"Lu can’t see I just pushed the message to her? She has been pestering me for more than a month, and I will be bored if I am a human being. "Chen Zhikai quickly explained that" I am certainly very sensible like Miss Lu. "

"Director Chen, you can’t fool me. I heard the lady say that you have a big drama preparation recently." Lu You carefully tried his tone.
Chen Zhikai said, "There is no conflict between work and life."
"I heard that the actors of director Chen’s play have not yet decided what director Chen is interested in?" Lu You took the initiative to raise the goblet to worship Chen Zhikai.
Chen Zhikai saw Lu You take the initiative to feel happy and drank a glass of wine, and Lu You took the initiative to fill it for him. "Can you tell me?"
"Is Miss Lu interested in this?" Chen Zhikai’s eyes have light, and Lu’s sad face wants to see through something.
"Director Chen, you are an internationally renowned director. Of course, your every move involves public attention. Do you think I can ignore it?" Lu sorrow praised Chen Zhikai first. "If Chen Dao has nothing to choose, I can give you advice."
按摩"Is it Chu night?" Chen Zhikai guessed Lu’s worries.
"Chen also said to chu night that he is a good candidate, isn’t it? He is an idol and has the strength to return from abroad. He is very popular. I think that if Director Chen chooses Chu Night Talk, it will bring great appeal to your play, and you gave Chu Night a chance to receive the first one after returning to China. This is a win-win situation, don’t you think? " Lu sorrow persuaded him.
"Miss Lu is right, but the investment in this play is too big. I chose the actors, but in the end, I want the investors to be satisfied. Some investors like to choose their image spokespersons, which is also a marketing tool for them." Chen Zhikai also said to Lu You what he had just said to the actress.
"Director Chen, even if you are like this, but you are a famous director, your influence is so strong. Your recommender wants you to stick to it, and the investors will respect your opinion. After all, your opinion is the most professional. Many directors just don’t like the investors to decide the final actors because they have a much worse eye than the directors." Lu Yu repeatedly said that Chen Zhikai’s ability and influence "Director Chen besides, a superstar like Chu Ye doesn’t take every play. That’s tantamount to self-destruction because you are a famous director, and Chu Ye is also the strength to send you together. That’s a strong team. And just now, I also heard that I turned down someone else’s appointment. I just wanted to leave the schedule to Chen Ji. You really don’t lose money on this drama Chen Dao Chu Night. "
"Miss Lu, this matter can’t be decided so hastily. If you have something to say tonight, I’ll give you a chance to have a good talk." Chen Zhikai is now playing the role of the actress who begged him.
It’s not that I don’t understand this suggestion, but she has to pretend not to understand it.
She’s a wife, so she can’t talk to other men at night.
"Chen Daochu Night’s entertainment for so many guests today must be too much for me to take care of him later." Lu You took Chu Night as a shield.
Chen Zhikai doesn’t believe in it. "Miss Lu, are you a Chu night agent, not a nanny? Do you have to take care of him at night?"
"Today is a special case," sighed Lu Nainai. "Our kind of workers say it’s nice, but the brokers say it’s not nice. It’s no different from nannies. Food, clothing, housing and transportation need to be taken care of for him. Besides, he didn’t return to China until Chu night. He is not a native here. Everything depends on me. I am paid. Naturally, I have to do my job."
"Lu is sincere" Chen Zhikai immediately changed his face when he put the red wine glass. "Since Lu is so busy, I can’t stand it, but I think it’s worthwhile for Lu to sacrifice at Chu night. I’ll excuse you before Lu thinks it over. I have others to say hello."
Chen Zhikai turned to leave Lu sorrow and did not take the initiative to stop him.
Don’t you just want to hide the rules from her? She wouldn’t jump in in such a hurry. This method won’t work. She just misses him. She doesn’t believe that she can’t get a role for Chu Ye.
Chu night is a sought-after superstar, and it doesn’t affect him if he doesn’t want this play, but what she has to do now is to prove herself.
But if you lose this opportunity, it will be even harder to see Chen Zhikai again.
She bullet clear out "director Chen has something to say, don’t leave in a hurry"
Chen Zhikai paused and changed his mind.
While Gu Nan in the rest area is talking to Lin Mochen and Fu Hanyu.
I don’t know what to say. Even Fu Hanyu, who has always been cold-faced, hooked his lips and smiled
Then Pang Bo went to Lin Mochen’s side and whispered in his ear, "There is always a situation in Lin."
Lin Mochen rushed to Gu Nanqing and Fu Hanyu and said, "I want to say something."
He got up and Pang Bo followed him to a corner. "The president, Miss Lu, is in trouble. Director Chen suggested that Miss Lu should let Chu night be the hero of the play and she should accompany him to sleep."
"How dare you!" Lin Mo-chen’s cold lips spit out cold words, "It seems that I don’t know where they are if I don’t give him some color when I come to my wife Lin Mo-chen’s body."
☆, 129 Do husbands still need conditions to help their wives?
Lin Mo Chen’s handsome face is cold and he exudes a sense of sen’s cold.
Pang Bo knew that some people were going to have bad luck "with Miss Lin Zonglu and Director Chen".
Lin Mo-chen Pang Bo led him to Lu You and Chen Zhikai, but he was Lu You’s side.
Chen Zhikai smiled when he saw Lin Mo-chen appear. "Lin is always good."
Lu sorrow also saw Lin Mo-chen around him, and felt that he had a different breath with ice and snow, which made her feel worried.
What she’s talking about here is just talking about the key moment. Why did he come here?
She’s afraid that Lin Mo-chen will play cards unreasonably, and she will be caught off guard.
"Manager Lin, why are you here?" Lu sorrow called them strangers and positioned them in front of them. She didn’t want others to know that they were husband and wife.
"If I don’t come, I’m afraid you’ll be eaten by others and I don’t know what’s going on." Lin Mochen’s eyes swept across Chen Zhikai.
Chen Zhikai also felt that Lin Mo-chen’s eyes were slightly prickly, and Lin Mo-chen’s words were just right. When he was worried about Lu, he unconsciously lowered his head when he looked at Lin Mo-chen’s eyes.
Chen Zhikai turned his head and found an excuse. "Manager Lin and Miss Lu have something to say, so I won’t bother. I’ll say hello to his friend."
Chen Zhikai turned around and stopped him before he came. "What’s the hurry, Chen? I want to talk to you."
"Lin always has something to talk about." Chen Zhikai lived on tiptoe and had a very good attitude towards Lin Mo-chen, without the arrogance of talking to Lu You just now.