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Her head is still wrapped in thick gauze, her face is pale and her expression is slightly stiff. At first glance, it still seems a bit shocking.

Although I know this is the best result at present, I really saw this scene and even the old lady Han couldn’t hold back her eyes.
Gao Xiaoxiao sat quietly in the bedside chair and shouted, "Mom, we are coming to see you."
Gao Zhiqiu slowly rolled her eyes to see that her mouth was slightly "raining"
"…" Gao Xiaoxiao’s nose is sour and even his throat is uncomfortable. He fought back and smiled at the corners of his mouth. Finally, the uneasiness in his heart finally disappeared completely.
Han Minzhi has always been in the corner position. She looked at Gao Zhiqiu lying there, and her face was complicated and difficult to shape.
After leaving the ward, Yu Jinchuan repeated the doctor’s words again and finally said, "Always continue to observe for a while. If you make sure that there is no problem in all aspects of your body, you can be discharged from the hospital. You can rest assured."
The old lady Han nodded. "Blessed by the Bodhisattva, we are also in the mood to start preparing for the wedding."
Yu Jinchuan looked at Gao Xiaoxiao when he heard this. "Xiaoxiao, what kind of wedding do you like, Chinese or Western?"
"…" Although it had already been decided that the wedding would be held at the end of April, Gao Xiaoxiao really didn’t specifically think about it and was a little shocked at the moment.
Han Shu put his arm around her thin shoulders and said Gherardini, "Let’s do both Chinese and Western styles."
Gao Xiaoxiao "…"
All one leng immediately …
"good!" Mrs. Han clapped her hands. "At noon, if you hold a Western-style banquet in the downtown cathedral, you will put it on the table." Later, the Han family will hold a Chinese style, and we will just invite too many people to the scene, so that the children will not be too tired. What do you think? "
"It’s a good wedding. Once in my life, I also think two beauties will be better," Zhong Yuhong immediately seconded.
"Well," Han Zhengming nodded. "Good. If there are no opinions, I can start preparing later."
"Well …"
A familiar sound suddenly came behind "Sister unle"
It’s vivian
She was dressed in a colorful spring dress with charming facial features and a bouquet of blooming perfume lilies in her arms.
When I arrived, I first called the elders at the scene, and finally took Gao Xiaoxiao’s arm with a sweet smile and said, "Sister, have you gone in to see your mother?"
"Well, I’ve seen Mom resting now. vivian, have you just come over?" Gao Xiaoxiao freely asked
Vivian nodded and then jumped for joy and said, "Sister, I told you that I had an audition for the cast just now. Maybe I will start filming soon."
When she said this, her face was full of brilliance, and she was quite excited and proud.
"filming?" Gao Xiaoxiao looked at her with some surprise.
The expressions of others at the scene are also more or less surprised.
It’s no wonder that in the eyes of these social families, the entertainment circle will seem a little dirty. I always feel that the place is smoky, and even a good girl will be easily led astray after going in.
Just like Qi Jia, although Chang Qi Chenghao has invested in opening a film and television company, his wife Gu Qingcheng has nothing to do with the entertainment circle. They know each other well since childhood, and he has never had any gossip …
"Yes, I have signed a contract. The company is Zhuoxing," vivian said with a little pride.
"Zhuo Xing!" Everyone has different opinions.
Isn’t this … Qi Chenghao Company?
"Yes, have you all heard of Zhuo Xing?" Vivian’s eyes widened at once.
Mrs. Han frowned. I’ve heard that she went to make a guest appearance in a big movie. Even Xiaobai went to shoot an advertisement.
After leaving the hospital, Gao Xiaoxiao was still worried. After taking the bus, he discussed the tone and asked, "What is your friend’s company like?" If you really go to film, there will be no hidden rules, right? Vivian, her personality is too simple. Please help me talk to your friend later. Don’t let her suffer in the company or be bullied again. "
Privately, she doesn’t want vivian to enter the entertainment circle. First, vivian’s personality is really simple and easy to suffer. Second, I think that kind of place is too complicated and there are too many temptations. In case vivian is really led astray, I am most worried that it will definitely be Gao Zhiqiu.
夜生活  title=She just regained her life from the ghost gate. Gao Xiaoxiao really hopes that the whole family will live in peace in the day after tomorrow, even if it is ordinary.
It doesn’t matter if it’s ordinary and dull, just don’t make any trouble.
"Where is the trouble? If you’re worried, I’ll just let Xiao Fei cancel the contract with her," Han Han said habitually.
"This is not good, is it?" Gao Xiaoxiao frowned. "She’s so happy. If you do this, if she finds out later …"
After thinking about it, she said, "Don’t talk nonsense for a while. I’ll ask mom later. I don’t think she wants vivian to film either."