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Milan has reached a node where the reconstruction key is pushed down.
The Bundesliga Leverkusen’s loss to Barcelona is not an upset, but the score of 12 in two rounds is bigger than that of Real Madrid’s 92 victory over CSKA Moscow in two rounds, which is an upset score.
On March 16th, two days after the Champions League 1 final, UEFA held a strong draw ceremony.
As a result, Real Madrid was lucky enough to draw the weakest Greek competition.
Moreover, the draw also decided the semi-final match situation. After Real Madrid advanced to the semi-finals, the semi-final match was also won by Fica and Chelsea.
It is much easier for the three giants of Bayern Munich, A Milan and Barcelona to gather in the half area than in the half area.
It doesn’t matter whether the semi-final opponent is Fica or Chelsea, who owns Real Madrid led by Mourinho.
For the Greeks, Atletico Madrid is regarded as the media or fans, and no one believes that they can stop Real Madrid from moving forward.
After the Champions League draw, Real Madrid will be ushered in, and it is possible to create a new league history.
On March 1st, Real Madrid played Malaga at home in the second round of La Liga.
Former Real Madrid have tied the unbeaten record of 31 games, the longest league unbeaten record. If Real Madrid wins this game, they will set a new record of 32 unbeaten games in La Liga.
And 32 unbeaten games will become the second longest unbeaten record in La Liga history, second only to the three unbeaten games created by Real Sociedad in 197919.
Therefore, Mourinho sent the main team to try to win the game.
However, it may be because of the long-term unbeaten and the pressure to create a new history that Real Madrid stars are somewhat timid and play poorly.
In the 16th minute, Lu Wenbin punched the Malaga defense line and created a good opportunity for Zema to fight offside. As a result, he even hit the plane without even hitting the door frame.
In the 27th minute, Lu Wenbin’s powerful long-range shot outside the forbidden area caused Malaga goalkeeper to save the ball and bounce back to Luo in front of the forbidden area.
As a result, Luo kicked this close shot opportunity, but he didn’t play hard. The goalkeeper reacted and threw the ball at him.
In a hurry to grab the ball, Luo also got a yellow card for colliding with the goalkeeper.
On the other hand, Malaga is United, but in the 33 rd minute, Lee scored a goal first with a counterattack opportunity. Real Madrid fell behind at home in a game that might set a new team record.
There was a star hiss in the stands, which was part of the dissatisfaction with the team’s performance of Real Madrid fans.
Although it has long been known that Real Madrid fans urinate and know that these boos are not boos, Lu Wenbin still feels a little uncomfortable when he hears these boos.
The ups and downs of players’ state are too normal, and the pressure of being unbeaten for a long time and about to set a new team history record really makes teammates too nervous and out of state. Lu Wenbin is completely understanding.
But that doesn’t mean that your fans can boo the players, which is really frustrating.
Lu Wenbin, who came from Hoffenheim and Inter Milan, had never seen such a boo to his home team fans.
Real Madrid is a successful team, but Real Madrid fans are not a warm backing for players.
"Fortunately, I won’t stay in Real Madrid for two seasons before I leave," Lu Wenbin thought to himself.
Seeing that the team was behind the score and his teammates were not in a state, Lu Wenbin began to choose to fight alone more.
Although Malaga attaches great importance to the defense of Lu Wenbin, it is impossible for the defense to be watertight.
Before the end of the 44th minute, Lu Wenbin finally scored a goal to equalize the score through a long-distance attack in a counterattack, which passed through the forbidden area of two people’s congresses.
Suddenly there was a deafening cheer from Real Madrid fans in the stands, but Lu Wenbin didn’t feel much excited. He felt that Real Madrid fans were too realistic.
He just needs to finish his own work.
He will not have as deep feelings for Real Madrid and fans as he does for Hoffenheim Inter Milan.
Chapter 55 Real Madrid team history record
Shortly after Lu Wenbin scored a goal to equalize the score, the referee blew the half-time whistle.
At halftime, Mourinho criticized his team except Lu Wenbin and even changed three players, Adan for casillas Kaka for Dimaria Higuain for Zema.
桑拿网Kaka for Di Maria Higuain for Zema is normal. Substitute goalkeeper Adan didn’t get a yellow card, but he lost a goal. casillas is somewhat intriguing.
Mourinho’s dislike of casillas’s smell has changed from smell to reality.
The contradiction between Mourinho and Barcelona is well known in the world, and the captain of the Spanish national team in casillas is in harmony with the Barcelona players, which Mourinho does not like.
Another point is that casillas’s wife always likes to tell reporters what she heard about Real Madrid’s locker room from Kathy, which also makes Mourinho quite angry.
The last point is profit.
Although Lu Wenbin is the first superstar in the world, he is fighting for himself and his strength, focusing on competition and training, and will not participate in any locker room struggle.
Other players are different, and they will participate consciously or unconsciously.
For example, casillas and Ramos, Spanish gang Luo and Pepe Portuguese gang, etc.
Mourinho Portuguese naturally chose to support fellow villagers Luo and Pepe to suppress casillas and Ramos after he entered Real Madrid.
Casillas’s national team-mates Albiol, Karehong and others were severely rejected by Mourinho when they tried to get more appearances, and casillas also held a grudge against Mourinho.
For various reasons, casillas didn’t make any big mistakes in such a key game, and he was replaced at halftime.
I’m sure the media reporters will have a good time after the game.
Lu Wenbin naturally won’t care about these things. Anyway, he has the aura of a senior leader. Even if the dressing room of a super giant like Real Madrid struggles, it won’t affect him. He just cares about the game.
After a 15-minute break, the two sides exchanged sides and fought again. Real Madrid changed the goalkeepers, which really shocked fans and media reporters and then heated up one after another.
Although the fans were a little dissatisfied with the replacement of captain San Cassie’s midfield, Mourinho led the team to tie the longest unbeaten record in the team’s history and advance to the Champions League, which still earned him some impression points without booing Mourinho on a large scale.
But reporters don’t care so much.
The charm of this substitution seems more interesting than this game.
Many people have already played a title similar to the chaos in the dressing room of Real Madrid. The contradiction between Mourinho and casillas is open.
On how to fight in the locker room, the game has to continue, and all the players are professional players. They will not deliberately drag their feet in the game because of contradictions in the locker room.
In particular, Kaka and Higuain, the substitutes, worked harder and were criticized, and Ronaldinho also played better.
In the 57th minute, Lu Wenbin made a two-to-one collision with Kaka in the frontcourt and then entered the forbidden area, which attracted the attention of several Malaga goalkeeper.
Then he didn’t force the shot, but picked the side of the goal and came in. Luo jumped up and headed the ball into the goal with a powerful header.
With the goal of Lu Wenbin assisting Luo, Real Madrid finally surpassed the score by 21 and the game returned to the track of Real Madrid.