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Look around. There are not many customers in the store, but there are seven shop assistants, but there are far more than that. Each guest has a special shop assistant, an interpreter, two or three people who wear gloves and are responsible for adding tea.

Even now, she is sitting here with the old lady Gao, and it is already good to choose both sides before anything starts. The two shop assistants even have the same posture.
The old lady Gao seems to be very satisfied with the fact that her smile has not faded since she sat in this shop. However, since Gao Zhiyuan is willing to sit here, it is also an approval for this shop.
The manager will be back soon, followed by five or six people, each with a rectangular flannel box in his hand. People who dress and laugh are so similar and have some obstacles must be the same person.
"Old ladies Gao, these are the latest styles in our store, combining classical and modern design elements, simple and noble, suitable for occasions. I personally think these are very suitable for Miss Fu’s temperament, so I brought them here."
"Mrs. Gao is too tall, young master. Please have a look first. If you are not satisfied, I’ll adjust some of his styles for you." The manager said, and the clerk lined up behind him with a wave of his hand.
The old lady Gao nodded. "Bring it here first and let’s choose."
The manager made a sign behind him, and the clerk walked a few times on the right hand side, then put his hand box on the desktop and opened it.
"These styles are limited, and that’s all. You can put your heart into 10,000, and you will never have him again," added the manager.
Mrs. Gao said with satisfaction, "If my granddaughter likes it, it won’t be a problem." Now Mrs. Gao has even omitted the word "future" because she thinks it’s a foregone conclusion and it’s strange to say five words all the time.
Fu Qianfan can’t help but look askance at things. It’s embarrassing that the old lady is so strange.
"Qian Fan, come and give it a try." The old lady Gao waved to Fu Qian Fan.
Fu Qianfan took a close look at the black velvet box, where there were necklaces, earrings and bracelets. The necklaces were placed in the middle of the earrings, and the bracelets on both sides were the farthest.
As the manager said, these designs are not complicated. They are all made up of square diamonds. You can see white diamonds with no metal edges, which seems to be natural.
The clerk gave Fu Qianfan Fu Qianfan a sweater that was just black, so the white square diamond surface was particularly shiny. The clerk also gave Fu Qianfan earrings and bracelets. The earrings were made up of three square diamonds of different sizes from top to bottom, and the ears were not heavy at all, but they were very vertical, which lengthened the face shape a lot.
"The designer got inspiration from the Rubik’s Cube when designing this set of jewelry. The Rubik’s Cube is square but can be transformed into thousands of different shapes. The designer hopes that his design can be as classic as the Rubik’s Cube," explained the clerk.
"Qian Fan, what do you think?" The old lady Gao asked her. It seems that this set of jewelry is a little too stingy. It is not suitable for important occasions, but today she also came to pick some for Fu Qian Fan to wear at ordinary times, so it is ok.
Fu Qianfan looked down at the neck necklace and raised her hand again. She rarely wears jewelry, let alone such expensive diamonds as this one, and she really doesn’t know much about jewelry, but it’s hard to like it at first sight, but it’s a good thing if she doesn’t like it.
"Everything is fine." Fu Qianfan thought about it and could spit out the answer. Then he looked at Gao Zhiyuan and wanted to ask Gao Zhiyuan’s opinion.
"It’s ok. Look at him again," Gao Zhiyuan said.
"Yes, try a few other styles again." Mrs. Gao also agreed.
The clerk gave Fu Qianfan another one. This design is relatively more complicated. It is made up of a large water drop pink diamond, a prismatic diamond and a round diamond. There is also a very special name "Naughty Genie".
This is a relatively atmospheric pink diamond, and it is especially suitable for the old lady Gao, who thinks it is passable.
Then I tried the last four styles, and Fu Qianfan finally breathed a sigh of relief, but the more important decision was waiting for her.
"Miss Fu, which style do you prefer? Do you want me to choose some more for you?" The manager asked as if Fu Qianfan had agreed to re-select his horse.
"No, these models are enough." Fu Qianfan hurriedly said that he was afraid that the manager would really choose them for her. Just now, those six models were also big enough for her. Each model has its own characteristics. Now she has difficulty in choosing. Isn’t it more uncertain for the manager to get some back?
"Tell grandma which one you like better". The old lady Gao looked at Fu Qianfan with anticipation. She was so happy that she could choose something.
Fu Qianfan couldn’t make up her mind when she looked at the six boxes in front of her. She was so-called Fu Qianfan. She was worried that her choice was not the same as that of the old lady Gao, which disappointed her. Although it was not what would happen, it should still be a little uncomfortable.
"If we can’t make up our minds, we’ll take everything," Gao Zhiyuan so-called said. Others are staring at this man with such deep pockets strangely.
This is her room.
At Gao Zhiyuan, Fu Qianfan meant to ask him not to mess her up again. Isn’t she big enough now?
"That’s ok." The old lady Gao thought for a while and suddenly patted her thigh and said, why didn’t she think of buying it before? Why do you have to choose it? It’s not like they can’t afford to spend the money to buy things for her granddaughter-in-law. Where can they be so petty?
Fu Qianfan, the old lady Gao, doesn’t agree with Gao Zhiyuan’s opinion, but there are six sets here, which is a set of prices. She can’t even imagine that the situation is six sets together.
"There are too many grandmothers," Fu Qianfan couldn’t help saying, but he couldn’t find a reason to say that the old lady was high.
"Not much, not much. These are for you to wear at ordinary times. When you marry Zhiyuan, grandma will give you a better set, which is better than these sets." The old lady Gao said holding Fu Qianfan, and she was excited at the thought of Fu Qianfan’s wedding with Gao Zhiyuan.
Fu Qianfan thinks that she alone must say that many old ladies can pin their last hopes on Gao Zhiyuan.
Fu Qianfan looked at him with eyes full of requests and difficulties. It’s better to make a concession. "If you talk too much, choose two or three sets you like best first, and then you will definitely come up with new ones after you see them."
"It’s good that you don’t have the pressure to choose what you like." The old lady Gao comforted Fu Qianfan again
Finally, Fu Qianfan chose two sets, the first set of Rubik’s Cube and the last set of Destiny. The first set was designed because he liked it, and the last set was designed because he liked its name.
After the jewelry was selected, the old lady Gao and they didn’t go back to Gao’s house. Now it’s time for dinner, and it’s too late to go hungry. The group decided to go back after lunch outside, and the idea was approved by the old lady Gao.
It’s a good thing to have dinner with sun and granddaughter’s wife outside. Mrs. Gao just went out for a walk with Fu Qianfan today. Just now, the jewelry store was intentional. She just wanted to let people know that she was going to have a granddaughter’s wife.
Maybe I can meet acquaintances when I eat later, and it’s not necessarily true that even if I don’t show off again, there must be many people who don’t know that she has a granddaughter.
品茶论坛When I returned to Gaos after lunch, it was already past three o’clock in the afternoon. The old lady Gao was a little tired and went to take a nap. Fu Qianfan followed Gao Zhiyuan back to the room, holding the two sets of jewelry in his hand, and I didn’t know where to put them together. Finally, Gao Zhiyuan put the safe. Fu Qianfan was relieved.
"Let’s have a rest. We’re going out at night." Gao Zhiyuan took Fu Qianfan’s coat and put it aside, then he took it off and put it together himself.
Fu Qianfan turned around and asked curiously, "Where are you going?" Although Gao Zhiyuan is usually busy, he rarely goes out at night and will take her this time.
"Take you to meet some friends," Gao Zhiyuan explained. "We will go out for dinner after five o’clock. Let’s have a rest quickly, or we will be out of spirits late."
Gao Zhiyuan didn’t intend to take Fu Qianfan out today because he knew that Fu Qianfan was very tired. When the old lady talked about it, Gao Zhiyuan opposed it. It was the old lady who decided that things would not change very well.
"Are those friends of yours?" Fu Qianfan thought of this friend Gao Zhiyuan, who had never heard of it except those friends yesterday.
Gao Zhiyuan looked at Fu Qianfan’s cheerful face and replied "Well, that’s right."
"True" Fu Qianfan called Gao Zhiyuan excitedly. Those friends in Gao Zhiyuan’s mouth are just a code name. How to say it was more than 20 years ago. Can someone’s friendship last so long?
Anyway, she doesn’t. She rarely connects with her high school classmates, let alone her primary school classmates. Even if she sometimes meets her classmates at the party, her feelings will definitely be different from those of that year.
Fu Qianfan’s mind was still thinking about Gao Zhiyuan’s friends, and suddenly he found someone lying around him. Gao Zhiyuan didn’t know when to change his pajamas.
"Don’t you change clothes?" Gao Zhiyuan woke up.
Fu Qianfan was still wearing a sweater, although her pajamas were next to "I went inside to change." Fu Qianfan picked up her pajamas and ran into the bathroom.
Living in the same room with Gao Zhiyuan doesn’t feel real and strange, and it’s normal to feel nervous and sometimes inexplicably excited for just one night.
I’m not used to it, and I can’t help it. Anyway, Gao Zhiyuan won’t let her get used to it. When she went back to her room just now, she just habitually walked to the front of her room. As a result, she got Gao Zhiyuan to stop "your room is not here"