And losing to Milan A in the first leg of the Champions League, which has never happened in the past two years, put Liverpool in a very passive and dangerous situation

Considering that Liverpool also reached the FA Cup quarterfinals.
Liverpool is likely to collapse!
Arsenal have been in good shape recently. We beat our archrival Tottenham Hotspur 52. We also beat Chelsea 53 at Stamford Bridge in the first half of the season. Now Arsenal can get revenge at Anfield!
The Premier League giants have a lot of grievances this season, and Liverpool is naturally the first public enemy.
It has caused indelible pain to Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea and Arsenal.
Arsenal want revenge?
Wenger just said all Arsenal’s hearts, which is not nonsense.
Coleman was cautious at the prematch press conference.
We can’t ignore the second leg of the Champions League quarterfinal in a few days. We will be restrained in this game and get a point. It’s not a bad result. There are more than one round in the league. We don’t need to scare ourselves. Even if we lag behind Manchester City for a while, it’s not the end of the world, but we will try our best to win. It depends on what tactics Arsenal will play.
When the two teams met at Anfield Stadium, it was a bit like Coleman was heading for one point.
Welcome to Anfield Stadium, where the 27th round of Premier League final will be held. Defending champion Liverpool will play Arsenal in North London at home.
Now Arsenal need points to return to the top four, while Liverpool need points to suppress Manchester City and Manchester United to stay ahead.
However, Liverpool must also consider three days later, in the second leg of the Champions League quarterfinal, they won Milan three goals at home to advance to the Champions League, which is a big test.
Let’s look at the list of both parties.
品茶Liverpool 451
Goalkeeper Reina
Defender Johnson Scottie Diego Silva Baines
Midfielder Kuyt Mascherano Alonso Gerard Cabaille
Striker Qin Xiong
This is the first time Liverpool have started this season and accumulated a lot of troops in midfield.
Let’s see how powerful Coleman’s formation will be.
Arsenal 4231
Goalkeeper szczesny
Defender Sagnac Chelsea Vermaelen Gibbs
Midfielder Walcott Alexander Song Rosicky Alttagel Vignau
Forward van Persie
All right, race horse!
Coleman supervised the stadium on the sidelines, and the noise was ringing in his ears. Coleman had to wake up and keep his head clear
Liverpool’s season is much more difficult than before. There are both difficulties for teams in the middle reaches of the Premier League to stick to their guns, injuries and suspensions, unexpected problems, and the pressure of multiline battles.
Now Liverpool is at a possibly watershed stage of the season.
Once there is a negative chain reaction in the League, Champions League and FA Cup, although it is impossible for Liverpool to win the League Cup and lose its dominance, no one wants to accept the disaster.
In this game, Coleman arranged such a formation and formation.
If we had to have a big fight with Arsenal at home when there was not so much pressure in the past, it would naturally make Arsenal lose its roots and be more aggressive in posture.
Wenger is also a little nervous on the sidelines.
Chelsea lost the round and Arsenal can climb one place in the standings if they can get points from Liverpool.
This is a positive phenomenon.
But the former was able to walk away at Anfield.
As he analyzed, Liverpool have scruples and he naturally hopes that the team can complete revenge!
Arsenal took on the challenger posture after the game and made waves at Anfield.
In the sixth minute of the game, after Walcott Rosicky cooperated on the right side of the frontcourt, Tiger made a strong pass and cut the ball in Baines to interfere with him. Although he lost the ball, Rosicky followed him. He cleverly controlled the ball and sent it to Ger Vignau’s foot with a beautiful transfer.
Gere Vignau went straight into the penalty area after passing Johnson with dexterous feet on the edge of the penalty area, and volleyed the ball diagonally to the goal.
He shot the football and frightened the Liverpool people. Fortunately, the football slipped through the door!
Arsenal’s wild momentum really scared Liverpool, but soon Liverpool gained a foothold at home.
The team’s slow attack seems to be conservative.
Qin Xiong finished the first goal of Liverpool’s game in the 9th minute.
Some outrageous longrange shots blasted the ball into the stands.
If Qin Xiong is allowed to face Arsenal’s entire defense line in positional warfare, there is no absolute time when Qin Xiong can do it.
However, Liverpool is not planning to capture Arsenal fortress in positional warfare today.
When the 16th minute of the game came, Liverpool hoarded in the midfield and made a key interception!
Gibbs took a step forward after receiving Arteta’s ball, which allowed Kuyt to steal the ball quickly
And the steal was clean. Kuyt immediately gave the ball to the middle and inserted Gerrard forward.
Liverpool stationed troops in midfield to catch the opponent’s mistakes and play fast break immediately after the interception was successful!
Steven Gerrard gave the ball to Qin Xiong in front of the penalty area without stopping.
Although Qin Xiong turned his back to Arsenal’s restricted area, he directly plucked the ball to the left and turned around at the same time when receiving the ball. He stepped sideways to grab the ball in Vermaelen and then stopped to buckle the ball back to the anticut line!
He dodged Vermaelen to intercept Koscielny, and immediately grabbed Qin Xiong, and then made a continuous emergency stop behind Vermaelen, making a wonderful change!
Koscielny was already in a state of confusion after being thrown away, and he looked back in horror.
Qin Xiong went to the meeting alone! to be continued
[The first volume of the sword has become an unrepentant gunman before it is drawn]
&nb It’s as if stepping on the pace of the devil’s rampage. Qin Xiong is in the spotlight. Oneonone szczesny br>&nb When szczesny takes a step outward, Qin Xiong has a keen sense and takes the initiative to shoot.
&nb On the contrary, this time is the time when the goalkeeper’s reaction is the weakest, because the opponent’s mind is already carrying out the order instead of preparing for the save.
&nb kicked the ball to the left corner of the goal with a sharp volley. szczesny moved a step in the direction of the far post, and then he knew his strength before saving it.
&nb The football hit the side of the post and bounced into the goal!
&nb The fans at Anfield are ecstatic.