Chapter nine hundred and sixty-four mulling two ways 2

Think like this and Bei Gong Zhan exchanged a glance.
Bei Gong Zhan came out to echo Huo Jiujian’s words, Fortunately, it’s a coincidence that we met the elder here, and we were rescued by the elder at the door. He paused and said, If you don’t believe me, you can ask your elders of Zongmen and family whether our three brothers and sisters have been missing for many years.
Night’s three brothers and sisters, it seems, have really been heard before, and immediately someone came out to salute them. The three seniors did hear about it. In addition to opening their eyes, the family also confessed that it is best to find three seniors who failed to think that it was really a small touch. Thanks to the big elders for making a small contribution.
Looked at Mr. Nine swords, quite smug, and waved his hand to show him that he was welcome.
I didn’t know that this family was a vassal of Chuge City until I asked carefully. Besides the Emperor rewelding outside Chuge City, I also inquired about their situation.
On the other hand, I didn’t think there was such a coincidence. He touched the bar with an old spirit. It’s my rough skin to go first. If you even go first to that group of monks, you will go to a field.
The lesson of the predecessors is that the younger generations are eager to show something without considering the consequences. Another person bowed his head and saluted, but watching this person’s dribbling performance was a little more interesting.
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Hinder Huo Jiujian will naturally deal with a guy with ulterior motives. He has seen this kid too much, but he still can’t finish covering up his losses in the future.
After determining the whereabouts of the three brothers and sisters, the boy in Chuge City asked one person around him to take the initiative to leave the remains of God to return the news to Chuge City as soon as possible. It seems that he attaches great importance to this point, which makes Huo Jiujian very satisfied.
It’s clear, but this group of people obviously didn’t mean to leave, one by one, rubbing their hands at the door of the burning temple.
What I said really fell on deaf ears. Huo Jiujian sighed.
At this time, Bei Gong Zhan spoke faintly. For so many years, our brother and sister have been trapped in the hall. Do you know anyone to rescue them? He cleared his throat. Secondly, even people can’t get in the doorway, which is the case. If you want to go in, try it.
There are many people who believe in the news, but not many who give up.
Bei Gong Zhan glanced at Jun Kuang and caught a glimpse of him from the corner of his eye. After watching the banned surface color turn golden, he knew it.
Theory is that we or Qian Shan College and the big elders are all interested in entering Bei Gong Zhan so sorry shook his head lightly If you want to try, we will get out of the way immediately. Speaking, Huo Jiujian has made the small halberd turn into a huge qingluan crowd hovering.
A group of people didn’t want to leave in a small halberd and don’t care about those newborn calves who are not afraid of tigers. Anyway, Junkuang must have adjusted the ban to a mode of not taking the initiative to attack but also easily breaking through.
Alas, Xiao Ji, you fly so low, I’m worried that you’re injured by the ban. Huo Jiujian patted Xiao Ji’s wings lovingly.
even if you fuck this luxury, I’ve adjusted the ban to a mode that won’t take the initiative to hurt people, but they can’t get in. Jun shrugged his shoulders without regret.
They will never let this group of reckless kids go in. First, they don’t want to suddenly increase their lives. Second, they should go in.
Now they are busy catching those uninvited guests, and when they are not entangled with these kids, they will ban them to stop them from moving.
What are we going to do? Ye Yiqing asked curiously.
After that, we probably need to divide our troops into two ways, Jun said crazily. You are chasing the invaders, but I have to get the key first. This leg is for me to run, and you will enter from the king’s tomb. If you meet someone else, don’t startle them first.
喝茶约茶But if several managers want to get involved
Don’t worry that they didn’t intervene at all. The only thing that can intervene is sake, which you saw earlier. Jun said crazily, I need you to enter the entrance of the king’s tomb to find the key and give it to me, and then I will enter the most important part of the temple of burning fire.
Smell speech night’s three brothers and sisters have nodded Bei Gong Zhan said, It’s all right, but remember to put it away if you see a thousand-feather tapestry or a radiant fire tactic.
You want it? You are crazy to smell the words and raise your eyebrows.
My mother said that we should use martial arts, but thousands of tapestries can open our eyes. Ye Yiqing smiled very gently.
It’s yours. Jun frantically stuffed a worn-out scroll into Bei Gong Zhan’s arms. After reading it, remember to print a copy and send it to the Presbyterian Hospital. He paused and said, Give me another copy by the way.
Bei Gong Zhan vaguely looked at it and almost dropped something with a shake of his hand. Where did you get it?
It’s not that I’m a cheap opportunity, Jun said with laughter. He gave this thing to Xuanzong for safekeeping, which is a fulfillment of his master’s last wish.
Don’t call me a little bitch. How many times have I said it? Even if I know it, I still have to complain.
Jun Qian smiled, Do you know that you are still struggling?
That’s good Bei Gong Zhan immediately set out to prepare I can finish rubbing immediately and paused. He added, But I haven’t heard of some keepsakes at the entrance to the king’s tomb.
That’s because you’re not the owner of God’s burning ruins. Jun laughed and talked. He turned his attention to Qin Xiao.
Little Lori said with a smile, We practice nirvana, and anyone who can cultivate a certain intensity of Shenhuang Zhenyan will be recognized as having fewer masters, but how many masters will have a positive master.
Her meaning is obvious, but the owner is a kind of honorific title, which doesn’t mean absolute faith, profit and madness, but the identity is different. There is a real god burn Jingxue boarding, and the individual is the owner of the remains of the god burn.
In other words, the so-called master root is not for others to listen to, but for God to burn Jingxue.
Then we’re ready to split up. Jun pricked his finger and squeezed out a drop of JingXie to jilt the king’s tomb.
When the ban was loosened, he threw the three brothers and sisters of Yeshi into the middle.
Chapter nine hundred and sixty-five Looking for information
Lailu Junkuang has told a general story about the infiltration of Liu Su and others and told the three brothers and sisters of Yeshi that they had made a big fight in the king’s tomb before.
If it weren’t for the loud noise at that time, they wouldn’t have come to the temple to burn the fire so quickly, and it wouldn’t be so coincidental. At that time, the brothers and sisters were resting at night, and they could encounter a small halberd to explore the bluebird.
I really don’t know whether to thank them or hate them, Huo Jiujian said half jokingly.