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Prince Huai Cheng, wearing an imperial robe embroidered with chrysanthemums and holding an ivory water board in his hand, walked slowly from the front steps of Zichen Hall, and couldn’t help but feel mixed feelings in the center of civil and military officials of Zichen Hall near the original mill and the source glass.

Prince Huai Cheng, wearing a crown, sat in the dragon chair in the center of Zichen Hall, and all the officials knelt down to see the young new emperor.
"Long live Emperor Zhong Gong!" All fusang officials cried together
"Everyone loves Qing to stand up!" Emperor Zhong Gong reached out and motioned for everyone to get up.
"I swear in the name of the Great God that from now on, Fusang and Song will form an alliance and solidarity association to fight against Mongolia!" Emperor Zhong Gong Lang announced the first imperial edict after he ascended the throne!
"Ling Jun, you helped us to help the Fusang country finally return to peace, but you have been buried in the East Sea forever …" The warm memories of the scenes emerged in the source glass mind, and the tears had already wet your eyes unconsciously.
After the enthronement ceremony, Emperor Zhong Gong’s Imperial Palace hosted a banquet for five marshals of the Song State, and representatives of Daihara Kamimo and Yuanyuan Liuli Fuso were also accompanied by the East Imperial Garden.
Fusang invaded the Central Plains and slaughtered tens of thousands of people in Song and Jin Dynasties. This time, the troops of Fusang Song * * made a mistake on Fusang people. On which dynasty, the China court would boast that it was a ceremonial state, but it still adopted a policy of Huairou even though it had already levied the enemy. I don’t know that this practice may not make other countries’ sincere ministers, but it may also raise a legacy of tigers.
This banquet proved to be a banquet at the Hongmen Gate. According to the Japanese custom, Emperor Zhong Gong had already poisoned his glass.
Emperor Zhong Gong, after all, has the blood of the Fusang royal family in his body. Although he opposed the war, he was not willing to fail. At the same time, the Song peace talks secretly planned a big action.
Although Emperor Zhong Gong is very young, he is more shrewd than his uncle and father, which is not even obvious from the recent grinding. He elected him as emperor, but he never thought that Emperor Zhong Gong was not grateful, but even he and Yuan’s glass glasses were poisoned.
After Emperor Zhong Gong announced the start of the banquet, twenty female dancers of Fusang danced in the East Imperial Garden with thick powder on their faces and clogs on their feet.
"After DaSong and Fusang were repaired from generation to generation, I’ll propose a toast to the five marshals!" Emperor Zhong Gong got up and raised his glass and drank it off.
Wang Jian, Deng Xiang, Fu Bi, Xu Youde and Yang Miaozhen also raised their glasses at the same time, but Yang Miaozhen quietly took out a silver hairpin and inserted the tip into the glass.
This silver hairpin immediately turned into a black Yang Miaozhen sneer at a glass of wine directly fell to the ground!
A hole in the carpet in the East Imperial Garden was immediately burned, and everyone was shocked!
Emperor Zhong Gong put poison into the wine glass instead of into the wine. Other people’s wine glasses are poisonous, and he has nothing to do with it. He worships first, but it is impossible to be poisoned at all.
This seems to be a relatively high poison method. Emperor Zhong Gong himself thinks so, but he didn’t know that the poison of the Song Kingdom was profound and profound, and he didn’t even know that one of these masters of the Song Kingdom was Lan Yuzhu.
Emperor Zhong Gong couldn’t test this poison as a silver hairpin, but Yang Miaozhen silver hairpin had already been dipped in a poison water from Miaojiang, which was not an ordinary silver hairpin.
Emperor Zhong Gong’s poisonous trick is just like teaching fish to swim in the mud for Lan Yuzhu, the leader of the Five Poisons Sect. Marshal Song Guowu has long prevented him from coming here, so he will certainly not let his plot succeed easily.
Seeing that the five marshals didn’t drink, Emperor Zhong Gong suddenly slammed the glass to the ground, and the twenty female maiko drew wild knives from the peace and rushed over to the five people!
This method of throwing cups is suspected by Emperor Zhong Gong to be a very high means of killing people, but it is not even a little novelty for five marshals of Song State. Because of this bridge, China history is remembered too much.
As soon as Emperor Zhong Gong raised his glass, five marshals had already pulled out their weapons!
There are a total of 22 female ninjas in the Iga Valley, except for the source glass and Suzuki Chiyo. These 20 names were called by Emperor Zhong Gong to come over and pretend to be maiko and enter the East Imperial Garden to assassinate five marshals. Now the banquet poisoned wine was found, and 20 female ninjas were blindsided by Fa Tu and fought with five marshals.
Although these female ninjas are skilled in martial arts, marshal Song Jun is not an idle generation. Wang Jian, Deng Xiang, Fu Bi and Xu Youde are all against a female ninja.
Before Yang Miaozhen, although he didn’t know martial arts, he had a very high martial arts qualification. After getting Ling Feiyang’s inspiration, his martial arts has greatly improved in the past six months. At this moment, Yang Miaozhen put her swordsmanship to good use and targeted three female ninjas. These three female ninjas not only couldn’t kill Yang Miaozhen, but were also driven into a panic by her.
"Report to the marshals that the archers outside have been solved by us!" With the voice of "thousand hands are born", Tang Zhiqiu came in with more than 20 masters of the Song Dynasty. Emperor Zhong Gong knew that the tide was gone and collapsed like a deflated ball.
Ps: After Emperor Zhong Gong ascended the throne, five marshals of the Song Dynasty held a banquet at the Hongmen Gate. However, his three tricks were easily seen through by the marshals of the Song Dynasty. Seeing that the war was about to win, Ling Feiyang, the martial arts commander of the Song Dynasty, was involved in the vast sea with Fujita’s ten soldiers! Is Fujita Shibei the greatest mastermind of this war? Will the ghost behind the scenes finally show his shape? In this series of puzzles, marshals Song Jun are still puzzled. Please see if they want to know the funeral!
Chapter 342 Death ray temptation
After the enthronement ceremony, Emperor Zhong Gong set up three poisonous schemes to kill Marshal Song Jun, who conquered Fusang National Road 5, but he failed. Instead, he became a buffoon.
Naihara’s incompetence led to this farce, but Marshal Song Jun didn’t blame him for still discussing the follow-up remedy with him.
If Emperor Zhong Gong is abolished, Fusang will have to set up a new monarch, which will inevitably lead to the crisis of Fusang’s political situation again. Besides, Emperor Shunde has no heir, and it is really difficult to find a suitable candidate except Emperor Zhong Gong. After repeated discussions, Yang Miaozhen finally came up with a solution.
Yang Miaozhen walked to the front of Tang Zhiqiu and whispered a few words in his ear. Then Tang Zhiqiu pressed Emperor Zhong Gong to the chair and stuffed a pill into his mouth.
"This is our secret poison’ Seven Insects Eating Soul Dan’ in the Tang Clan in Shu. Although there are no symptoms at ordinary times, it will be poisoned and die every year on the Double Ninth Festival. If you honestly be the emperor and don’t want us to be enemies in the Song Dynasty, we will send someone to cure you on time to keep you alive." Tang Zhiqiu was very skilled in fuso language and said to Emperor Zhong Gong.
"Dear Marshal Xiao Huang of China, you can rest assured that I will cooperate with China to fight against the Mongolian invasion after fusang’s small country!" Emperor Zhong Gong trembled with fear and said passively to Nuo Nuo.
After the incident was over, Marshal No.5 decided to move troops to China immediately and return to the battlefield in the Central Plains. Daihara Kamimoto decided to leave Fuso to assist Emperor Zhong Gong in formulating national policies and at the same time supervise his words and deeds.
Three days later, 200,000 Song troops left Kamakura city in a mighty way. As the people said, they never thought that Song would withdraw their troops and see that peace was coming. Everyone cheered.
"Brother Yi, we finally won, but you are buried in the sea of Fusang country forever …" Yang Miaozhen thought of the sadness in the heart when he fought side by side with Ling Feiyang.
At this time, it has reached April 5, 1225 AD, when Song Jun once again entered Nagano Jyukai’s March for twenty miles a day and camped in the big forest that night.
However, on this night, the army came to a shocking report!
The 10,000 Da Song navy stationed in Ping ‘an Port was attacked by the non-Fusang army, and Feng Zhan, the deputy commander of the Da Song navy, even lost all the sea stork warships and sea urchin warships in his life.
A few months ago, in the whale naval battle, Ling Feiyang fought against Shuiyin ninja Junping Watanabe and rescued Feng Zhan from him to ensure that the Song Navy won a great victory. However, today, this accomplished Da Song Navy is still annihilated!
"This must be done by the Shadow Corps!" The five marshals who received this battle report were heartbroken!
In the Battle of Yokohama Coast, the China Film Corps lost nearly half of its troops, and the leader Fujita’s ten soldiers were also killed in the sea. No one expected that there were only 500 soldiers left to attack again and annihilate 10,000 Song Navy in one fell swoop!
桑拿All the soldiers of the Shadow Corps will March with flying skill, and they will be extremely fast and elusive. Song Jungen’s method can be careful to guard against panic attacks everywhere. For Marshal No.5 Road, the threat from the Shadow Corps is only another thorny problem, but it is even more nerve-racking!
Song Jun has no way to cross the sea to return to China because the Five-Route Army Fusang landed and all the water forces were in Ping ‘an Port!
Nowadays, Ji Song * * team has self-reliance logging and shipbuilding to rebuild a fleet, but this kind of work is not the strength of the army. It will take at least half a year to build these ships if you want to transport 200,000 troops and need less than 2,000 big ships.
And how can we afford to wait for half a year when the situation in the Central Plains changes rapidly?
"The enemy is obviously trying to leave our two hundred thousand troops back to the Central Plains to join the war against Mongolia! Now that Fusang’s national government has subverted and planned this action, is it a Mongolian? " Five marshals all thought of such a question.
However, there is no better way to think about the five of them. After discussion, the five marshals decided to lead the army to continue to station near Jyukai Ping’ an Port in Nagano and then start building a fleet.
After the meeting, Yang Miaozhen returned to his camp but didn’t want to rest immediately. Instead, he opened Ling Feiyang and gave him the "Easy Tendon Forging Bone" and sat cross-legged on a bamboo mat to practice.
"If Brother Yi were still alive, these things might not become so bad …" Yang Miaozhen thought of Ling Feiyang while practicing her heart.
"Sister Yang, I have something urgent to report!" As the red coat army PianJiang Liu Qingfu suddenly broke into the Yang Miaozhen camp.
It’s very impolite to break into the female marshal’s camp in the middle of the night, but Yang Miaozhen did not blame him because she knew something must have happened in the barracks!
"General Zheng Yande’s forward battalion is missing!" Liu Qingfu shouted at Yang Miaozhen.
It’s not a strange thing if a number of soldiers are missing in this vast forest, but there are more than 500 people in Zheng Yande’s forward camp, all of whom are elites in the Red Coat Army. How can a battalion be missing at the same time?
Yang Miaozhen heart shocked! She immediately put on her coat and rushed to Zheng Yande striker camp with Liu Qingfu!
There are torches hanging everywhere in the vanguard camp, and the torches are still burning, but there is no one in the camp!
"General Zheng has always ordered Yan Gen to act without authorization!" Yang Miaozhen heart immediately raised a large cloud of doubt!
"Sister Yang, look what that is!" Liu Qingfu suddenly pointed to the front opening call way
Yang Miaozhen looked down Liu Qingfu’s finger direction and saw that there seemed to be a small round bright spot shining with colorful luster in the trees more than twenty feet away!
"It seems like a night bead …" Yang Miaozhen said involuntarily to the bright spot.