If you say something, be careful to be reported.

Hum, come with me, young man, which will make you a popular juvenile delinquent.
Do you have a girlfriend?
Waste, nonsense! It is enough to have a sister!
喝茶约茶So what exactly are you popular for, Tsuchimikado?
That’s enough, that’s enough. They mean to invite you to play together, but it’s probably something strange.
Article when hemp came along, he scratched his head and yawned.
I’m really tired, hurry up and go home. My family has a foodie to feed.
It’s really hard work, taking care of Index Librorum Prohibitorum
Natsume wanted to think, although there is some fatigue now, but there is no reason to refuse them, so it is not bad to go and play together.
I remember the last time I went out to play with my friends was in the third grade of primary school, and I was still sneaking around.
Remembering the past, Natsume nodded suddenly to make himself forget.
Not if you go to play.
oh! Go! Go get something to eat first! I heard that the car has a new restaurant industry!
Let’s go, let’s go.
On the far left side of the line, Natsume touched him with an elbow in the left hand direction.
It’s a little late to ask now, but last night, what will you be attacked by them?
That thing?
Natsume guessed that he would ask himself, so he had already made up a reason.
Although it’s a lie, it’s not a big deal even if it’s punctured. After all, it’s obvious that you don’t know your identity, so you have the preemptive conditions.
After telling the story of mistaking one for another, the other party didn’t doubt it, but showed an expression of so that’s it, but then it suddenly became serious.
There is one thing I need to tell you, Natsume.
Article so said, eyebrows.
Last night at the restaurant, you will pay me back, right?
This guy, even remember!
And the most terrible thing is that Index Librorum Prohibitorum can continue to eat in that situation, which is also a place to admire.
Natsume socalled responded.
This is of course …
Whew ~ I’m relieved, or I’ll have to go to work. I lost money in my previous job, but it’s okay, okay.
This is the’ phantom killer’, right?
But even if he was lucky, he kept a lot of peach blossoms.
Follow the blue hair earrings that claim to be familiar with every corner of Xueyuan city in front, and four people crossed the college gate and came out of the intersection.
Look over there, there are often little girls there.
How do you know?
Never mind, there is also the park, near the small land on the left side of the fountain in the center of the park, and there will be many cute younger girls playing in the sand.