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That is to say, this person can’t do it. Qin Xiao is wrinkly to knit the nose and intends to shrink behind Manglietia

"This school sister looks familiar. I don’t know where we met." The man took a step forward with a smile when he saw Qin Xiao. "Dou Bihan asked the school sister for her name."
Where can you see Qin Xiao in Dou Bihan’s eyes and notice the two brothers in your family?
I’m going to tease Bihan, knowing that he’s a tease, and I’m coming out to make a fool of myself. Look at this jade. Why don’t you call it a local tyrant, Jin Junqian, and wrinkle your nose with disdain?
Qin Xiao was almost laughed at by him again. He could try to shrink behind Manglietia with a straight face.
"You crazy next to this is my second brother, Jun Qian, and my younger sister is shy, so please ask this senior brother not to blame." You crazy is the one who doesn’t like this kind of person to plan to watch, but he can’t hide that his little girl has been accosted by people, so it’s a little difficult to just stop her.
"Call my brother is really breaking me." At this time, Dou Bihan turned his attention to Jun Kuang, who was watching the situation. The Queen Peng Diao was full of beauty. He couldn’t help but look at his eyes. The identity of the Queen Peng Diao was specially improved and he was higher than a few realms. He didn’t dare to Xiang Xiao.
"I didn’t see the two senior brothers because the younger martial sister was so beautiful, which made me crazy, but it made the senior brothers laugh." Dou Bihan heard that Junkuang was Qin Xiao’s elder brother, which made him somewhat flattering. "I don’t know if I am shy, but the younger martial sister is called."
"My name is Uncle Qin Xiao. Don’t call me the teacher elder sister." Qin Xiao also hates this man forcing pick up hot chicks to be shameless.
"It turned out to be Qin Xiao’s elder sister and younger brother." Dou Bihan looked at the three brothers and sisters, men, women and beautiful eyes, and then he had something to say. "Dare to ask the three, but they won the first place in the entrance exam this year."
夜网论坛  title=You crazy smell speech nodded "exactly". This man can rank among the top 50 in the college list with his brother’s identity. I think there must be some advantages, and that’s why you crazy to talk to him patiently. Otherwise, you would leave early.
"Elder martial sister Manglietia originally said that there were still several younger brothers and sisters, but I didn’t expect it to be you." Dou Bihan smiled. "Since it is such a talented person, elder martial sister should not keep secrets." He picked his eyebrows at Manglietia. "So it’s not too much for elder martial sister to take us again."
Brother, who are these people? Qin Xiaoyin asked
These people are among the top 100 in the college list, and all of them can join hands to stop you. Your little brother replied crazily.
This is not the result of his own investigation, but according to the conclusion drawn by Lei Yu’s wandering around the hospitals
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This is your humble brother, or they are so good at cooking that some rookies are coming. What’s the matter and I don’t know the little girl? It’s a bit disgusting.
It’s not up to us to decide whether to take them or not. I believe Elder Martial Sister Manglietia has her own plans. You laugh hysterically.
"Thank you for your kindness and kindness, but you haven’t seen these four younger brothers and sisters behind me. They are not as strong as you. If they are not so strong, they will surely drag you down." Manglietia frowned without trace, which is really a headache for this sinus wall.
"You might as well lose them." Dou Bihan smiled contemptuously and glanced at the younger brothers and sisters behind Manglietia. "Lotus Huafeng is steep, and Lotus Emperor’s abode of fairies and immortals is even more unknown. If you take them and hurt their lives, you will feel very uncomfortable." His eyes swept from the faces of four people. "If you don’t leave them here, if you get a chance, you will be better off in them or bring them out with the right achievement method."
Four people smell speech suddenly looked up at Manglietia obviously afraid Manglietia will abandon them.
If they don’t have Manglietia to protect themselves, if they are accidentally involved in the private struggle of repairing a powerful brother, the best result will be a decent wound.
Dou Bihan’s words woke them up. They should not forget their identity. It is best to give others less trouble, but it hurts their self-esteem.
Seeing a few people’s eyes dim to Manglietia couldn’t help but feel a little anxious. "Is this a bit too much, teacher younger brother?"
"I am seeking truth from facts" Dou Bihan is not.
"Teacher younger brother means high, and there are several friends who are similar to each other. It’s not difficult to make a trip to Lotus Huafeng, and it’s not difficult for them to cooperate with each other." Manglietia frowned slightly.
"Dou Bihan has admired the teacher elder sister for a long time, of course, he wants to take this opportunity to communicate more with the teacher elder sister." Dou Bihan rolled his eyes. "What’s more, isn’t it a great blessing in life that a clever figure like Qin Xiao can pass?"
This passage of Dou Bihan completely made Qin Xiao dislike him to the extreme.
What’s wrong with this person? Why don’t you hurry home and take medicine? Qin Xiaoyu took a look at Jun Kuang and found that the latter didn’t look so good either.
Small this kind of person is to push the nose and face. We don’t advise him to beat him. Crazy Jun Qian glances at Qin Xiao and nodded his head.
Well, then I’m welcome. Qin Xiao took out a Zhang Ling charm and successfully buried it through Manglietia
Qin Xiao buried the coffin but did not support Manglietia
Looking at Manglietia has been to protect her after the little girl’s heart flush with a trace of guilt.
She told Elder Martial Sister Manglietia that I had buried the talisman in the ground, and I will fight later. You should remember to back off some of them, because I accidentally hurt them.
Manglietia didn’t reply is corner swept Qin Xiao slightly, and said she knew.
Chapter four hundred and ninety-seven Local tyrants actually know how to advance and retreat
Manglietia flowers are all about this, but it’s no wonder that Qin Xiao and others have exploded in mentality.