Yu Enze walked up to Yu Jiahao and forced himself to negotiate with him angrily. "Uncle, if the person you want to deal with is me, then you should come directly at me. Don’t involve long summer and long summer. She is Gu. Please tell me where long summer is now. Please let me find her."

The goblet was violently thrown to the floor, and in a sharp crack, the glass fragments popped up with the splashing red liquid and plunged far into the furry carpet.
"I tortured long summer." Yu Jiahao grabbed Yu Enze by the collar. He shouted angrily at Yu Enze. "Yu Enze, you said I tortured long summer. Do you know that if I hadn’t saved long summer, she would have died? You didn’t even have a chance to come here and find me."
Yu Enze struggled to get rid of Yu Jiahao and grabbed his collar hand. He pushed his tone angrily. "If you are really good at long summer, why don’t you let us all know what she left and keep her imprisoned?"
"Yu Enze, I tell you," Yu Jiahao angrily rushed to grab Yu Enze’s tie, and his black eyes seemed to be braving the violent flame. "You naturally feel that you are the most caring long summer person in this world. If you really want to protect long summer, you know that she ruined long summer’s appearance, but you still blindly protect her. If it weren’t for me, I’m afraid you will see a face of scars in the future. long summer and I long summer do far more than you."
Yu Enze stopped resisting. He suddenly became quiet and his heart suddenly hurt.
Yu Jiahao said yes, long summer can fall into such a helpless situation that Qin Chen can’t get away from it, but he can’t do anything to Qin Chen. He can’t hate Qin Chen and can’t retaliate against Qin Chen. On the contrary, he is struggling to find long summer, but he has to take care of himself and long summer day and night because of his guilt for Qin Ran.
Isn’t he wrong in the whole thing? He is wrong. He is wrong. He is the culprit.
It was he who caused Qin Ran to commit suicide in despair.
He made Qin Chen bent on revenge.
It was he who got long summer koo implicated.
He’s sorry for long summer. He’s the one who really deserves to die.
Self-reproach and sadness tormented Yu Enze again and again. He was confused and confused. He seemed to have fallen into the abyss. He had been swallowed up by darkness and could not find a light outlet.
Yu Jiahao let go when he saw that Yu Enze’s mood became calm. "In a few days, I will naturally let you see that healthy and healthy Kang Lixia. She has to be wronged by her these days."
The atmosphere was horribly quiet
For a long time, Yu Enze’s tone was quiet. "Uncle, I don’t care what you plan. If you are only targeting me, I hope you don’t hurt long summer and her family."
Yu Jiahao looked at Yu Enze with an unusually calm face and smiled slyly. "Don’t worry, long summer is also a woman. How can I have the heart to hurt me? Now she will be grateful to me and she wants to repay me."
He patted Yu Enze’s shoulder contemptuously and said earnestly, "For you, you should experience the pain of missing more. You know, the more anxious you are because you can’t see the woman you love, the more enjoyable I feel. This feeling is really cool and exciting."
"Uncle, I said," Yu Enze tried to contain his anger and stared at Yu Jiahao. "If you are dealing with me, please don’t hurt long summer, her family is now in long summer. I won’t argue with you. Please take good care of her uncle. If you still admit that you are a Han, then we will find a suitable time to fight alone."
"No problem" Yu Jiahao immediately easily promised him to walk past Yu Enze with his head held high, lit a cigarette in his mouth, and his expression of disdain was hazy. "I, Yu Jiahao, have been wandering in the Jianghu for so many years and have never been afraid, so I will fight one-on-one when I am afraid."
"It’s better than you." Yu Enze is not afraid at all.
"Good" Yu Jiahao has answers.
Yu Enze is unsmiling. "If I win, I hope my uncle can promise me a request."
"You are sure that you will win before you start the competition." Yu Jiahao despised Yu Enze for overreaching.
"I mean, if everything is always unpredictable, I will win in case of my uncle. What about you?" Yu Enze replied.
Yu Jiahao laughed wildly. "You can’t beat me. You know what I’m good at, but I don’t mind if you tell me about your request."
"If I win, please let my uncle pass Qin Chen." Yu Enze looked earnestly.
"Then you will wait until you win." The face is unbridled contempt for Yu Jiahao and turned away.
"How about Enze? Did your uncle tell you that long summer was left behind?" Late Yu Enze returned home and Qin Chen immediately ran anxiously to ask him.
Yu Enze walked to the French window and looked at his feet sinking into the night. The city’s eyes were dim and not lost. The low tone drifted away in a dignified atmosphere. "How could he easily tell me that long summer fell before he saw enough of me?"
"That long summer she has nothing to do" Qin Chen worried that long summer’s current situation was very uneasy.
Yu Enze shook his head and sighed heavily. "long summer is very safe now, but she has lost her freedom like a caged bird."
"I’m sorry, it’s all my fault. I hurt long summer like this. I’m sorry for Enze." Qin Chen apologized to Yu Enze shamefully, and tears could not help falling.
"It’s all because I don’t blame you." Yu Enze smiled bitterly.
"Enze sees you all day because you miss long summer, always holding back your heart and taking care of me, a sinner of the ages. My heart is like a drop of blood." Qin Chen hugged Yu Enze’s tears more fiercely. "But I can’t do anything. I can’t help you or long summer. I’m a burden. I really hate myself."
Yu Enze Qin Chen wiped her face and tears and comforted her lovingly. "Qin Chen, don’t say that taking care of yourself is what I should do, you are not a burden."
"But I don’t want you to be so tired. I love you so much. I feel sorry for you." Sad and sad. Qin Chen lost his tears. "Looking around for long summer has already burned you. You have to guard against your uncle for me at any time. He sent someone to kill me again. I really feel that I am unforgivable when I see you getting thinner. I was wrong. I was really wrong. Everything was my fault."
Suddenly thunder and lightning flashed outside the window for a second, and the wind swept through the rainstorm and hit Qin Chen. After that, he suddenly opened the door and rushed into the wind and rain.
"It’s dangerous outside Qin Chen. Come back here." Yu Enze chased him out in panic.
Chapter 66 It’s a long story
Blinking white seems to be about to open the dark night, thundering and thundering, hoping to crack the desolate earthquake, whistling in the dark, sweeping the cold wind obliquely, pouring sharp skates like cold rain, and cutting their thin and gaunt bodies unscrupulously.
Qin Chen ran all the way forward and Yu Enze chased all the way forward. The clothes were soaked and the rain seemed to blur their sight with a kind of contempt and ridicule.
"You come out, I’m here, you kill me." Pain Qin Chen running all the way shouted hysterically all the way. "You come out, I’ll kill me in front of you. Just kill me happily."
Yu Enze quickly chased Qin Chen. He hurriedly covered her mouth and saw that he was short of breath and shouted angrily at her. "Qin Chen, are you crazy? Come back with me quickly. If my uncle really sends someone to ambush this area, you will die."
"Enze, why don’t you just let them kill me?" Qin Chen struggled hard to break Yu Enze’s hand. Her pale face can’t tell whether it is tears or rain. "I don’t want to be a burden to you anymore. Protect me. You are exhausted. I am really sad and painful to see you dying. I can’t bear it."
Why don’t you just let them kill me so that you don’t have a mind and you won’t live so tired? "
Qin Chen seems to have lost hope of life. She thinks that only by letting her die can she make up for her sins against Yu Enze and long summer. She frantically shouted around, "Where are you hiding? Come out and kill me! Kill me!"
"You wake up for me." A loud slap hit Qin Chen’s face and a flash lit up his angry face. The light turned dim again. He stared at himself in surprise, and there was a faint pain in his hand. He froze and his eyes were full of regret.
In the deafening thunder, Qin Chen suddenly became quiet. She covered her burning left face and looked at Yu Enze in amazement.
"You care about your own feelings and want to die. Have you ever thought about your heavenly sister Qin Ran?" Yu Enze saw Qin Chen’s mood become stable. He held her shoulder tightly and locked her eyes submerged by tears and rain. "Qin Ran loved you so much that you could live happily. Do you want to go against her wishes? How can you live up to your sister?"
Qin Chen bowed his head in silence and sobbed.
Yu Enze lovingly held Qin Chen in his arms, and his tone softened. He apologized to Qin Chen. "I’m sorry for Qin Chen, but I shouldn’t have hit you impulsively just now. It’s my fault." Then he comforted her. "Go back to your true self, Qin Chen. Live well. Although I love you, I can protect you all your life. Please believe me and believe in yourself."
"Enze, I listen to you. I listen to you. I will live well. I will live well." Qin Chen finally realized that all the grievances were gone at this moment. She couldn’t help hugging Yu Enze with tears.
The annual international business forum was held in y city this year. Yu Enze was still invited to participate in the forum. After the forum, there was a large dinner address, the top package of Queen Hotel.
Yu Enze is dressed in an elegant black striped suit. He is heroic and personable. He has been used to such a grand and solemn scene from calmly shuttling through the neon lights, fragrant temples, elegant manners and elegant manners. He has always been comfortable with it.
A little tired after walking around, he can finally sit on the sofa alone and be quiet for a while. He looks out of the window and the foot is blurred and bright, and the night in the city is unobstructed, but his heart is still falling.