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Suddenly, there was a force on her waist. She breathed out one side and her eyes hit Meng Yichen’s deep eyes.

At the same time, Chu Ting’s heart sounds "a little dye"
Yin anran tried to break his hand, but Meng yichen was stubborn.
Chuting’s confused voice kept coming through the microphone
"hey, aunt, I"
"Small dye you say I should be more active? Actually, after what he said to me today, I was really sad and wanted to forget it, but I was a little reluctant. Did you say I was really that bad? How can he be so blind? "
Yin Anran pursed her lips. "Of course it’s not my aunt. How can you be bad? He has eyes." She glared at Meng Yichen.
The man’s arm around her waist became bolder.
桑拿Have eyes
Meng Yichen’s beautiful eyes like stars narrowed slightly after hearing her words and looked at her.
And for a second, Meng Yichen’s action made her open her eyes.
He actually kissed her at this time!
"Well …"
She struggled to push him away.
Chu Ting wondered why there were some strange sounds when he looked at the microphone.
"Small dye what’s the matter? What are you doing? "
Yin An Rangen couldn’t respond to her words, and her lips were kissed.
Yin An dyed to vacate the waist of Meng Yichen all the time.
I don’t know if it really hurt him or if he deliberately let her go. Finally, she can breathe and talk normally.
"Aunt, I’m fine. I’m a little sleepy."
When she saw that smirk on Meng Yichen’s lips, she quickly made an excuse to hang up.
"Well, then go to sleep first. Bye-bye."
After hanging up, Yin Anran was finally relieved.
She turned to look at Meng Yichen angrily. "Meng Yichen!"
But Meng Yichen leaned over and covered her face with "I"
Meng Yichen gently kissed her with one hand around her waist and kissed her to the depths of love. He pressed her toward his body to make them stick closer.
"You let go of me …" Her voice sounded off and on.
Meng Yichen let her go and saw her staring at him with a slight anger. "Did you mean it?"
Know that she talked to her aunt and kissed her on purpose!
Meng Yichen doesn’t deny that his beautiful eyebrows are slightly raised, and his delicate lip angle evokes an evil smile. "Have eyes? Dyeing is so think of me? "
Yin An gave him a white look. "Isn’t it?"
Meng Yichen face suddenly gloomy.
He suddenly buckled her wrist and brought her into his arms. "You want to push me to other women so badly? !”
Yin anran twisted her wrist to free herself from his arms, but it didn’t help.
"I didn’t."
She and he are not together to push him to others.