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Outside a box on the first floor

"Member how food so slow? How long has it been since I bought a few cold dishes? Is this your attitude of Jin Sheng? " Jiang Mengyi a face of blame accused
"I’m sorry, madam, but pary’s cooking speed will be slower today." The workers wearing black background and red edges bowed their heads and admitted their mistakes.
"Birthday pary?" Jiang Mengyi frowned. "That can’t hang us for more than an hour. Would you please hurry up? Today, I am entertaining my future daughter-in-law’s wedding banquet’. Can you afford it? "
"Good wife, please wait for a moment. Just now, the foreman has said that the floor pary is almost over. I will go to the kitchen right now and help you push it again." After repeated apologies, Sheng had to turn and walk towards the kitchen.
"It’s really a store bully when I want you!" Jiang Mengyi a face abandon whisper.
If it weren’t for entertaining her new girlfriend today, she wouldn’t have chosen this store for dinner.
I turned around and saw Gu Bei go there.
He was wearing a dark gray shirt, and the gentle light fell on his handsome face. He was handsome and dignified, except for a little frown on his brow.
"North?" Jiang Mengyi busy to meet with a smile "how come out? Don’t worry, I have just asked what birthday the boss, friends and children are having. pary’s food is a little slow. "
"…" Gu narrowed his eyes to the north and said, "Mom, I’m just beginning to associate with Lin Biao. Please be careful not to put too much pressure on her."
"I know, I know." Since she came out of the police station, Jiang Mengyi has always been obedient to her children. She has never said anything, "The girl in the north is fine, her family is good, and the most important thing is that she is practical and her mother likes it."
品茶论坛Gu nodded faintly to the north. "I’ll wash my hands first and come back soon."
"Go back quickly!" Jiang Mengyi pushed the door and went in again after watching Gu leave the north. "Miss Lin!"
"Miss Lin, I have just asked, it’s only because there is a special activity in the building that the food is a little slow today, but don’t worry, I have urged you to eat some cold dishes to pad your stomach first."
"Thank you, Aunt." Lin’s face hung with a decent smile, and her forehead was faintly beaming.
Her age is half a year younger than Gu Bei’s. Her parents are from City A, and she has a good business family. She was sent to study in London, England as soon as she went to college.
Years of studying abroad have made her well-informed, and she will not be petty, but she will not be arrogant and arrogant, and she will always keep a moderate attitude.
Jiang Mengyi probably told her about Gu Bei’s ex-wife. Although she felt that she must have hidden a lot, so what? What should I ask and what shouldn’t I ask? Women will grasp the discretion.
She doesn’t care about her wealth. She likes Gu Bei, and she has liked him for several years.
Turn the corridor, and there are several tables for individual guests to eat in the lobby on the first floor.
Jinsheng D city has been famous for a long time, not only because of the dishes here, but also because of the high-standard dining environment and the quality of the boss, who is also a big family. Many prominent people in the Lu Ziheng Institute like to entertain VIPs here and flaunt their identity.
It is also because there are too many customers who come here. Many outsiders think it is almost mean. For example, if you come to eat, you have to buy a vip card here to pay the bill, and you don’t accept his payment method.
Vip card can get a 19% discount on lobby meals, which means … no discount.
In addition to this most common vip card, there is also a vip silver card. The former is an enjoyable bag, and the latter can directly have its own bag name, which fully demonstrates the distinguished status of the owner.
Gu doesn’t want to bother coming to the north. There are so many restaurants in D city. Just find a decent one.
Nai’s mother insisted on coming here because there were few leisure bags in Qixia Pavilion, or he borrowed it from Huang Bo.
Washing your hands leads to the corner of the stairs on the second floor. I just went there and heard the sound of the stairs suddenly.
Someone is coming.
In an instant, I thought of Jiang Mengyi’s words that Lu Ziheng’s friend Lou Er held a birthday party, pary.
So he looked up and saw Gao Xiaoxiao.
She was wearing a light green knee short-sleeved printed skirt, and her belly was already protruding. Han Shu walked beside her, holding her waist with one hand and holding her arm with the other, almost holding her carefully and stepping on the steps.
"When is the due date of Huiying Huanyan?" The question seems to be Mrs. Han
"It’s said to be January 1st."
"Ah, that’s fast. It’s less than two months. Are you going to have a natural delivery or a caesarean section?" Korea’s old lady asked again
Suddenly, my mobile phone buzzed in my pocket. Gu turned to the north, looked at it and pressed "Answer".
"Mr. Gu, Jiangchao Detention Center wants to see you." The police’s bureaucratic voice sounded for the nth time over there.
"No," Gu said to the north and cut off the words directly.
Grey shirt, black trousers and leather shoes are polished, tall and straight, slender, but cold and indifferent, without any extra feelings, even if the man who is about to be sentenced to jail … is his biological father.
I caught a glimpse of a man on the stairs. He was wondering about his back there … It looked familiar.
But he is also a light glance and then take back the line of sight again.
Gu held the mobile phone to the north, and his hand was loose, tight and loose. After half a day, he eased his mood and turned around only to find that Yu Guhe Han family had already lost sight of it.
He stood there for a few seconds and then quickly turned and walked to the box.
Lu Ziheng asked several students to help him move the pile of birthday presents into the Korean car.