Ji Weiyan doesn’t walk fast with Yanyan in his arms, just like the usual walking speed. It’s not tired. This little thing has been wriggling all the time, and every time he twists, he touches his chest and hurts him. While talking, Yan Yan diverts the villain’s attention, while glancing at Jiang Junyue behind him from time to time.

The expression falls in Yu’s eyes. If she doesn’t know that Ji Weiyan has nothing to do with Jiang Junyue, it will definitely make two big men gay.
Words are popular at the time, and the world is so crazy that anything is possible.
When Ji Weiyan finally stepped into the box with Jiang Yanyan’s children in his arms, Yu Se quickly stopped and tugged at Jiang Yanyan’s little hand. Yanyan is the best. Come and find something to eat.
Oh, yeah, the child cheered and jumped to the floor and ran to the round table in the box. Uncle Ji, come on, I want to sit next to you. The villain felt at home with Ji Weiyan, and Ji Weiyan became one when they met.
Adults and children sit down one by one. On one side of Ji Weiyan is Yu Se and Jiang Yanyan, on the other side is Lan Jingyi and Jiang Junyue. The two Jiang Junyue are naturally strong and strong, and Lan Jingyi is naturally Qin Qin.
Seven people packed a table full, and Deng Deng was very lively.
Jiang Junyue watched everyone sit still and gave a ring to the attendant Mmm, let’s eat.
So fast? Yu Sejing, you haven’t ordered yet, have you let the kitchen do it? But looking at Jiang Junyue, this posture should have been ordered and done long ago.
How eager is Jiang Junyue to hurry back after eating this meal?
Jiang Junyue couldn’t wait to separate his wife Lan Jingyi and Ji Weiyan immediately.
I’ve never seen Yu Se’s heart watching his wife look so tight that I have to watch it when I come out with her personally.
This also says how deep his hostility to Ji Weiyan is.
What did Ji Weiyan once mean to Lan Jingyi?
Except for Ji Weiyan, who loved Lan Jingyi deeply, without Ji Weiyan, she and Jiang Yanyan might not have children.
桑拿会所Jiang Junyue’s slender refers to casual ordering. The table posture is leisurely and lazy, but the expression is absolutely serious. You can rest assured that my order is absolutely in line with everyone’s taste. You can wait for food without your care.
I’ve seen narcissism before, but I’ve never seen such narcissism.
Sure enough, he just ordered the lettuce to come one by one.
Yu Se sat quietly beside Ji Weiyan, while he was opposite Lan Jingyi, chatting without a word. Occasionally, three children would insert a sentence or two to make MengMeng laugh.
Looking at the dishes, I have to say that Jiang Junyue is smart, four adults and three children. He actually ordered more than 20 dishes, but the dishes are very orderly and divided into three parts. Looking at the dishes a little bit, you can know that he is a little bit of a heart. Everyone’s tastes are calculated, including how much homework she has done.
He ate this meal earlier and actually studied everyone’s preferences. There are five people in his family. It is not surprising that he knows that even she and Ji Weiyan know it very accurately.
The man in Yu Se’s heart praised it.
Because she also couldn’t wait for this meal to end quickly, and then she could send Ji Weiyan back to the hospital. Before her eyes, Ji Weiyan’s bloody wound could not go away.
Start eating.
The children talked and laughed, but the adults didn’t know what to say much, and the atmosphere was boring and ugly. They looked up and stared at Jiang Junyue. It must be because of his Lan Jingyi and Ji Weiyan that they couldn’t enjoy their talks.
If she couldn’t eat it, she felt that Ji Weiyan came to see Lan Jingyi with an injury, but she got this chat dinner, which was really boring.
But men eat slowly, and every move shows elegance and dignity, and there is no embarrassment and pain after injury.
Jiang Yanyan clamored for fish. It is natural that Ji Weiyan, the nearest kid, did it for him. He carefully picked the fishbone and looked at Jiang Yanyan. His eyes turned from cold to gentle. He seemed to like Jiang Yanyan’s beware of fishbone
Thank you, Uncle
Yu Se couldn’t help it any longer. He kept moving. Every time he moved, he turned to Jiang Yanyan’s side. She just twisted her body. She knew that the angle was likely to be pulled to his wound. Dye, I’ll wash my hands.
Good Ji Weiyan looked up at her and there was no response from it.
Yu Se lifted her leg and left. She forgot that Lan Jingyi greeted three children, but she was stopped when she stepped out of the box. Yu Se has to wash her hands in the box. Lan Jingyi woke her up with a smile.
Yu Sedun lived. She knew that Lan Jingyi meant it, and she also knew that Lan Jingyi meant no harm. But at this time, she really wished that Lan Jingyi didn’t care. She’d better not stop her.
She doesn’t know who to ask for help.
I just want to go out and ask Ji Weiyan to leave.
It’s neither back nor I don’t know what to do when I stop in front of the door. Jiang Junyue accidentally answered the words and went to My wife has a problem with washing her hands. Well, it’s yuce. Go out.
That wife’s name is very natural, but that part in the ear is to show off to Ji Weiyan. Anyway, Lan Jingyi is his woman, and his wife has obtained the certificate, so there is legal protection. Even if Ji Weiyan has repeatedly made Xiang Xiao Lan Jingyi disappear.
Tilt can’t? I’m not bad before LanJingYi surprised don’t believe looking at Jiang Junyue.
Don’t believe you, just go and see. Jiang Junyue started a piece of smoked meat while talking, and the smoked meat also fell into his mouth and slowly chewed it as if it were delicious.
Oh, you said it was a real metaphor. You go quickly. Do you want me to accompany you? Women like to make a companion wherever they go, and so does the real metaphor. Before, she always accompanied Meng Xiaofan, but now if it weren’t for Ji Weiyan, she really wanted to go with Lan Jingyi, but definitely not today.
Glancing at Jiang Junyue lightly, she doesn’t know why he wants to help himself, but it’s always good to go out like this. You can’t take care of my daughterinlaw and soninlaw. Look at those three little guys, Qin Qin and Zhuang Zhuang are eating and drinking, and Jiang Yanyan has been tossing about Ji Weiyan for a while, clamping this for a while, but it happened that Lan Jingyi and Jiang Junyue didn’t listen to him, so he had to clip vegetables for Ji Weiyan, but it also made Yu color particularly worried about Ji Weiyan.
Ok, then you go.