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Lin Shu-wan and An Jin-yao shook their hands when they glances at chopsticks. They obviously felt that An Chen was angry when he said this sentence.

I don’t know where Su Ling offended An Chen. Lin Shuwan was really curious. Lin Shuwan wondered, "Where did she offend you?"
Anchen bowed her head and began to eat breakfast without talking.
Lin Shu-wan didn’t let Su Ling in like An Chen said. After all, she and Su Ling’s mother are familiar with this matter. She can’t go too far.
When Su Ling came in, the breakfast was over. When Su Ling saw Anchen, her eyes lit up. After greeting Anjinyao and his wife, she went to Anchen and said "Good morning Anchen".
Anchen glanced at her, and her beautiful eyes narrowed slightly so that he looked dangerous. Su Ling was about to say something, so Anchen spoke. He looked at her coldly and said, "Later, I advise you to stay away from my woman. scheming bitch Gen is not qualified to be friends with her like you."
Since she came to abuse him early in the morning, can’t she? As soon as Anchen saw Su Ling, she thought that he sent him a photo last night.
Qian Lin Shu wan had an Chen’s Su Ling number in his mobile phone. If he hadn’t received a message from Su Ling last night, he wouldn’t have known that he had a Su Ling number in his mobile phone. When he received that message, he was really depressed. It wasn’t that he didn’t believe Yun Qianxue, but that he saw her being held by another man. He was jealous and he couldn’t wait to beat that man up.
But he won’t be grateful to Su Ling for sending him this kind of photo, because he is white. This woman has ulterior motives. Yun Qianxue is her friend, but she sends him this kind of photo. He hates this kind of woman who betrays her friends. She is not white about his thoughts, but it is white that makes him look down on her even more.
Su Ling’s face turned white when she heard Anchen’s words. She didn’t expect Anchen’s speech to be so rude and hurtful, or in front of his parents and brothers. She suddenly felt that she could not lift her head in front of these people at this moment.
Lin Shu-wan was stunned. She didn’t know what had happened, but she heard anger in Anchen’s tone. She looked at Su Ling and looked at her eyes a little more.
She is a justifying a fault. She believes that Su Ling must have his own reasons for saying this, so she didn’t speak to blame her son for looking at Su Ling inquiringly.
Su Ling clenched her fist and trembled slightly. At this moment, she felt that her dignity seemed to be trampled on severely.
She looked up and stared at Anchen and choked, "Anchen, why do you say that? I am kind. "
"Ha ha … kind? How kind are you to destroy our feelings so deliberately? " An Chen didn’t even look at her with disgust. "I haven’t settled accounts with you about the second British incident, but that doesn’t mean I let you participate in our affairs. I don’t care what kind of mentality you hold to get close to her, but I still advise you to stay away from her from now on, otherwise I will let you know what regret is."
Su Lingshen trembled violently at this moment. She has grown so big that no one dared to talk to her like this. At this moment, her tears could no longer be suppressed and rolled down from her charming face. It was humiliating tears.
Lin Shu-wan and An Jinyao looked at each other and saw Nai from each other’s eyes. Although they didn’t know what Su Ling had done, they could make their son say such a thing. It is estimated that Su Ling was willing to order something too much.
At this time, they all don’t know what to say.
An Chen doesn’t care about Su Ling’s tears. He feels bored. He never cares so much about people he hates.
He looked at Su Ling coldly tunnel "home don’t welcome you this door, you’d better enter less after".
After he finished this sentence, he directly crossed Su Ling and walked towards the door.
Lin Shu wan moved his mouth and finally didn’t say anything. He went to Su Ling and just wanted to comfort him.
Su Ling burying his face in this time turned and ran away. She had never been so humiliated. At this moment, she finally turned out to be such a cruel person.
He has always been concerned about offending others. Today, she finally understood what he was concerned about.
Anchen drove the car directly after leaving the house and left home. Soon after the car, he called Yun Qianxue.
At this time, Yunqianxue was sitting in a daze on the subway. She heard the phone ring, and she quickly took out her phone. It seems that she finally breathed a sigh of relief when she saw Anchen’s words.
"hello?" She gently feed 1
"Woman, where are you now?" An Chen asked
I don’t know. She always feels strange when she hears that he doesn’t call himself baby as usual, and she doesn’t know if he is angry.
Yun Qianxue’s eyes rolled. I don’t know how to answer. Should I tell him about her subway?
"Why don’t you talk?" Anchen asked doubtfully.
"Uh, I take the subway." Yun Qianxue finally said it.
"Cheep …" There was an emergency brake sound in the words. Yunqianxue was shocked and quickly shouted "Anchen, what’s wrong with you?"
After a while, An Chen exclaimed, "Woman, are you all right? Where do you go by subway without driving? Why don’t you wait for me at home? "
Yun Qianxue breathed a sigh of relief when he heard an Chen sound. He just had an accident.
"I suddenly don’t want to drive. I took the subway to find you in my apartment." Yunqianxue tunnel
On hearing this, Anchen’s face finally softened. He whispered, "So you missed me."
Yun Qianxue didn’t refute it, which was the default. She changed the subject "I won’t tell you when the subway is ready."
"I’m going back to the apartment. Go in first when you arrive, huh?"
"Good" She hung up and didn’t ask him where he went last night.
Yun Qianxue took out the access card when she came to the apartment. She remembered that this card was the first time when she came to Chen’s apartment. At that time, she thanked Chen for cooking a meal for him in his apartment.
At that time, Anchen left her a note saying that the entrance guard in the community was strict, and he left her this card before leaving for work.
Later, she wanted to return the card to him, but he didn’t take it back, so she just asked her to keep it.
夜网论坛She swiped her card into the community and went to the building, swiped her card into the ladder, and everything was so smooth that it naturally seemed like going back to her home.
When she came to the door, she entered the password and the door opened. After she entered, Anchen did not. At this time, her face was slightly hot and she did not understand that she always had the feeling of taking the initiative to send the door.
She is his girlfriend. It is normal for her to come to his apartment, but she just can’t help being embarrassed.
When Anchen didn’t come back, she didn’t know what to do. She walked around the room and found clothes that Anchen had changed in the washing machine.
There were no dirty clothes at home before she left yesterday. It seems that Anchen came back last night. She took Anchen’s white shirt out of the washing machine and planned to wash it for him by hand.
Section 7
She washed his clothes carefully. At this time, she was like a competent little wife. When Anchen entered the room, she heard a noise in the bathroom. When he walked by, she saw Yun Qianxue squatting and scrubbing his shirt.
Whether the shirt is dirty or not is that the collar may be a little sweaty. She carefully scrubbed the generals and took them to the faucet for water.
She washed very carefully, and the water covered Anchen’s footsteps. She didn’t know that Anchen had quietly looked at her for a long time behind her.
He looked at her with tenderness in his eyes. He loved this feeling very much. When he walked into the house, he really felt satisfied at the moment when he saw the woman he loved.
After washing her shirt, she was getting up and going to take the clothes out to dry, but when she turned around, she fell into a warm embrace. Before she could react, the whole person was cupped and hugged.
She fell to the ground with a washtub in her hand, and her hands were still wet. She wanted to reach out and hug him, but she was afraid of getting his clothes wet.
Her mouth was blocked before she came to exclaim, and she was greeted by a storm of kisses.
She encircled his neck again, but she took the initiative to get closer to him, regardless of whether it would wet his clothes.
He carried her quickly into the bedroom, and she was crushed by him the moment he held her.
He pressed her head tightly and raised it slightly. He looked at her with a charming face and said, "Do you know a woman? I can’t sleep at night without you. "
He worked late last night. After work, he went back to his apartment, but the bed smelled of her. He thought about her, but he couldn’t sleep. Later, he got out of bed and drove straight home.
She looked at him strangely and wanted to ask him how he spent the past thirty years. They lived together for only a few days.
It’s a pity that she can’t ask a word now, because someone has begun to take action, and her mind has already been disturbed. I have tried to ask questions again and can passively bear his fierce demands …
Afterwards, he took her into his arms and gently rubbed her hair lightly. "Do you know a woman? I feel very satisfied when I step into the house and look at your busy figure. I really hope that we will not be separated from each other in the future. "
She looked up at his tunnel. "Do you like to see me or do you like to see me busy?"
He bowed his head and kissed her lightly with a smile. "It seems that you are still full of energy. Why don’t we …"