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"How did you get through those times? I think it’s so hard." Xiaowa was filled with emotion.

Long summer is a faint smile. "I am desperate and miserable in such an accident, but how can I go on with my life? I don’t choose to get through it except gritting my teeth. There are so many people who support me. How can I give up and always get through it? Then I really get through it."
"It’s all because that Qin Ranruo is not her long summer elder sister, and you have suffered so much." Xiaowa complained bitterly.
When I heard Qin Ran’s name, long summer still felt very sorry that a beautiful woman who was so capable couldn’t get a word "love". She struggled and calculated to push herself to a hopeless situation step by step, and finally disappeared.
Suddenly a familiar figure flashed outside the window.
Long summer zheng with a jerk.
Don’t think much for a second. long summer rushed downstairs.
That man has long since disappeared into the vast sea of people.
"Sister long summer, what happened? What did you see?" Xiaowa followed, panting, and she looked puzzled.
"How so like is it that I am wrong?" long summer said to himself with a grain of salt.
Wow, confused, rushing around, "Sister long summer, what are you talking about? What are you like?"
"I just seemed to see Qin Ran" long summer told Xiaowa seriously.
"Impossible long summer elder sister, you must be wrong about Qin Ran. She is dead." Xiaowa decisively denied it.
"Yes, I was wrong. Wow, let’s go back." long summer couldn’t help but shake her head. She was also convinced that she must be wrong. After all, Qin Ran is dead. How could that man be Qin Ran just now?
Perhaps out of sympathy, long summer felt that he should take time to visit a dead Qin Ran in the cemetery.
Long summer came to the cemetery. It suddenly began to rain every day. In the rainy day, long summer walked to Qin Ran’s tombstone with an umbrella and a lily in his hand. A bunch of fresh white roses lay quietly, and the petals were condensed with dense water drops. Someone else must have just been here.
"Qin Ran, did you have a good day in heaven? I don’t know if I should come to see you, but I came anyway." long summer put the lily in his hand next to the bunch of white roses and then straightened up and bowed his head and whispered, "Frankly speaking, I hated you in those dark days. I hated you for hurting me so badly.
Gradually, I found that hating roots can’t solve the problem, it will make a person’s heart narrower and narrower, fall into the abyss and then go to destruction step by step.
I am glad that all of us have successfully passed through those difficult times with love and support, and at the same time I have come out of my hatred for you.
Now I don’t hate you anymore
If there is an afterlife, I hope you won’t be trapped by love and hate to be that happy, simple and real you. "
On the way back, long summer vaguely noticed who had been secretly following her behind her, but when she turned around, she found someone behind her.
Long summer quickened her pace, and it seems that the people who followed her behind her also quickened their pace.
Long summer looked back and there was still no one.
Wonder who it is.
Long summer suppressed the panic in her heart and remained calm. Seeing a small alley ahead, she acted quickly and went in to hide.
This stalker hasn’t shown his true colors quickly.
Otherwise, the stalker lost his tracking target instantly, and A looked around in situ.
"Who the hell are you following me?" long summer "sou" flashed in front of the stalker, and the stalker was obviously startled.
The stalker was dressed in a long black trench coat, a tall man with a ponytail and a black mask. long summer speculated that this person should be a young girl. Although she couldn’t see her expression, her sharp black eyes still exposed her panic, but it was fleeting, and then she was left with gloomy cold light.
Ah, her eyes
Why are her eyes so alike?
Long summer can’t help but exclaim in my heart.
spa会所"Tell me who you are and why you want to follow me." long summer asked the masked girl in black again when she didn’t talk.
The girl is still staring at long summer’s silent black eyes, but the cold seems to be getting stronger and stronger
"If you don’t be careful, I’ll tear your mask." long summer warned her for the last time.
"You must be in such a hurry to know who I am, and I will let you know soon." She locked long summer’s eyes and finally spoke. Her voice was beautiful, crisp and delicate, but it was cold, and she left.
This figure
Long summer’s mind suddenly came up with the figure she saw in the workshop building that day.
Absolutely impossible
Long summer in situ, she incredibly shouted "Is Qin Ran you or not?"
no response
"long summer is the workshop thing bothering you?" Yu Enze picked up long summer after the night shift and went home all the way. long summer frowned and said nothing. Yu Enze was not worried.
"It’s not a workshop matter." long summer has a low tone.
"It’s not the workshop. What is it that makes you so sad?"
⑧ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ 931
A brief silence
"I seem to have seen Qin Ran this afternoon." long summer calmed down.
A sudden screeching brake
Strong inertia makes Yu Enze and long summer sway lightly.
Phoenix eyes stunned Yu Enze intently looking at long summer "long summer, what did you say?"
"I went to the cemetery this afternoon, and someone followed me all the time, and then I met her face to face." long summer’s expression remained calm. "Although she wore a mask, I couldn’t see her face, but her eyes, the way she walked and her back really looked like Qin Ran Enze. Qin Ran is probably still alive."
"Impossible" Yu Enze still can’t believe that some out-of-control emotions quickly eased to comfort long summer. "long summer, I know you have a good heart. The death of Qin Ran makes you feel sorry. At the moment, it’s a little hard for you to accept, but she is indeed dead. Maybe that girl just looks like Qin Ran. Stop thinking."
"Maybe I think too much." long summer sighed.