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Long summer’s heart is like a drop of blood. She fought back the injustice and forced the disappointing tears back to her stomach. She pretended to be careless. "Dad, it’s not a day or two since Enze and I had a conflict. You didn’t know that Yu Jiahao was much better to me than that Yu Enze. I just found out that Yu Jiahao is my true love."

Long summer was surprised at how she could say such a thing without batting an eye. For the first time, she knew that when a man wanted to lie, he could say it so confidently that it could come true. How she wanted to slap herself hard.
Su Jianguo broke into a furious rage and slapped the table. The tea set clanged. "How can I have such an empathetic daughter, Yu Jiahao, who is so much older than you? I don’t agree with you to marry him."
Long summer insisted on his position regardless of his father’s opposition. "Dad, if you don’t agree with this, you have to agree that I am going to marry Yu Jiahao. Do you want to stop your daughter from pursuing happiness?"
"You" Su Jianguo was so angry that long summer coughed more than words.
Long summer rushed over to comfort his father and sincerely apologized to his father. "Dad, I’m sorry that my daughter shouldn’t have made you angry. Hello, it’s not easy to get out of that storm. Your body can’t get angry any more. Don’t be angry. I’m an adult’s emotional matter. I have my own discretion. Don’t worry about me, okay?"
Su Jianguo relented and he let out a long sigh in distress situation.
桑拿网He is such a precious daughter as long summer. How can he not want his daughter to be happy? But Yu Jiahao and her are not a good match. They are so different in age.
It’s so sudden and inexplicable that my daughter broke up with Yu Enze. Su Jianguo always felt that something was wrong, but he couldn’t say exactly what was wrong.
Since his daughter insists on marrying Yu Jiahao, what can he do if he is unwilling? That’s his only daughter, Su Jianguo, and his daughter’s willingness is the key.
"If you think you will be happy as Yu Jiahao’s wife, then I can stop you. Dad hopes you can be happy." Su Jianguo said and went back to the back room in frustration.
Long summer broke down and rushed out as if she were crazy. She came to the seaside and cried hysterically over and over again, "Yu Enze, I love you and I’m sorry, Yu Enze, I love you and I’m sorry."
She cried and cried, the pain in her lower abdomen suddenly became more and more unbearable. She couldn’t help squatting over her abdomen, but suddenly she found that her leg slipped a bright red blood line.
Chapter seventy-four What should I do
At night, the city is still brightly lit, noisy and busy, and in a hurry, long summer floats like a wandering soul, misty and rainy, wet and cold, and the streets can’t feel the rain, sunshine, warmth, joys and sorrows. Her heart has been completely cut out.
Long summer walked forward step by step with difficult steps dejectedly, as if stepping on a long road full of silver tips. Her feet seemed to ooze hot liquid, and those sharp edges were dyed red with a strong fishy smell, which cooled, condensed and dried up like her tears.
I can’t help but see the scene in the hospital again in her mind.
"Doctor, am I secreting disorder?" long summer herself had a period at the seaside before, and she realized that it was almost three months since she saw the red. After all, it took such a long time to come, and she could hardly doubt whether she had a physiological disorder.
"Miss Su, you are not a secretory disorder. Your bleeding this time was a small accident. Fortunately, there was a thrilling accident that didn’t hurt your baby." The doctor solemnly charged long summer "Don’t do strenuous exercise after you have a baby in your belly. Pay attention to maintaining peace of mind and not having too much mood swings."
Long summer instantly shocked her to get up from her chair with a face of disbelief. "Doctor, what did you just say about my baby?"
"Yes, Miss Su, you are almost three months pregnant, don’t you know?" The doctor felt that long summer was a little puzzled
My legs suddenly went limp and I lost my strength. long summer almost collapsed. Fortunately, the doctor held her.
"I have been pregnant for almost three months, and I have no reaction at all." It all happened so suddenly that long summer accepted this fact. She grabbed the doctor’s hand and asked her again and again, "Could the doctor have made a mistake in your diagnosis?
If I am pregnant, I should have nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite or want to eat acid, but I don’t have any of these phenomena. Doctor, do you think it’s because of your wrong diagnosis? "
"Miss Su, my diagnosis is correct. You are pregnant." The doctor told long summer with certainty. "Everyone’s physical fitness is different, and the symptoms during pregnancy are different. The degree varies from person to person."
In an instant, long summer felt that the world was still, and the world was left with her panicked heartbeat.
She can’t remember whether she stumbled out of the hospital at that time.
Until now, her breathing is painful.
Long summer slowly stopped to lean against an albizzia tree. She bowed her head and her hands could not help but caress her lower abdomen and shed tears.
The child is the crystallization of her love with Yu Enze on the night when she returned from Korea and reunited with him.
Baby, you have to come to this cruel world at this time.
Now you are so small and fragile, hiding in your mother’s body and growing quietly, unaware of the sinister and complicated outside.
You know, once you come into this world, you will have to face too many joys and sorrows.
You should have the most complete life without love, happiness and sorrow, but you were born with it. You have no choice.
Baby, you are koo. You must hate your mother. It’s all her fault.
Mom shouldn’t selfishly take you to this person’s purgatory without your consent for a moment’s lust.
Mom cruelly abandoned your mom and dad, so you lost your precious father’s love in the womb. It was mom who hurt you.
The baby’s mother has to be separated from your father, so that your father can be safe.
Sorry, baby.