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"Small eyes are good." Jun looked at the sword spirit with malicious intent. "Although this sword is not good, letting the master make two powerful holy spirit swords will definitely make you more modest."

"Great Emperor, this can’t be a joke." If this is the case, his sword spirit will inevitably be integrated into two swords to form a blade without leaving any traces.
When the light dispersed and the jade slips shattered, you smiled and bowed your hand to Lei Yu. "Congratulations on getting the ideal bearing."
"It’s a windfall for me." Lei Yu smiled and waved his hand. When he saw your crazy hand holding a bunch of Jane, he asked, "But choose for others."
Jun Kuang nodded slightly. "We’ve taken almost everything without leaving anything. I’m afraid Mo Nian and others won’t hook it so easily."
"I’m white" Lei Yu nodded. "There’s nothing I can do here. Just let me go back to the north gate first."
"All right, please take these back with you." Jun crazy handed LeiYu the hand slips.
"What’s so happy?" Jun Qian caught a glimpse of Qin Xiao’s smile.
"It’s interesting to ban this abode of fairies and immortals. We advanced to carry it with us." Qin Xiao glanced at the stone chamber. "Have things moved inside?"
"No, but I put two bans in it. When they see it, they should be an object rack." Jun Kuang said.
"Anyway, we don’t care about those." Qin Xiao smiled and took two brothers back to the abode of fairies and immortals.
Lei Yu is discussing things such as distribution with people who have just arrived at the end of Miao. Suddenly, the income is taken with him and the abode of fairies and immortals hurriedly come around and ask about the outside situation noisily.
"You also know that Mo Nian was cruel in the past, and this time it must be furious. I have activated the abode of fairies and immortals to ban them. If they want to come in, I’m afraid there will be no good fruit to eat." Qin Xiao said proudly with Ba Wei.
Before she greeted them, they got together and looked at the cave walls to show the outside world.
At present, they can still see that there are spar falling from the banned surface and being absorbed by the banned land.
The whole forbidden vein of the abode of fairies and immortals is connected in one mass, and one forbidden absorption spar can be supplemented by Xuanli.
Chapter four hundred and fourteen Entangled will get!
Jun Kuang and others entered Qin Xiao’s portable abode of fairies and immortals. Jun Qian saw Lei Yu, three people, who were busy sharing the spoils for fear of losing their share, ran over to get a piece of the action.
A guy who has benefited greatly from the abode of fairies and immortals is clamoring to share the benefits with others. Isn’t this a slap in the face?
So Jun Qian was undoubtedly excluded and refuted, even if he moved out of the "hard work", Jun Kuang and Qin Xiao were also.
品茶"Jun Qian’s brother told you that they wouldn’t buy your account when he got cheap." Qin Xiao looked at Jun Qian’s corner with a funny look. "You want to say something."
"I just remembered that this abode of fairies and immortals banned is serious. Previously, I banned this abode of fairies and immortals and killed a team of Eye Zerg. Now I’m worried that Mo Nian will not be as simple as being totally embarassed after they came in." There are a lot of treasures in the abode of fairies and immortals, but he can be said to be generally better than the sword handle. There is a lot of madness there. Is it really necessary to guard against a spiritual sword that is difficult for ordinary people to repair?
However, it is not bad to see the sword marks left in another stone room of the abode of fairies and immortals, but some people with poor strength can be eliminated by a few sword marks; And this abode of fairies and immortals is banned without ostentation and extravagance, even if it is a sacred land to cultivate one’s morality, it may not be able to walk away. This is the most doubtful thing.
It may not be appropriate to think that the former sword spirit said that he was stolen by thieves. It is certain that the sword spirit did not recognize the owner of the abode of fairies and immortals at that time. If the owner of the abode of fairies and immortals really explored and searched for fun, then there is nothing wrong with him valuing his own hiding.
To put it bluntly, if the owner of this abode of fairies and immortals really has something to do, it is not difficult to understand the root of this deadly ban. After all, people who are used to stealing are more suspicious, and they are worried that they will be stolen and set up by others, so they can easily enter the ban before leaving.
If you can really break this ban, you must come to repair your accomplishments. It is also a great power. The top owner of the abode of fairies and immortals can’t resist each other and can let them do whatever they want.
For this reason, your crazy face has changed a few times. Even if the face change is not easy to detect, Qin Xiao can still rely on his feelings to determine that your crazy face is really awkward. "What’s the point of saying half?"
"I just inferred that the owner of a cave was born." Jun shrugged wildly. "If it’s true, as Sword Spirit said, we must have taken these things and there is no need to feel ashamed."
Qin Xiao is not very interested in this matter. It is not very good for her to take her vision with her. Otherwise, she will not consider what kind of madness will think of activating the banned lesson.
"You are so sure that Mo Nian can find it." She turned to stare at you curiously.
Jun Qian remembered at this time that before he ran alone in front, he turned around and disappeared. What was the delay of these three people at that time and what made him come so quickly?
He can’t directly ask Jun Kuang, who is afraid of being questioned by Jun Kuang, why lose them, so he can poke Lei Yu’s arm around him with his elbow. "Why didn’t you talk to me before I said?"
"Brother, I’m so embarrassed to say that" Lei Yunai left the pie mouth. "You ran away alone and didn’t see Mo Nian coming with people behind you, and the goal was very clear." He paused and said, "I really don’t think there’s anything to say about the charm of master elder brother. Brother Fan Luo had better look up to brother Fan Luo. Brother Miao is the most elegant and brave. He looks good, but he doesn’t have any special skills and he doesn’t know anything."
"That’s probably because they mistook Brother Jun for Wu Xiu," said Qi Dehui.
Fan Luo smiled and agreed, "Let’s master elder brother, they look so fresh that they stare only out of curiosity, but it doesn’t rule out that someone really likes him."
"Mo Nian" Jun Qian picked his eyebrows "that kind of troublesome woman"
"As far as I’m concerned, all kinds of friction between Monnien and our junior martial sister have a certain component, which is the bottom line for Brother Jun," Qi Dehui said. "Unfortunately, Brother Jun just wants to test the younger martial sister’s ability to deal with problems, and he is also very confident in the younger martial sister, probably because he thinks that women rub men and don’t get involved, so as not to get into a coquettish body."
"Why didn’t I usually see that you could say this?" Jun Qian stared at Qi Dehui suspiciously. "It’s really your idea."
Jidehui eyes have a moment to dodge for help generally gave Fan Luo a wink.
"It’s true that we discussed it and said it was true that he recognized it so much." Fan Luoyi will start to make a circle. "I guess the big brother is an avatar, but the specific process will probably have to ask Brother Lei; I am more curious about how he can be sure that Mo Nian will follow and enter the abode of fairies and immortals. "
"Me too," Qi Dehui said.
"Big Brother is a good avatar." Lei Yu slowly organized the language. "At that time, Mo Nian wanted to follow us, so we turned into a cave that opened the door. The younger martial sister gave me two charms, one invisible and one that could hide the breath. Mo Nian followed us and hid. They found a circle and probably left by themselves."
"I can think of that, but I’m more curious about whether it’s a bit strange to do this step but be sure that Mo Nian will chase you here." Fan Luo was a little anxious
I heard that Lei Yu shrugged his shoulders without regret. "I really can’t say this."
"I knew it was a waste of time to ask you." Fan Luo gave him a rather disgusting look and moved to the crazy side of Jun. "Will Mo Nian really follow you?"
Junkuang heard their conversation early but didn’t explain what "you will be white when she comes"
Sure enough, as Jun Kuang said, Mo Nian chased him around and found a circle. If he didn’t find anything, he would look like a small tower. The small tower in his hand was Qin Xiao’s abode of fairies and immortals, and she kept it in the shape of a tower before she was familiar with it.
At this time, Jun Kuang and his party are observing the outside situation in the tower.
"If they go out, I’m afraid they will touch the ban." Qin Xiao pursed her lips with some concern.
"If you look at their danger, put them in the portable abode of fairies and immortals. They are spoiled and ignorant. It’s time for them to suffer." Jun patted her on the shoulder. "Remember not to expose them easily when important people are dying."
Chapter four hundred and fifteen Lessons that cannot be calculated
The meaning of madness is obvious, but it is difficult to know that there is one breath left in the whole person and to take people out at the right time from the powerful and complicated ban.
Such a difficult job was handed over to Qin Xiao, a little girl with little experience. Fan Luo and Qi Dehui exchanged a glance and thought that the goods were crazy. If one of them accidentally killed himself, they would not be able to explain it clearly if they were activated and banned.
The Queen of Pengdiao is in charge of the whole Houshan, which can help to cover up the truth, but even if she has the intention to cover up, there are always people who have a way to know what happened. What’s worse, Mo Nian and others are very popular with their tutors. Nanyuan’s status is equivalent to Tianjiao’s female body. It’s hard to say what kind of spiritual seal there is.
What’s really going to happen? Although you can suppress your identity, it’s hard to end up with an ugly name. Even if the final result determines that they didn’t do it, it’s too suspicious to go in and out of the cave one after another. It’s the most difficult to block people’s mouths in minutes, so that you can know what it means to prevent people’s mouths than to prevent Sichuan.
"The emperor believes in the Empress Dowager too much." The sword spirit emerged from the side and said faintly, "I have controlled this forbidden abode of fairies and immortals, and I have already controlled the power to the minimum when I activated the forbidden abode of fairies and immortals. I let you in at the peak of the Five Mansions, that is, I suffered some flesh wounds."
Just then, Mo Nian took people to search for a circle in the abode of fairies and immortals to make sure that people had been here and had already gone, and they were very upset.
"Not to say that people in this direction?" She gritted her teeth violently.
Previously, she did everything she could to make you crazy and others slip away from her eyelids. It was hard to track her down and it was too late. How could she not be anxious?
Just by holding the small tower hand and constantly pushing it, you can know how impatient she is now.
"Elder martial sister, don’t worry, we can’t always be a little bit short. When the back hill opens, there is always a chance." The younger martial sister in purple silk skirt has a flattering voice.
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"But the teacher elder sister, can we make this move work? In fact, climbing with them is a good chance to win. What if they don’t appreciate it?" The teacher younger sister in white dress and pink gauze asked.
Smell speech Mo Nian ruthlessly bite a tooth and squeeze out a few words through his teeth. "Don’t you know that if you talk too much, you will lose?"