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Yang Xun nodded and answered, "Brother Lei Haoge, you know, he is too arbitrary and stubborn. If it wasn’t for his mother, he wouldn’t have left. If it wasn’t for him, Luo Yi wouldn’t have left me forever. If it is true, I really don’t want to see him. Even if I am quiet, I don’t want to meet him."

Yang Xun is so innocent and lovely, but now when it comes to her father, she is so indifferent, which gives me the feeling that she hates her father and has to love him at the same time.
"When Luo left, it made my heart ache so much. He was the only person I liked and was the best person to me except my mother. When he left, I didn’t have a chance to see him for the last time. I hated my father and he didn’t even give me the last chance to see Luo Yi. He didn’t like Luo Yi’s recognition that he would stop my progress. He forced me to break up with Luo Yi and sent me abroad. If I didn’t go abroad, he wouldn’t give Luo Yi’s mother the last treatment."
"I really don’t know what reputation is so important to him, and why I have to be as successful as my grandfather. I really don’t like it." She sobbed strongly and said again, "On the day of going abroad, Luo met me for the last time and specially rushed to the sea from here, but he had an accident when he changed trains halfway."
Yang Xun stopped choking, and her words stopped. Instead, she tore her heart and cried, and her mouth kept shouting "Luo Yi"
From Yang Xun’s body, I seem to see Lu Bai’s shadow.
Seriously, I don’t know why these art students want their women to be above themselves in this respect. They want everything to be perfect. Why do they want each of them to reach the height of Yan Xincheng?
Maybe I didn’t get involved, or maybe I don’t know art or music at all. Now I know that Aunt Mei regrets it. If Lu Boyan is willing to come back to her now, I don’t think she will ask him to do that. She didn’t do it very well.
What about Yang Hui? Does he not regret it now? Do you really have to wait for Yang Xun to leave him as cruel as Liu Baiyan before you know how sad you are?
"Brother Lei Haoke, if I can, I really hope that my father can do everything to get my mother back. I don’t expect him to do much better and have much field. I hope to have a healthy family and a warm family. Even if a family of three eats ordinary home cooking, I think it is happiness. If he is willing to do everything to get my mother back, I will promise her all ideas. Even if he really wants me to go abroad, I won’t hesitate."
"That you and los an agreement?"
Yang Xun was silent. This doubt was a dilemma. I asked her again, "What is your agreement?"
"It’s the unfinished amusement park. He wants me to finish the unfinished amusement park because that’s where we first met. That’s his dream and my expectation."
Chapter 14 Parting Emotion
In the evening, I said hello to the security department and left the school.
Ye Bing called and told me that today is the last day for him and Mo Yun to stay in Hengyang. Because Lin Qibing invested 30,000 yuan in them, Ye Moshi went to Shanghai to open a new branch dedicated to creating the latest clothes for models.
I don’t have much feeling for Lin Qibing, but I hate Lin Yuran very much, but it’s been so long, and now Lin Yuran is nothing.
Besides, there’s not much news from Sebrina. Seriously, I’d like to know even a little about this girl’s condition.
I came to the appointment hotel and walked into the box and found that there were already several people sitting inside Ye Bing Mo Yun Yan Jiaxin.
I wonder why Yan Jiaxin will come and come before me.
When I came in, I sat next to Yan Jiaxin and asked her, "Why are you here?"
"Why can’t I come?" Yan Jiaxin asked me.
Mo Yun quickly chimed in: "I called Jia Xin."
"Let’s eat first," replied Mo Yun.
At this dinner, I learned that Yan Jiaxin came for two reasons. One is the problem of competition clothes. If the school needs Mo Yun, they will unify the manufacturing methods to make the competition. It is Hengyang’s last big deal to sell it at a fair price.
The problem is that Ye Bing and Yan Jiaxin are talking. The conversation between them is very smooth and there is no blockage. Let’s talk less about the conversation. The conversation between them is so mature.
And this second problem is my problem. This is Mo Yun telling Yan Jiaxin that they also have a general understanding of my situation. Although I am now a small director, they are still very uneasy.
Mo Yun hopes that Yan Jiaxin’s school can treat me a little more. She is a principal and can do many things that I can’t. Mo Yun’s request is from a sister’s point of view.
It seems that they know something about Sebrina, which is why they hope I can live better.
After eating this meal, friends around me will go far away again. After they left, they left me alone. Nanmu, a city, went to Shenzhen. Ye Bing Mo Yun will go to Shanghai, Sebrina and stay in Beijing.
Ye Bing and I gave a hug, because I knew it would be hard for them to come back when they left, and it was the same way. There was one less person around me who could accompany me to the bar for a drink on a lonely night.
I’m also glad that they are less happy. They can do better and better. Mo Yun Ye Mo ornaments may really become top-notch cards as originally expected.
Parting is short but not too sad, and I am getting used to it.
This year, I have gone through too many farewells. Sebrina has gone, Nanmu has gone, and now both of them have gone, leaving me alone in this dream city. Watching Ye Bing drive away, I habitually lit a cigarette.
"Will you walk with me?" I implored to look at Yan Jiaxin, because she can be regarded as a friend I have known for a long time but really relative.
She seemed to feel that I was sad but didn’t refuse. She and I walked up the street indifferently.
"It’s better to meet each other after leaving" is the first sentence she said to me after a long walk.
Although this is a common sentence in life, it is this sentence that comes to my heart. I don’t know how long it was when I first met them, but at least I can’t keep them worried like this.
"Your words today make me think that maybe I can really cooperate with Grain Rain to do this." We both came around and sat in a small wooden chair. She said faintly with her hands and legs.
"You really decided."
She shook her head and replied, "I’m not sure about this. I’ve been thinking about it for a long time, just like you said that maybe grandpa just wanted me to lead to the last 12%."
"What about Grain Rain? Will he feel the same way?"
"Maybe so."
Yan Jia Xin is very rational now, and she didn’t strongly object to it as she did when she heard it at the beginning. Then the school board argued with them and upset herself about the opposition to that column.
"Why do you keep looking at me?" Yan Jiaxin just saw my eyes staring at her with her head tilted.
I smiled and said, "I found a problem."
"What’s the problem"
"Every time someone leaves this year, they meet you. I wonder if your appearance will mean parting."
She nodded and smiled at me: "What if I don’t show up and I leave?"
Her words made me calm down. If Yan Jiaxin is gone, it seems that there is really one person around me who can communicate with me. Now I don’t seem to dare to think about it at all.
I am afraid that if I think too much and give up too much, I will be sad too much.
"If you leave, I will buy a bottle of Shaoyang wine and sit on the roof of the old building and sing and shout that this woman has finally left and I can finally live in the building." I said with a smile and a cool expression.
"So you really want me to go?"
When I saw Yan Jiaxin in shock, I really walked to the front. I shouted at her, "Hey, where are you going?"
She didn’t look back, but she went straight ahead. I finally chased it because I couldn’t bear it.
It turns out that I am so afraid of leaving, afraid that the way of leaving will touch me again, afraid of the sadness after leaving.
I didn’t hide that my heart didn’t really become stiff and hard as a stone because of parting.
I was scared, afraid and reluctant to see Yan Jiaxin go straight ahead. My mood was even more sad, just like I really lost something.
"Don’t go"
At the intersection of the street corner, I finally lost sight of her. She made me shout again, "Come out, will you?"
I don’t know which way she went, left or right. I just stayed put and didn’t dare to go one way.
If I take the opposite road, will I really leave? Will I really lose sight of it?
"I beg you to come out."
My soul is like a smoke. I can look at the two opposite roads in front of me and dare not move forward timidly.