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If Wu Tianyou sends a text message, let Li Zhenyu handle it directly! I’m sure he will be very happy to do it for her, so that she won’t have to worry about it.

It seems that Li Zhenyu thinks so, too. They have a tacit understanding. He went over and picked up Xia Xue’s mobile phone, looked at the name of the sender and handed it back to her, "Your best friend!"
"Smile!" Xia Xue didn’t expect Han Xiao to send her a text message so late, and hurriedly took the phone and opened the other party’s text message.
Xiaoxue, we good friends forever! -Love you, Han Xiao!
This short message looks a little absent-minded. Is it that Han Xiao has been stimulated again? Xia Xue hurriedly dialed back the past words and was quickly connected. She was just relieved when she heard Lu Yuanhang’s voice on the other end.
"Hey, I’m Lu Yuanhang. Now Han Xiao is with me!" Lu Yuanhang sounds enthusiastic. "We are playing a very exciting, thrilling and interesting game!"
They are together again! Xia Xue looked at the pouring rain outside the window. They must be alone. What can they do together in the rainy night? Her toes can also think of it and she can’t help but sigh-the two are back together!
"Can you put Han Xiao on the phone?" Didn’t hear Han Xiaoyin Xia Xue some not trust.
"yes!" Yuan-hang Lu said and heard a slight noise. Then she heard Han Xiao’s slightly hoarse voice. "Light snow is me! I’m fine. I’m with the voyage! "
Xia Xue also inconvenience to ask more to make sure Han Xiao is ok and charged a few words "nothing is good! Laugh and think about everything. Be kind to yourself! "
"I know!" Han Xiaoyin has a kind of courage. "Xiaoxue, I know what I do and what I want! I won’t bother you so late. Goodbye! "
"Bye!" Xia Xuegang hung up the phone and felt two strong iron arms cuddling from behind her. The man’s hot breath sprayed her ears, and he burned his body close to her big hand and leaned into her clothes.
Since Xia Xue fainted in the hospital and found that she was pregnant, the two had never made out again. One of them tried to try because Xia Xue was unwell. Second, because they are not in the mood for a cold war; Now two people apologize before the ice, Xia Xue’s physical condition is becoming more and more stable, and Li Zhenyu is somewhat unbearable.
"Well," Xia Xue snorted. He had unbuttoned her clothes, and those unbridled hands became more and more dishonest. She bit her lip and woke up. "No, the doctor said … not for a few months …"
"If we don’t do it, you help me …" He put out the room light and touched her affectionately while holding her hand and biting her earlobe like a jade bead, whispering softly.
Xia Xue blushed for her face. She didn’t refuse. Even though she was inconvenient, she was willing to cooperate with him to satisfy him.
The rain outside the window is getting bigger and bigger, and the chilly wind and cold rain are sweeping away the fallen leaves, almost drowning the whole world. For the first time, people fully feel the cold breath of autumn, but the room is warm and quiet, and the men are panting and the women are singing all over the house.
The world outside the car is almost submerged! There was no such heavy rain all summer. This autumn night, all the rain water that was lacking all summer was made up!
Such a bad outdoor environment is not suitable for going out, but Han Xiao has to accompany Lu Yuanhang in racing!
Lu Yuanhang said that he would play climax with Han Xiao. No matter how bad the weather is, it will not change.
First, they played extreme bungee jumping on the overpass bridge. Yuanhang Lu asked Han Xiao to jump with him. Once, Tang Manni was frightened out of my wits and cried. Dad called Niang extreme bungee jumping but it didn’t scare Han Xiao!
Han Xiao didn’t blink when facing the tens of meters high-rise bridge. She even took the initiative to hug Lu Yuanhang and shouted excitedly at Jiangxin, "Let’s die happily together!"
Section 15
This heroic declaration thundered Lu Yuanhang horribly, and his eyes twitched and his mouth twitched as if something was wrong with the precursor of stroke, which was out of his expectation and control. Maybe he seemed to be just a trap!
When the two of them jumped off the overpass together and enjoyed the speed pleasure, the women couldn’t help screaming, but that was excitement! She hugged Lu Yuanhang tightly and asked, "If the rope breaks and we fall into the river together, will you swim?"
Lu Yuanhang wanted to block her crow mouth, but it was inconvenient to tie her hands and feet, so she stared at her.
按摩See yuan-hang lu didn’t answer she laughed "I can swim! If we both fall into the river, I can save you! "
"…" At that moment, Lu Yuanhang was a little out of focus and tender.
Whether the rope will break or not, whether Han Xiao can swim or not, whether she can save him or not, he can be sure of one thing, that is, the root didn’t scare her-he failed!
The cold wind of the elevated bridge is raging, and the rain is coming, so the two of them jumped back and forth for a dozen times! Every time Han laughs, she yells and talks nonsense, not that the rope will break, but that the bridge will collapse and she can cope with all kinds of emergencies!
In short, there will be no danger if Lu Yuanhang is willing to have her omnipotent goddess Han Xiao with her!
Bungee jumping is over! Lu Yuanhang’s face is a little pale (angry by her). Han Xiao is a full face of exaggerated smile.
"interesting! It’s really interesting! Sailing is a great idea! I like this kind of game, and it really stimulates the climax! Unfortunately, the rope didn’t break and the viaduct didn’t collapse, otherwise it would be more fun! " Han Xiao clap your hands and say with smile
"…" Yuan-hang lu a sullen face couldn’t say a word.
Get ready to play drag racing! But the original plan was interrupted by the downpour.
I didn’t eat dinner (Lu Yuanhang was worried that the rice and strong dog and bear bile wouldn’t scare Han Xiao), but I was hungry all the time on purpose, but it was getting late, but the rain didn’t stop.
Korea smile also don’t say hungry opposing cheerfully "sailing when to start racing! I don’t think the rain will stop for a while. How about racing in the rain? More exciting! "
"…" Yuan-hang lu stare at her this crazy woman!
"Play to play to stimulate this but you said! Come and ride in the rain! " Han Xiao kept pulling Yuan Hang Lu.
"Well, that’s what you said!" Lu Yuanhang finally got angry calmly. She won’t know what fear is until she gives her some real color to see! "Don’t cry and beg me to let you go!"
"Joke sister is such a timid woman!" Han Xiao sneers.
Looking at the flooded rainy night outside, I am pampered by Lu Yuanhang.
"Go still dazed to do! Men should be happy when they are working. Mother-in-law is not a man! " Han Xiao dragged Lu Yuanhang out of the car (she was very strong) and excitedly said, "Racing!"
They are wearing raincoats and helmets, but the visibility of racing in rainy nights is too low, almost less than two or three meters, which is suspected to be dangerous!
Do you want to take risks with this crazy woman! Lu Yuanhang began to beat drums in his heart!
"Drive! Man! " Sitting behind a motorcycle, Han Xiao slapped him hard on the back of his neck, just like riding a horse to go forward. "Let’s go!"
"Shit!" Lu Yuanhang scolded 1 and finally started driving. The lights lit up and he rushed into the rain curtain with a Korean smile.
"Drive!" Han Xiao tightly hugged Lu Yuanhang’s healthy waist and laughed almost out of breath.
Lu Yuanhang became a rickshaw puller or a rickshaw puller, laughing at Han, and started racing along the open road.
Something is seriously out of his expectation and control! It’s him who wants to mess with Han Xiao. Now it seems that he has been messed with Han Xiao! How do you think you are passive, but Han Xiao is talking and laughing freely.
"hurry up! Faster! Fly! How exciting! " Han Xiao shouted with cooperation, looking like a neurotic crazy woman.
It’s a stormy night, and there are few vehicles in the streets, not to mention pedestrians. It’s raining hard. She’s not far away from laughing. Even she can’t hear what she mumbles at close range, but she can hear her laughing all the way.
"Can you shut up! Be quiet for a while! " Yuan-hang lu heart fire back to drink a way
"What did you say? I can’t hear you! " Korea smile will wear a helmet head leaned forward.
"I said shut up!"
"It’s not big!" Han Xiao once again said that he could not hear clearly.
"I depend!" Lu Yuanhang said
"ah! I know! " Han Xiao patted him again and said, "Wait until the car is finished!" We can fight in the field! Do you want to try what it’s like to do it on a rainy night? "
"You crazy woman!" The man finally lost.
"Ha, ha, ha ….. who’s afraid of cowards!" Female arrogant laugh
Just when the two men were distracted by the conversation, a harsh light suddenly lit up in front of them on a dark rainy night, and a car sped towards them.
Lu Yuanhang was shocked when he was distracted. He had deviated from the roadside and drove to the middle of the road!
On the verge of a collision, he can turn sharply to the side of the road and slip on rainy days. The most taboo is to turn around quickly or brake quickly. Although the motorcycle narrowly avoided the oncoming car, the wheels slipped and suddenly swung out.
"hey!" "Bang!" "ah!" "ah!"