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It’s still the envy of six people in a game.

Lu Wenbin didn’t refuse to invite the chef to have a dinner at home, and invited the coach and teammates to play at home with their families.
Then the team will resume normal training and prepare for the first game after the winter break.
The half-season opener is Hoffenheim vs Bayern Munich. It is also the half-season opener between these two teams. The Allianz Stadium in Bayern Munich will play Hoffenheim.
Bayern Munich ranked fourth after the 17th round of the league before the winter break, and the result was not bad, but very bad.
It is a failure for Bayern Munich to spend huge sums of money to introduce stars such as Ronaldo and Gomez before the start of the season, not to mention ranking fourth and second.
Therefore, Bayern Munich, which met No.1 Hoffenheim, vowed to beat Hoffenheim, hold them back and increase their points.
After the winter break at 2:3 pm on January 15th, 2011, the first Bundesliga match between Bayern Munich and Hoffenheim officially started in the first round of the Bundesliga in 1921.
Due to a winter break, both players’ physical fitness and physical strength have recovered, and this game is the main force.
Bayern wants to beat Hoffenheim to prove that he is still the leader of the Bundesliga, while Hoffenheim wants to establish greater confidence and lead by winning Bayern twice this season.
If there is any change in the main teams of the two sides at the beginning of the season, Bayern was once ranked very backward because of the sluggish performance of No.1 goalkeeper Renxin in the first half of the season, so No.22 Hans Bout replaced Renxin as Bayern’s main goalkeeper.
But Hans Bout is not a very stable goalkeeper, at least for Bundesliga overlord Bayern.
Because he played forward Bout, he was a good set-piece penalty shooter. Leverkusen was once the team’s No.1 penalty shooter.
However, the most important thing for goalkeepers is goalkeeping skills rather than scoring ability.
Because I didn’t play goalie since I was a child, but changed careers halfway, Bout always made some butterfingers mistakes on the court, and his play was not very stable.
However, Bayern can’t help it. At present, it has not found a new generation of goalkeepers to replace Kahn. Renxin has played an abnormal role in Bout as the main force this season.
This is also Naiju Xiaoyan Duzai’s search for kuuně.
For Hoffenheim, this is a possible weakness.
So Ralph told the players not to hesitate to shoot more before the game.
If you shoot more times, maybe Bout may make some low-level mistakes and give Hoffenheim a big gift to increase the possibility of scoring.
After the start of the game, the Allianz Stadium of the two sides launched an offensive war. Hoffenheim also followed the tactical instructions of the head coach and talked about the distance of continuous shooting when he had the opportunity.
However, Bout’s ability to be the main goalkeeper of Bayern Munich is still good. butterfingers’s mistakes can’t appear in every game
At least two minutes before the game, Bout not only didn’t make a low-level mistake, but also saved Lu Wenbin’s Italian ball shot and a long-range shot from the doorframe.
In addition, another shot by Ibisevic was directly held in Bout’s arms, which was a very good performance.
Not only that, Bout held the goal firmly, but Bayern Munich also scored the goal first on the offensive line.
Nicknamed Peter Pan Luo, in the 14th minute, his signature flank breakthrough cut shot and Bayern Munich won the 1-home lead.
However, Hoffenheim did not flinch and continued to fight against Bayern.
Teammates all believe that Lu Wenbin’s goal efficiency is higher and more stable than that of Ronaldo and Gomez.
Sure enough, he continued to attack Hoffenheim and finally scored in the 27th minute. The goal was Lu Wen.
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He received a pick from Eduardo in the penalty area and then swept the ball into the goal with a kick from Demichelis.
Although the angle is not sharp, it is too fast. Bout finally failed to save it this time.
After the score is even, the two sides continue to attack each other. Everyone wants to score more goals than their opponents.
In the third minute, Bayern Munich scored another leading goal. It was Bayern that brought Gomez in during the summer transfer period.
Bayern Munich leads Hoffenheim 21.
However, before the end of the half-time, Ibisevic equalized the score through a header from a corner kick.
The two sides entered the halftime with a score of 22.
After a 15-minute break, the battle between the two sides continued at half time.
Bayern Munich hopes that Luo, Gomez, Ribery, Shi Weins Tiger and other superstars will play their roles, while Hoffenheim hopes that Lu Wenbin will have more outstanding personal strength.
Of course, all opponents know that the biggest threat from Hoffenheim is Lu Wenbin.
Therefore, Lu Wenbin was also closely guarded by Bayern’s defense line.
Bayern Munich’s defense strength and Vietnam’s team are two different things. It is not that easy for Lu Wenbin to score goals.
However, it is Hoffenheim who keeps attacking, and his players have many chances to shoot.
Although Ibisevic and others’ shooting accuracy is far less than Lu Wenbin’s, Ralph kept shooting and hoped that Bout would make a mistake before the game.
In the 67th minute, Salihovic’s long-range shot from outside the forbidden area was not awkward, but Bout didn’t hold the ball and hit his chest and bounced out.
Just in the forbidden zone, Lu Wenbin took the lead in grabbing the first point when his eyes lit up.
Although Demichelis and Badstuber were around to defend and interfere, Lu Wenbin, who was full of physique, resisted the pull and collision of the two men and took the lead in stabbing and kicking the ball back to the goal.
Then Lu Wenbin was pulled down by Demichelis in the forbidden zone.
But the ball kicked out by Lu Wenbin has already rolled into the goal from the panicked Bout.
Hans bout was immediately annoyed by the loss of the ball caused by the loss of the ball
Dickenson, the commentator, shouted, "scored twice. Lu scored twice again. But this time, Bout made a mistake and gave it to Lu Dali. Bout didn’t hold Salihovic to shoot and gave it to Lu Jin’s area to make up the shot."
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Chapter 347 Flat record
Lu Wenbin scored twice in the 67th minute, allowing Hoffenheim to overtake the score. Hoffenheim Allianz Stadium was ahead of Bayern Munich at 32.
Bayern Munich is naturally unwilling to lose.
Therefore, Bayern Munich stepped up its attack in the next game, and even the midfielder Shi Weins Tiger sometimes threw Lu Wenbin to take part in the attack.
桑拿However, in this way, Bayern’s defense line will be weaker against Lu Wenbin.
Lu Wenbin’s several attributes are full now, and the speed has reached 192. It is difficult to guard against it without sending someone to concentrate on it.
So Bayern Munich made a big attack to equalize the score but failed to score. Lu Wenbin scored again in the 79th minute.
This is a speed competition in the counterattack.
After Simunic intercepted Bayern center Olic’s ball, he gave it to Gustavo, and Gustavo gave Eduardo a direct kick, which made Lu Wenbin and Demichelis fight for speed in the frontcourt.
As a result, Lu Wenbin was slightly faster than Demichelis, got the ball and then carried Demichelis to correct the ball to the forbidden zone line to face the attacking goalkeeper Bout and shot it successfully.