After she regained her memory, the thought of living with her motherkiller Jane Zhengtian for so many years was deceived by him for so many years … Every time I think about it, it is as uncomfortable as eating a fly.

And Qin Yue called this to replace Grandpa Qin. The bad guys called Grandpa for more than 20 years to respect him and honor him … in the end, it was the truth.
Qin Yue held Jane’s face and stared at her. This incident made me understand that people are very strong. No matter how important you lose someone, you can still live well.
Qin Yue, I can’t live without you, Xiao Ran, but I can’t live without my father. Qin Yue said these words simply today, but he didn’t like them as if he were saying his last goodbye to her.
Mom and Dad are here.
To Xiao Ran, however, Xiao Ran’s soft voice suddenly sounded.
They looked down at a little Xiao Ran, but they looked at them curiously with their little heads upturned around them.
She has appeared for a long time, but because she is too small, her parents can see each other with their eyes, so she is naturally ignored by her parents.
So it’s here. Qin Yue picked Xiao Ran up and kissed her pink face. Do you miss your father?
However, I miss my parents more than I miss my father. Xiao Ran said softly on my father’s shoulder.
Today, my mother has been looking at the gate, looking at it, ignoring her completely. She must have missed her father.
Hearing Xiao Ran’s words, Qin Yue’s knifeshaped eyebrows flew up and laughed heartily. Well, I’m so cute, big and small, and I’m very happy.
Xiao Ran, however, held his father’s face and said with joy, Mom and Dad said they would go to the amusement park with Ran Ran, but they wanted to go to Dad.
Qin Yue asked patiently, Does it mean that dad will accompany you and mom to the amusement park?
Xiao Ran, however, made great efforts to nod his little head and wave his little hands and said, Dad, mom and Ran Ran are going together!
Good Qin Yue should have thought about it. It’s better to choose a day than to hit the sun. Then they should start today
He looked at Jane. Shall we start today?
桑拿会所Their husband and wife agreed to take Xiao Ran out to play together long ago, but they never took action. Now that Qin Yue has come out, there is no reason to disagree.
The key is that she feels that Qin Yue has suffered too much recently, and he needs to relax and decompress so that he can have the energy to cope with the next fierce battle.
Although Xiao Ran is young, she has many ideas. She already has a purpose. I hope her parents will accompany her to a large theme amusement park that has just opened.
They set out in the evening and arrived at the park. It was already late, so they stayed at the theme hotel in the park the next day and then took Xiao Ran to play.
Living in a theme hotel, watching yourself often see those decorations in the TV * * Xiao Ran suddenly feels as if he is in a fairy tale world and doesn’t want to sleep until midnight.
But if you don’t sleep, you can’t go to play until it gets up. Are you sure you don’t sleep? Simply rub Xiao Ran ran head gently asked.
However, I still want to play and go to the paradise to play … Xiao Ran ran caught her hair and looked sad.
Dad is playing with her, and she still wants to play with him, but she wants to go to the paradise to see many children again.
What should she do?
Chapter 356 The body is honest
Xiao Ran looked at her father. She was bright and beautiful. She looked at her father with big eyes. She held out her little hand and pulled her father’s skirts to ask him for help.
After receiving Xiao Ran’s distress signal, Qin Yue held her in her arms and judo. Then play with my father. We will go to the amusement park later.
Uhhuh … Xiao Ran was so happy that he could continue to play with his father and go to the amusement park.
Dad is the best. Dad loves her the most. Her favorite person is dad and mom … Let’s rank second.
But if mom comes second, will mom be sad if she knows?
In order not to make her mother sad, Xiao Ran decided that she still loved her father and mother!
It’s hard to imagine what it would be like for Qin Yue to be a father.
If such a man is a child with him, it is estimated that he will suffocate the child.
Now I have come back to him and watched him as a daughter, knowing that I don’t know much about this man.
Qin Yue * * Xiao Ran ran is simply holding hands, afraid of falling with his mouth in his heart, and he can’t wait to give her all the world
No matter how tired he is at work, every day when he comes home, he will take time to chat with Xiao Ran and enjoy the world between their father and daughter.
At this time, it’s almost late. Xiao Ran wants to play hideandseek game. Qin Yue plays with Xiao Ran without saying anything.
Xiao Ran ran away from a bear * * and Qin Yue looked up to see that he saw it and pretended not to see it. But where are you? Dad has been looking for you for so long.