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Since he hasn’t caught her, and those big men in black are missing, let the secret rot in her belly forever.

If Su Lixia is dead, then she has avenged her sister’s death, but she has a heart for this Yu Enze. See if he has been sincere to her sister and loved him so much. Can she let him go? In the future, she will replace her sister’s wholeheartedly Yu Real Estate as her marketing director and fulfill her sister’s wish to accompany Yu Enze all her life.
桑拿论坛Think about it again carefully. Is it really because of her sister that she decided to accompany Yu Enze all her life? Or is it because she unconsciously developed an emotion for Yu Enze that she dare not admit?
Shouldn’t she hate Yu Enze? She hates him. Why would she mix other feelings?
No, absolutely not
What’s wrong with her? Is she crazy?
Did she forget that he and Su Lixia killed her sister?
If Su Lixia is not dead, will she reappear in front of Yu Enze in the future? What if Su Lixia reveals her crimes to Yu Enze? She will still be doomed.
She was really out of her mind just now, and she was so stupid that she tried to let them go with mercy.
Thought of here, Qin Chen suddenly felt that she had nothing to be ashamed of and sorry for Su Lixia and Yu Enze, but took it for granted that she would not let Su Lixia and Yu Enze go. She decided to go ahead with her revenge plan as usual.
But when she looked up and saw Yu Enze’s lonely and lonely back again, her heart hurt inexplicably.
"Hello, madam, what can I do for you?" The young salesman with light makeup came over and asked Qin Chen politely.
Qin Chen’s eyes glanced around for a week, but she didn’t find what she wanted. "Is there no dr vranjes aromatherapy here?"
Qin Chen didn’t rush home after work in the evening, but drove to a beautifully decorated and elegant aromatherapy shop. Recently, because of Su Lixia, she was always restless and sleepless all night. She wanted to use dr vranjes aromatherapy to adjust her nervousness and let her relax.
"please come with me in the row with dr vranjes aromatherapy." the salesman smiled and led Qin Chen to dr vranjes aromatherapy area.
I bought my favorite aromatherapy. After paying the money, Qin Chen went to the underground parking lot to get the car. When she went to the main driver’s door to open the door, she suddenly noticed that there were several men in black coming towards her from behind her.
Qin Chen felt that something was wrong. She quickly opened the car door and was about to hide in the car and drive away. Unexpectedly, she was surrounded by men and women who came from all directions.
It’s over. She must have been followed by them.
Qin Chen hid in the car, his heart was pounding, and his blood was running backwards.
Who on earth is going to have a hard time with her
Is Su Lixia Su Lixia?
She hasn’t thought much about it. Her window glass has been smashed by those men in black. She is holding her head and lying on the car seat. The glass residue splashes everywhere and collapses to her arm and explodes into a bright red mouth.
The car door was also pried open and they rudely towed Qin Chen.
"Miss Qin, if you don’t want to die, just come with us." A black man in sunglasses ordered her with a straight face.
"Who are you taking me where?" Qin Chen was controlled by their backhand, and she yelled at them in panic.
"You’ll know when you go." The black man in sunglasses waved his hand and motioned for everyone to take Qin Chen to their car.
Qin Chen stepped on the black dress person who controlled her hands while they were unprepared. The black dress person couldn’t help but let go of the pain. Qin Chen took the opportunity to quickly pull out the chest pistol and fired at them at random.
Qin Chen shot forward while fleeing backwards. Unfortunately, her shoulder was bruised by a bullet. At this moment, a black ayenne appeared across the road and pulled her out with a strong hand as she passed by her.
"Enze is you". The person who saved her life turned out to be Yu Enze. Qin Chen was surprised and surprised
"Get down" The car is still flying forward like a flash. When there is nothing to spare, explain to her that he pressed Qin Chen’s head and immediately lowered himself. He was ejected from his front windshield, and Yu Enze rushed out of the danger with Qin Chen in a chaotic crackle.
"Qin Chen, please bear with us first, and we will go to the hospital soon." Looking at Qin Chen, he was sweating and his shoulder was still bleeding. Yu Enze was worried.
"Enze, you hurt your arm." Qin Chen gasped in a gasp. When she turned around, she found that Yu Enze was shot in the right arm. Bright red blood had dyed his white sleeve. He must have been shot by a black dress person when he pulled her car just now.
"It doesn’t matter to me. You can wait a little longer and the horse will arrive." Yu Enze’s forehead is also full of sweat, and the severe pain has made his voice a little weak.
Seeing Yu Enze enduring the pain and his bloody arm, Qin Chen’s tears fell in tears. "Enze is my fault for hurting you. You shouldn’t save me."
"I said I would take care of you and I wouldn’t leave you alone." At this time, Yu Enze’s right arm began to shake out of control and his face became paler.
Finally arrived at the hospital. Qin Chen was bruised by bullets, but the wound was not shallow. The doctor treated her wound for a long time. When Qin Chen came out of the clinic, Yu Enze was shot through his right arm in surgery. He was seriously injured.
Waiting anxiously outside the operating room, Qin Chen’s remorse and remorse gradually flooded her mind.
Chapter sixty-three This matter is serious
Qin Chen sat down at Yu Enze’s bedside. She slowly raised her hand to touch Yu Enze’s arm, but suddenly stopped and trembled. Tears suddenly fell down her cheeks. "Does Enze’s wound still hurt?"
It took three hours for the operation to end, and Yu Enze’s right arm bullet was finally successfully taken out, with a thick plaster and layers of gauze hanging around his neck, and his arm should not be moved casually for the next few months.
Yu Enze asked her with a faint smile, "Qin Chen, I’m fine. Is your injury okay?"
Qin Chen shook his head. "I don’t care. Don’t worry about me."
"Enze, I’m sorry, it’s all my fault." Qin Chen regrets a lot and tears are more rampant.
"It’s none of your business. It’s just that someone wants to hurt you intentionally and I happened to touch you. I can’t. from ruin, don’t blame yourself." Yu Enze gently wiped the tears from her eyes and comforted her gently.
Qin Chen felt sorry for Yu Enze. She wanted to get back at Yu Enze, but Yu Enze completely ignored her bad intentions and was willing to risk her life to save her from danger. Such a kind-hearted man told her to continue to hate him and treat him with a heart of stone.
She can’t do it. She can’t do it at all.
She’s wrong. She’s really wrong. It’s outrageous.
What? She didn’t realize her mistake until today.
"Sister, I’m sorry. I already love this man. I love him. I love my lover. I’m going to give up my revenge plan. No matter what my ending will be, everything is worth forgiving. I love the same man with you. I’m sorry." The real voice rang again and again in Qin Chen’s heart. She couldn’t continue to deceive her feelings.
"Enze, I can’t go to the wrong place blindly. I have to confess something to you." Qin Chen wiped her face and tears. She finally got up the courage. "In order to crush you, I sold the information of Yushi Real Estate Marketing Department in my hand to your opponent Jinlin Real Estate the other day."