"Wow, you are wrong." There was a thin mist in your eyes. long summer got up and walked to the French window and looked at her feet. The bustling city was in a daze. "Since Enze lost his legs and pressed his prosthetic limbs, he has got up and walked smoothly again. He took care of Enze and me according to his own wishes, but he never said he would marry me."

"Do you know?" long summer hurriedly wiped her face with tears, and her voice trembled slightly. "Enze has arranged for other outstanding men to book a date with me in the restaurant before coming under the guise of dating me these days, which is to let the other party and I have a blind date. Enze has done this again and again. He has been privately deciding my lifelong event."
夜生活"Boss Yu, he really did this" shocked Xiaowa and looked at long summer incredulously. "Sister long summer, you’ve always been like this, and he’s just wasting it with him."
"No matter how hard he tries to arrange blind date, I won’t waver in my position and I will never leave him." long summer said firmly.
Xiaowa sighs that she approaches long summer and hugs long summer in her arms. "Sister long summer, you said that Boss Yu is suffering from him again. This is torturing himself and torturing you."
"Let’s not talk about this." long summer took a deep breath and forced a smile. "Come on, I’ll continue your makeup. You will enter the wedding scene in a minute."
Chapter one hundred and fifty-three I take you home
There are many beautiful Ma Haifeng with its unique warmth blowing gently from her ear, leaving a faint smell of fishy and salty. A pink dress, Jiang Yushi, walks barefoot, delicate and soft beach, and the golden sun shines all over her body, even her face is wet and crystal clear, just as she misses Ouyang more and more deeply.
Not far away, the ringing and sweet laughter is getting closer and closer. It turns out that a white man is leading a group of nine-year-old dodoma children to sing happily in the wind on their bicycles on the beach road.
"After a day’s homework, let’s have fun. The boat floats gently in the water and the cool wind blows head-on."
They sang a Chinese children’s song, Jiang Yushi, and guessed that the man riding in white at the front should be a China teacher. Many years ago, she also volunteered in China to help some children in poverty-stricken areas teach them knowledge.
At that time, Jiang Yushi, although Ouyang was separated by a vast Indian Ocean, at least she knew that he was in his place. Whenever she wanted to go home, she could always find his direction. He was like an indelible lighthouse that lit her way home all the time.
Where has Ouyang gone now? She has searched all over Africa and still can’t see him. Is he lost like her?
"Why does his figure look so familiar with his figure?" Jiang Yushi looked stupefied at the white man riding a bicycle drifting away, but his heartbeat began to accelerate, and his blood seemed to be boiling.
"Yes, that’s him, that’s him." Jiang Yushi was so excited that she didn’t think much about it. She ran desperately on the beach and chased and shouted "Is Luochen you? Luochen, wait a minute. I’m Yushi. Is Luochen you?"
Calling through the bustling crowd, through the roaring wind, into the front of the ride, Ouyang’s ears hit the depths of his soul. He remembers this familiar and long-lost voice, and he will always remember it.
There is a person in this world who would call him Luo Chen in such a kind way. Now it sounds so rare to hear it at this moment. It is really luxurious and moved to tears. It seems that after thousands of years of hardships, the ice and snow have melted into a clear river and a beautiful rainbow is blooming in spring. He has been waiting for these two words for six years.
A quick and agile U-turn Ouyang galloped away in the direction of Jiang Yushi. At the moment he saw Jiang Yushi, he jumped decisively on his bicycle and jumped to the beach with a leap. Ouyang struggled to Jiang Yushi and held her tightly in his arms.
"I finally found you in the rain poem." Tears glistened in the blue eyes of the Mediterranean, and I smiled with relief. I was charming and handsome. Ouyang Fu’s thin face in Jiang Yushi’s poem "I always believed that one day I could meet you in Africa. I always adhered to this land with your footprints, and I knew we could meet again."
Ouyang lifted her arms Jiang Yushi saw her inexplicably wearing a mask and couldn’t help frowning in confusion. "Rain Poetry, you have to wear a mask."
Jiang Yushi quickly knocked off Ouyang Zheng’s hand trying to help her take off the mask, and then hurriedly turned his back on Ouyang Xin, suddenly suffering from tears. She forced herself to keep calm. "Oh, I recently caught a cold and wore a mask to avoid infecting others."
Ouyang felt that there was something wrong with Jiang Yushi because he knew her best. Even if Jiang Yushi had a bad cold, she wouldn’t wear a mask.
Ouyang also often complained that Jiang Yushi said that she always deliberately infected him with a cold, which made him cough and have a runny nose with her. What a difficult little devil.
Jiang Yushi naughtily put her arms around Ouyang’s neck and mouth, and deliberately got very close to him, and it was well-founded. "Oh, you are not a doctor, even if we catch a cold, we are not afraid. What disease will not disappear as soon as I meet you?"
Every time Ouyang looked at Jiang Yushi with disgust, "Bitch, you stay away from me and push your luck."
The more Ouyang tries to avoid meeting him face to face through such behavior, the more she likes to tease Ouyang. Finally, she simply sticks to Ouyang’s body and is naughty. She keeps breathing at Ouyang’s mouth. "I will dye you, I will dye you, and I will do everything together, even with a cold."
Jiang Yushi can’t have caught a cold. She suddenly wore a mask for another reason.
"Rain poem, you lied to me." Ouyang walked quickly to Jiang Yushi’s face, and his Mediterranean blue eyes shone sharply. He stared at Jiang Yushi’s face mask and let me see you.
"I don’t want" Jiang Yushi back ouyang decisively refused.
"What" Ouyang broke off Jiang Yushi and forced her to look at him.
"There is nothing I just like to wear a mask." Jiang Yushi left her head and avoided Ouyang’s sight.
"You’re talking nonsense" Ouyang Cai didn’t believe Jiang Yu’s nonsense. Because of anxiety and worry, he simply held out his hand and suddenly took off Jiang Yu’s mask. "What’s the matter with you?" The words just fell and he couldn’t help but stare big blue eyes in shock when he saw Jiang Yu’s poem.
Jiang Yushi felt frustrated. She snatched the mask from Ouyang’s hand and then pushed it away. She moved forward to running all the way, crying and drowning. The mask flew in the wind and fell into the deep sea.
Ouyang always chased Jiang Yushi. He pulled her back into his arms and held her tightly. How afraid he was of losing her again, as if to rub her into his body.
"Let me go, let me go!" Heart-wrenching Jiang Yushi Ouyang struggled to beat him in his arms. "I have become ugly. I am no longer the perfect Jiang Yushi in your mind. Let me go."
"I’ve lost you once, and I won’t lose you again." Ouyang held Jiang Yushi more tightly, and it hurt like a needle. "Rain Poetry, no matter what you become, you will always be the most beautiful rain poem in my heart. I don’t want you to leave me again. I don’t want it."
"But I’m such a ghost. I don’t want to be so incomplete to face you." Jiang Yushi lay in Ouyang’s arms and wept.
"Don’t you forget the rain poem?" Ouyang comforted and cried. "I’m a doctor. I can help you find the best plastic surgeon in the world. You can recover. Trust me, okay?"
"What you said in Luochen is true." Jiang Yushi looked up with tearful eyes and looked at Ouyang sincerely.
My eyes are full of cherishing Ouyang’s words. "Believe me, I will try my best to help you find the best doctor in the world and restore your original beauty."
Back to Ouyang dodoma’s residence, Ouyang Jiang’s rain poems packed up a bedroom and came to the living room. "Rain poems will go back to the bedroom and have a good sleep."
Jiang Yushi got up and took Ouyang’s arm. "Luo Chen just now, you already know all my experiences in Africa. Now it’s your turn to tell me what you have experienced in Africa in the past six years."
Ouyang holds Jiang Yu’s hand. "Rain Poetry, I can find you and my previous experiences are really unimportant. There is no need to do it again."
"I want to hear Luo Chen tell me about your experience, okay?" Jiang Yushi looked earnestly.
"Good" Ouyang held Jiang Yushi and sat on the sofa. He couldn’t bear to refuse her again.
From Ouyang’s dictation of Zhongjiang’s rain poems, I learned that Ouyang came to Africa just in time to catch another wave of volunteers from China. Because Ouyang is also a doctor, he volunteered to join them.
In the past six years, Ouyang asked about Jiang Yu’s poems while he went to various poverty-stricken areas in Africa to heal the wounded and rescue the dying. The hard life in Africa made him feel even more distressed and admired Jiang Yu’s poems. The courage was that he felt more and more indebted to Jiang Yu’s poems, and the deeper his guilt became.
After several twists and turns this year, Ouyang followed the group of medical workers to Duoduo Ma Gang to ride bicycles with the children behind him. It was he who helped the sick Ouyang children during the treatment period. He gave them the most intimate love and care like a father.
Now those children have recovered. Today is the day when they made an appointment with Ouyang to ride bicycles at the seaside. The song "Let’s paddle" is what Ouyang taught them to sing.