According to Coleman’s decision at halftime, Liverpool bombed Manchester United’s goal from a long distance.

In the fifth minute of the game, Qin Xiong caught Park Jisung Fabio Valencia’s defensive attention by controlling the ball in the frontcourt, and then he tilted the ball to Raul in front of the penalty area.
At the same time, Gerrard’s forward insertion of Carrick is bound to prevent Gerrard from catching Raul’s ball with Gerrard.
However, Raul knocked the ball back to the back in front of Manchester United’s restricted area. When it may have appeared in less than two seconds, Rooney Park Jisung was moving in the middle and could make up for it at any time.
But before being filled, Alonso rushed to follow up with a long shot!
The football was cleared by Vidic’s foot after flying into the restricted area.
Fly into Liverpool, halftime football falls at Mascherano’s foot, and the Red Army reorganizes the offensive.
This time, Gerrard took the lead in keeping his feet firmly in the frontcourt. After Evra and Carrick made a double defense against him, Gerrard crossed the ball to the penalty area. Qin Xiong moved laterally to the penalty area and he was in an encirclement.
桑拿会所All sides are Manchester United players. At this time, Qin Xiong’s tendency to dribble forward and Raul’s tendency to run offside distracted Dinander and Vidic. After he took a step forward, Qin Xiong saw that Park Jisung didn’t show any defensive flaws, and Rooney and Valencia, who were oblique behind him, approached him some distance. Qin Xiong immediately crossed the ball to the left.
Manchester United people twist a head to see meireles rushed to a foot outside the restricted area, slamming the door against the goal!
The football hit the goal range, but it was full of strength and lacked angle. Van der Sar held the ball in his arms with both hands. Liverpool failed to make a threat with this shot, which was not a test for Van der Sar.
Ferguson frowned and worried on the sidelines. He thought Liverpool would press hard because of anxiety or eagerness to score goals at half time, which would make Manchester United’s counterattack success rate higher.
But Liverpool is surprisingly calm!
The team as a whole runs in an orderly way, and the players cooperate with each other in an orderly way
Now Liverpool is going to play a longrange attack
Wellinformed and experienced, how can Ferguson not see it?
But Manchester United have no extra manpower to contain Liverpool!
When Manchester United can force Liverpool to rely on Alonso and meireles instead of Qin Xiong and Steven Gerrard in a longrange attack, it can be said to be a victory for Manchester United to some extent!
But for the game, this is not enough. Manchester United has already strengthened its defense to curb Liverpool’s longrange shooting.
The only thing that worries Ferguson now is that the Red Devils will finally get a better chance to fight back.
In the 65th minute of the game, after a patient pass in the frontcourt, meireles seemed to take a long shot after receiving Gerrard’s oblique ball. After attracting Rooney to block it, he gave the ball to the middle to follow Alonso, who stopped the ball and adjusted it to test Van der Sar with a long shot.
The football quickly rolled into the restricted area of Manchester United on the grass. Van der Sar’s vision was blocked and he didn’t react until he saw the football coming.
Seeing that the football will run into the left corner of the goal, Van der Sar fell to the ground and touched the ball, which finally made the football roll out of the baseline.
Van der Sar meritorious service! Alonso’s longrange shot from the periphery almost penetrated the Red Devils’ goal. Fortunately, there is Edwin van der Sar in front of Manchester United! The Dutch old goalkeeper magically saved and solved this danger!
There has been a fundamental change in the wind of the game, that is, Liverpool is no longer a threat to the opponent’s goal. Now Liverpool can create opportunities for longrange heavy gunners by organizing attacks in the frontcourt, thus creating a very threatening longrange shot that is a headache for Manchester United.
Coleman’s midfield adjustment was so crucial that he asked everyone Qi Xin to work together to do one thing well so that the Liverpool felt for it when there was no wave at halftime and there was no confusion due to ideological differences.
In the 6th minute of the game, Manchester United launched a counterattack in the backcourt. When Liverpool made frequent longrange shots, Qin Xiong suddenly sent a kick to hit the ball directly behind the back line, Dinander and Vidic didn’t react. Raul succeeded in offside, but the sober Edwin van der Sar didn’t let Qin Xiong’s trick succeed.
He was the first to abandon the door and jump in front of Raul to hold the ball in his arms.
Raul’s reaction is actually a little slow. After all, Liverpool rarely hit a direct plug from behind today, and Raul is not determined to start, otherwise he may get a very good shot.
After Van der Sar held the ball in his arms, he immediately got up and instigated a counterattack.
He threw the ball to Evra on the left, who took the ball two steps forward and then tilted it to Rooney in the middle of the midfield.
Rooney didn’t play by common sense this time. Manchester United are good at Qi Fei on both wings.
He didn’t give the ball to Ryan Giggs or Valencia, but went straight to Hernandez!
This is a straight plug with one foot over the top.
Seeing that Skrtel and Agger didn’t react, Hernandez succeeded in running offside when he rode, and the hearts of Red Army fans were in a state of anxiety again.
At this time Reina also decisively abandoned the door.
If he doesn’t come out, Hernandez is bound to go to the meeting alone!
But now, after he rushed out, Reina headed the ball out before Hernandez could control it when he was preparing for a second bounce outside the penalty area!
Hernandez, he just passed by!