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Lu was dazed for a moment and then looked up at Lin Mo-chen’s stunning and handsome face. His dark eyes were as calm as a thousand-year-old well, and there was no wave. "Mr. Lin is sorry."

She bit her lip in chagrin and regretted her rash impulse, not only failing to catch the ladder, but also hitting someone.
"No," Lin Mo-chen said politely with alienation.
It’s her eyes, but her lips are looking for some trace, and her eyes are not dark.
Today, he came to the hospital after work for the last time. The wound recovered well, but he didn’t expect to meet her. Naturally, he sent out the scene of Lu You and Chi Yiming kissing passionately last night.
"Is there anything on my face?" Lu sorrow by his sharp eyes to see some face burning.
Lin Mochen shook his head and nodded slightly "Pang Bo, let’s go."
He didn’t stay long enough to stride over Lu’s sorrow, didn’t look at it again, didn’t stay for a second, so she passed by.
Pang Bo also followed him to leave, but at Lu’s sorrow, his eyes seemed vaguely worried.
Lu Sorrow thinks that Lin Mo-chen is very strange today, but she can’t be blamed.
She looked back at Lin Mo-chen’s tall and handsome figure and felt that he or she seemed far away overnight.
That is, if it wasn’t for the bag of blood, they would be strangers.
Lu sorrow didn’t think much about it, so he quickly took the ladder to his mother’s ward.
桑拿会所As soon as she got to the ward, she saw Song Yabei running!
"Uncle aunt Lu and Yi Ming broke up because I was my fault! If you want to blame me, don’t blame Yiming for it. You can beat me and scold me all you want, but please ask Miss Lu to help Yiming get back the photos. I promise you to break up with Yiming and then stay abroad and leave them alone! " Song Yabei was still wearing a pale face and begged before Li Mei and Lu Yong.
Love rat has been cleaned up by small worries. Bai Lianhua is coming again … See how to deal with small worries.
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☆ No one can treat me like a fool.
Lu Yong and Li Mei were very surprised to see Song Yabei, who was as weak as a small white flower, frowning with a frown and being at a loss.
"What did you say?" It took Li Mei a long time to find her voice line, and it was a thrill. "Little Worry and Er Shao broke up?"
"Aunt, it’s all my fault … Yi Ming has been waiting for me. I don’t know if he’s with Miss Lu. He didn’t want to hurt Miss Lu. He didn’t tell her that I was back. I and Yi Ming have always been in love …" Song Yabei’s eyes were tearful and tender.
Lu You approached Li Mei step by step and looked at her. "Is this the case with Xiao You?"
"Mom, I broke up with Chi Yiming." Lu You admitted quietly, and then she looked at Song Yabei with burning eyes. "But I don’t owe anyone anything and don’t want to treat me like a fool! What’s the matter with crying in front of my parents when you ask Mr. Lin for negatives yourself? Miss Song, you’re the darling daughter of the Song family, and you’re asking ordinary people like us to lose your dignity. Please respect yourself! "
"Lu I beg you! This is very important for Yiming! I’m the one who got him into trouble, but I can help others with you. If you help him go abroad, I won’t appear in front of you again. I wish you a hundred years of harmony! " Song Yabei is still begging for help, regardless of her daughter’s identity.
Song Yabei is very beautiful, but her white face is curved, her eyebrows are dark and liquid, her eyes are thick and her lips are long and curly, and her beautiful long hair hangs like a cloud over her vest and her hair ends on her chest are curly, delicate, elegant and petite, and gentle. She gives people a watery feeling.
Especially at this time, she looks pale because of injury. She is vulnerable, which can arouse men’s desire for protection. Even women will give help because of sympathy when they see such pity.
Section 11
All women’s natural weakness is the best weapon to control men!
And Chi Yiming was tempted by Song Yabei’s delicate and delicate side and didn’t fall in love, right?
Lu you feel that if you don’t know that Song Yabei is a flower, Bai Lianhua has done something that destroys others’ feelings, but he has to pretend to be very generous.
Such a woman is really pure as an angel, solid and insidious.
If you are not careful, you will be confused and bitten back! This is the most terrible!
"Miss Song, since you really love each other, you can keep it. I won’t recycle the garbage that was thrown back. It will make me sick!" Lu You’s beautiful face is deeply disgusted and undisguised. "Miss Song, my mother needs rest, please leave!"
In Yi Shu, "It is not a lover if you can steal a lover", Chi Yiming can’t accept it even if she changes her mind!
Song Yabei’s lovely little face floated up and her eyes gradually turned red. "Miss Lu, even if you don’t think about Ming, you should think about your aunt’s illness and need surgery and re-examination. Ming also promised to give you 300,000 yuan to get back the film, which is very helpful for you! Can save a life! And I also want my aunt to get better. I really mean it! "
The most exciting thing about Song Yabei’s words is Li Mei. She pointed at her nose and scolded, "Miss Song, go back and tell Chi Yiming that even if I die, I won’t ask him for a penny! Although we Lujia are not rich, our daughter Lujia will never be so humiliated by him! You will get what you deserve for ruining others’ feelings and being a mistress! Get out of here or I’ll be rude! "
"Mom, don’t get excited and pay attention to your health." Lu Yu comforted his mother
"Aunt, don’t be angry! You listen to me … "Song Yabei wanted to explain what was blocked by Lu Youqian.
Song Yabei suddenly lost her center of gravity and fell backwards, accompanied by her panic and screaming "Ah-"
She fell heavily, and the tender palm rubbed against the ground, which made her tighten the arch eyebrows.
The door of the ward was pushed open with a bang and made a loud noise, and then a cold face appeared, and he felt a storm in his body.
"Beibei-"Chi Yiming just came in and saw that Song Yabei’s eyes were worried. "How are you?"
"I’m all right, Miss Lu. She is eager to nurse her mother. She must not have deliberately pushed me. Don’t blame her for falling down because of my carelessness. You can scold me if you want." Song Yabei was crouched in Chi Yiming’s arms, holding her white eyebrows and twisting up painful wrinkles.
What? She pushed her? Lu sorrow hasn’t huanguo to god but has been detained for such a big charge!
"You’re in such pain that you still speak for her?" Chi Yiming held her head in one hand and pressed it into her arms.
"Believe it or not, I want to state the fact that I didn’t push her!" Lu’s melancholy sound is so light that there is no ups and downs.
"Lu sorrow I see you pushed the bud bud! You are ashamed to argue! " Chi Yiming, it’s like quenching poison eyes light as if to penetrate her body.
"It’s all my fault! I disturbed Miss Lu’s mother’s rest! I love you so much! It’s all my fault … meowed … "Speaking of which, glittering and translucent tears fell from Song Yabei’s eyes and made people feel pity.
"You don’t say! It’s not your fault! " Chi Youyi Ming Rou comforted her and reached out to wipe away her tears. "It’s her vicious heart!"
Lu sorrow there seems to have been a poisonous invasion. Looking at Xiu En ‘ai, the lips of the two people evoke a sneer.
She smiles that Chi Yiming is blind!
It also blinds people to love. That’s the truth! What Song Yabei says now is right in his heart and she is wrong!
"Chi Yiming, the baiwenhang, is really blind to be so kind to him in the past two years!" Li Mei angered Chi Yiming and Song Yabei. "Miss Song, you wronged my daughter. Why didn’t this thunder kill you!"
"Auntie, you’re sick, so excited. Be careful that your condition gets worse, and you won’t have a chance to see us being struck by lightning!" Chi Yiming picked Song Yabei up from the ground and she was clever enough to snuggle up in his arms.
You!’ Li Mei coughed with anger!
Lu bit her red lip bitterly and took advantage of the inconvenience of her hands to raise her hand and slap Chi Yiming in the face loudly! Five fingers red mark, his handsome face is clearly visible!