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She is married and has a husband, but she has a one-night stand with another man. This is a marriage affair, and her heart is very painful and contradictory.

Section 16
She had to look straight at somewhere. "Boss Dong, just forget it happened yesterday, so I’ll go back first."
Dong Gang grabbed Feng Jingjing. "Jingjing, don’t do this."
"Boss Dong, don’t let me go like this, okay?" Feng Jingjing struggled.
"Jingjing Shi, I had a crush on you when I first saw you. If you are willing to follow me, I am willing to take responsibility." Dong Gang said the words.
Feng Jingjing didn’t expect Dong Gang to be so direct. She looked at him in surprise. "Boss Dong, you know I’m married."
"I know, but I don’t think you are happy," Dong Gang said.
"See?" Feng Jingjing asked him.
"If you are happy, you won’t get drunk in a bar and don’t want to go home, saying that you don’t have a home. This means that he is not good to you and he can’t give you happiness. Jingjing, since you are unhappy, leave that man and he can’t give it to you." Dong Gang wrapped her hand in his palm. "Jingjing wants you not to dislike that I was married and had a daughter."
Dong Gang’s original wife has been dead for about forty-five years and has never remarried. One daughter is twenty years old.
He is generally a middle-aged man with a slightly protruding belly, but he is less of a boss and is a rich man than Lu Song.
"I …" Feng Jingjing hesitated.
Dong Gang was willing to be responsible and spoke so sincerely.
"Don’t worry, I won’t force you to give me the answer now. I will give it to you when I think about it, but I hope you can seriously consider that I am serious about you." Dong Gang once again said to himself.
One more friend is better than one more enemy.
Dong Gang turned out to be deeply righteous, which made Feng Jingjing feel very complicated.
She didn’t expect to meet such a sentient and righteous man as Dong Gang in this situation. She didn’t dislike that she was married, but she was and was willing to be responsible for her.
But she is still Lu Song’s wife. If she wants to promise Dong Gang, then she must divorce Lu Song.
But she never let Lu Song know that her marriage was cheating and divorced him. She can’t. She still wants this face.
品茶"Boss Dong, I …" Feng Jingjing’s words haven’t been exported. Dong Gang interrupted her again. "Don’t say anything now. I know you must be in a mess now. You need to sort out your thoughts, and I will give you support if you have the confidence to join me."
Feng Jingjing didn’t say anything more about gently ordering a head "I really need to think about it"
It’s not a small divorce, and it’s not a nice thing, so she should think about how to deal with her and Lu Song and Dong Gang.
She can’t help but heat up her brain simply. She must think about it.
"I’ll wait for you when I give it to you." Dong Gang was sincere.
Feng Jingjing picked up her bag. "That … that I’m going to be late for class."
She turned and ran away in a hurry, entered the ladder and went out of the hotel. She took a taxi to Chishi, and her heart kept beating all the way, trying to jump out of her chest.
Feng Jingjing just walked to the Chishi gate but was stopped by the security guard at the door.
"What do you want to do?" Feng Jingjing was stopped outside the door and was angry. "I want to go in and see Manager Chi."
It’s the peak of the class, and there are a lot of people coming to class, and it’s very embarrassing to see her being stopped.
"Miss Feng has a life. You have been fired by the company. The deadline is yesterday. Today, you are no longer a Chishi employee. You can’t go in." The security guard is business-like.
When people around you heard that Feng Jingjing had been fired by the company, such amazing news suddenly burst out, which scared Chi’s staff like the original bomb explosion. I didn’t expect it to be like this.
Those people looked at the excitement and talked about it in succession.
"Jing-jing feng is not a small pool always confidant? How can you be dismissed? "
"I don’t know! It must have offended someone. Who let the small pool always be amazing at ordinary times? This is karma for her. Look at how arrogant she is after her. "
"Which company dares her after being dismissed by the company for no reason?"
Feng Jingjing listened to these people’s language when they fell into the well and gave a hard look. "Fart mouth!"
"What’s the power and prestige after all this?"
"Hum! Let’s go. Don’t look at it. It’s just Reservoir Dogs. "
Some of those people dispersed, and some people waiting for jokes were still watching.
Feng Jingjing said to the security guard, "I still have personal things that I always have to take away from the office."
"Manager Chi has told you that you didn’t take it away during the shift yesterday, so it’s considered that you gave up those things automatically." The security guard replied tactfully.
"What did you say? Who said I don’t want it? I didn’t take it yesterday. I just want to take it today. How can you do this! " Feng Jingjing rushed to get rid of the security guard. "Get out of the way and let me in. I want to talk to Manager Chi."
"Manager Chi told me not to let you in. He won’t see you or want to see what you are doing. Miss Feng should not do any work and don’t make it difficult for us." The security guard held down her shoulder to prevent her from getting in and coaxed her. "Don’t make so much noise here, it will make more jokes and embarrass yourself. It’s better to walk away quietly."
"You are ChiShi people naturally speak for ChiShi so that you can let me leave? I won’t leave. I’ve had no credit and hard work in these years. How can you do this to me! " Feng Jingjing struggled, but she couldn’t get rid of the iron wrist imprisonment of the security guard.
Feng Jingjing’s eyes are full of hatred, resentment and bitterness.
She never imagined that her life would come to this step.
She was full of hope that Chishi could go higher, but she fell from heaven to hell and fell heavily, which caught her off guard.
"You let me go, you are just two watchdogs of Chi!" Feng Jingjing vented her anger on the security guard. "You let me go!"
The two security guards felt deeply insulted when their facial expression changed. They both pushed Feng Jingjing away to keep her away from Chishi.
Feng Jingjing, on the other hand, fell to the ground because of her unstable feet.
She bit her lip to prevent tears from floating in her eyes and opened her eyes as hard as she could.
"What is this?" A mellow man comes
Everyone turned around to see the suit and tie pool coming out.
They all respectfully shouted "the pool is always good"
"What are you doing around here? If you don’t punch in, you will be late, and there will be no diligence. "Chi Yiming’s eyes first swept the field to see the hot people.
Those people left after receiving Chi Yiming’s signal.
At this moment, Chi Yizhao dropped her eyes to Feng Jingjing, then walked over to her and squatted down to stretch out her hand and cut her hair.
"Women should keep their own elegance every moment" Chi Yizhao’s voice is gentle and charming.
"The pool is always …" Feng Jingjing is tender and soft because of the pool.
Chi Yizhao is like the rising sun in Ran Ran. She seems to see a glimmer of hope, and her eyes are rippling with a trace of joy.
"Have something to talk about our car" Chi Yizhao got up and also held Feng Jingjing up.
Feng Jingjing was deeply moved. That’s what happens when people are most vulnerable. If someone gives her a little bit of good, she will be soft. This reason can reflect.
Because the other side poked the tear spot.
Chi Yiming and Feng Jingjing got an assistant in the back seat and drove away from Chi’s.