Fog and rain are dense

The whole Song Dynasty looked at the night, and the rain in Mao Mao couldn’t help but raise my hand to refer to the lawyer Zhang, who walked farther and farther, and then turned to look at the man around him. It seemed that he didn’t wait for us.
Take care of yourself first Yu Tingchuan wants to straighten her body.
Alcohol flooded the whole Song Dynasty, and it was a little confused. Six points were drunk and four points were sober.
Hearing the man’s steady convergence, she listened straight, her eyes were particularly clear after being drunk, and her lips bent up and suddenly laughed. Thank you for picking me up. I really appreciate it.
Said also pretend to bow to him.
When bending over, an unstable head hits the metal buckle of the belt forward.
YuTingChuan hold her arm to catch people up to see her drunk silly eyes warm jade attitude has become tough last night I speak is ignored? Don’t rest at home and go out to drink and make trouble.
I didn’t make trouble. I did transit.
When you are drunk, you should remember that nothing has gone wrong.
Song Qingcheng mumbled a word and slowly turned his brain to react and began to argue, You don’t often drink and smoke. What can’t I drink?
品茶论坛I am a man! Besides, it is the need of work.
What’s the big deal about men? Song Qingcheng deliberately quarreled with him about alcohol, forgetting the so-called discretion and not knowing how to look at him. He winked and thought that words and momentum could not be overwhelmed. You are a man and I am a woman!
Yutingchuan looked at her with a deep smile on the girl’s blushing cheeks.
… Song city was suddenly fascinated by seven dizzy elements.
Yu Tingchuan insisted that let’s forget it tonight.
The whole song dynasty stared at him and suddenly hugged his cheek and rubbed his shirt. It’s a nice figure and manly. Let me touch several abdominal muscles.
As he spoke, he slipped his hand from the man’s strong chest
Yu Tingchuan grabbed her little hand and listened to her frivolous words and deeds. It was a little funny. Do you still know who I am?
Uncle Yujing Song City nodded.
Seeing that she still knows herself, but this title is really not a good word, Yu Tingchuan didn’t want to continue to talk nonsense with her in the police station building, and saw that she was as soft as a bone and directly picked people up and went home first
Song Qingcheng suddenly felt uncomfortable in his stomach.
I want to throw up … She frowned.
Struggle to speak
Section 113
YuTingChuan see her face is wrong can put people.
Song city two feet on the ground a burst of dizziness almost fell back after YuTingChuan pulls conveniently put his arm around his waist I don’t want to hug you feel ashamed don’t want to carry me …
Yu Tingchuan said, Aren’t you afraid of getting wet when it rains outside?
Not afraid Song Qingcheng shook his head. I won’t feel sick and want to vomit when I carry it.
Then she seemed to hear a sigh.
Yu Tingchuan has squatted down to come by himself
The whole song dynasty looked at his back, and his shoulders were generous and tall, and he didn’t hesitate to jump on him.
Yu Tingchuan pressed it to the ground with one hand because of excessive momentum.
Don’t fall on me Song Qingcheng said
Yu Tingchuan didn’t have to backhand patted her hip I want you to stop touching.
Song city listened to the arm around the man’s neck and shoulders, and his hands tightened.
Yutingchuan car parked outside.
The dim road is covered with pools of water with uneven lighting. The man’s black leather shoes stepped into the puddle as if he had not splashed too much water stains at a steady pace.
I don’t know when it started to rain, but it has stopped.
Song city side face stick a man’s shoulder like said to himself, how do you know my police station? I didn’t call you again, although I told Shen Che that I would call you, I didn’t want to, otherwise I always felt that I was giving you trouble. It wouldn’t be cost-effective for you to come with me and not let your blood return.
Do you know not to give me trouble? Yu Tingchuan said. Still fighting with people?
Song Qingcheng murmured softly, I didn’t want to fight because they bullied us less.
Breathing is the smell of a man’s body that makes her feel at ease.
Song Qingcheng suddenly asked, You knew I wanted to catch you, didn’t you?
Without waiting for Yu Tingchuan to answer her, she said to herself, Why did you always refuse me at first?
I’m so beautiful, you can’t help it.
Then she stopped talking. You should continue to ignore me so that you won’t be pestered by me.
Yu Tingchuan slowly opened his mouth. Do you still know that you are entangled?