Sir, you are quick to eat. The girl pushed the food in front of Zhou Yong.

Chapter one hundred and seventyone Recall the past four
Not bad, Zhou Yong boasted.
These are our specialties. Please enjoy them. The girl smiled at him.
By the way, what’s your name, little girl? Zhou Yong then remembered to ask her name.
My name is Nie Yan, just call me Xiaoyan. The girl said her name.
Xiaoyan Zhou Yong hesitated after hearing this name.
Well, you can just call me that, Nie Yan said.
By the way, I am willing to help you find your father, Zhou Yong promised.
Father is true
Don’t worry about this young man, I don’t have any hope anyway. The middleaged woman has no intention of getting her husband back
It’s wrong for you to have such an idea, Zhou Yong advised. One day, husband and wife will be grateful for a hundred days. You can’t forget that you were worse off at first. You already have children of your own. What seems to be the purpose of Zhou Yong?
everything you say is true. Nie Yan was very interested in his words.
Girl, don’t talk nonsense. The middleaged woman suddenly interrupted them.
Mom, don’t you want dad to come back? I’ve never seen him. Nie Yan really wanted to see his father.
He doesn’t need to come back, he doesn’t deserve to be your father. The middleaged woman’s words were very cold.
So that’s how you met him. Shen Zifeng suddenly interrupted her.
He helped us at that time because he was an old friend and he had no choice at that time, Nie Yan said and took a deep breath.
What happened later? Shen Zifeng asked.
Late at night, Zhou Yong came to his house and took out a photo, and the photo with rough quality was a Zhang Jiafu.
Nie, I have found them. I believe that someone will hand over your friend to them soon. I can never sit idly by, Zhou Yong muttered.
Brother, do you sleep well here? There was a ringing girl outside.
Habit is a little more mosquitoes. Zhou Yong quickly put away the photos.
Brother, why don’t you sleep? Nie Yan came in.
I have something on my mind that I can’t sleep, Zhou Yong explained. Go and rest.
No, I want to talk to you.
Shh Zhou Yong seems to have noticed something strange.
What’s the matter? Nie Yan asked curiously.
Don’t ask Zhou Yong slowly leaned toward the door.
Chapter one hundred and seventytwo Mysterious men in black
What’s the matter? Nie Yan continued.
Someone outside the house should be careful. Zhou Yong deserves to be a formidable figure.
It’s normal for someone to pass by our house, Nie Yan asked.
You hide first and I’ll go and see. Zhou Yong motioned Nie Yan to stay in bed.
Can I come with you? Nie Yan suddenly asked.
Don’t be ridiculous with me. Wait a minute. If there is any danger, I can’t guarantee to protect you for the first time. Zhou Yong said and opened the bedroom door. The living room was alone.
Brother, you are scaring yourself. Where are the people?
I told you that you can’t see it outside the house. Zhou Yong has been listening carefully outside the house for several years, and his career as a spy has forced him to be vigilant at all times.
I’ll open the door. Nie Yan walked towards the outside.
桑拿按摩  title=They are all bad people. Don’t go there. Zhou Yong suddenly stopped her.
Bad brother knows they are bad people, said Nie Yan, who has opened the door.
Don’t Zhou Yong tried to stop her at once, but it was too late. The door opened, but there was one person outside.
Brother is fine Before she finished, a man in black suddenly descended from the sky in front of her.
Who are you? Nie Yan asked.
Men in black said nothing and reached for Nie Yan directly, but Nie Yan reacted quickly and escaped him.
Brother, who is he? Nie Yan didn’t dare to stay. He immediately turned and ran to the house, and the black man entered the house.