Mo Xiaoxie also felt strange that Bouo ate less than half a dragon by mistake, and his body got bigger, but it was only a few days later that he actually got bigger again. It’s a ghost. This growth is too fast!

What’s going on in Buo? Make it clear.
Well, boss, didn’t you say I’m gifted at eating this? It’s absolutely right! If I keep eating, I can become strong. Before I ate those enemy dragons and human meat, I became strong again, and I suddenly learned an ability. Look! Said Buo hurriedly opened his mouth and didn’t feel any magic fluctuations, but a strong suction suddenly appeared in his mouth again.
Mo Xiaoxie’s magic holds the body or he will suck it.
As soon as Buo closed his mouth, the suction disappeared. He quickly said, This suction is really good. I sucked food in as soon as I chewed it, and it was directly sucked into my stomach. Alas, I feel hungry after talking for a long time. Is there anything to eat? He kept patting his belly.
What is hungry? Haven’t you eaten enough of those dragon corpses?
I’ve finished eating, but I’ve already pulled it out.
Mo Xiaoxie secretly surprised how this guy’s appetite suddenly became so severe. There must be something strange, and this idiot can’t learn any skills for no reason. This kind of smoking skill is either innate, but he didn’t know how to use it before, or he was suddenly learned by external influence.
喝茶约茶  title=In this respect, Mo Xiaoxie did have some experience. When he degenerated into a demon, he gained some abilities from the evil gods, that is, summoning demon creatures, and this summoning demon creatures is not limited in number like summoning angels.
A situation like Buo’s sudden acquisition of a certain ability is mostly due to his belief, which makes Mo Xiaoxie feel strange. Does Buo’s idiot also have faith?
It’s not faith, is it? In addition to this, I can’t think of anything else. Mo Xiaoxie secretly feels funny and thinks this speculation is ridiculous. Is there a god eater in this world?
Let me have a look at Buo’s ability panel.
What? What is the ability panel? Is it made of flour? Is it not edible?
Eat your head, wipe your hand in front and think about your ability.
Oh, Buou replied in a confused way, then tried several times according to Mo Xiaoxie’s words, and finally beat his ability panel
Hey, why didn’t you find this thing before? Did you just master it?
Mo Xiaoxie nai shook his head and thought, you are a real rookie. He took a look and found that Buo’s ability is not great. Most creatures have his unique ability, and of course there are a few trolls. He also has several.
One of them is really a talent for eating, which shows that his digestion ability and energy absorption ability are excellent
After discovering that he ate dragons and grew up unexpectedly, Mo Xiaoxie suspected that he had this talent, but he was completely guessed.
Of course, he also knows that this talent will not make Buo suddenly learn some ability. It must be for other reasons.
Mo Xiaoxie continued to look and suddenly found two shining skills, which are no strangers to Mo Xiaoxie. This brilliance is usually linked by divine power.
Does this guy really have some kind of faith?
Mo Xiaoxie secretly taken aback and quickly let Buou introduce the two abilities to the point, which immediately startled him.
[The amount of food for a git is increased by five times (this is a gift given by the god of food to his followers, so that the owner’s stomach bag has a world to compress food).
The goal of swallowing the sky and taking instant food is 2% of the owner’s weight. The smaller the effective goal is, the greater the chance of success. After success, the goal will be swallowed by the owner’s body and will be killed. This ability will increase with the increase of weight (this is necessary for the god of food to reward new converts and give special rewards to eat food)]
Staring at these two different skills, Mo Xiaoxie was transfixed.
He was even more surprised when he saw the growth information of Baiou.
[The growth food intake is 25 tons/10,000 tons (9.75 million tons of food is needed to be promoted to the sanctuary stage)]
If you believe in different gods, you will get different growth conditions. If you don’t believe in biological promotion, you don’t need this kind of thing. If you believe in evil gods, you will need evil values. The higher the evil values, the stronger you will be. If you believe in the God of Light or the God of Light, you will need justice values. If you need to kill evil creatures, you will be able to get justice values. You can go to the Holy Light Cathedral to pray and get a small amount of justice values. The acquisition of evil values is equivalent to making contributions to the god of faith.
For example, a mage who believes in death and wants to grow up needs to kill a certain life and then take its soul value.
Druids who believe in the goddess of the forest need forest power if they want to grow up. Planting trees, growing trees or guarding the forest can give them forest power.
Mo Xiaoxie, however, didn’t expect that there would be a certain way to grow up by eating.
He has been completely dumbfounded. What does this have to do with complete foodism? This world is really not a god of food, not watching too much drama!
What God of War, God of Law, God of Water, God of Fire, the second and third echelon gods have heard a lot, but Mo Xiaoxie has never heard the name of God of Food.
Actually eating roads, Mo Xiaoxie has already imagined it.
It seems that Buo really strengthened his belief in eating the road and became a god of food believer in a daze. It is really good and powerful to hear that god of food guy’s door is deserted and give special treatment to his disciples
That swallowing skill can be said to be a pervert. If you want to successfully inhale the target, you will be killed in the battlefield. Isn’t it a big one?
Mo Xiaoxie secretly feels that this Buo is really stupid and has a promising future. Look at his enthusiasm for eating. How much can he grow slowly? After he cleaned the battlefield, wouldn’t it be a lot less?
The more he thinks about it, the worse it feels. What if Buo wants to go somewhere else to make a living when his wings get hard? What should I do if something is wrong and this guy is offended or there is nothing to eat for him and he runs to the enemy?
If we train him now and let others take advantage of him in the future, it will be too uneconomical.
Mo Xiaoxie doesn’t want Buo to leave one day after he’s done it like Weng Mamba.
So now he is trying to trap this big contract so that he doesn’t have to worry.
Hey Buo Mo Xiaoxie’s attitude has improved a lot, just like taking lollipops to trick children. After all, you have to get some bait in front of the trap to catch your prey. Congratulations, you can feel free to eat your enemies boldly after you win the favor of the god of food, but don’t eat your own people. I seem to have seen the day when you grow into a monster.
Buo Swallow the Beast? What a domineering name. Can I really swallow the beast into the sky?
You have to eat all the time, but Yao …
But what, boss? Buo quickly asked
It seems that it was after I told you that you were gifted at eating this that you strengthened your eating path and got the Gourmet Care Center. You should thank me.
Buo listened for a long time with a little knowledge. Boss, what are you talking about?
In general, I just want to thank you for what I have done, and then honestly follow me.
That’s how I planned to come. I didn’t see Weng Mamba before, and that guy felt scared, but now he won’t. I’m not smaller than him now, haha, and I can fill my stomach every day. I promise I’ll follow you all my life!
Mo Xiaoxie touched the other side is very sincere and honest, but it changed after the difficulty. How much can such a thing be reliable? How about this? Let’s sign an agreement. How about you follow me forever if I don’t kick you out?
Buou picked his nose and said, Boss, don’t do this. I said I would follow you for a generation and I won’t go back on my word.
Hey, don’t you dare to disobey me and owe me a beating?
Dare not dare to do the right thing with you, but … how do I feel like I’m selling myself …
Hey, this guy is not stupid at the key moment. It seems that we have to think of something else.
Buo, tell you one thing. In fact, there are other tattoos in our plane. The world dragons are hundreds of meters long, and catching worms casually is dozens of meters. Do you want to eat? What golden dragon, yellow dragon, red dragon, green dragon, all kinds of dragons are everywhere and there are all kinds of creatures to ensure that you have never seen them and they are delicious. Do you want me to take you there?