smiled. Sisterinlaw, do you mean that President Gao of Xianchen Tuangao, Eddie Ma Rulong and his wife, Zhou Yuxin will all attend this business summit?
Wang Xin’s round face showed a ghost, and he said with horror, How do you know?
Sisterinlaw, if I say that the business summit will arrange Yunzhou, I will win it over, believe it or not Jiaoyi walked over to the tunnel.
Wang Xinyuan was even more horrified. She felt that Jiao Yi’s words were absurd, but Jiao Yi knew that the business summit was held in Yunzhou and that several big business giants were going to attend the summit. She was somewhat uncertain. Jiao Yi, what you said is true.
A friend’s wife can’t be bullied. Jiao Yi smiled. You are my sisterinlaw and I won’t cheat you.
Wang Xinyuan directly looked at the evil meaning in Jiao Yi’s words and asked, Why do you want to win the business summit to Yunzhou?
I’m my girlfriend fighting for it. When I think of Wen Wan and Jiao Yi in the early Qin Dynasty, I don’t know if they have received the news of the business summit held in Yunzhou. Jiao Yi wants to share it with them.