If the single theory of force Zhou Botong is slightly worse than Ouyang Feng and Ouyang Wounds, it is naturally worse. Two people took a few deep breaths on Ouyang Wounds after the palm of their hands, and Zhou Botong felt that his body was full of qi and blood and coughed violently!

"The old urchin will be killed if he stops playing!" Huang Rong hopping shouted.
"Zhou Dage, don’t fight with him!" Ling Feiyang also shouted to wake Zhou Botong.
Zhou Botong finally realized that he met the biggest enemy in his life today and immediately converged his mind. His left hand was a recruit "Tian Ma Hang" and his right hand was a recruit "Broad Sky" to attack Ouyang!
Ling Feiyang’s hand-to-hand combat technique can only be used when he is in a trance, but Zhou Botong can use it anytime and anywhere. I don’t know how much higher it is than Ling Feiyang’s. Ouyang’s wounds are frightened in his heart. He was forced to hurry and think that Zhou Botong’s moves are divided into two, but his strength cannot be doubled. So he took a look at the gap and launched another palm.
Zhou Botong just now and Ouyang regression of a palm has suffered a big loss, dare not play hardball with Ouyang regression to avoid the palm.
Ouyang Yi didn’t leave him a breather at all, but he immediately smashed his body and slapped him. Zhou Botong shouted, "Be a good boy!" Continue to jump back only to find that you have stepped into the sea!
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Chapter 124 Nine Yin True Sutra VS Frog Skill
Zhou Botong was forced by Ouyang’s palm force to use melee boxing and hands to fight each other. Ling Feiyang and other four people were worried before helping each other.
"Although this Zhou Botong acts grotesque, his martial arts are magical and unpredictable. It seems that he should be the first master of the Song Dynasty. If this person is eradicated this time, it will definitely dampen the morale of the Song Wulin!" Ouyang Yi wants to make a "goo goo" sound in his mouth here, and put the ten-fold realm frog skill into the skeleton of his limbs, bent on putting Zhou Botong’s strength to death in his palm!
spa会所Zhou Botong didn’t dare to meet Ouyang’s palm force and was forced into the sea. Ouyang’s wounds were proficient in water and knew the method of using water to exert power like the back of his hand, while Zhou Botong didn’t understand how to benefit from seawater to leverage the stilling force.
Zhou Botong profited from flying around in the sea, and Ouyang Wounds also used the flying skills of Baituo Villa "in a flash" to hunt down Zhou Botong and beat Zhou Botong. He barely escaped Ouyang Wounds and attacked Ouyang Wounds several times, but suddenly he slapped the water!
Several streams of seawater suddenly gushed out like fountains and immediately formed a high-water curtain with one person and many people, blocking two people like a wall!
Zhou Botong’s line of sight was blocked by the water curtain, and it was difficult to see Ouyang’s position. At this moment, his palms suddenly leaned out from the water curtain with a large splash and attacked Zhou Botong as a chest attack!
Zhou Botong was shocked to see that his hands were less than an inch away from his chest. He twisted his waist consciously and turned his body around like a gyro!
Ouyang Wounds hit Zhou Botong with both hands, but Zhou Botong’s body didn’t seem to have a stress point. Ouyang Wounds’ force exceeded one thousand kilograms, and it was deformed by Zhou Botong’s rotation potential!
"Isn’t Zhou Dage’s wonderful posture just the martial arts’ spiral nine shadows’ in the last chapter of Jiuyin Zhenjing?" Ling Feiyang thought
Among them, Ling Feiyang knows this set of martial arts in the Nine Yin Scriptures. This "spiral nine shadows" kung fu is the most powerful martial arts in the Nine Yin Scriptures. Ling Feiyang tried to practice at that time, but she almost gave up this unrealistic idea at the beginning, but she didn’t expect that at this moment, Zhou Botong actually made it out of life and death and escaped the fatal attack of Ouyang regression!
"This dead old man’s martial arts is even more magical than those just now!" Ouyang Yi was surprised again. Zhou Botong took the opportunity to fly back to the coast and suddenly shouted, "Oh, no!"
"You use so much martial arts and you want to shout’ Oh, no’?" They all feel strange in the heart Zhou Botong continued to call out, "I’ve seen it several times but I haven’t practiced how this time is used! By the way, it must have been my self-control martial arts in my sleep! "
Zhou Botong soliloquized to himself and suddenly lifted his legs to his knees and shouted to the sky, "Brother, I really didn’t mean to learn this Nine Yin Sutra! I broke the oath of the year, you can scold me, you can hit me, you can kill me! "
Ouyang wound stare blankly next to the root don’t know what Zhou Botong said, but ling flying in the heart is very clear why.
For the first time, Wang Zhongyang won the Nine-Yin Sutra in Huashan Mountain, avoiding the people in the Jianghu who said that he was selfish and asked all true brothers to swear that they would never learn the martial arts in the Nine-Yin Sutra. Zhou Botong was trapped in the Peach Blossom Island for fifteen years, but he dared not violate the original oath. He read the two volumes of the Nine-Yin Sutra for many times, but he didn’t practice at all. However, Zhou Botong’s martial arts qualification was too high, and in his sleep, he was so clever that he made his own achievements. Although he didn’t know it, this key moment was made!
Although Zhou Botong knelt down and begged his senior brother to punish him, of course, Wang Zhongyang couldn’t suddenly come back from the dead. When he saw Ouyang, Zhou Botong suddenly opened his mouth and cried, "Old toad, I have made a terrible mistake and I don’t want to live. I will never fight you!"
Ouyang regression of exulting in the heart is preparing to exercise Zhou Botong killed Huang Rong but shouted "old urchin! If you die like this, it will kill us! "
Zhou Botong zheng ling float in the sky in the heart suddenly fought back pain rushed to the front of Zhou Botong!
Ouyang regression but don’t want to delay when step forward will attack Ouyang Feng rob step out of the front of ouyang regression! Huang Rong and Ouyang Ke also immediately ran around Ouyang Feng respectively!
"Second brother, if you single-handedly protect these poets, I will kill you!" Ouyang regression speak threatened.
"Eldest brother, then you can step on my body!" Ouyang Feng said coldly.
Ouyang regression of years of brothers feelings heart hesitate again ling float in the sky hurriedly said to Zhou Botong "Zhou Dage! My granddaddy, the real Chongyang, won the Jiuyin True Sutra that year. The Wulin in the Central Plains can calm disputes and Qi Xin resists gold! However, it is a big mistake for him to make the Chinese people swear not to learn the true scriptures! "
"How dare you say that granddaddy made a mistake!" Zhou Botong nu way
"Zhou Dage, have you ever thought that if my master had learned the Nine Yin Sutra at that time, he wouldn’t have died in Sammoni’s hands! If Ma Shibo and others had learned the Nine Yin True Classics, they would not have lost so many true three generations of brothers when the nomads attacked Zhongnanshan! Now, the enemy of Mongolia, how can we be afraid of the hundreds of thousands of Mongolian fighters if all the people in the Song Wulin study the Jiuyin Zhenjing! " Ling Feiyang shouted
Hear ling Feiyang Zhou Botong immediately fell into deep thinking. Zhou Botong, though naive and simple in personality, is not unreasonable. After a long time, he finally cried from the ground up, "Brother, you’re a great disciple. You said that it makes sense. Zhou Botong always listened to you the most before, but this thing is really wrong! You’ve killed so many disciples and grandchildren in order not to let others gossip. You really need to make a change in everything. Why don’t you let this martial art fall into the hands of traitors? Isn’t it a beautiful thing to promote Wulin justice and resist foreign invasion? "
"Zhou Dage, you will be very happy to finally understand that the ancestors are spiritual!" Ling Feiyang’s heart was overjoyed, but Zhou Botong came over to Ouyang’s ruin and cried, "Good toad, little toad and elf weird little girls, all of you get out of the way and let me old urchin deal with this bad toad!"
Ouyang Feng and other three people immediately stepped aside. Zhou Botong’s right hand suddenly changed claws and caught Ouyang’s wounds. It was the "claw of nine Yin gods"! At the same time, the left palm is a "heart-destroying palm" to Ouyang’s wounds!
These two martial arts in Jiuyin Zhenjing are ten times higher than those in the black wind and double evil spirits by Zhou Botong. Besides, Zhou Botong’s hand-to-hand combat technique can make a martial arts in each hand. Although the martial arts are high, it finally shows timidity!
Ouyang regression barely resisted a few moves, but suddenly I saw something strange in Zhou Botong’s eyes, but I felt a burst of dizziness in my mind as if possessed, and my mind was getting out of control!
It turns out that Zhou Botong Ouyang’s wounds were missed at the same time, but he used the method of "moving the soul * *" in Jiuyin Zhenjing!
Ouyang regression heart know bad suddenly roar loud like a roars a mind immediately feel clear a lot of then gather together capability to Zhou Botong palms!