"Brother … brother …" What’s wrong with him?

He didn’t say anything to tidy her clothes. "How long will it take to go back!"
"Twenty minutes!" Answer!
I don’t know why my brother stopped to watch him frown. She carefully asked, "Brother, what’s wrong with you?"
"Nothing!" He kissed her eyebrows and couldn’t see what was going on at the moment.
The car stopped at the door of the villa soon to send his little baby back, and he was about to leave.
Seeing him leaving again, Kexin grabbed his suit and didn’t want him to leave. "Brother … where are you going?"
"Go out and do something!"
"Brother, can you take me?" She somehow had a bad feeling.
"Wait for me at home!"
She was a little frustrated and bowed her head. "Brother, will you come back later?"
I don’t want the little thing to lose. He said, "Come back!"
"Really, you don’t lie to me?" Her dim eyes flashed a little luster.
"Don’t lie!" He promised her that he would pick her up later. "Little thing, I will buy this dress for you today and change the bed until I come back!" "
When he comes back from his work, the little thing will give him a big surprise
Keep his words in mind. She nodded cleverly. "Got it, brother!"
"It’s really my darling!" He hugged her fondly. "Brother will be back soon!"
Nan Chen was reluctant to leave his little thing and got into the car again, and his face sank into the dark night.
"say! What’s the matter? "
Dark night enveloped the vast land, and the night wind began to condense a coolness in the air.
Gunfire roared at Longmen headquarters.
In the dark night, the tall and straight man spoke nothing and exuded a staggering momentum.
"Ye, the transaction tonight was a trap. We were trapped. Our main forces went to the dock to trade. I didn’t expect them to attack the headquarters. When we got the news, we came to Longmen. The whole headquarters had been attacked!"
Nanchen night glanced at the scene of the battle. "What is the other side?"
"I found out it was an Arab royal."
Arab royal family? Nan Chen night eyebrows "what is the current situation?"
"In less than an hour, we can break back to the battle."
"Very good!" His cold eyes swept past a small Arab royal family, and it was no match for him.
Suddenly, a flame burst like a dragon and broke through the silent night!
The shadow is keenly aware of the hidden danger. "Be careful-"
"Quick lie prone-"
Followed by several explosions, like one thunder after another, rolled up a burst of smoke, and everything around it vanished in an instant, leaving no trace, and the broken sparks quickly dissipated and disappeared.
The air is filled with a large piece of smoke, and the smell of smoke is so strong that it makes people’s eyes blurred.
Dozens of black killers suddenly appeared in the smoke, and the atmosphere suddenly tightened.
"Peng! Bang! Bang! -"gas across a few shots! Several bullets came at the same time.
Suddenly, the ground was swept straight, and the cold eyes of Nanchen night swept around and quickly flashed. After several consecutive rolls, they dodged the shooting and quickly hid in a hidden place.
The shadow rolled several times together with several hands before it had to avoid the bullet sweeping and quickly hide in a place near Nanchen night.
"What’s the matter?"
"I just received a line MuLing heaven surrounded us-"
"Damn it!" He low curse MuLingTian add a foot at this time of the dragon gate is bound to fall into crisis.
"I’m not good … we have to evacuate quickly!"
Is it just a coincidence that Nan Chen narrowed his cold eyes and frowned at night? Or did they conspire to unite?
"Ye, we have to evacuate quickly. We can’t wait any longer. Brothers will be in danger!" Mei Ying quickly took out his body and carried a gun with him. He packed his weapon as quickly as possible. "Let’s just kill him-"
Kexin looked at herself wearing cheongsam in front of the bathroom mirror after taking a shower.
Section 345
It fits very well and is very close to the body. It looks particularly beautiful when it is forward and backward.
She touched her little face for a while and wondered if her brother would like it.
She walked out of the bathroom and sat on the bed cleverly, picked up those beautiful high heels, put on her feet and waited for him to come back quietly!
The wall clock is ticking away, but it’s pleasant to look at it from time to time and then look at the direction of the door.
"Eldest brother … check the place is here!" Silver cloud saw eye handle guarded villa way
Mulingtian opened the window and cursed mom. Damn it, Nan Chen was afraid that he would find her sister and hide in this deserted mountain?
He asked, "What’s going on over there?"
"Boss, someone beat us to it when we made moves." Yinyun just received the news over there.
"What person?" Actually, you have such a deep hatred with Nan Chen Night?
桑拿会所  title="Eldest brother each other for a lot like Arab royalty …"
Mu Lingtian sank his eyes. "Then he will die this time!"
"If you don’t die, you will die!"
He cold eyes line of sight with a dead anger "dare to hurt my MuLingTian sister he ten lives are not enough! Destroy his nest! I will never let him go this time. "
"yes, boss"
"Solve these people …"
"Eldest brother here to me! Go and pick up your sister! "
"I don’t know what my sister is, not your sister!" He was dissatisfied with the emphasis
Yinyun smirked. "Eldest brother and sister are brothers and sisters!"
"What does my sister have with you?" Mu Lingtian is not happy
"Eldest brother don’t be so stingy? The eldest brother and sister are so beautiful, and the brothers want to get involved and say how enviable it is to have such a beautiful sister! "