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Thinking about Yun Qianxue like this suddenly felt that this method was too good, and immediately urged Qiao Ying "Yingying, just give it a try. Maybe it really matters. Eldest brother loves you so much. It’s strange that he doesn’t relent when he sees you coaxing him like this."

"Is this really feasible?" Qiao Ying once again confirmed that if it’s really a big deal, she might as well throw caution to the wind, as long as he doesn’t get angry anyway.
"Who cares? Try it first. It’s not illegal to seduce your husband."
It’s not illegal for Qiao Ying to have a black line on her face, but it’s really difficult for her to do it, okay?
Yun Qianxue laughed. "Confucianism can be taught. That’s right. If seduction doesn’t work, you can still be coquetry …"
Yun Qianxue had a hot chat with Qiao Ying by the bedside, only to find that the man around her was looking at her with great interest after hanging up.
Yun Qianxue shrank her neck and asked, "Well, why are you looking at me like that?" Anchen looked at her Gherardini tunnel "well, wife, I think you just said that sentence is so right."
"What is it? I said a lot just now. Do you remember everything I said? Gee, how come your memory is so good? Will you be as smart as you after you say? " In order to change the subject, Yunqian Snow is also enough to flatter Anchen.
It’s a pity that Anchen didn’t treat her like he was close to her in a low tunnel. "It’s just that it’s not illegal to seduce her husband."
Yun Qian Xue Qiao’s face suddenly turned red. Oh, my God, what did she just do? How did she forget that there was a man sitting beside her?
God, she just taught Qiao Ying how to seduce her husband. She just said those methods. Now that I think about it, she still feels flushed. How can she teach Qiao Ying like that?
Oh, my God, these methods are really unreliable from the perspective of video or novels, but she just convinced Qiao Ying to say so eloquently and vividly. She just wanted Qiao Ying to have the courage to seduce An Hao.
But the eyes around her are getting hotter and hotter?
Cloud thousand snow looked at Anchen suo suo neck ha ha smiled. "I’ll just say you know Yingying is shy and timid. Eldest brother is always so gentle with her and suddenly angry with her. She must be nervous. I have to give her advice, right? Who told me that I was Yingying’s first friend and sister-in-law? We are very close, hehe. It is my duty to help, right? You know I have always been enthusiastic, hehe … "
Yun Qianxue can laugh at this time to hide his embarrassment. An Chen looked at her and suddenly felt very funny. Why didn’t he know that this little girl had such a way to coax angry men? He was almost stunned by what she said just now.
Since there is such a good way, how can she not be with him? He’s looking forward to it
"Wife, why don’t you try it yourself first? There is no theory without practice, so I don’t know until I personally recognize it or authenticate it first. "Anchen grabbed her into her arms and said in a low voice.
Yun Qian Xue’s face is as red as clouds in the sky. She pushed Anchen and cried in a low voice, "What are you trying? You’re not angry. Why should I coax you? Don’t make trouble. "
An Chen’s face was covered with black lines. He was kind enough to give her a chance to integrate theory with practice. How did he become a mess?
He looked at her. "Honey, if you don’t try, I’ll be angry. I’m angry. Can’t you just seduce me?"
Yun Qianxue’s face is covered with black lines. What logic is this? She really lost to him.
Here, Mrs. An Chen and his wife discussed the theory with practical problems in full swing. After Qiao Ying hung up, she suddenly became annoyed with seduction. She is lying in the hospital covered in injuries. How can she seduce An Hao?
Obviously, seduction still doesn’t work in today’s situation. Does she have to wait until she’s hurt before seducing Anhao? Then he hasn’t been angry for too long, has he?
Qiao Ying struggled to sit on the bed and thought about how to make Anhao not angry at the present situation.
It’s been a long time since he just took the baby out. She was in a daze for more than half an hour before talking to Yun Qianxue, and it took nearly half an hour to talk to Yun Qianxue. That means he has been out for more than an hour?
Did he go home? Leave her alone? Thought of here, she suddenly felt tightness in her heart.
At this time, the ward door was pushed open. Anhao held Xiao Si in one hand and a plastic bag with disposable lunch boxes in the other.
It seems that he went to buy something to eat. Qiao Ying wait for a while looked at him coldly. Is he not angry? Buy her something to eat?
An Hao looked at Qiao Ying stupidly. He still looked on his face. He put the plastic bag on the bedside table and looked at Qiao Ying indifferently and asked, "Do you eat first or does he eat first?"
As he spoke, he glanced at his son.
Qiao Ying leng a what do you mean you eat first or he eats first? Why is she a little confused?
Anhao looked at her blankly and continued to sink. "If you don’t answer, you will eat first."
After he finished this sentence, he held Xiao Si to one side and Qiao Ying gave him a look and a look at him coming to the plastic bag with a blank face.
The smell of food came out through the unfinished sealed lunch box. Qiao Ying suddenly felt hungry because she hadn’t had a good meal for a long time. Since she was caught by Gu Qishan last night, she had chewed a steamed bun.
So she didn’t think much about it. Anyway, Gu Qishan has been confessed, and her real mood is still quite good.
So she opened the plastic bag herself, took out the lunch box and began to eat.
Anhao still sat quietly without looking at her. Instead, he kept staring at Xiao Si, Xiao Si, and now he stopped crying. From time to time, he twisted his eyes and always looked where his mother was.
Qiao Ying was so hungry that she ate half a full meal. After eating half a full meal, she slowed down eating. She looked carefully at Anhao and saw that he still didn’t look at her. She suddenly felt disappointed. The original delicious food in her mouth lost its taste.
品茶论坛Qiao Ying put the lunch box in my mind and thought of Yun Qianxue talking. A pretty face suddenly dyed hongxia slightly.
Anhaoyi glanced at her and caught a glimpse of her face with a pale pink brow and chose one doubtfully.
He couldn’t help but look at her eyes doubtfully when Qiao Yinggang looked up at him, and their eyes suddenly intertwined.
Qiao Ying saw Anhao looking at her, and she just shouted "Brother Hao"
An Haoshen shivered a little. Qiao Ying hasn’t called him that for a long time. After marriage, she gradually got used to calling him by his name or sometimes calling him husband affectionately. It’s been a long time since I heard this childhood address. He is really grateful to hear her call him that again at the moment, because she finally came back to him.
God knows how grateful he is now. God is grateful that he didn’t let him die alone. He can’t stand it in his life without her. He can’t imagine what he would be like without her.
Qiao Ying didn’t miss Anhao’s reaction. She continued to softly shout, "Brother Hao, my body hurts."
This is what Yun Qianxue taught her. In addition to persuading her to seduce Anhao, Yun Qianxue also told her to be soft or coquettish and cute. Now she wants to talk softly to Anhao, hoping that he will not be angry.
An Hao listened to Qiao Ying’s words and his face suddenly became gloomy. He stared at Qiao Ying and angered, "Do you know the pain? You still know the pain? Do you know how much I feel when I see you covered in injuries? You want to take revenge on Gu Qishan, don’t you want to think about the consequences? Who is Gu Qishan? Do you understand how serious the consequences will be if you fall into his hands? "
This is an Hao’s words that have been suppressed for a long time, and now they have finally come out. Qiao Ying saw that he finally said so many words, and her heart suddenly breathed a sigh of relief.
She looked at An Hao and said, "Brother Hao, I’m sorry I was wrong. Don’t be angry, okay?"
"Hum" Anhao back to give her a side face.
Qiao Ying had never seen anything like this. When Anhao saw him like this, she suddenly thought he was so cute. She couldn’t help laughing in a low voice while covering her mouth.
Anhao’s face turned black when he heard her smile. He stared at her. "How dare you smile?"
Qiao Ying hurriedly put away his smile and said seriously, "Brother Hao, I am really glad that Gu Qishan was finally caught."
Anhao’s face suddenly softened a little. This time, if it weren’t for Qiao Ying Gu Qishan, he wouldn’t be arrested so quickly. He was angry because he was dying.
Qiao Ying was glad to see Anhao’s face softened, thinking that it seems that she didn’t seduce him. Anyway, it’s not the right time for her existing injury to seduce him. Maybe when she can seduce him, he will not be angry. So thinking about Qiao Ying, she almost laughed happily again, but dare not laugh too wildly. She smiled gently with her lips pressed.
Just when Qiao Ying was secretly happy, An Hao suddenly asked, "Why did you blush just now?"
"Uh …" Qiao Ying face smile suddenly froze and embarrassed. How could she tell him that she was just thinking about seducing him? That’s a shame.
"No … nothing …" Qiao Ying coy a pretty face suddenly became more red.
An Hao looked at her suspiciously. "Really?"
"Yeah" Qiao Ying nodded like garlic.
"But … I don’t believe it." Anhao deliberately spoke slowly.
"No, I didn’t think about anything. Don’t think about it." Qiao Ying’s eyes flashed.
She this picture will immediately AnHao curious cells are hooked up "you say or not? Don’t you dare say see how I go back to tidy up you. "