I wonder if everyone is satisfied with this arrangement. I hope parents can continue to follow Xiaoyi, huh? Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh? ~

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☆, 3 depressed family daily life
"Sister-in-law" Yu Yuting loosened her grip on Yu Yu’s arm and changed her hands to fold her hands. Sincerely please Chang Huanyan. "You are quick to let Big Brother go to dinner with us later."
Yu Yu "…"
Chang Huanyan looked up at Yu Yu and asked cautiously, "Are you busy tonight?"
Yu Yu looked at her and nodded.
spa会所Chang Huanyan bite bite lips good-looking to Yu Yuting "that … I also don’t go."
"What?" Yu Yuting suddenly looked at Yu Yu’s small eyes full of resentment. "Eldest brother, you must go to hear it later, or your sister-in-law will not go. Grandma will blame me again!"
Chang Huanyan "…"
She simply feels that when she goes out with a big belly, she always has to trouble others to take care of herself. She feels a little guilty. If she can’t go, she just has an excuse not to make trouble.
Depression can kill a fly by frowning. It is straightforward to say, "Didn’t I help you once?"
Yu Yuting didn’t good the spirit left his lip and simply said, "Grandma called too many people this time, including Ah Shu and Xiao Er, and they all went there … You must go there too, or my father-in-law will say something that is not obedient."
Chang Huanyan "…"
The corridor was quiet for a few seconds.
Eventually …
"all right"
Yu Yuting didn’t expect eldest brother to promise to be so frank, and immediately turned around. "Okay, okay, then it’s a deal. Eldest brother and sister-in-law I won’t disturb you to rest. Bye-bye."
The door "pa" was taken back by Yu Yu Nai, just to see Chang Huan Yan looking up and not staring at himself instantly.
Don’t apply powder, your face is delicate and soft, because you look up and show your white slender neck and delicate shoulders covered with a thin coat, which adds a bit of fragility.
Before Yu Yu realized it, his hand had been raised and put on her shoulder. "What are you looking at?"
Chang Huanyan still looked at him with his big black and white eyes open, and then she stood on tiptoe and a fragrant smell belonging to women entered the melancholy breath, accompanied by her soft voice, "What’s wrong with you here?"
Some cool fingertips touched his jaw and frowned, only to realize that there was some tingling there.
Chang Huanyan looked at his finger with bright red blood and looked at him in surprise. "You … how did you get hurt?"
"It’s okay. Maybe I didn’t pay attention to it just now." Yu said in some understatement
In fact, it was easy to deal with those punks, and he didn’t feel that he would get hurt.
"Why are you so careless?" Chang Huanyan said, pulling his hand into the house and closing the door.
Yu Yu was so dragged by her to the sofa and sat watching her take out a pink mini medicine box from the interlayer of the tea table. After opening it, there were all kinds of things in it.
He picked his eyebrows and was surprised. "Where did these things come from?"
"I’ll buy it." Chang Huanyan took a look at him and took out the alcohol cotton swab band-aid and "held his head up."
Depression in fundus quickly across a smile and then obedient slightly raised his jaw.
In the process of treatment, I often feel happy and close to him. Soft hands put on his shoulders seem to have a sweet smell, and the smell has been lingering on his nose.
I’ve been in the police for so many years that I can’t count how many times I’ve been seriously injured … I almost killed him. He really never cares about minor injuries like broken skin and bleeding on weekdays.
It was when Chang Huan-yan treated his wound so seriously that he didn’t say no.
"Say it when it hurts" often sounds happy.
Yu Yu picked an eyebrow "grace"
Warm white light falls on her serious little face, her expression is focused on crescent white skin, and there is no trace of pores. Black curly hair falls softly on her shoulders, and the fragrance of a woman mixed with rose shower gel strongly invades his senses and nerves.
"naturally carve clear water to produce hibiscus"
The poem appeared unconsciously in his mind.
As the line of sight goes, I can see that her collar mouth is loosened due to the bow movement, revealing a small soft gully …
Unconsciously, his Adam’s apple moved slightly.
"Well," Chang Huan-yan said while putting on a band-aid, "Although the wound is not deep, you should also be careful not to touch the water and it will get better after scabbing."
I didn’t hear the man respond after everything was packed.
She looked up slightly stunned and instantly looked into the man’s strong and deep black eyes.
Neither of them spoke.
Yu Yu stared at her. Although he didn’t move, his eyes kept looking at her.
Chang Huanyan felt her heart "plop plop" accelerate.
I don’t know what’s going on. It’s definitely not the beautiful boys type, but … she’s afraid to look him in the eye. Every time she looks at him and doesn’t talk, she feels like she’s being tried by him.
And his eyes were dark and deep, like a magnet, which kept attracting her as if to suck her in.
A red face, she quickly withdrew her eyes and put the medicine cabinet on the tea table. "I … I’ll take a shower first."
Yu Yu corners of the mouth slightly a hook at the little woman some fled into the bathroom.
He slowly pulled out the iphone from his trouser pocket and tried to press the power button again. Okay, return it.
A power button. Okay, still no response.
Did you really die?
A trace of melancholy suddenly crossed his mind.
When I woke up early the next day, I was always smiling. As usual, the man around me had gone and touched the mattress, which was already cold.
Big bed is she a person.
It’s still early. She stretched and got up slowly.
After washing, I opened the curtains and looked at the scenery outside with a slight smile.