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Yes, everyone is here today, but only Ouyang and Yu Shi are missing.

Yu Enze, Ouyang Luochen, Jiang Yushi once loved each other and killed each other, but they were inseparable. Now, people are far apart, and they are full of melancholy regrets on the day of reunion.
Long summer’s heart is not a pain. When his eyes are filled with acid and heat, Ouyang is looking for the missing rain poem today. He has been to Africa for six years, saying that it is not long or short, but how many years can he spend in his life in luxury?
So is it worth the six years that Ouyang Yu’s poems have spent? He once loved him for ten years. They all left their most precious feelings for each other in distant Africa in the end.
Is Ouyang okay after all these years? Is the rain poem okay? Did Ouyang find the rain? Did Shiyu meet Ouyang? Everything is like a broken kite.
"Enze no news is good news" long summer comforted Yu Enze "Maybe Ouyang will come back with rain poems this year"
"I hope so." Yu Enze looked up and gulped down the red wine in his glass.
At this moment, long summer suddenly saw a familiar figure rushing past the window, and she rushed out, but there was one person outside.
"long summer, what do you see?" Yu Enze also chased out and looked confused.
The heart suddenly jumped violently. long summer looked at Yu Enze ambiguously. "Enze, I seem to have seen the rain poem just now."
Chapter one hundred and fifty You look up at me
The office came to send files to long summer. Wow, seeing that long summer had been staring at her brain, she called her "Sister long summer and Sister long summer".
Long summer’s wandering thoughts were instantly pulled back to reality, and she discovered that Xiaowa was holding several documents in front of her.
"I’m sorry, Sister long summer, I kept knocking at the door just now to see that you didn’t respond, so I just walked in." Xiaowa explained to long summer, "I have some joint business documents here that you need to review to see which ones meet the requirements of our workshop."
After all, it is the company long summer and Xiaowasi that some rules in the workplace should be observed, and if there is an accident, they must also explain to their leaders.
"Well, you put it here first, and I’ll see it later." long summer smiled and then frowned slightly.
Hesitated for a long time out of concern for long summer’s heart, Xiaowa asked long summer "Sister long summer, do you have something on your mind?"
Maybe it’s the question that has been in my heart for too long. At this moment, long summer suddenly wants to talk to someone. She tells Xiaowa, "Xiaowa, please help me open the door. I have something to say to you."
Long summer asked Xiaowa to sit on the sofa and then poured her a cup of warm water and handed it to her face. The puzzled expression still didn’t go away. "Xiaowa celebrated ary for Enze. I seem to have seen Jiang Yushi that night."
"Jiang Yushi" Xiaowa listened to long summer’s Jiang Yushi before, and it was from long summer’s mouth that she learned that Jiang Yushi was a girl with personality charm all over. She quickly asked long summer, "Sister long summer said that Jiang Yushi came back from Africa, so what about your good friend Ouyang Luochen?"
Long summer shook his head with a sigh. "I’m not sure whether the figure I saw that night was a rain poem or not. When I chased her out, she had already disappeared in Ouyang, and we still haven’t heard from him."
"Sister long summer, is it possible that you miss Jiang Yu’s poems too much? Maybe you mistook other girls for Jiang Yu’s poems that night." Wow, long summer considered it from another angle.
"Maybe." long summer’s mouth was not positive, but she kept wondering that she saw the girl flash by that night.
"long summer Sister Jiang and Mr. Ouyang are both very good people. You have to believe that God will bless them both." Xiaowa couldn’t bear long summer to pull a long face. Her words sincerely comforted long summer.
"Wow, I often confuse each other. Two people always have to go through so many joys and sorrows. Fortunately, they finally have a complete regret. Unfortunately, even after Qian Fan, they are strangers at the end of the world." long summer buried his head in disappointment and his hands were slightly hoarse. "Is it really God’s will to decide whether two people will end well or not?"
"Sister long summer, I’m in a white mood." Xiaowa held long summer in her arms and let long summer lean on her shoulder. "Although you are not married with Boss Yu now, you and Boss Yu experienced so many hardships before getting together today. It’s hard to feel deeply. Don’t think so much. After all, it’s all over, isn’t it?
I don’t really know how to talk a lot. I know that good people will be rewarded. I believe that your boss, Mr. Anbao Ouyang, Miss Jiang, Yue Fan and me, we are all good people, and we will all be fine. "
"Wow, thank you for comforting me and telling you the truth. I suddenly feel a lot better." long summer got up from Wow’s arms. She clenched her hands and eyes with a thin mist. "You said that we are all good people, and good people will be rewarded together. Everything will be fine."
Early the next morning, long summer handed over all the joint venture documents reviewed yesterday afternoon to the secret file for herself to keep a copy in her hand, which was that she was optimistic about a company that met the requirements of long summer workshop in all aspects, and she would take this document to visit the top management of that company in person.
Long summer walked out of the workshop with the documents to get the car from the opposite parking lot. Unexpectedly, a cargo truck rushed to the opposite parking lot, and long summer came to see long summer coming or not. Suddenly, someone clenched her arm and pulled her back to the original place with a strong force.
The cargo truck seemed like a gust of wind whizzed past long summer’s eyes. long summer widened her eyes. She gasped with a big mouth and seemed to be about to jump out of her throat. It was a thrilling scene. If the man pulled back her big truck one second later, he would have run over her.
By the way, who helped her just now? She didn’t remember the person who saved her life until long summer recovered her calm mood.
I’m long summer looking around turned out to be a person.
"It’s strange who saved me and disappeared so quickly, which is faster than Flash." long summer wondered that she began to look for the mysterious man everywhere.
Suddenly, a thin white figure like an arrow entered the alley not far away. long summer rushed over quickly. "Ah, this figure, this white figure" long summer’s heart beat suddenly. She remembered that this figure was exactly the same as the one she saw last night, and she was familiar with running.
Long summer desperately chased the girl who ran hurriedly and shouted "Rain Poetry" in surprise at her pretty figure.
The moment Jiang Yu’s poem seemed to be fixed. She froze in situ and turned her back on long summer.
Long summer slowly slowed down before running, panting, and she walked towards Jiang Yushi with her back to her step by step.
The world seems to suddenly and silently hear long summer’s "bang bang bang" violent heartbeat, and her blood seems to be boiling and hot tears are slipping down her cheeks. long summer tries to make her breath steady. She trembles, "Rain Poetry, you are finally back."
Jiang Yushi kept her head down all the time, and her hands gradually clenched her nails and deeply embedded them in her palm. She didn’t go out and kept silent, but her breathing became more and more urgent.
Long summer finally came to Jiang Yushi. She didn’t know Jiang Yushi was wearing a mask. She couldn’t see her complete face. The eyes of the once black-and-white beautiful crane were stained with heavy gloom.
Long summer gently caressed Jiang Yushi, covered by a mask, and looked at her with a cold cheek. "Rain poem, I’m long summer. Would you look up at me? Rain poem, what’s wrong with you?"
Tears suddenly fell big and big, and Jiang Yushi looked up with difficulty. She stared at the opposite long summer with tearful eyes. It seems that there are one thousand kilograms of heavy hands, slowly picking up the face mask and low voice. "long summer, please look at me now. I am not the Jiang Yushi at the beginning."
Long summer looked at Jiang Yu’s poem in front of him in amazement, and suddenly it felt like a piece of meat had been gouged out, which was very painful.
Jiang Yushi’s face from the jaw to the ear root, the whole nose to the half of the face is inextricably linked, and there is no complete and smooth skin.
Sad tears fell. long summer clenched Jiang Yushi’s arm and asked her lovingly, "Rain Poetry, what happened to you?"
Jiang Yushi fiddled with opening a summer hand. She stepped back and separated from long summer at a distance. Her lips evoked a bitter and desperate smile. "It doesn’t matter what I experienced before long summer. I have become this ghost."
I want to come back and see Luo Chen. I went to Y City to look for him. He didn’t go to the United States to look for him. He didn’t either. Later, I heard that Yu Enze was now in Beijing. I guessed that Luo Chen might have come to Beijing, so I came here, but I still didn’t see Luo Chen. "
"It was you who sneaked out of the window last night, wasn’t it?" long summer’s soft eyes filled with love. She approached Jiang Yushi and held her hand. "Rain Poetry, we are friends. Since you came last night, you have to escape. And I know that you saved me just now."
Jiang Yushi shook off long summer’s hand. She quickly put on a mask and then turned her back on long summer. "long summer, I’m so gross now. I’d better stay away from you. I miss Luo Chen very much. I don’t know where he went. I can’t find him."
喝茶约茶The pace of "Rain Poetry" suddenly became heavy. Before long summer stepped forward, she stared at Jiang Yushi with a solemn face. "Ouyang went to Africa to find you resolutely the year he learned that you had an accident in Africa. It has been six years and we still haven’t heard from Ouyang."
Jiang Yu’s poem seemed to be violently hit by a sunny flash from across, and the whole person collapsed to the wall like losing gravity. She looked at long summer stupefied, and her shocked tone was full of disbelief. "long summer, what did you say? He went to Africa to find me."
Long summer hold limbs Jiang Yushi nodded at her.
"What, I haven’t seen Luochen in Africa in the past six years?" Tears raged and Jiang Yushi was heartbroken. "What, you haven’t heard from Luochen in long summer in the past six years? How did it happen? Tell me how it happened."
"Don’t be sad about the rain poem" long summer Jiang Yushi wiped her face with tears and hugged her in her arms "Ouyang felt that he owed you too much, made up for his mistakes and wanted to go to Africa to find you. He must have experienced a lot in Africa like you.
We can’t think of things too badly. Sometimes no news is good news. Ouyang is a very wise and persevering person. Difficulties will not knock him down and he will take care of him. We will pray together. "
"At the end of the day, I am still the troubler of Luo Chen." Jiang Yushi burst into tears and regretted and hated. "Why do I insist on going to Africa with him? If I don’t go to Africa, maybe so much will not happen. Luo Chen will not." Jiang Yushi choked.
Chapter one hundred and fifty-one Wake up
In the morning, the sun shone into the room through the screen window. long summer woke up sleepily. She got dressed and prepared to go to the kitchen to make breakfast. When she went to the living room, she found that the bedroom door opposite was open.
Long summer went in bewildered. One bed in the room was folded neatly by Jiang Yu’s poems. At the moment, long summer saw a tiled letter on the water glass surface of the bedside table.
Dear long summer
Thank you for letting me spend the night here last night. No amount of words can express my gratitude to you.