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China’s national team led by Gao Hongbo arrived in Beirut the day before, and Lu Wenbin didn’t have to go back to China because of Europe, so he flew directly from Germany to Lebanon.

Lu Wenbin is about to meet his national team coach and teammates.
Chapter 32 New Era of National Football Team
Lu Wenbin, when he arrived at the hotel, he could see the coaches and teammates, but he didn’t actually see them.
When Lu Wenbin arrived in Lebanon, it was noon, and the coaches of the national team were all training in the training ground of a Lebanese Super League team.
Road pick-up national team workers told Lu Wenbin to let him stay in the hotel to rest and recover from a long journey. We will meet again after the coaches come back in the evening.
Lu Wenbin shook his head and said that his energy was fine. He wanted to go back to the hotel and let Li go, and then he went to the training ground to meet his coach and teammates and start training early.
Physical fitness not only shows that Lu Wenbin is full of energy during the long-distance flight on the court, but also doesn’t feel tired.
It’s still the core for Jia to be an international for the first time, and it’s a stranger for the captain to cooperate with his teammates. Lu Wenbin wants to see the coach teammates and start training as soon as possible.
Although when he was a fan, he hated the national football team, but now he has become an international and a captain and core country. Lu Wenbin naturally has to be strict and self-disciplined to lead the national team to achieve good results in order to live up to the expectations of Chinese fans.
When I came to the hotel to meet the national team leader, the team leader advised Lu Wenbin to rest for half a day. Lu Wenbin still insisted on going to the training ground to meet his teammates and began to participate in training.
Seeing Lu Wenbin was not tired and insisted that the team leader could finally agree.
Lu Wenbin is not only the new core of the national team, but also the captain of the national team. It is noted by the national leaders that he has become the most offensive player in the national team before he arrives.
Even the team leader can’t easily refute Lu Wenbin’s reasonable opinion.
So soon after the hotel released Li, Lu Wenbin left the hotel accompanied by the team leader and prepared to take a bus to the Harze Mo training ground of Lichao team.
Lu Wenbin and the team leader surprised the reporters when they came out of the hotel.
Lu Wenbin just entered the hotel and soon came out again, and he was still with the team leader. Where are you going?
Isn’t Lu Wenbin flying for hours without a rest? He’s going to the training ground to meet his teammates in the national team coach.
Surprised reporters flocked to interview Lu Wenbin.
Lu Wenbin and the team leader didn’t stop to answer the reporter’s questions and went forward without saying a few words.
However, the reporters have got the answers they want. Surprised, Pei Yu also quickly sent back the news that Lu Wenbin had just arrived in Lebanon and could not wait to go to the training ground to meet his teammates.
Naturally, Lu Wenbin’s positive attitude has aroused praise from Chinese fans.
At 16: 00 on November 9, I met my national team coach Gao Hongbo and his national team teammates Zheng Zhi, Yu Hai, Gao Lin and so on at Lu Wenbin’s Harze Mo Training Ground.
The team leader introduced Lu Wenbin and shook hands with head coach Gao Hongbo first.
Lu Wenbin, the head coach of the national team, is generally called the guidance office, and he also follows the crowd to call Gao Hongbo the guidance.
Gao Hongbo seemed very happy when he shook Lu Wenbin’s hand, and he was very happy to join him, saying that the national team will definitely create better results with Lu Wenbin’s participation.
Actually, Gao Hongbo is worried about the national football team.
The Football Association has fallen into chaos because of anti-gambling and anti-gambling. There is no money to hire foreign teachers. Gao Hongbo just played his first official game in the Asian Cup qualifier of Lebanese vs China. Now his annual salary is 150,000 RMB.
A pure China football player, although the annual salary offered by the Football Association is so low, it means hiring temporary workers, but Gao Hongbo still took it back.
Although there is a gold-plated consideration for being a national football coach, it is more important that he wants to do something for China football and lead the national football team out of Asia 2.
In order to make the team concentrate on the game better, he made great efforts to exclude many old international players from his national team list, giving young players a chance and making the team more pure and avoiding the locker room struggle of the national football team.
桑拿会所Of course, it is more important to train young players and exercise them in the Asian regional qualifiers of the 214 World Cup.
As a result, he naturally suffered great achievement pressure.
Well, he has achieved good results in the warm-up match and friendly match, so that the system of others has not been questioned too much
But even so, I have not been tested by the official competition, and my heart is always a little uneasy.
Lu Wenbin’s goal in Europe is naturally the arrow figure that Gao Hongbo has long wanted to recruit into the national team.
However, Lu Wenbin’s problem, Gao Hongbo, has not been supported by the leaders of the Football Association and has not been able to do so.
It was not until the existing leader spoke Lu Wenbin that he successfully joined the national team. Gao Hongbo was naturally ecstatic and once again pushed through the crowd to hand over the national team captain position to Lu Wenbin.
He is a new coach, most of them are new international players, and Lu Wenbin is also a new member of the team.
Gao Hongbo hopes that Lu Wenbin, who is superior in strength, can lead the national team to achieve better results and support his national football coaching career.
Then Gao Hongbo began to introduce Lu Wenbin to the members of the coaching team and his teammates in the national team.
Most young players expressed their admiration and welcome to the new captain Lu Wenbin. Some older players simply shook hands, but there was no resistance.
This makes some people worry that Gao Hongbo and the team leader are relieved.
In addition to Lu Wenbin’s fame and honor, his leadership aura has also taken place.
However, outsiders don’t know that it’s amazing to think that European Golden Boots are really imposing. Even if you are 19 years old, you can just join the national team and be able to hold down your position. It’s great.
This made the reporters and fans in China watching from the sidelines very happy.
Lu Wenbin, the new captain, met so smoothly for the first time that he was not contradicted by the old players of the team. It seems that the China team is still relatively United in this period.
After introducing each other, Lu Wenbin, the new captain, made a new captain’s declaration.
Lu Wenbin said that he would do his best to charge the stadium and ask his teammates to cooperate and support the national team to create better results and make hundreds of millions of fans proud.
Then Lu Wenbin joined the training.
Whether the arrival of a new core and a new captain can really make China football enter a new era and make the national team proud as China fans depends on Lu Wenbin’s performance in the official competition.
Chapter 321st Acceleration
After introducing each other, Lu Wenbin went to the locker room for training and came out to prepare for training.
Before training, Lu Wenbin increased his speed attribute from 172 to 12 at a skill point.
It’s been more than a month since the sub-acceleration attribute, but it can be added a little more, just in the national team competition.
It is foreseeable that in the national team, besides playing for Su Chao Celtic Zheng Zhi, his players can help Lu Wenbin not too much, and Hoffenheim, Eduardo and Ibisevic are far apart.
Lu Wenbin may really need to rely on him to fight against the whole national team.
But Lu Wenbin turned his back.
This is a national campaign, and it’s not worth the price.